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Dear Teacher,
Get ready to have a wonderful time at the upcoming Tom Chapin “Clean
Machine” concert! This concert will be based on Tom's "This Pretty
Planet" recording. This guide features activities, related literature and
song lyrics from some of the songs which Tom Chapin will highlight.
Many more songs will be performed at the concert - if you have a favorite,
please e-mail us with any requests.
The CD is provided with the permission of Tom Chapin, and may be duplicated for school use only. Please share the recording with classes who will
be attending the show. We find that familiarizing the students with even
a few songs in advance enhances their enjoyment of the concert.
Tom has eleven award-winning recordings. I'm sure once you've been
introduced to his music, you'll want more of it for your classroom. Please
see the enclosed order form for information on all of Tom's music (cassettes, CD's, songbooks and videos). We know you will discover lots of
exciting ideas on how to use Tom Chapin's music in your classroom. Feel
free to visit the Teachers section of his website (
Claudia Libowitz
Assistant to Tom Chapin
100 Cedar Street, Suite # B-19
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522 USA
Phone or Fax (914) 674-0247
e-mail: [email protected]
CLEAN MACHINE is a musical environmental experience, based upon
This Pretty Planet, Tom Chapin's Grammy nominated recording.
TOM'S FRIENDS and collaborators Jon Cobert will play piano and accordion and Michael Mark will play bass and concertina in today's concert.
THANKS go to Susan Duggan, Chapter 636 Facilitator in Lowell, MA for
authoring much of this activity guide, and to Chris Brown at the SMARTS
program at UMass/Lowell for allowing us to use it; and to Claudia
Libowitz for her contributions. Thanks also to Tom Chapin and Lynn
Whisnant Reiser for use of their line drawings to illustrate this activity
INFORMATION on Tom Chapin can be obtained by writing to:
Sundance Music, 100 Cedar Street, Suite # B-19, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522,
or call (914) 674-0247, or by e-mail at [email protected]
CATALOGS listing Tom Chapin’s recordings and related merchandise are
available online and upon request to Sundance Music.
VISIT Tom Chapin online at:
100 Cedar Street, Suite # B-19
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522-1022
Phone or Fax (914) 674-0247
e-mail: [email protected]
Please discuss the points listed below with your students before attending the upcoming performance. For many students, this may be their
first visit to a concert hall and/or a live performance. They may need
some guidance regarding appropriate behavior and why it is appropriate.
Discuss the fact that a live performance is very different from
watching a movie, a video, or TV. The musicians are performing specifically for YOU -- their audience. Those on stage can
hear you, the audience, and in many cases they can see you as
well. The performers are interacting with you; it is two-way
communication. While watching TV it doesn't matter if you get
up and walk out or talk to your friends; during a performance
it can seriously disrupt the performers' concentration. It also
detracts from the rest of the audience's enjoyment.
The performers depend on the audience for appropriate feedback. Usually this takes the form of applause at the end of a
musical piece. This is the way the performers know that the
audience enjoys and appreciates their work. Sometimes laughter and singing along, as well as other forms of participation
are appropriate.
Prepare your students for what they will see and hear. You can
heighten the students' anticipation and appreciation for what
they will experience by informing them about the program's
contents. Please use the study guide material enclosed, as well
as the suggestions for follow-up activities.
No photographing or recording of a performance is allowed.
Please make sure that your students do not bring cameras or
tape recorders to the theatre.
100 Cedar Street, Suite # B-19
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522 USA
Phone or Fax (914) 674-0247
e-mail: [email protected]
Tom Chapin is one of America's most beloved folk singers. A gifted performer who charms
audiences of all ages, he began his career during the folk renaissance in New York's Greenwich
Village in the 1960's and has been entertaining young and old ever since. When his own children
were six and eight years old he started concentrating on his younger audience, and now, along
with collaborators John Forster, Michael Mark and Jon Cobert,
has created a body of work that is unique in children's music.
As a performer, Tom’s remarkable musicianship, great
songwriting and personal warmth shine through whether he’s
appearing in a major concert hall, an outdoor festival, in front of a
symphony orchestra or in an intimate coffeehouse. His easy
baritone, powerful stage presence and intricate, melodic guitar
fingerpicking draw an audience into his world and bring together
people of all ages in song and story.
Tom’s catchy, humorous songs have a universal appeal that
invites audience participation, and spotlight a diversity of musical
styles, from ballads to blues to classical. He says, "I want to
write well-crafted songs that parents can listen to and enjoy
along with their children; songs with strong, simple themes that
will work on two levels." His music maintains a spirit of fun and
delight while educating children in basic environmental and
humanitarian concepts. His concerts and recordings appeal to
people of all ages and musical tastes. “Mine is not a traditional
music, but it comes from a tradition. My musical heroes are people like Pete Seeger and Woody
Guthrie who wrote and sang real songs for real people; for everyone, old, young, and in between.”
Tom has gained widespread critical and popular acclaim for his recordings aimed at
elementary school children and their families. His eleven family albums have been recognized
with awards from the American Library Association, Parents’ Choice, the New York Music
Awards, the National Association of Parenting Publications and Parents Magazine. Five of his
CD’s have been nominated for Grammy Awards. Three of his narrations have won Grammy
Awards for Best Spoken Word Album for Children: Mama Don’t Allow in 2001, There Was An
Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly in 2002, and The Train They Call The City Of New Orleans in
Tom’s unique ability to touch audiences isn’t limited to his music, however. During the 1970's
he hosted the innovative ABC children’s show, Make a Wish, which earned both Emmy and
Peabody Awards. In the 1980's he hosted the award winning National Geographic Explorer
series on TBS. He also starred on Broadway in the Tony-nominated musical Pump Boys and
D i n e t t e s. Random House published a book / cassette package of his environmental songs titled
Sing A Whale Song. Tom has also narrated a series of children’s books to benefit the Humane
Society of the United States.
Tom continues to devote time to charitable activities, most notably as a member of the
Board of Directors of World Hunger Year, a hunger organization founded in 1975 by his late
brother, singer/songwriter/humanitarian Harry Chapin.
Please visit Tom Chapin’s website at for further information.
THEME: Renewable energy sources include solar energy (from the sun),
hydropower (from water), wind power (from the wind), geothermal energy
(created by underground steam) and biomass energy (landfill gases). They
are called renewable because the supply will never run out.
SOLAR ENERGY: We all know that the sun heats the
earth. Just walk outside in the summer, and you
can feel the sun heating your skin. Solar panels can
be set up to collect the energy of the sun and turn it
into electricity.
EXPERIMENT: Demonstrate the power of the sun.
Make Solar Prints
Solar prints are a special kind of photography that
use sunlight to create images on paper.
You Will Need:
Some nature objects
A tray or stiff piece of cardboard
Light-sensitive paper (You can buy this at a hobby, photography,
or toy store, or use blueprint paper.)
Dishpan or square cake pans
Clothespins or newspaper
How to Make Solar Prints:
Step 1: The pictures you will make will show the outline of the items you
choose, so gather leaves and flowers with interesting shapes.
Step 2: Fill the dishpan with water. You will use this later.
Step 3: When you are still inside, arrange some of the objects on lightsensitive paper on a surface you can carry. Be sure to keep the paper
away from the light until your objects are all arranged.
Step 4: Put the paper in direct sunlight. Wait about five minutes.
Step 5: Take off the objects and dip
the paper in water to set the image.
Lay out the paper to dry or hang on
a clothesline.
Solar-printed paper makes great
stationery and greeting cards.
WIND POWER: Clean, renewable, wind energy produces pollution-free electricity that powers millions
of American homes.
Make a miniature wind turbine
Pinwheels are like wind turbines. They turn when
the wind blows on the blades.
You Will Need:
Heavy Paper
Crayons, markers or paint
A thumbtack
A pencil with an eraser on one end
How to make a pinwheel:
Step 1: Cut a square out of paper and decorate it.
Step 2: Fold it in half like a triangle, open and fold
it the other way. Cut along the folds, stopping 2/3
of the way to the center.
Step 3: Bring every other tip just past the center.
Step 4: Push the thumbtack through the center
(and all layers), and into the side of the pencil eraser.
Step 5: Hold the pencil and blow straight into the pin-wheel so it goes
round! Pretend you’re the wind, blowing on a wind turbine. When the
blades go around, the turbine makes electricity.
LANGUAGE ARTS: Before the days of the internet, mega-malls and micro
technology, people used all kinds of “clean
machines” in everyday life. Discuss how people
used to live, and compare it to how things are
commonly done today. How did people communicate (writing a letter vs. sending an email)?
How did people get around (riding a horse
instead of jumping in the SUV)? How were
clothes dried (a clothesline as opposed to a
clothes dryer)? What methods are still practical in the modern world?
Max Power and the Bagpipes / Suse Moore
I Wonder Why There’s A Hole In The Sky; And Other Questions About
The Environment / Sean Callery
THEME: Care of the Earth is
everyone's responsibility.
Draw a large outline of a
soft drink can on a large sheet of
poster paper, and hang it on a
bulletin board. Tell the students
they are going to hold a recycling
drive for aluminum cans. With the
class, decide on a goal (e.g. 200
cans), Vertically along the outline
of the can, mark the numerals
from one to the goal figure in increments of 2, 5, or 10 (similar to how a
thermometer is marked). As students bring in cans, have students group
them by 2’s, 5’s or 10’s, and color in the large can to indicate how many cans
have been collected. When the entire can is filled in, the class has reached it’s
goal! the cans can be taken to your local recycling center. As a follow up,
have older students figure out how much money they would make if they
received 1 cent, 2 cents or 5 cents for each can collected.
LANGUAGE ARTS: Begin an environmental awareness program at your
school by connecting up with "Kids For Saving Earth", an environmental
o rganization founded by eleven year old Clinton Hill. By writing KSE, P.O.
Box 421118, Minneapolis, MN 55442, the class will receive information about
the project as well as how to start their own "Kids For Saving Earth" Club.
Visit their website at, or email them at
[email protected]
Di scuss the words " exti nct" and
"endangered". Have students do research to identify some animals that are
classified as endangered. Ask them also to make note of what caused the
reduced numbers of each animal they have identified, and what is being done
to save these animals. Each student can select one of the animals listed as
" e n d a n g e red" and create a drawing of the animal in its natural habitat (i.e.
food, water, space, shelter). To help raise awareness about this issue in the
school, display the drawings on a centrally located school bulletin board.
ACTIVITIES FOR "R-E-C-Y-C-L-E" (continued)
LANGUAGE ARTS: Write the following paragraph on the chalkboard as it
Becky and jerome cleaned their neighborhood, they picked up
pieces of litter and trash from the sides of the roads? Becky planted
small, little, tiny, trees in the yards Jerome collected aluminiun cans
and took them a recycling center.
Work with your class to "clean up" the paragraph. (Cross out duplicate and
unnecessary words, fill in the missing words and correct the punctuation and
capitalization.) then have each student write a "clean" copy of the paragraph,
using his or her best printing or handwriting.
And Still the Turtle Watched / Sheila MacGill Callahan * Dial Books
My First Green Book: A life size guide to caring for our environment/
Angela Wilkes * Knopf Books
Heron Street / Ann Turner * Knopf Books
A River Ran Wild / Lynn Cherry * Gulliver Books
How the Forest Grew / William Jaspersohn * Greenwillow Books
THEME: Protecting the environment helps us to build an appreciation for the
world we live in.
LANGUAGE ARTS: Organize an Earth Friends Club. As a group decide what
children need to do to join the club and when, where and how often the club
will meet. Some activities for the club include:
make and design membership cards
make posters about reducing litter
planting a tree
listening to speakers about ways to reduce litter and trash.
SCIENCE: Have the class adopt a tree in the school yard or nearby area.
Encourage the children to observe small details closely, by examining bark,
leaves, the ground beneath the tree and the like. Have them begin a log that
records changes in their tree over the span of a school year. This log would
include: sketches, measurements, notes and other information.
Save The Earth / Betty Miles * Knopf
Earth Day / Linda Lowery * Carolrhoda Books
The Great Kapok Tree / Lynn Cherry * Gulliver Books
How We Came To The Fifth World / Harriet Rhomer * Children's Book Press
Organizations and Publications with information for you and your students:
for information on Earth Day write:
Box AA
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 99305
for information on environmental conservation call or write:
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Communications and Public Affairs
401 M Street SW, PM 211 B
Washington, DC 20460
(202) 382-2080
for information on environmental organization with program for
children contact:
Sierra Club
730 Polk Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 776-2211
for a free catalog of the Arbor Day Foundation's free and
reduced classroom materials write to:
National Arbor Day Foundation
100 Arbor Avenue
Nebraska City, NE 68410
This Pretty Planet
by John Forster & Tom Chapin
© 1988 Limousine Music Co. & The Last Music Co. (ASCAP)
This pretty planet
Spinning through space,
You're a garden,
You're a harbor,
You're a holy place,
Golden sun going down,
Gentle blue giant
Spin us around.
All through the night,
Safe 'til the morning light.
THEME: Just because something is used or is old doesn't mean it is garbage.
Take another look. What one person calls junk another might call treasure !
LANGUAGE ARTS: Have the class discuss how unsightly it can be to have
trash and litter all over a playground or park. Then take the class on a "litter
walk" to collect the trash in the school yard and weigh the results. Have the
students write 5 sentences about littering and use some of the litter to create
an illustration about the problem. These can be made into posters and
displayed on a bulletin board in the school to increase awareness of the
POETRY: Acrostic poems are fun to write and work well when done as a
class. Begin by choosing the word that the poem will be written about.
B r a i n s t o rm words that begin with each letter. Begin to put some lines
together until the poem meets with the class's approval.
T rees cut down and not replanted
R ivers polluted with chemicals
A ir filled with smoke
S pills and pollution of the sea
H elp us keep our earth clean and healthy
FIELD TRIPS: There are many fun field trips that you can take that are
related to ecology. Some of these are a visit to:
a landfill
a zoo or a working farm
a company in your city or town which has implemented a recycling
program or special pollution controls
a forest, pond, or other type of environment where students can
observe ecosystems, communities or populations
a science museum with an ecology related exhibit
Your students might also enjoy having someone come to talk
to them who works with landfills, recycling pro g r a m s ,
pollution controls, animals or in a specific type of ecosystem.
Have the students prepare questions to ask the guest.
THEME: Each of us can contribute to saving the planet Earth.
ENVIRONMENT: The song tells us that we must protect our
water, land and air. How can we treat the world lovingly? Are
t h e re things each of us can do to contribute to a cleaner,
healthier environment? Plant a tree. Pick up cans to recycle.
Create an exchange program for things you no longer use, or
donate them to a thrift store. Walk instead of drive when it’s not
too far. Write to your congress person. Start a compost pile.
Purchase items with less or recyclable packaging. Make a list of
the best ideas, and keep track of what each student can do in one week.
MATH: How many steps would it take you to walk around the world?
Create a start line and a finish line which are 10 feet apart; mark with
masking tape. Have each child count the number of steps it takes
them to walk 10 feet. Figure out how many steps it would take to
walk a mile. Why would a grownup need less steps per mile? What is
the circumference of the earth (number of miles around)? Multiply by
the number of steps in each student’s mile. Assuming you could walk
across the water, how long would that journey take?
SOCIAL STUDIES: There is a man named Jean Beliveau
who is walking around the world to promote peace and
non-violence to benefit the children of the world. He left
Montreal, Canada on August 18th, 2000; the journey will
take him 12 years to complete. Read about his adventure
on He has packed his supplies in a
three wheeled stroller. What items would you bring with
you? Divide your list into necessities and luxuries. What
would you miss the most from home?
ACTION: The United Nations has a World Food Programme called Walk The
World to Fight Hunger. See how you can get involved at
The Lorax / Dr. Seuss
Judy Moody Saves The World / Megan McDonald
50 Simple Things Kids Can Do To Save The Earth / Earth Works Group
The Earth and I / Frank Asch
Earth Book for Kids: Activities to Help Heal the Environment / Linda Schwartz
Clean Machine
by John Forster & Tom Chapin
© 1994 Limousine Music Co. & The Last Music Co. (ASCAP)
Put a windmill on a cliff
Where the breeze is always stiff.
As the winds blow, ’round the sails go;
Clean machine. Clean machine.
A clean machine is a powerful dream
And a whole lot closer than it might seem.
It’s time we start learning
That a windmill turning from an air mass churning
Is a clean machine, it’s a clean machine.
Where a waterfall cascades,
Put a waterwheel with blades.
As the stream flows, ’round the wheel goes;
Clean machine. Clean machine.
A clean machine is a powerful dream
And a whole lot closer than it might seem.
When the water flowing
Gets a turbine going, gets a light bulb glowing.
It’s a clean machine, it’s a clean machine.
And instead of gasoline, put solar cells in your limousine.
Let the Big Bang drive your Mustang;
Clean machine. Clean machine.
A clean machine is a powerful dream
And awhole lot closer than it might seem.
Or how ’bout treating the sun that’s beating
As a source of heating?
It’s a clean machine, it’s a clean machine.
Harness in the motion of the waves in the ocean,
It’s a clean machine.
The power of the lava from volcanoes down in Java
Make a clean machine.
When an air mass churning sets a windmill turning,
It’s a clean machine.
And the sun that’s beating is a source of heating,
It’s a clean machine.
When the water flowing gets a turbine going,
That’s a clean machine.
Good Garbage
by Michael Mark & Tom Chapin
© 1994 HCD Music & The Last Music Co. (ASCAP)
by John Forster & Tom Chapin
© 1990 Limousine Music Co. & The Last Music Co.
A stegosaurus in the forest munching on some hay,
Lay down to snooze in a bed of ooze
And sadly passed away.
Her body changed and rearranged
As she sank beneath the soil,
And over time she turned to slime
And then she turned to oil.
I had a turkey dinner, threw the bones away.
They hauled them to the county dump without delay.
By the following Thanksgiving they had turned to clay.
They're bio-de, bio-de, bio-degradable garbage.
Good Garbage breaks down as it goes.
That's why it smells bad to your nose.
Bad garbage grows and grows and grows.
Garbage is s'posed to decompose.
So she disappears for a jillion years
'Til finally she is found
By a guy named Bill with an oil drill
Who sucks her from the ground.
Bill pipes that poor old dinosaur to an oil refinery,
Where they bubble and boil and change that oil
Into stuff for you and me.
R-E-C-Y-C-L-E. That's the way it's s'posed to be.
The Earth recycles and so do we. R-E-C-Y-C-L-E.
Now styrofoam is bad, it lasts a thousand years.
A packing peanut's born and never disappears.
So crumple up your comics
When you ship your chandeliers
'Cause comics are bio-de, bio-degradable garbage.
Good Garbage breaks down as it goes.
That's why it smells bad to your nose.
Bad garbage grows and grows and grows.
Garbage is s'posed to decompose.
From the late Jurassic it's fantassic how our dino-friend
Has now become petroleum and still that's not the end.
With dino-juice they now produce a million plastic jugs,
And stegosaurus drinking straws and stegosaurus mugs.
R-E-C-Y-C-L-E. That's the way it's s'posed to be.
The Earth recycles and so do we. R-E-C-Y-C-L-E.
Every time that we buy food we also buy the package.
Bottles, boxes, bags and cans,
They end up in the garbage.
Half of all our cash
We're spending on our trash.
For the sake of Mother Earth,
Let's get our money's worth!
Only buy bio-de, bio-degradable
Good Garbage breaks down as it goes.
That's why it smells bad to your nose.
Bad garbage grows and grows and grows.
Garbage is s'posed to decompose.
That's the way the system works,
Things don't disappear:
We turn sand into window glass,
And roots into root beer.
We cut and mine and we refine
And make these things and then
Use 'em not just once, not just twice,
But again and again and again and again and again.
And if a dinosaur could see us
Pouring orange juice this way
From a plastic jug we made of her,
Well this is what she'd say:
"It took me 80 million years to get to you today;
So don't throw that mug, don't throw that jug,
Don't you throw me away…"
R-E-C-Y-C-L-E. That's the way it's s'posed to be.
We're just a link in the chain of history. R-E-C-Y-C-L-E.
R-E-C-Y-C-L-E. That's the way it's s'posed to be.
Hey, I recycled this melody. R-E-C-Y-C-L-E.
Use it again. R-E-C-Y-C-L-E. And again. R-E-C-Y-C-L-E.
Walk The World Now, Children
by John Forster, Michael Mark & Tom Chapin
© 2005 Limousine Music Co., HCD Music & The Last Music Co. (ASCAP)
Walk the world now, children. Walk it now with me.
Walk the world now, children. Walk it now with me.
Walk the world now, children, treat it lovingly,
And the world will last forever and a day.
Drink the water, children. Drink it now with me.
Drink the water, children. Drink it now with me.
Drink the water, children, treat it lovingly,
And the world will last forever and a day.
And the
the air now, children. Breathe it now with me.
the air now, children. Breathe it now with me.
the air now, children, treat it lovingly,
world will last forever and a day.
Work the land now, children. Work it now with me.
Work the land now, children. Work it now with me.
Work the land now, children, treat it lovingly,
And the world will last forever and a day.
Walk the world now, children. Walk it now with me.
Walk the world now, children. Walk it now with me.
Walk the world now, children, treat it lovingly,
And the world will last forever and a day.
ORDER by PHONE or FAX (914) 674-0247 9 AM-6 PM Eastern time
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Puppy At The Pound • Only One Shoe • Bill Bailey, Get Yourself Back Home • How I Became
A Clown • My Face • Brown Gold • I’m The Only Me • Walk The World Now, Children • The
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The Signs Of Dawn • Good Garbage • This Pretty Planet II • The Year 3000 • Passengers •
The Wheel Of The Water • Clean Machine • Happy Earth Day • Someone’s Gonna Use It •
Song Of The Earth • This Pretty Planet
ITEM # 14D-CD-$15
Hearts On The Road • Big Love • The Turning Of
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And Loving You • I’ve Forgotten • Distant Drummer •
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It’s Gonna Be Dinner Soon • A Forest In The Rain • How’d You Like To Do That? • Gonna Go
To Borneo • Wheels • Heartache To Happy • Another Busy Day • By-ush Ki By-u • Song Of
The Earth
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ZAG ZIG (1994)
Vitamin Si • The Backwards Birthday Party • Mikey Won't • R-E-C-Y-C-L-E • Hi Hi, I Love Ya •
Zag Zig • Bruno's Christmas On The Mall • Loose Tooth • If Only • Best Of Companions •
Clean Machine • Johnny Glockenspiel • The Ragtime Dance • When The Busy Day Is Done
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Preacher Herman • I Got The Blues, Greens And Reds • Bedtime Round • City Lullaby
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A Song Of One • Two Kinds Of Seagulls • The Wheel Of The Water • The Picnic Of The
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To School • Stone Soup • A Capital Ship • All Through The Night • Thanksgiving Day
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Alphabet Soup • Princess Di’s Distress • Neat Mess • Grow In Your Own Sweet Way
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Parade Came Marching • Nick Of Time • Rounds • Shoveling • Long Way Home • Big Rock
Candy Mountain • Someone’s Gonna Use It • Family Tree • This Pretty Planet • Plenty Of
Room • Don’t Make Me • Uh Oh, Accident • Blanketville • Together Tomorrow
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FAMILY FAVORITES SONGBOOK (contains sheet music for piano, guitar and voice):
Alphabet Soup • The Backwards Birthday Party • Cousins • Family Tree • Good Garbage •
Great Big Words • Happy Birthday • Library Song • A Mozart Duet • R-E-C-Y-C-L-E •
This Pretty Planet • Together Tomorrow • Uh Oh, Accident • What Is A Didjeridoo?
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Nick Of Time • Uh Oh, Accident • Alphabet Soup • Family Tree • Cousins • This Pretty Planet
• Someone’s Gonna Use It • The Wheel Of The Water • Good Garbage • Sing A Whale Song
• Happy Earth Day • Shoveling • Together Tomorrow
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55 minutes
Children’s Stories narrated by Tom ChaPIN:
Mama Don’t Allow
Grammy Winner
ITEM # LO1-Softcover Book/Cassette-$17, ITEM # LO1E-Softcover Book/CD-$20
there was an Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly
Grammy Winner
ITEM # LO2-Hardcover Book/Cassette-$25, ITEM # LO2E-Hardcover Book/CD-$30
Grammy Winner
ITEM # LO3-Hardcover Book/Cassette-$25, ITEM # LO3E-Hardcover Book/CD-$30
The Fox Went Out On A Chilly Night ITEM # LO4E-Softcover Book/CD-$20
Common Ground • Not Tired Of Love • Love Me
Tonight • Story Of A Life • Bob Marley’s Orphan Son •
My Electronic Vacation* • The Singer Is The Song • 12
String Ramble • Uncle Wally’s Tale • Martha & Oprah*
• A Jangle In The Air • Roll On Your Way
ITEM # 15D-CD-$15
* As heard on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition
Recorded with John McCutcheon
Well May The World Go • Northfield • Pass The Music
On • Pastures Of Plenty • Our Mothers Built This City •
Doing My Job • Every Night • I Don’t Care • Hard Cider
• Dead Man Walking • Make It Right • River Gonna
Carry Me • Heaven Help • The Older I Get • Starlight •
Welcome The Traveler Home
ITEM # 12D-CD-$15
Lost Boy In The Wilderness • A Study’s About To
Begin • Chesapeake Bay • Seven Daffodils • Music
Made By Hand • Dueling Banjos • Cat’s In The
Cradle • Join The Jubilee • Let Us Get Together / I’ll
Fly Away • Columbine • Flowers Are Red • Wandering
Boy • Emily • Happy Ending • Jubilation • Circle
ITEM # 10D-CD-$15
The Singing Man • Always Gone • Lucky & Lucinda •
When You Let Your Baby Down • One & One Makes
One • The Battle Beast & Barbie • Coming & Going •
Ellis Island • So Nice To Come Home • Hunger &
Thirst • Memories Of Christmas • Pass The Music On
ITEM # 8D-CD-$15
Moments • Song For Bonnie • Crystal Green •
Small Business Blues • Just A Woman • Nothing But
Love • Remember When The Music • Summer Song •
Let Me Back Into Your Life • River Of Love
ITEM # 3D-CD-$15, # 3C-Cassette-$6
Rockin’ My Baby • Running Away • I Call You • Jeannie •
Circle • City Of Mercy • Willie • Saturday Morning •
Summerville • Make It Right
ITEM # 2D-CD-$15
Magic Man • Sorrow Takes A Bow • Ain’t It Simple • Hey
Momma • Remember • Just Another Story • You And
Me • Ladies Of The Line • Jenny Jenny • Number One
ITEM # 1D-CD-$15
Sunday Morning Sunshine • W•O•L•D • Remember
When The Music • Mail Order Annie • Mr. Tanner •
Let Me Down Easy • I Wonder What Would Happen •
Hurry Up Sky • Part Of It • The Key • 30,000 Pounds
Of Bananas • Taxi
ITEM # 19D-CD-$15
Silent Night • Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming • Angels
We Have Heard on High • Hark, the Herald Angels
Sing • O Holy Night • Deck the Halls • We Three Kings
• Brightest and Best • Saw You Never • There is Room
• Adeste Fidelis • Ding Dong Merrily on High
ITEM # 21D-CD-$15
Heard on NPR’s Morning Edition, this song is a favorite
among educators. This song is available for free download on Tom’s website:
ITEM # NT-CD Single-$5
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