3501 Tavenner Court, Olney, Maryland 20832, 202-785-4585, [email protected]
Professional Experience
September 1998 - Present
Vice President and International Spokesperson National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Conducts keynote presentations and workshops on fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) and addiction
related topics at international and national conferences, seminars, and symposiums. Provides interviews
for media and serves on as the liaison on many government task forces and expert panels. Served on the
World Health Organization (WHO) committee to develop guidelines for the identification and
management of substance use and substance use disorders in pregnancy. Manages the government
contracts and supervises staff in the coordination of all NOFAS educational, outreach and affiliate
programs. Creates innovative programs and seeks opportunities to reach diverse communities with FASD
prevention, intervention and treatment strategies. Serves as faculty for the NOFAS FASD Selective
offered in two medical school programs. Conceptualized and directs an international birth mother
mentorship program: Warrior Mom Network; Circle of Hope (COH), the COH speaker’s bureau, and the
Hope for Women in Recovery National Summits. Creates presentations, curricula and authors papers and
chapters on FASD and provides expert consultation and reviews for authors developing articles, literature,
and/or curricula on FASD. Seeks corporate and public funding resources; assists and supervises proposal
development; assists in organizing and hosting fundraising events. Wrote state legislation that resulted in
the formation of the Maryland FASD Coalition, and currently serves as co-chair. Founded and facilitates
the NOFAS family support group in Washington, D.C. Serves as the NOFAS addiction/FASD expert for
the NOFAS clearinghouse inquiries. Presents at legislative hearings and briefings and assists with
National FASD Hill Day. Assists the president with advocacy and all NOFAS Board activities.
Current Responsibilities:
Principle Co-Investigator NIAAA Collaborative Initiative on FASD (CIFASD):
Works directly with researchers to develop marketing and educational materials. Transcribes scientific data
and incorporates research into presentations for general audiences. Attends monthly calls and annual meetings.
Project Director SAMHSA CSAP Projects
Founder and Project Director of the Circle of Hope-Birth Mothers Network (COH-BMN)
Organizes all aspects of network (bi-monthly conference calls, webinars and activities)
Serves as the U.S. representative on international panel of FASD birth mothers
Serves as liaison member on the SAMHSA FASD Center for Excellence Expert Panel
Trains speakers and manages the COH-BMN speaker’s bureau
• Prepares members on how to speak to the media
• Administers the Circle of Hope BMN webpage and the COH-BMN Face book site
• Serves as mentor to new members of speakers bureau, personally assists them with speaking
• Provides intervention services on an as-needed basis to for pregnant women who are using
• Drafts and disseminates COH-BMN responses to media statements about drinking while pregnant
• Disseminates new literature and legislation to members
• Drafts and disseminates COH-BMN responses to legislation regarding women who drink while
• Interviews members and collects personal stories and other relevant information for the birth
mothers webpage
• Creates monthly COH newsletters
• Identifies partners to identify women in need of support (i.e. P-CAP)
• Authored: Creating Hope for Women in Recovery: A Guide to Planning an FASD Summit
Project Officer: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the NOFAS Clearinghouse and
Media Outreach Center: A Model of Collaboration, Communication and Capacity Building
Supervises NOFAS Clearinghouse:
• “Living with FASD” monthly profile
• State resource directory, literature, and calendar of events
• Referrals for all audiences (professionals, students and individuals)
• Developing FAQ’s
• Provides counseling and support to families that need assistance
Supervises NOFAS Affiliate Network:
• Seeks to identify new state partner affiliates
• Conducts annual affiliate summit meeting
• Organizes affiliate responses to media statements about drinking while pregnant
• Disseminates new literature and current events on FASD to affiliates
• Provides TA when needed, and provides free speaking and support at state level or affiliate
FASD Regional Training Centers (RTC) Liaison:
• Supports RTCs with presentations, webcasts, and other education gatherings.
• Participates on RTC conference calls.
• Attends annual meetings.
NOFAS Family Support Group:
• Founded and facilitates the Washington-Metropolitan FASD family group
• Identifies speakers and activities to keep group mobilized
• Provides TA to affiliates and other FASD organizations to develop family groups
Media and Live Interviews
• Provides interviews as requested
Project Director NOFAS-American College of OB-GYNS (ACOG) Partnership:
Initiative on getting screening and brief intervention (SBI) included into routine standard of care
for primary care physicians.
Project Director Intervention for Children with FASD Coalition:
Working with CDC researchers to develop brochure and other materials to feature intervention
best practices.
Project Director Native American/American (NA/AI) Indian CHOICES Initiative:
Interviews project informants.
Works with CDC to identify strategies and community advisory board.
Developing a paper for CDC on implementation of CHOICES in clinics that serve NA/AI women.
Medical School Faculty:
Medical Ethics and Humanities Program, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, (97-2010)
• Instructor of two five-week health seminars on FASD
Georgetown University School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine, IHC II Selective (06-2013)
• Instructor of eight week selective on FASD
NOFAS Curriculum for Addiction Professionals (NOFAS-CAP) and FASD Certification
Created two level (knowledge-skill), six competency curriculum
Supervised the development of the six hour on-line knowledge course and developed the two-day
skill training
Facilitated two-day, level two, skill training course (MD, SD, and PA)
Obtained 22 CEU’s from NAADAC
Co-Executive Producer of NOFAS-NOW
Regularly scheduled on-line interview show.
Additional On-Line Courses and Webcasts:
• Supervised and authored the NOFAS On-Line FASD Prevention Course for medical professionals
• Developed the on-line level one course for the NOFAS FASD CAP.
• Designed and provided oral narrative for Webcast for CHC Association
• Provided webcast for the National Association on Dual Diagnosis (NADD), MOFAS (Minnesota
Organization on FAS), the National Arc, and the American Bar Association (ABA).
• Provided expertise in the development of Improving the Lives of Children with FASD: An eLearning Resource for Caregivers. Terra Nova Learning Systems Past NOFAS Programs:
Project Director HRSA/ MCH 07-144
Children’s Research Triangle’s FASD Training and Technical Assistance
Provided training on alcohol screening, brief intervention and FASD assessment and diagnosis, and ongoing technical assistance to medical staff from 10 community health centers (CHC) across the U.S.
Project Director; CDC Cooperative Agreement
Developed, marketed and disseminated K-12 FASD Prevention Curricula to national and international
Project Director; CDC Cooperative Agreement Award No. U84/CCU323238-01
• Cherokee Nation Community Intervention
• FASD Clearinghouse
• Advocacy and Public Awareness Guidebook for Communities
Project Director; CDC Regional Training Centers Subcontract No. 178306
Consultant for 4 universities in development of FASD Curricula for Medical and Allied Health Students
and Professionals
• Lead author on competency “Treatment for Individuals with FASD”
• Co-author on competency “Models of Addictions”
Project Officer; SAMHSA; CSAP Projects:
Conceptualized, organized regional advisory boards and facilitated three major 2 day conferences: Hope for
Women in Recovery Summits (Arizona, Maryland and North Carolina) that included Town Hall meetings.
• Developed FASD Curriculum for Addictions Professionals (CAP)
• Assisted in the development and provided interview for “Hope for Women in Recovery” video
Project Director; NIAAA, RFP: AA 99-07:
Worked with team (NIAAA & Mathews Media) to design and facilitate an FASD public awareness
campaign targeting African American women who resided in Washington, D.C.
Program Director; Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation Grant:
Designed and implemented FASD Prevention and Intervention Training Modules for Healthcare
Program Director; Cafritz Grant:
Worked with advisory board to develop and implement an FASD educational project for underserved
populations in Washington, D.C.
• Facilitated teen awareness campaign and Teen Town Hall Meeting that included over 250 D.C.
high school students, local sports stars and media celebrities.
Former Employers:
1989 – 1990 Maryland Treatment Centers, Inc.
Montgomery County Contract Services
Executive Director
Directed Social Model Detox and Maplewood Treatment Center. Supervised clinical staff. Handled all
administrative duties including policy and procedure updates; JCAHO standards, state certification and inspection.
1987 – 1992 Maryland Treatment Centers, Inc.
Director of Marketing
Negotiated contract with Montgomery County, Maryland to treat residents in need of inpatient treatment, which
resulted in a multi- million dollar, long-term partnership. Established relationships and contracts with managed care,
HMO, and other insurance companies. Assisted with the development of the women’s treatment program, including
a tract for pregnant women and women with children. Designed and opened two satellite out-patient offices.
Organized and directed the alumni meetings and events. Facilitated family groups and interventions. Provided
lectures for professional groups. Networked with EAP and other groups.
1992 – 1996 Suburban Hospital
Marketing Manager, Addiction Treatment Center
Responsible for referral and contractual development and implementation. Responsible for the opening of two
satellite out-patient offices. Negotiated all contractual agreements; monitored budget. Facilitated interventions.
1990 to 2012: Montgomery County Maryland Safe and Drug Free Schools:
Developed and instructed substance abuse and fetal alcohol syndrome prevention curriculum for tenth grade health
classes and faculty.
1996 to 1998: Health Education Instructor
Developed curriculum, evaluation, and instructed a 15-week (3-credit) graduate course for educators and counselors
for Montgomery County Public Schools.
1996 to 1998: Consultant to state of Maryland, Sam Shoemaker Addiction Treatment Center
Provided independent assessments, educational lectures, and facilitated clinical therapy groups
1985 to 1987: Montgomery General Hospital, First Things First Addiction Treatment detox and inpatient
Case manager, facilitated groups, 1:1, family sessions, and interventions.
May 1999
Lincoln University; Master of Human Services Program
Graduated with honors
Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor 2000
Maryland Addiction Counselor Certification 1990, Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor (CCDC) #4063
Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor 1990, (ICRC/AODA) #910
North Carolina Addiction Counselor Certification 1996
Washington Metropolitan Area Addictions 1986
Provided presentations at several U.S. House and U.S. Senate Briefings on FASD
Drafted Legislation in Maryland which resulted in the formation of a FASD Task Force
Assists the NOFAS Board of Directors to identify legislative priorities.
Testimony to Maryland House Special Committee on Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Testimony to Maryland House Committee on Health and Government Operations, HB 1114 –State
Board of Physicians – Licensing and Continuing Education Requirements
Testimony to "Pregnancy Notice - Committee S.B.8"
Alcohol Beverages, State Economic and Environment
Testimony to "Alcohol Advertising Act S.664"
Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation
Testimony to Alcoholism and Drug Dependency; U.S. Public Hearings, Society of Americans
for Recovery Foundation (S.O.A.R.)
Testimony to "Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol Effect"
Committee on Finance, Sub-Committee on Social Security and Family Policy
Testimony to "Beyond the Stereotypes, Women, Addiction, and Perinatal Substance Abuse"
U.S. House of Representatives-Select Committee on Children, Youth and Families
Presents at numerous national conferences, the following is an abbreviated list:
Panel: The Wisdom of Experience: The Dual Lives of Three Mothers Making a Difference First
International Conference on FASD Prevention, Edmonton, Canada.
Plenary VA. Identifying and Treating FASD. Juvenile Justice Assoc. Charlottesville VA
Grand Rounds: Identifying and Treating FASD, Dayton Children's Hospital
2013 2013 2013
Keynote and workshops: Creating a Circle of Hope: Addressing FASD in Addiction Treatment and
Preventing FASD by Empowering Women. Minnesota American Annual Indian Substance Abuse
Conference, Fond du Lac Reservation, MN.
Plenary: FASD Parenting and Policy. Nebraska Society for Children, Omaha, NE.
Workshop: Identifying and Treating FASD. Best Start Resource Centre Annual Conference, Toronto,
Keynote: Creating a Circle of Hope: Preventing FASD. Artic CDC Regional Training Center Conference,
FASDs in the Arctic Region: An update on research and practice. Anchorage, AK.
Workshop: Clients with FASD in the Criminal Justice System. Missouri Association of Drug Court
Professional’s 15th Annual Conference.
Two-Day Skills Seminar: Addressing FASD in Addiction Treatment. White Earth Reservation, MN.
Plenary: Women and Alcohol. Mom and Baby; Addiction, Trauma, & Hope Conference. Delaware County
Child Abuse Prevention Task Force Conference. Muncie, IN
Seminar: Addressing FASD in Addiction Treatment, Women's Services; Office of Substance Abuse
Services (OSAS) Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, Richmond, VA
Workshop: Children of Alcoholics with FASD Frederick County Mental Health Association & Department
of Education. Frederick, MD.
WEBINAR: FASD: A Preventable Tragedy. US HHS Office of Minority Health Resource Center
WEBINAR: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: What You Need to Know, Arc HealthMeet Series.
Posters: Preventing FASD in School Age Populations: Twenty Years of Lessons Learned from NOFAS and
Hope for Families Living with FASD: Promising Best Practice Interventions, 5th International Conference
on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia.
Second European Conference on FASD: (Clinical and Biomedical Diagnosis, Screening and Follow-up).
Barcelona, Spain
Plenary: The Experience of the National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Twenty-three Years of
FASD Prevention. Media, and Policy in the U.S.,
Posters: Creating a Circle of Hope: Supporting Birth Mothers to Prevent FASD and
Preventing FASD in school Age Populations: twenty-three years of lessons learned.
American Bar Association: Presentation to the ABA Commission on Youth at Risk. FASD and Women who
Workshop: American Bar Association. FASD and the Legal System.
Hopkins Grand Rounds FASD Prevention in STD Clinics, Baltimore, MD.
Workshops, Addressing FASD in Addiction Treatment, Aloha House Addiction Staff, Maui, Hawaii.
Series of day long conferences in Hawaii (Maui, Big Island and Oahu). Co-presented with Dr. Ira Chasnoff.
Strong Women, Strong Families: Gender-Specific Support for the Women of Hawai'i
Plenary: International Birth Mothers Unite; University of British Columbia, FASD International
Conference, Vancouver, BC
Two day CAP training for Schuylkill County Drug and Alcohol Program, Pottsville, PA.
Workshop, the Reginald S. Lourie Center for Infants and Young Children, Rockville, MD.
Plenary and keynote, FASD: Thirty Nine Years Later Mississippi’s 8 Annual FASD Symposium,
Jackson, MS.
Presentation: Best Practice FASD Multi-Media Campaign and Poster: Creating a Circle of Hope; First
European Conference on FASD, Growing Awareness in Europe, Netherlands
Workshop, 12 Steps and FASD, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.
Day Plenary, FASD in Maryland, University of Maryland School of Social Work
Day Workshop & Community Presentation; Schuylkill County Drug and Alcohol Coalition, Pottsville, PA
Plenary and workshop; 2010 Ohio Women’s Symposium, Columbus, Ohio
Presentation: Addressing FASD in the Workplace; Employee Assistance Professionals Association
(EAPA), Potomac, MD
Day Workshop: FASD: Prevention and Treatment, Ashville, NC
Plenary: Alcohol: Effects on Communities, Families and Children, Houston, TX
Plenary: FASD Policy to Practice; Parenting Children (and Adults) with FASD; A Family Affair
Catholic University, Washington, DC
Plenary and two workshops: FASD International Birth Mother Panel, University of BC, Victoria, BC
Plenary: NIAAA Women and Addiction, Rockville, MD.
Plenary and several Workshops: FASD and Positive Parenting, Ktunaxa Kinbasket Family Services,
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Plenary, One Day Workshop: Addiction Relapse, and the FASD Family Experience,
Mercy Medical Center, Sioux Falls, IO.
Workshop: FASD Birth Mother Peer Training, Orlando, FL.
Plenary: Chrysalis House for Women; Creating a Circle of Hope: From Victim to Warrior Mom,
Baltimore, MD
Plenary: Research Society on Alcoholism Annual Meeting, Washington, DC
Plenary and Workshop: 25th Annual Gulf Coast Conference on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Mobile, AL
Plenary: Special Needs in the Early Years Conference, AR
Plenary and day-long Workshop: Mississippi FASD Day Conf.
24th Annual Pacific Rim International Conference on Disabilities; Honolulu, HI
Plenary and Workshop; Women’s Health: Addiction, Trauma, and Hope, New Jersey
Plenary and Workshop; FASD Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Plenary; Maryland FASD Conference
Plenary and workshop; Advocacy and FASD; New York City Conference on FASD
Two day workshop; FASD 101 for Addiction Professionals; Black Hills University, South Dakota
Two day workshop; FASD in Addiction Treatment; University of British Columbia Inter. Conference
Keynote; Florida Healthy Start Annual Conference
Workshop; Crossroads Treatment Center, Tucson, AZ.
Keynote; Society of Teratology, Pittsburg University
Day workshop; Child Welfare Conference; Anaheim, California
Plenary and two day workshop; Kentucky School for Alcohol Studies
National Teleconference for the State of Alabama; Emory University
CDN Web cast for Physicians and Healthcare Providers; HRSA
National Child Abuse Prevention Conference, St. Augustine Florida
Preventing FASD Conference; Black Hills University, South Dakota
National OB-GYN Conference, Mobile, Alabama
Keynote Plenary; Celebrating Women in Recovery Tea at the Governors Mansion, Portland, ME
Keynote Plenary; Annual National Head Start Conference
FASD and the Pediatrician American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Meeting
Creating a Circle of Hope; Addressing FASD in Addiction Treatment the University of British Columbia
International FASD Conference
Keynote Plenary; National FASD Conference, Lexington, KY
Grand Rounds; Harvard University Health System, Boston, MA
Keynote Plenary; North Carolina State Conference on Women and Substance Abuse
Keynote Plenary; New Jersey National Youth Summit
Grand Rounds; John Hopkins Hospital
Keynote Plenary; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Conference of the National Center on Birth
Defects and Developmental Disabilities, Washington, DC.
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome; Identification and Implications; NADD International Congress V – Evidence
Based Practices/Practice Based Evidence in Mental Health, Boston, MA
Keynote Plenary; California ARC and Calfas; FASD Conference Riverside, CA
Keynote Plenary; UNC Chapel Hill, Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies FASD Conference
Keynote Plenary; Mississippi Statewide FASD Symposium
Key Note Plenary; 30th Anniversary or FASD Conference Truth or Consequences of FAS
Atlantic City, NJ Task Force and the CDC
Encore Presenter: Identifying and Understanding FAS
Zero to Three National Conference, New Orleans, LA
Raising a Child with FAS; Achieving a Positive Mindset
FAS Summit, Anchorage, AL
Day workshop; Empowering Addicted Women into Recovery: Innovative Approaches; University of
Maryland School of Social Work
Keynote Plenary Identifying and Preventing FASD: a Hidden Cause of Relapse in Women as well as
Behavioral and Cognitive Problems in their Offspring: Research Confronts Reality Conference.
Binghamton University
Advocacy for Parents Emory University National FAS Conference
Developing a Positive Belief System the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
FAS: Identification and Implications NADD 17th Annual Conference, San Francisco
Within Our Reach; Helping Women with Substance Abuse Problems, Northwest AHEC, Wake Forest
University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Teleconference to 25,000 Kaiser healthcare professionals FAS Identification and Implications; Kaiser
Permanente Health Maintenance Organization, Oakland, California,
Workshop; American College of Nurse Practitioners National Clinical Symposium, Clinical Competence
and Caring: Nurse Practitioners for the Next Century, Nashville, Tennessee
Plenary; Meeting the Early Intervention and Educational Needs of Children Prenatally Exposed to Alcohol
and Other Drugs Alcohol & Addictions Resource Center Indianapolis, Indiana
Plenary; 8th Annual North Carolina Summit on Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Statewide teleconference; Eastern Maine Medical Center, Bangor, Maine
1999 The Prevalence of ARBD and the Difficulties in Reaching Special Populations; University of North
Carolina, Chapel Hill
1997 Plenary; Revisiting Substance Abuse in Minnesota; Presented with the first lady of Minnesota, Susan
1996 Provider Attitudes towards Substance Abusing Women; Healthy Mothers, Healthy Coalition Conference
1995 Shattering the Stigma; Advances in Women's Health; Co-Presenter with Tipper Gore, Naomi Judd, Ellen
Hart Pena and Tracey Thompson, Office on Women's Health
1994 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, a Mother's Perspective; Presented with Matilda Cuomo, New York FAS
Awareness Campaign
1994 Mother and Daughter Recovery; Co-presenters with Betty and Susan Ford
Robert Wood Foundation, CASA, and Columbia University
1993 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome; Governor’s Council on Adolescent Pregnancy, State of Maryland
1992 Strengthening Our Link; National Conference of State Family Planning Administrators
1990 Addiction, Women and Child Abuse; Governor’s Council on Child Abuse and Neglect
1990 Substance Abuse and Pregnancy; Southern Legislative Summit, Richmond, Virginia
Mitchell, K.T. & DeJoseph, M. (2011) Families Living with FASD: Up Close and Personal. In Prenatal alcohol use
and FASD: Diagnosis, assessment and new directions in research and multimodal treatment. (pp. 161-180). United
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Mitchell, K.T. (2002). Fetal Alcohol Syndrome; Practical Suggestions and Support for Families and Caregivers.
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March/April, Volume 13, No.2.
Appointed by Donna E. Shalala, Secretary of Health and Human Services to serve on the National Task Force on
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol Effect
Serves on the international expert planning committee: 2011-2014 International Conference on FASD/
University of British Columbia
Founder and co-chair of the Maryland FASD Coalition
Founder, NOFAS Circle of Hope, Birth Mothers Network
SAMHSA’s FASD Center for Excellence Expert Panel member
Board member for the 501 C (3) L. Dub’s Love, Inc. A charity that supports families of children living with cancer.
National Task Force on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol Effect member
Participates with the World Health Organization (WHO) special committee to develop guidelines for pregnant
women receiving substance abuse treatment.
American College of OB-GYNS (AGOG): Changed Model of Care for women with Substance Use Disorders,
committee member.
Centers for Disease Control, Scientific Working Group on Diagnostic Guidelines for FAS and ARND
USDA, National Advisory Council on Maternal, Infant and Fetal Nutrition; WIC
National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Board of Directors
Prevent Youth Violence Committee, National Indian Justice Center
UNC, Chapel Hill, Alcohol Related Birth Defects Educational Campaign, Advisory Group Member
Montgomery County Maryland Alcohol Advisory Board member
Washington Metropolitan Area Addictions Counselors Certification, Board of Directors
Southern Governors Regional Project on Infant Mortality, Technical Advisory Board
Montgomery County Community Partnership Treatment Action Group
Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA), Officer, Potomac Chapter
Association of Employee Assistance Program Practitioners (AEAPP)
National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselors (NAADAC), National Spokesperson
Founder: Circle of Hope International Birth Mothers Network
Leadership award from Maryland Treatment Centers, Inc.
Leadership award from the City and Mayor of Gaithersburg, Maryland for reaching over 11,000 students
Several awards from the Government of Montgomery County, Maryland and the County Executive for outstanding
commitment to substance abuse prevention efforts
Plaque and recognition as "Volunteer of the Year" in the treatment and prevention category by Montgomery
County Community Partnership
Plaque and recognition for outstanding volunteer efforts for educating over 2,000 Maryland students on FAS/FAE
by the Association of Retarded Citizens of Maryland
Plaque and recognition for outstanding volunteer efforts: Crossroads Treatment Center, VA
Certificate of Appreciation for contributions to the Metropolitan Area Treatment Enhancement System (MATES)
Outstanding Achievement Award, NOFAS
Member of Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society
Collaborated with the producers and assisted the writer of “Law and Order; SVU” to create a show that featured
fetal alcohol syndrome that won the Prism Award and the Sentinel for Health Award
Featured on NBC’s “Later Today Show”
Featured in Glamour magazine article, April 1994, "Women and Alcohol"
Featured on NBC's "Real Life"
Provided FASD expertise on the Star Jones show.
Appeared on the Tom Brokow Show
Quoted in several newspapers including that had feature articles on FASD including the Wall Street Journal, the
Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, and others.
Appeared on the "Leeza Show", as an expert on FAS
Featured in PA (Physicians Assistants) Today, July, 1998
Provided interview for British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and was featured in BBC video
Consulted and featured in SAMHSA Center for Substance Abuse Prevention video Hope for Women in Recovery
Featured in NOFAS-UK FASD video, A Child for Life
Promotional radio advertisements for the Southern Governors Regional on Infant Mortality
Featured in Office of Substance Abuse Prevention (OSAP) documentary film
Featured in NIAAA Better Safe than Sorry FASD prevention video
Featured in FASD training video for State of Florida
Featured in Dartmouth-Hitchcock educational video Women and Alcohol
Provided hour long interview on FASD for One Hour at a Time Radio/Webcast