Mary`s Brigadeiro Menu By using high quality fresh and fine

Special Brazilian Brigadeiros have arrived in Toronto. The BRIGADEIRO is Brazil’s most popular desert
for gifts, parties, to go with your afternoon coffee, tea or when you’re craving something sweet. These
Gourmet Brigadeiros are made with only the best quality ingredients and Belgian chocolate.
Try them out, you’ll love them!
For orders please, phone 1 (647) 883-0484 (Mary or Jason) or with our e-mail
[email protected] with the details your order.
Free Shipping for Etobicoke or orders above CAD$40,00. Please, order location contact us.
Mary's Brigadeiro Menu
By using high quality fresh and fine ingredients in our brigadeiros like pure Belgian Chocolate.
Mary's Brigadeiro is a handmade product, taste, rich and flavorful without the need of artificial
flavour additives.
All Fresh + Belgian Chocolate + Fine Ingredients + Gluten Free + Egg Free + Nut Free options
Best Sellers
Traditional = Milk Chocolate Brigadeiro with Chocolate Sprinkles
Dark = 53% Cocoa Brigadeiro with Dark Sprinkles
Noir = 70% Cocoa Brigadeiro with Bite Sprinkles
White = White Chocolate with White Chocolate Curls
Two Lovers = Combination of Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate
Coconut = White Chocolate with organic Coconut and shredded Coconut
Cocoa Nibs = 70% Cocoa Brigadeiro with organic Cocoa Nibs Sprinkles
8. Pistachio = Pistachio Brigadeiro with crushed pistachio sprinkles
9. Crunch = Dark Chocolate Brigadeiro with Crispy Rice Sprinkles
10. Almond = Dark Chocolate Brigadeiro with shaved/sliced almond sprinkles
11. Cookies'n Cream = White Brigadeiro infused the with Madagascar Vanilla Beans with
Belgian chocolate chips
12. Maple = Brigadeiro combined with pure Maple Syrup
13. Fleur de Sel = Noir Chocolate Brigadeiro infused with 'Fleur de Sel'
14. Jack Daniel's = Noir Brigadeiro infused Jack Daniel's
15. Bailey's = Dark Brigadeiro infused Irish Cream Drink
Gift Box
x-small w/ 2 brigadeiros - $4,60 (max 1 flavour)
small w/ 4 brigadeiros - $9,00 (max 1 flavour)
x-medium w/ 6 brigadeiros - $13,20 (max 2 flavours)
medium w/12 brigadeiros - $24,00 (max 3 flavours)
large w/ 30 brigadeiros - $57,00 (max 3 flavours)
Party Box
(The more you buy, the less you pay)
box w/ 50 brigadeiros - $90,00 ($1,80 each)
box w/ 75 brigadeiros - $130,00 ($1,73 each)
box w/ 100 brigadeiros - $160,00 ($1,60 each)
box w/ 150 brigadeiro - $150,00 ($1,50 each)
Minimum of 10 Brigadeiros per flavour.
Please Note: If you need a different quantity of Brigadeiros, please contact us. We’ll be glad to
assist you.
Strawberry Bonbon
It's another traditional, elegance and decadent Brazilian treat.
It is a combination with fresh Strawberry Covered with White
Brigadeiro filling and coated in finish Belgian Dark Chocolate.
$2,90 each
boxes with 8 / 12 / 20 units
Minimum of 8 Strawberries
Please Note: If you need a box with different quantity, please contact us.
We're always looking to create something new and unique. We can customize your Brigadeiros
according to your event.
Different colour and theme decorations upon request – Valentine's Day, St Patrick’s Day, Easter,
Mother's Day, Father's Day, Canada Day, Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays, Baby and Bridal
Showers, Weddings, Corporate event and many others.
Contact Us! We would love to hear about your event details.
[email protected]
1 (647) 883-0484
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