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Emmanuel Christian School Newsletter
30th June 2015
Principal: Mr Scott Winkler
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 6247 8476
A Word from the Principal
Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I
am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Matthew
11:28 to 30 These words of Jesus offer a beautiful hope. So much of what we see and hear along with life's pressures cause us to feel
anything but rest. I wouldn’t be able cope without this assurance - that there is rest. Jesus is the gentle, precious support
we need. The call to come to Jesus and have this level of care is wonderful. I love the idea of working in a school where this
is the level of care can be shared with our students and school community. In 1927 the wife of Scottish preacher Arthur Gossip died suddenly. When he returned to the pulpit he preached a sermon
titled “When Life Tumbles In, What Then?” In that sermon Gossip compared life to watching a plane pass through the sky
during wartime. There you are, lying on your back watching a plane fly gracefully across a brilliant sunlit blue sky when all of
a sudden it is blown apart by gunfire and falls to earth a tumbling, tangled mess of metal. Only on this occasion the gunfire
was the tragically unexpected death of his beloved wife. Gossip went on to explain that he didn’t understand this life, but what he did know was that during this darkest period of his
life he needed his faith more than ever. “You people in the sunshine may believe the faith, but we in the shadow must
believe it. We have nothing else.” Without his faith there was no hope.1 During the 1980s, a common expression was, “Christianity is just a crutch!” It was seen a negative statement. For me it was
a statement of fact. Life was not meant to be done without God. I went to a concert of the Christian rock group, ‘Petra’. They
pointed out during the evening that Christianity couldn’t be a crutch. It was a stretcher - you had to be carried through life
and into heaven. All I know is we need more than this world can give us. Praise God for schools like Emmanuel where our
young people can be given the big picture. I trust the next three weeks are a blessing to families having your children at home more. I look forward to working with you
all in term 3. 1
Scott Winkler, Principal
For the diary:
Thur 2nd July
Grade 3/4 Excursion - Botanical gardens.
Thur 2nd July
Grade 1/2 Excursion - St Matthews Church Rokeby.
Thur 2nd July
Grade 7 Excursion - Radio Telescope.
2nd July
Uniform pool 8.45 - 9.30.
2nd July
Primary Assembly 9.30.
(Parents morning Tea to follow in the Staff room)
2nd July
Last Day of Term 2.
Thur 23rd July Primary Holiday Club – The Big Top 8.45 am - 3pm.
Mon 27th July Term 3 Commence.
Please note
There will be 3 weeks of School
holidays this Term break.
This is due to the teachers
participating in a week of
Professional Development.
Primary News
The Kinder children have had a very busy and exci ng week. We were invited to learn a dance and 2 songs to perform at a conference at the Grand Chancellor last Thursday. The conference was for 300 Early Childhood Professionals from all over Australia. The Kinder children from Emmanuel performed with the kindergarten children from Clarendon Vale and John Paul 2 primary schools to showcase the beau ful children that we have from the Clarence Plains area. The children did a wonderful job and were great ambassadors for our school. Our excursion to the Botanical Gardens was lovely. There was much to see but the main highlight was playing in the Autumn leaves, observing the kinds of trees and water features that made up the Japanese Gardens and learning about the cold condi ons of Antarc ca when we walked through the Subantarc c Plant House. To celebrate the final day of Kinder for this term on Thursday we will be having a pizza lunch. The children will make their own dough, roll it out and the pizza toppings of their choice to their own pizza. The ingredients used will mimic those used in our drama c play area which has transformed from a hospital to a pizza shop! Amanda Sargent, Kindergarten Teacher
Secondary News
This year in English students in the Secondary School have been
working very hard. Here is a brief run down of the work students have
completed during the last two terms.
Grade 7 students have completed two multi-modal assignments. These
were titled “Who Am I?” where students looked at the past, present and
into their future at who they are. The second is titled “Six Morons in a
Leaky Boat” which uses a narrative structure to aid students in writing a
variety of genres. The genres range from character descriptions, jokes, map drawings and
newspaper headlines. A focus is always on grammar and punctuation. Students have also
completed their first novel study of Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick.
Grade 8 students have examined the novel Holes by Louis Sachar and are just completing their
Newspaper Assignment, which required them to work in groups to create and make their own
Grade 9 and Grade 10 English prepares students for the future whether that is further education or
the work place.
Grade 9 students began with a novel study of a comedy text written by an Australian author that
deals with the issue of bullying. The novel is titled Don’t Call Me Ishmael! Then students
constructed their own Children’s Picture book. They are currently completing their work on the
Shakespearian play of “Taming of the Shrew”.
Grade 10 began with a novel titled Destroying Avalon, which is a contemporary Australian text that
insightfully examines the issue of cyber-bullying. An in-depth study of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and
Juliet” followed which, closely examines power in society. Currently they are just finishing a unit on
“David Copperfield” by Charles Dickens.
Wendy Bowen, Secondary English Teacher
A reminder that the Primary School has introduced Crunch & Sip
Break during your child’s daily PE time. Please ensure that they
bring a piece of fruit or vegetable to have during this time as well as
a bottle of water.
School Banking
School banking is on this Friday.
Please bring your filled in deposit book to school on Friday and put it in the grey school banking bag in your classroom. Kinder
students bring your deposit book to school on Thursday and put it in the grey school banking bag in your classroom.
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