March - Grosvenor Wentworth Park School

École Grosvenor Wentworth Park
Parent Teacher Group (PTG)
March 3rd, 2015
In Attendance:
Brianne MacKenzie
Justin MacKenzie
Mary Ann Barker
Jennie Mitton
Mary Jane MacKinnon
Andrea Coish
Colleen Rollings
Jocelyn Corkum
Racheal Toner
Siddhanta Goel
Priya Goel
Emily Robinson
Shelly Boone
Tim McClare
Moira Cavanaugh
Patti MacKinnon
Kara Keith
Kelly Lightfoot, Maria Angelopoulos, Dawn Holland MacKinnon, Rita Clark, Michelle
Call to Order at 6:49pm.
1. Adoption of the Agenda: Motioned by M.J. Mackinnon, second by J. Mitton
2. Adoption of the Minutes for November 4th, 2014: Motioned By: M.J. MacKinnon,
Second By:C. Rollings.
3. Adoption of Minutes for January 6,2015 meeting: Motioned by:C. Rollings, Second
by :A.Coish.
4. Principal’s Report – presented by Principal Moira Cavanaugh.
Grade 3 teachers will be receiving a PD on early literacy support.
• Grades 4-6 teachers receiving a PD in the new mathematics curriculum.
• The school continues to look at our classroom data in the area of our goals, ideas,
École Grosvenor Wentworth Park School
PTG Minutes – February 2015
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organization and matters of correctness with writing and problem solving and communication
in Math. Karen Daye from HRSB visited the school.
• Open House was on Jan. 29th.
• Literacy Day was on January 30 with 6 choreographers of books. Thank you to Edmond
• Primary Registration: approximately 40 new students registered so far.
• Razzmatazz, Winter Walk, Maritime Marionettes and African Drumming have taken place at
the school.
• Field Trips: Art Gallery 2/3 D and 3D. Primary and Grade ones visited the library, 4 Perry and
4/5 V will be going to The Oval and 4/5 MaCarron to the Sports Hall of Fame.
• Battle of the Books team won first two rounds and advance to round two.
Dates to Share:
• String Night at the Forum is May 7.
• Primary Orientation is May 20 at 9:15am-10:15am . Vision screening will be that same day at
the school.
• Primary parent information session will be May28th at 6:30pm.
• Grade 6 closing ceremony is on June 26
5. Treasurer’s Report – presented by Shelly Boone
● Balance in Regular account: $39,661.87 Outstanding Cheques not Cashed: $2153.12
● Balance in Playground account: $60,675.69
● Movie Night:
o Total Profit after expenses paid was $4089.46.
6. Committee Reports
School Advisory Council Report (SAC): presented by Mary Ann Barker
• January meeting had feedback regarding the HRSB Harassment Policy.
• SAC members were asked by the board to sit on selection committees for hiring new
• Transitioning regarding the change of school boundaries is underway. Parent information
session coming up and the date will be announced. Minutes from the Transition Group
meeting are posted on the school website.
Lunch Club Committee: presented by Patti MacKinnon
• Tech club started in February for 10 weeks and there are 22 kids enrolled.
• Home Alone and basic first aid course started in February with over 20 kids registered. Plans
are underway to have a babysitting course in May.
• Doctors NS running club typically starts in April and we will update.
Playground Committee: presented by Colleen Rollings deferred discussion to old business.
7. Old Business
7.1. Strong Girls Art Club
●Not going ahead this year.
École Grosvenor Wentworth Park School
PTG Minutes – February 2015
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7.2. School Security – School Door Unlocked During Day – Principal Moira
side door is now locked and a buzzer is installed. Each teacher in the
T. McClare discussed how the camera is now used in the
● portables has a key to the door.
● Closed
7.3. Tim McClare – funding request to purchase a Document Camera (attaches to
● classroom and is very useful.
● Closed
7.4. Movie Night – Feb. 19th - Tammy Blackmore
K.Keith spoke how there were 163 tickets sold and 117 people showed up in a
snowstorm. The event was considered a success and money raised will go towards
an iPad cart.
● Closed
7.5. Spring Fair Date
P. MacKinnon - Spring Fair will be on May 30. Inflatables are booked and we are
borrowing a barbecue from Wilson’s Fuels and parent volunteers will run the
barbecue. Looking to form a Spring Fair Committee May 30th.
Carried for next meeting for update/status.
8. New Business
Basketball Hoop Mechanism Upgrade: presented by Colleen Rollings.
• There are funds in the playground account that could be used to upgrade the schools’
basketball nets. The upgrade fits with the initiative of fundraising for improving the
infrastructure for physical fitness for student at the school and surrounding community.
• $15,750 plus tax would be allocated for the upgrade.
• Three quotes were received. An informal estimate for wiring was discussed and was
to cost $3000.
• There is enough leftover funds in the playground account for new soccer nets.
• Motion to Adopt to use playground funds to upgrade the school’s basketball
Motioned by C. Rollings, second by R. Toner.
Motion passed by vote.
● Carried to next meeting: M. Cavanaugh to enquire about electrical and
school board tenders.
Hot Chocolate Request: N/A
Teacher/Staff Appreciation: presented by P. MacKinnon.
École Grosvenor Wentworth Park School
PTG Minutes – February 2015
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• Great contributions from parents and a thank you card was received from staff and teachers.
● Closed.
Easter Hop:
Date is April 1 and the DJ is booked.
● Carried for next meeting for update/status.
● M. Cavanaugh attended a school board meeting regarding streamlining school website.
Considering streamlining our website next year.
• PTG funded $60 for a teacher to attend a conference.
• P. MacKinnon discussed how current classroom allowance is divided by classroom. A
formula may be considered for next year whereby the money would be allocated to a per
• M. Cavanaugh suggested the PTG to consider extra funds be given to new teachers to
up their classroom.
• Mr MacKenzie presented a proposal for the PTG to give $400 for Hip Hop artists Perform
NS to work with students for two days in Phys Ed class.
• Motion to give $400 to hire Perform NS by M. A. Barker. Second by
• M. Cavanaugh spoke about the upcoming Heritage Fair in April and mentioned that she
would be putting in a proposal for funding from the PTG to help with the costs.
9. Other
9.1. N/A
Meeting Adjourned at 8:14pm .
Motioned by C.Rollings, Second by M.J. MacKinnon.
École Grosvenor Wentworth Park School
PTG Minutes – February 2015
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