Summer Shape Seminar!

The summer is peak diet and exercise season, but did
you know that fad diets can actually promote weight
gain? This summer, make a choice that will help you
look great now while enabling you to achieve a more
active, fulfilling life. Maximized Living will teach you an
innovative exercise program that takes just 12 minutes
a day, as well as sensible nutrition and wellness plans
to ensure you see the results you’re aiming for. Let us
help you achieve your ideal Summer Shape!
Don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity to
maximize your life!
DATE: 05.12.2015
TIME: 6:30 PM
Calypso Diver
401 E. Bearss Ave
Tampa, FL 33613
Dieting doesn’t work. Learn what does.
Dr. Suzanne Demers
Get the body you want in minutes a day.
Seagate Chiropractic
3602 Madaca Lane
Tampa, FL 33618
Learn exercises that are effective for beginners
and professionals
Overcome negative self-talk and beliefs that
limit you