Video Game Addiction Treatment Clinic Emil Hodzic, Psychologist

6th August 2014
Dear Parents/Guardians,
Video Game Addiction Treatment Clinic
Emil Hodzic, Psychologist
Monday 25th August
6.30pm – 8.00pm
School Gymnasium
In response to school and parental concern for the effect of ‘gaming’ on students’ educational
achievement, Caringbah High School will run a family information session at school.
The presenter for the evening is Emil Hodzic B.A. Psych, P.G. Dip, Reg. Psych, Dip Couns., Cert. CBT.
Emil specialises in gaming addiction and will draw on his experience at Sydney’s Gaming Addiction
Clinic to explain the characteristics of the ‘gamer’ and explore strategies for families who are
struggling with how to manage a young person who displays this addiction.
During the presentation Emil will use ‘M’ rated films by way of illustration of his points, please be
aware of this should your child accompany you to the presentation.
The cost of the evening is $15.00 per family and is payable to the office. Any questions can be
referred to the Head Teacher Welfare, Mrs Rosemary Miller.
Please complete the section below and return it with your payment of $15.00 to the office by 20th
August 2014.
We look forward to your support in the education of our students.
Yours sincerely,
Ms Rosemary Miller
Head Teacher Welfare
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