Meet the rising star in sub-prime automotive finance

Meet the rising star in sub-prime automotive finance
Since 1989, Auto Finance has consistently offered used car dealers a profitable financing option for their
sub-prime customers. Today, the financial strength of Auto Finance National is helping Franchised and
Independent Used Car Departments across the country to increase sales and profits. Experience the
Auto Finance difference by giving us a call today.
Non bureau score driven underwriting
No minimum job time
All levels of Military considered
Self Employed
Non Reserve Program
Non Recourse
No minimum time at residence
Model Year
No age restrictions
Service Contract Available
Live Underwriting
DealerTrack Applications
Around 130K miles
NADA Clean trade between 4K-9K
Deal Structure
LTV 200% of NADA clean trade
Discount as low as 17%
Faxed Applications Accepted
No Assignment Fees
No Hidden Fees
No Dealer Enrollment Fees
Average terms of 42 months
As little as $1,000 down
Average payment $450 or less 855.261.2530
Dealer Guidelines
Buying Policies
Funding Policies
Open Chapter 13 Bankruptcies will be considered
with a letter from the trustee accepting the terms of
our approval.
Maximum of 2 discharged bankruptcies
Complete Funding Checklist with each deal
All contracts must be approved simple interest with
maximum late/return check fees allowable by your
Valid Driver’s License
One open auto tradeline per person.
Names on all loan documents must match
Driver’s License
Six months since most recent repossession
Maximum of 2
POI - 2 consecutive pay stubs, within 30 days of
contract date
SSI Income Must have proof of eligibility and receipt of benefits
Self Employed6 months bank statements in the name of the
borrowers only
Mileage Guidelines:
Imports - Around 130k miles
POR - 2 documents dated within 30 days of the
contract, including borrowers name and address
Examples - Utility, cable bill, bank statement, auto
insurance, credit card statement, Driver’s License
Domestic: V8 - Around 120K miles
V6 - Around 110K miles
4Cyl - Around 85k miles
Insurance must be 500/500 covering all drivers
listed on retail installment contract
Restricted Vehicles:
2.7 Liter V6 Chrysler / Dodge from years 98'–04',
Land or Range Rovers, Jaguars, BMWs, Mercedes
All Turbos, Superchargers,
Cadillac North Star Engines >60,000,
Rebuilt/Salvage titles, Grey Market and TMU
Minimum 6 references with complete addresses and
phone numbers
No Hold Checks or Deferred Down Payments
First payments must be made by the customer and
collected prior to funding if the first payment is due
within 10 days of the funding date.
Customer Svc.
Lien Holder:
Auto Finance
PO Box 1899
Spartanburg, SC 29304
Loss Payee:
Auto Finance
PO Box 3487
Coppell, TX 75019
Closing Packets:
Auto Finance
961 E.Main St. 1st Floor
Spartanburg, SC 29302 855.261.2530