You Don’t Have to Deal With This Ugly, Labor Intensive

You Don’t Have
to Deal With This
Ugly, Labor Intensive
Problem Any More ...
The Attractive
Rest Assured Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser
Helps to Keep This Area Neat and Clean
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Rest Assured
Toilet Seat Covers
Are Neat, Healthy, and Smart!
People want sanitary public restrooms. That’s why they try to cover the toilet
seat with toilet paper which is ineffective for your restroom user and messy for
At Rochester Midland, RMC, we make Rest Assured® toilet seat covers
and dispensers. Rest Assured toilet seat covers work as an effective barrier
to block contact diseases and provide restroom users with real protection
and peace of mind.
Rest Assured toilet seat covers are made from a quick dissolving tissue and are
100% biodegradable and flushable. They are septic system safe and won’t harm
your plumbing under normal use. Rest Assured toilet seat covers eliminate the
unsightly, unsanitary, and unwanted litter from makeshift covers.
We have everything you need to clean up your restrooms — from Rest Assured
Starter Kits to refill covers. Call us at 1-800-836-1633 and we’ll help you save
time and money while improving your restrooms and user satisfaction!
Save Time and Money. Order
These Fine Products For Your Restroom.
Call 1-800-836-1633 Today!
Rest Assured Starter Pak
Get started with our convenient Starter Pak. Includes
white plastic dispenser with mounting hardware, and
two sleeves of 250 each, half fold seat covers.
Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers
Our range of dispensers are compatible with most half
fold or quarter fold sleeves. Half fold Dispensers are
available in white and gray plastic, white metal, and
chrome metal. Quarter fold dispensers are available in
white plastic only.
Rest Assured Toilet Seat Covers
High quality RMC Half and Quarter Fold toilet seat
covers fit most standard toilet seat cover dispensers. Half
fold covers (250 per sleeve) are available in 5000, 2500,
or 1000 case packs. Quarter fold covers (125 or 200 per
sleeve) are packed 5000 per case.
First Aid Kits
We offer both 25 and 50 person OSHA approved First
Aid kits and refills.
We offer a wide range of feminine hygiene vendors in
both white enamel and stainless steel.
Disposal Units & Liners
We have a complete selection of sanitary disposal units
and liners including our patented Sanisac® unit which
opens from the bottom for easy disposal.
Playtex® Odor Absorbing Tampons come in both
Gentle Glide® (original plastic, rounded tip applicator)
and Silk Glide® (flushable, biodegradable cardboard
rounded tip applicator), with an additional all natural,
fragrance-free odor absorber for fresh feeling.
Stayfree ® Napkins are available in both original
Classic and new Thin Maxi. Thin Maxis feature Four
Wall Protection™ for leak protection, a Cottony Dry
Cover for dryness and a Secure Center to reduce
bunching and twisting.
Life Guard ™ Gloves offer a full line of general
purpose and examination grade gloves in vinyl, latex,
and nitrile. Yellow household and PE gloves and aprons
are also available.
Our T-Bear™ Diaper Program provides a full line of
changing stations, liners, vended diapers, diaper
vendor, and child protection seat.
The Scentsations Odor Control program features a full
line of urinal products, deodorizers, metered aerosols,
gels, liquid scents and dispensers.
Carefree ® Panty Shields provide everyday light
protection and are preferred for comfort and freshness.
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