HI762 Product display

Product display
HI762(Chromecast)is a single of a receiver, can not use the mouse to operate.
Data port :One HDMI + USB 2.0
Instructions for use
HI762(Chromecast)and television through the HDMI connection; or use the HDMI
extension line, One end is connected with the HI762(Chromecast), the other end is connected
with the television.
This document helps user to understand how to use RK2928 wireless HDMI dongle
and what kind of devices they need to work with the dongle. Basically, RK2928 wireless
HDMI dongle have implemented three features, Miracast (WiFi Display or WFD), DLNA
and Airplay which are running on separate function mode, or rather, two different
WIFI working mode.
Function Description(1)
Mode :Miracast
Use steps:
Step 1: Plug one end of the Micro USB cable into USB port and the other end into
power adapter.
Step 2: Plug one end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the TV, and the other
end into Miracast Receiver.
Step 3: Switch TV on and turn to HDMI channel. And then, screen of TV says
“Initializing”—“Waiting for connection”.
Pair Mobile/Tablet and TV by Miracast
Step 4: On your mobile/tablet(Android 4.2 in need, like M2).choose
“Setting”.(*Connecting Wi-Fi before pair the devices.)
Step 5: Turn on“WiFi”—choose “Display”—Turn on “WiFi Display”—“search
display devices”
(the name of valid device is as same on TV)—connect to the valid
Step 6: Screen displaying from “Connection in progress” to Ready to display”,
mobile/tablet and TV are now paired by Miracast. You are able to see the screen of
mobile or tablet on HDTV.
As show below:
Function Description(2)
In order not to affect the results,the distance between the device and
the Dongle(HI762) not more than 5m.
Switching mode
As described above, Miracast and DLNA/Airplay are working on the different WiFi
working models. There are two methods to make switching:
A. By the key on PCB:The mode alternates between Miracast and DLNA/Airplay by
pressing the key.
B. By web: Visit http:\\ by web browser when the connection between
the dongle and mobile phone/laptop/tablet is established whatever under the Miracast
mode or DLNA/Airplay mode. Touch the icon and the
switching will be undergoing.
Please pay attention that the web browser will show something error when switching.
The reason is that the wifi driver should be loaded again when switching to a new
mode. So the connection between devices and dongle is disconnected.
Specifications of appendix
Configuration parameters
Product Type
HI762 Chromecast
Main Frequency
Cortex-A9,Up to 1.2GHz
Inner memory
256M DDR3
Operating system
android 4.2
Interface definitions and specifications
Connecting high-definition TV, the output audio and video
Voltage parameters
Appearance description
Through the HDMI output display
Product Dimension L×W×H(mm)
* Disclaimer Note: product appearance, technical parameter, function, price, please
take the actual product and the product specification, nameplate shall prevail, as a
result of technology to update the changes, without notice.