Pet Loss Support

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Thank you for the opportunity to honor
the life of your faithful companion.
Pet Loss Support
 About
Heart’s Companion
Heart’s Companion is a family-owned and operated
pet cremation business. We have provided the
highest quality of care to our community for
over 30 years. Located in the historic section
of downtown Reno, our state-of-the-art facility
includes an on-site veterinarian, certified crematory
operators, and pet loss support.
As pet owners ourselves, we understand the
special bond between you and your trusted
companion. Our compassionate and trained staff is
available 24/7 to help you create a perfect tribute
to reflect your pet’s unique life. Heart’s Companion
offers several options for afterlife care to make the
final arrangements less stressful. Our doors are
open to the public and we encourage pet owners
to take a tour to learn more about our services.
We are available 24 hours a day.
Please call 775.323.7387
Keep me close to your heart,
And I will always be your companion.
I will never leave you,
There are many emotions associated with
the loss of a pet. As a form of comfort,
we offer a monthly pet loss support
session where you may join others who
are experiencing similar feelings of loss.
Sharing stories about your companion will
help you cope during this grievous time.
So long as you remember me.
Our Purpose
Heart’s Companion offers dignified and ethical
aftercare to honor the memory of your pet and
provides emotional support through the steps of
bereavement. Our objective is to alleviate some of
the burden and stress associated with the loss of a
cherished pet.
Chain of Custody
From the moment your pet enters our care and until
they are returned, our certified cremation operators
adhere to the strictest professional standards. Heart’s
Companion ensures proper and accurate tracking
of your pet. Please attend the cremation service to
address any concerns you may have regarding your
pet’s remains.
Making a Difficult Time
119 Bell Street, Reno, NV 89503
a Little Bit Easier | 775.323.PETS (7387)
All major credit cards accepted.
Reno’s Premier Pet Crematory
Proud Member of the Following Professional Industry Organizations:
119 Bell Street, Reno, NV 89503 | 775.323.PETS (7387)
Our Services
Home Service
Transportation of your pet to Heart’s Companion
within Northern Nevada and surrounding areas.
Veterinarian Service
Arrangements made on your behalf with your
veterinarian or local animal hospital to transfer
your pet to Heart’s Companion.
Personal Drop-offs
If you prefer to personally bring in your companion,
you may do so Monday - Friday 8 am - 6 pm,
Saturday 10 am – 2 pm, or by appointment.
Our veterinarian staff is available to coordinate
euthanasia services in a humane and dignified manner.
Questions? Please call 775.323.7387
Jewelry & Custom Keepsakes
Standard Urns
Cedar urns provide a tasteful tribute to your
cherished companion. Private and individual
cremation options include your preference of a
picture cedar urn or standard cedar urn.
Memorial Jewelry
Ash pendants keep your pet close to your
heart. A wide variety of personal memorial
remembrances are available. For details, visit our
showroom or website:
On-Site Cremation Options
All cremation services receive an authenticated
certificate of cremation.
Choosing to recognize your pet’s life and their passing
is both admirable and difficult. Heart’s Companion
provides a variety of transportation options:
Standard & Premium Urns
Private Cremation
This service provides a single cremation where only
one pet is placed in the crematory chamber. All of the
pet’s cremated remains are returned to the pet owner.
With a private cremation, families have the option to a
private viewing.
Individual Cremation
The individual cremation process utilizes partitions to
separate pets within the cremation chamber to ensure
there is no mixing of remains. All of the pet’s cremated
remains are returned to the respective pet owner.
Communal Cremation
With the communal cremation service, each pet is
carefully placed in the cremation chamber with other
companions. No cremated remains are returned to
the pet owner. Our trusted staff respectfully scatters
the remains in the beautiful Truckee Meadows area
complying with local ordinance.
Same Day Service Available (some limitations may apply)
Facility Tours Welcome
Cedar Picture Urn
Standard Cedar Urn
(shown with engraving)
(shown with engraving)
Angel Dog
Cat Paw
My Angel
Premium Urns
Custom Handmade Paw Prints
Our showroom and online catalog offer many
options to memorialize your pet:
We use your pet’s unique paw print to create a
custom, one-of-a-kind quality keepsake.
Classic Bronze With Paws
Mother of Pearl Urns
Cozy Cat Urn
Pewter Bronze Odyssey
(additional options and styles available)
Custom Engraving
A variety of urns and plaque displays are
available for engraving. Several font and text
sizes are available.
119 Bell Street, Reno, NV 89503
These memorial items are hand-crafted by our
own local artisans. All paw print keepsakes are
true pieces of art that commemorate the life
of your pet.