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Insert from Lake Lure Lions
Club President Diane Barrett
The Vision of Hickory Nut
Gorge Outreach is to work
together with our community
to eliminate poverty.
Come join us
When: February 5, 2011
Time: 7:30 pm
Where: The 1927 Lake
Lure Inn & Spa
Price: $25/per person
Angel Tree Gift Program and Christmas Holiday Food Basket
Program an enormous success!
Because of the many volunteer
hours and the community’s
response to donate food, gifts,
and money our organization
was able to serve 245 children
with Angel Tree toys and
provide a wonderful Christmas
dinner for 185 families.
A total of 168 Thanksgiving
Food Baskets were given to
local families. (Please visit our
website to
find out more!)
Carolina First Bank staff with their Angel Tree Gifts
Christopher Berg, guitarist
Tickets on sale now at
Outreach Office, 2570
Memorial Hwy, Lake Lure.
For more information, please
call us at 828.625.4683 or
email us at
[email protected]
Concert will benefit our Food
Pantry and Outreach
We appreciate your support!
Many thanks to all for giving holiday cheer to so many families and their children.
Food Drives held by local LLCA, local churches, HNG Community Center, Girl Scout Troop #
800 plus individual H.O.P.E. Bags (help other people eat) allowed food pantry to be stocked
throughout the year…We could not have not this without your community support!
Local Fundraisers this past 2010 year….
Shrimp & Grits & Spaghetti held at Camp Lurecrest
Thanks to Larkins, The 1927 Lake Lure Inn & Spa, and Rumbling Bald for donating bread
and salads plus kitchen volunteers; HNG Volunteers and local residents for baking
cakes, cookies, pies to eat and be auctioned; the Lake Lure Singers and Dan Keller,
Jazz Guitarist, all those who set up and cleaned up after the event; and to the 300 people
who purchased tickets. Of course, all of this would not have been possible without the
leadership of our own NANCY WAIT, Fundraiser Chairperson and her committee.
Thanks to our sponsors
Local Fundraisers this past 2010 year….
Silent Auction held at The 1927 Lake Lure Inn & Spa
Thanks to the many volunteers especially
Nancy McNary and Mary Karr Co-Chairs for organizing
this event.
Our Volunteers…
Thanks to Ursula Harris, Volunteer Chair, we are able to keep excellent records of the many hours
our volunteers put in to make Hickory Nut Gorge Outreach able to serve our community. In 2010,
volunteers put in over 7810 hrs.
Bill Bentley, Judy Borysiak, Donald Bowers, Jean Bradley, Don & Sue Brooks, Gail Cobb, Bob
Cobett, David, Dahle, Anna Douglas, Richard Eisworth, Deva Faith, Kathleen Fox, Barbara
Freeman, Art & Peggy Gagnon, Chuck Hailey, Lara Harris, Ursula Harris, Jimmy Huntley, Jean
Hoffman, Karen Koiner, Ken Langlands, Angel, Dana, & Kurt Ledford, Richard & Martha Ledford,
Wayne Listing, Esther & Kim Logan, Jo Marple, Les Mulkey, Carl & Saundra Nelson, Gloria Pursell,
Dick & Mary Ann Ransom, Linda & Joe Ratschan, Sylvia, Rosemary & Leon Sipes, Jennifer Spence,
Jack & Robin Stanier, Sharon Theiss, Elizabeth Trautman, Nancy Wait, Joselyn & Chuck Watkins,
Hope & George Wittmer, Virginia Wilbanks...of course this does not include all the folks who
volunteered. Shrimp & Grits ( 232.25 hours); (Silent Auction 122 hrs.); (our two festivals 375 hrs.);
(Thanksgiving & Christmas 473 hrs.); (Senior Programs 2068 hrs.) Many of you did not want your
name listed and just gave of your time to help support our goals and mission.
We have volunteer hours given by others in our community who never get on our records because
they work doing things like shopping for food pantry, dropping off food at food pantry, collecting and
buying toys, doing food drives, etc.
1. Community donors
2. Church members & Pastors
3. Lions Club of Lake Lure
4. Rumbling Bald POA & Staff collecting food
5. Firefly Cove collecting food
6. The 1927 Lake Lure Inn & Spa folks donating their time
8. Lake Lure Town Police and Fire Department Staff helping with holiday food baskets
9. Children who attend LLCA and collected food for our holiday baskets
10. Women of Cane Creek Baptist Church who made over 60 shoeboxes filled with gifts
11. All the Churches who collected canned goods for Souper Bowl Sunday 2010
Our organization is blessed to have so many people giving of their time and talents.
We could not have done our work without VOLUNTEERS and OUR DONORS!
This past year, the Board worked with a consultant
from Pathways of WNC. Training touched on:
1. Board Development and Leadership
2. Finance and Legal issues and Accountability
3. Communication
4. Working together as a Board and understanding
our roles and the structure of our organization
This coming summer, we will be working with a
consultant to help form the organization’s Long
Range/Strategic Planning for the next 3 to 5 years
and beyond.
Hickory Nut Gorge Outreach
Officers & Board of
Donald Bowers, Robert
Cobbett, Ursula Harris, Chuck
Hailey, Dana Ledford, Esther
Logan, Mary Ann Ransom,
Linda Ratschan, Rosemary
Sipes, Elizabeth E. Trautman,
Nancy Wait, Joselyn Watkins,
Hope Wittmer
Operating Finances
Community Support 21,136
Thrift Store
16,996 *
Total Income
Outreach Services - $39, 649 ( includes Assistance to the Needy - food purchases, utilities
assistance, housing, rent assistance, medical and prescriptions, transportation, angel tree gifts,
holiday food baskets, educational scholarships, etc.)
Administration Services - $23,000 (Includes rent, utilities, office equipment & fixtures, thrift store
expense** telephone, dues and subscription, insurance, training, office supplies, postage etc.)
Fundraising - $7,799 - (includes various permits & fees***, advertising, special events insurance
printing, postage for all our events)
Total Expenses - $70, 448
Net Income - $4500 as of 12/31/10
* under income - We closed the thrift store as of September 1. We hope to make up this income by
grant writing and other events.
** under administrative expense - Thrift store equipment such as electronic cash register and
fixtures etc., freezer and refrigerator for food pantry, washer and dryer, copier, two computers,
accounting non-profit software are some of the major purchases made which are one time
expenses. Individual donors gave funds for all the equipment which was purchased. In 2011 our
administrative expense will be greatly reduced to general operating expenses.
*** under Fundraising - Thanks to a sponsor in 2011, we will be able to reduce our fundraising
expenses for our two festivals.
These totals are draft numbers pending the filing of our 990 for 2010 by our accountant.
PS: We have been diligent in evaluating all our expenditures over and above the fixed cost of keeping our
office operating and at the same time meet the needs of our low income families who live in the Hickory Nut
Gorge community. We run this organization as you know with volunteers and this allows us to operate without
paid staff. We do our best to be good stewards of the income given to us by our donors and work extremely
hard at all of our fundraisers and events to help with administrative expenses as well as do our outreach.
Your gifts of time and money to Hickory Nut Gorge Outreach help us put smiles on the faces of the children and families
that we have served through our food pantry, outreach services, and scholarship services.
Poverty Issues are best solved through community effort of all of us working together to make a difference in the lives of
low income families who live in our Hickory Nut Gorge community.
Our board and volunteers thank all of you for helping us to work toward solving poverty issues in our community.
Gail Cobb
Robert Cobbett
John Corwin
Bernice Cupstid
Billy & Rochelle Curtis
1927 Lake Lure Inn & Spa
David & Peggy Dahle
Carolina lst Bank
Mary Dotson
Firefly Cove
David & Rose Ann Douglas
Gbees Treasures
Susan & James Dunn
Mountain lst Bank
Pinnacle Sotheby’s International Realty Kay & Ed Dittmer
Dean Egly
Rumbling Bald Resort POA
J. Thomas Eubanks
The Mountain Breeze
Paul Everhart
Marathon Builders Of WNC
Deva Faith
Tincher Enterprises
Ronald & Helena Facchini
Stuart & Jeanne Farwell
Helen Formet
Friends of the Mountains Library
Richard & Jane Franklin
Lake Lure Garden Club
Barbara Freeman
Lake Lure Lion
Syble & Donald Freeman
Hickory Nut Gorge Foundation
Peggy & Art Gaygon
Robert & Pauline Gilbert
Wally & Magali Gilbert
Bearwallow Baptist Church
Tracy Green
Bat Cave Baptist Church
Mary Gregg
Bills Creek Baptist Church
Judy Gosda
Cane Creek Baptist Church
Patricia Grillo
Chimney Rock Baptist Church
Charles Hailey
Church of the Transfiguration
Elsie Hamrick
Fairfield Mountains Chapel
Ursula Harris
Lake Lure Baptist Church
Mt. Nebo Baptist Church
Margo & James Hodges
Middlefork Baptist Church
Jean Hoffman
St. John’s Missionary Church
Elizabeth Humphreys
Temple of Jesus
Terri Hunnicutt
Harold & Joyce Hunt
In-kind Businesses:
Nancy Keaton
1927 Lake Lure Inn & Spa
Robert & Pamela Keith
Aileen Kelly
Elsie Lach
Dana & Kurt Ledford
Mary Pace Alldredge
Dick & Martha Ledford
Judith Arnold
Charles & Charleen
Diane Barrett
Genevieve Beach
Wanda Lepera
Chris Braund & Karen Van Sickler
Lee Lumpkin
Sarah Boutwell
Jayne Mann
Maryanne Brewer
Duane & Shirley Massman
Marshall Brooks
Russell & Phyllis Maze
Jerry & Pat Brookbanks
Marvin & JoAnne Meiser
Everette & Virginia Chapman
Marny & Richard Midkiff
Gifts to Hickory Nut Gorge Outreach
from January 1 - December 31, 2010
Nicole Miller
Margie Moore
Todd & Melinda Morse
Carole & Thomas McKay
Zo Ann & Gordon Nix
Andy & Tara Normington
Mary Oddo
Andrew & JoAnne Okpych
Jerry & Sandra Parsons
Shelly Peterson
Russ & Lynn Pitts
Thomas & Annette
Julia Price
Dick & Mary Ann Ransom
Robert Reik
Stuart & Mary Jane
Robbie Riedle
Beth & Jack Rose
Margarete Rutherford
Sylvia Sane
Norma & Norman
Jennifer Spence
Sarah Spence
Connie Springs
Marietta Stebor
George & Tammy Tsiros
Elizabeth Trautman
Nancy Wait
Janet Walters
James Walters
Chuck & Joselyn
Marion Wilson
Margaret Whitmore
George & Hope Wittmer
Carol Wolfe
Ed Younger
Betty Zieger
(If you do not see your name
listed, please email us at
[email protected]
We did send out year end letters
asking all donors to verify their
amount given to us in 2010.)
We want to thank all our
donors for their support in
Senior Program...May 2010 was the month we started Senior Gorgers on Fridays from 10 am - 2
pm. We had great speakers and interesting programs. We had speakers from RHI Inc., Park Ridge
Hospital, Chimney Rock State Park etc. Food was provided by volunteers and participants who
attended the Friday programs.
Nancy & Bill McNary to provide Bingo most Fridays and gave the Bingo cards to Senior Program as
a gift. We had local artist Chris Carroll come and give a demonstration of his wood making; Rose
Senchi a local author and story teller to review her books, Megan Rogers from Chimney Rock Park,
Eric Carlson, Lake Lure Spa Director, Frankie McWhorter from Rutherford Roundtable, Linda Turner
spoke about Lake Como, Italy our Big Sister, our local police and fire department personnel came
and presented classes on home safety, Karen Mosely did our weight in; BJ Washington had us
doing chair exercises...we had fun and learned so much from all our guest speakers and created a
strong bond among all those who came together to share stories, food, and fellowship together. We
finished the 2010 year with Nila teaching all of us how to decorate Christmas ornaments. Thank you
all for making our first year of the senior program a wonderful success!
A huge thank you goes to Nancy McNary and her leadership in getting this program off the ground
floor and making it become a reality for our community! We look forward to her involvement in 2011.
This past year we lost Bill McNary who was a
faithful member of the Senior Programs. He loved
to play bingo while Nancy called out the numbers.
We will miss Bill. We keep Nancy in our prayers.
We want to thank RHI, Inc. (Rutherford Hospital,
Inc.) and Park Ridge Hospital for all their support in
2010 for our Senior Programs.
Senior Program now has a new name…
After much brainstorming in January 2011, the seniors who were meeting on Fridays voted to
change the name from Senior Gorgers to Hickory Nut Gorge Senior Center. The group also
decided to give more structure to the Friday gatherings in order for our local seniors to know what
would be taking place each Friday. We also changed the time from 10 am - 2 pm to 10 am - 1 pm in
order to accommodate the computer classes being offered in that same room by ICC after our
Senior Programs because we have some in our group taking those classes.
Rutherford Hospital, Inc. (RHI) has agreed to partner with us and provide the
speakers and programs for the Health & Wellness held on the first Friday of
each month. Thank you RHI!
We will continue to meet on Fridays each month from 10 am - 1 pm. At
Lake Lure Town Hall. We have structured our programs as following:
1st Friday of each month will be Health & Wellness - Speakers will be from RHI, Inc. (Rutherford
2nd Friday of each month will be Arts & Crafts;
3rd Friday of each month will be Movies, Books, and Storytelling;
4th Friday of each month will be Games, Bingo & Cards;
the 5th Friday of the month we will feature local historical, local folklore, and special places of
Morning snack and free lunch every Friday! Come Join Us and bring a friend!
February 4, 2011 - Friday at 10 am come and listen to Dr. Jason
Glover, Foot & Ankle Surgeon
A native of Ohio, Dr. Glover completed his medical degree at the Ohio College of Podiatric
Medicine and graduated in the top 5% of his class. He completed his foot and ankle surgery
residency at The Ohio State University Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Glover is one of
the few podiatric surgeons to complete an advanced fellowship in reconstructive foot and ankle
Dr. Glover is very active in research in the field of foot and ankle surgery. He has presented at
state and national meetings and his research is published in highly regarded professional
journals. His research has included surgical treatment of bunion deformities, fractures involving
the foot and ankle, and award winning research involving surgical reconstruction of flatfoot
deformity. Dr. Glover is also a review editor of Foot and Ankle Specialist as well as the Journal
of Foot and Ankle Surgery.
Dr. Glover is Board Certified in Foot and Ankle Surgery and Reconstruction.
February 11th - Friday at 10 am - make a craft for Valentine’s Day with instructor Nila Trautman.
Nila was our craft instruction in December when we all made ornaments.
February 18th - Friday at 10 am - movie, discussion and popcorn!
February 25th - Friday at 10 am - Bingo
Just a reminder - Programs start at 10 am, morning snack and fellowship, lunch and we finished
each Friday at 1 pm instead of 2 pm.
All programs are FREE
2011 Poverty Guidelines…
Many of you while helping with the holiday food baskets and Angel Tree Gifts wanted to know more
about the guidelines that we use to serve low income families. We use the HHS guidelines.
Below is the HHS 2011 Poverty Guideline which we will be using this coming year.
Persons in Family
48 Contiguous States &
For each additional person, add
Many of the clients coming to us are on food stamps and to be on food stamps, the Dept of Social
Services has already verified that the family is living below the poverty level based on the size of the
family. One never knows the status of their neighbor so it is always important to try not to judge
those coming for help based on their vehicle, dress, etc. Most folks are just a pay check away of
being evicted or losing their home. I have asked our volunteers not to gossip or discuss the families
we help through out organization.
We must realize we are helping our neighbors. We must do this in a way for them to keep their self
respect. Our volunteers are taking workshops and training to better understand the values and
cultures of those we serve. I appreciate all the volunteers and donors who come and help serve
those in need. Our goal is to teach our clients how to help themselves and in turn for them to help
others. This is a slow process but a commitment our organization has made to those we serve.
Once a month starting in February, we will have a DSS worker come and help our clients who are
not on food stamps apply for food stamps. We continue to add services as we re-organize and refocus on the purpose and goals and mission of organization.
Mary Ann Ransom
Timothy S. Leathers, DSS Food Stamp Outreach person will be coming Feb. 9th from 10 am—3
pm to work with anyone needing help filling out the paperwork to get food stamps.
We appreciate his help with this. Here are the items each client needs to bring on
that date.
 A copy of a State ID and/or Social Security Card
 A copy of their lease or mortgage (he can use the landlord name and number)
 Some kind of utility bill (power, phone, water, trash)
 Previous months pay stubs (he has a form to be given to their employer)
 SSN for everyone living in the household
 A person’s name and contact number outside of the household
Our Upcoming Events for 2012…
Feb. 5th - 7:30 pm; Christopher Berg, classical guitarist
performs at The 1927 Lake Lure Inn & Spa - proceeds to benefit our food
pantry and outreach program. Tickets are $25/per person. Tickets on sale
now at Outreach Office, 2570 Memorial Hwy., Lake Lure NC
For more information call us at 625.4683.
Feb. 6th - Souper Bowl of Caring Sunday
We are asking all our churches to please collect food and money on
Souper Bowl Sunday. Fliers/Posters have been sent to all our local churches
asking for their support!
April 1st - 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm - Shrimp & Grits & Spaghetti at Camp
Lurecrest. Tickets will be on sale starting March 1st. Tickets are $10 per adult and $5
per child and children under 5 eat free. We are looking for sponsors for this event. If
you wish to become a sponsor, please call us at 828.625.4683 or email us
[email protected] ….we appreciate your support!
We now can take financial donations on line. It is easy and secure! Please go
to our website
and just click on the Donate button. This will take you to a secure PayPal website and just follow the
directions. We appreciate your support! We also can take credit cards at our Outreach Office at
2570 Memorial Hwy., Lake Lure if you do not wish to donate online.
We now have the ability to send out Enews using email.
Please go to our website
and just click on the Sign Up button on our home page. Button is location on the right hand side of
This allows us to be in compliance with the spam free marketing laws. By signing up for our Enews
you will be able to be kept abreast of our upcoming events and others news about the organization.
We hope you will sign up today!
Mailing Address:
PO Box 634
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Phone: 828.625.4683
Office Location:
2570 Memorial Hwy.
Lake Lure NC 28746
Member of:
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What if Hickory Nut Gorge Outreach wasn’t here? There would be people going without food and other services. When we
have funds we help people in our community with the following: rent assistance, utility assistance, medical/prescription
assistance, education, and food.
Your financial support helps us provide emergency food baskets and outreach services to low-income families throughout
the year. Hickory Nut Gorge Outreach service area includes: Hickory Nut Gorge Community (some of the following counties: Polk, Rutherford, Henderson, McDowell, and Buncombe.)
It is because of your support to our organization why we are able to help!
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□ My check is enclosed
Please make check payable to Hickory Nut Gorge Outreach and mail along with this form to PO Box 634, Lake Lure NC
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