Collector`s Specialty Woods

Press Release
CSWoods brings natural edge wood slabs to NeoCon 2015 – Booth #8-3139
Collector's Specialty Woods offers natural edge wood slabs for custom
commercial surfaces. We have extensive experience in attaining and
processing special orders for retail installations, high-end interiors, and solid tops
for restaurant and boardroom tables. Our wood is Rocky Mountain kiln dried
and ready to be used throughout the USA. We focus on American hardwoods
and sustainably harvested and reclaimed material. Our extended family of
sawyers, collectors, and woodsmen provides us with access to particularly hard
to find, large, high quality, specialty wood slabs. Along with our extensive handselected inventory, CSWoods also offers milling, custom woodworking, and
experience working with reclaimed wood. The inventory is pictured on our
website and you can visit us at our open warehouse located just twenty minutes
from Denver International Airport. CSWoods is a three generation Colorado
family business and offers a personal experience, providing as much guidance
as you require, and ensuring that you receive exceptional, knowledgeable
Build beautiful. Build natural.
Contact: Kent Mace
Collector’s Specialty Woods
4355 Monaco St Unit A
Denver, CO 80216
(303) 355-0302
4355 Monaco St Unit A Denver, CO 80216