Solenia Begonia Shade – Full Sun Fully double flowers and

6” Easy Wave Petunia
All colors, except red (didn’t grow this year due
to lack of demand)
6” – 6/tray
Shade – Full
Fully double
flowers and
6” – 6/tray
10” HB
blue quarts – 8/ tray (‘Ice Cream’)
1gal” – 6/ tray (‘Fresh Look’ Or, Red & Yel and new ‘Castle Pink’)
6” Sunpatiens
Picture taken end of season last year with spreading variety!
(Canna Cannova Rose in the center)
Continuous color, big display!
Landscape or containers!
6” – 6/ tray
Spreading and Compact varieties!
Back by popular demand every year…
The best “BEHAVED” Cleome on the market! Unlike other growers, ours is “welltrained” making it easier for you to display and more importantly for your customers to
pack in their vehicles! Cleome ‘Sparkler’ and ‘Clio’ varieties available. End of Sept. 2014
‘Clio’ pictured in landscape to the right!
2 gal. Cleome Sparkler
Emerging buds!
6” Cleome Clio also coming
on avail!
Always popular and always a quick sell….Kawasaki SCAEVOLA! Literally turns
into a super-strong bush in the landscape! See the picture to the left from my yard last
year! Wow!
Now avail.!
8” HB
10” HB
Hula and Aloha Calibrachoa HB
Very popular! Get them while they last!
Large, BOLD blooms!
Wildly colorful! I love them!
10” Hiemalis Begonia HB
8” Setcreasea HB
10” Alocasia Calodora
Blue Qt Begonia
Big Rose
6” Gerber Daisy
12” Boston Fern HB
10” Hiemalis Begonia HB
‘Sunset’ is an AWESOME
Blue Qt Begonia Baby
Wing Pink
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