Eagles Landing

Eagle’s Landing
Developed By:
The Dream Team
& DACCO Inc.
Request for Grant from Federal Home Loan Bank
Bank of Tampa (Local Affiliate)
Project Team
DREAM TEAM – 75 years of collective experience in their area of expertise
Desmond Key – Team Leader/Project Manager
Robin Donaldson – Construction/Rehabilitation
Sharon West – Grant Management and Researcher
Tania Rhoden –Support Services and Counseling Coordinator
Ryan Dhookaran – Financial Analyst and Manager
DACCO Inc. is a Tampa Not-For-Profit which treats substance abuse disorders and
co-occurring mental health symptoms of it’s clients. It already owns and manages
housing for some of their clients. They will own and manage Eagle Landing after
it is ready for occupancy.
Project Description
Supportive living for homeless veterans who
They must be currently in recovery
Must agree to receive substance abuse
and/or mental health counseling services
Must agree to become employed or go to
Must agree to receive case management
Must not be involved in the criminal
justice system in the past three years
Can not have been convicted of violent or
sexual abuse crimes.
All the apartments are 1 bedroom/1 bath,
furnished and utilities included.
Project Description
4102 East Humphrey Street, Tampa
10 Units- One bedroom/1 bath
Zoning- RM-24
Flood Zone – No
Property Price $300,000
Total Rehab Cost $259,817
Total Project Cost $824,777
Project Unit Cost $82,278
Need Assessment
Tampa has a large presence of the military
because of McDill Air Force base;
Headquarters of SoCom and CentCom
Hillsborough County Homeless Count -2014
2,243 homeless women and children were
Local Veteran homelessness and their
families were 11 percent of the total
homeless population increased 47 percent,
from 170 to 250 people
The VA states that the number of homeless
veterans is expected to increase through
2015, as America’s military involvement
overseas is reduced
Local VA has 150 veterans waiting for housing
Area Assets
22 minutes to the Veteran Hospital
and their homeless services by bus,
10 minutes by car and 58 minutes
Two major bus routes in walking
Very close to major employment
opportunities along Busch, Fowler.
and Fletcher Avenues
Near several grocery, drug stores,
Kmart, five major hospitals and
strip shopping malls
Area Major Employers and Shopping
Building Rehab
Rehabilitation of 2 buildings -10 apartments
One new roof, (one building roof is only 5
years old)
Widening of sidewalks,
New HVAC systems for all apartments,
Conversion in two handicapped accessible
24 new windows
Painting interior and exterior of apartments
and stairwells
Florida friendly landscaping
Cost saving measures – TECO Rebate on HVAC
and windows; DACCO will purchase
construction materials to save 7% sales tax.
Funding Sources
DACCO Inc. - $50,000 equity investment - COMMITTED
City of Tampa- $ 350,000 SHIP - COMMITTED
Home Depot Veteran’s Housing Grant - $100,000 COMMITTED
Line of credit from Neighborhood Lending Partners -$ 225,000 COMMITTED
Federal Home Loan Bank Affordable Housing Grant - $100,000
Operating Subsidy Source
VA Per Diem Program
Per program pays for operational
costs, including salaries, may be
funded by the Per Diem
supportive housing, the maximum
amount payable under the per
diem is $43.32 per day per Veteran
may be asked to pay rent if it does
not exceed 30% of the Veteran's
monthly-adjusted income
VASH Vouchers
HUD provides housing assistance
through its Housing Choice Voucher
Program (VASH)) that allows
homeless Veterans to rent privately
owned housing.
THA can project base up to project
based up to 20% of the VASH
Tampa Housing Authority (THA) to
project base VASH vouchers for up
to 10 units
Support Services Providers
Veterans Hospital and affiliates
Other Services Agencies
Local Employment Services
Tampa Crossroads
Disabled Veterans Services
Metropolitan Ministries
Training Assistance Programs
Homeless Health Care Programs
Supportive Services for Veteran
DACCO Services
To augment the services provided by the VA
Veterans will get individual sessions that are held with a licensed counselor
that will focus on progress toward treatment plan goals.
Provide Co‐occurring Disorders Groups
DACCO will be providing Drug testing
AA / NA Meetings are held in the facility on a weekly basis and clients are
transported to community based meetings by staff.
Thank you for your