Contextual Description - American Legion Boys State of Kansas

 1 of 3 Contextual Description Departments Much like the real state of Kansas, the simulated Boys State of Kansas contains within it specialized governmental agencies called departments. Each department serves a specific purpose, and it is the role of Boys State delegates to serve in these departments and interact with them. What follows below is a brief description of each department. This is designed to provide you with a cursory understanding of the role each should play. These descriptions are not set in stone. They may be adapted to the beliefs of the current department members. Dept. of Agriculture This department of the Kansas government that administers state programs related to food production and rural life. The department's principal duty is to aid farmers, but it also serves consumers through its food­assistance and food­inspection programs. The work of the Dept. of Agriculture can be seen influencing school lunch programs via the federal mandates for nutritional requirements. Dept. of Commerce This organization's main purpose is to create jobs, promote economic growth, encourage sustainable development and improve standards of living for all Kansans. Dept. of Education KSDE is a dynamic, dedicated service agency that provides leadership, resources, support and accountability to the state’s K­12 education system. KSDE administers the state’s governance of education, standards and assessments, special education services, child nutrition and wellness, title programs and services, career and technical education, and financial aid. It is the goal of the agency to provide all Kansas children with equal access to a quality, high­level education that promotes student achievement and prepares all students for global success. The department is governed by the Kansas State Board of Education, but the day­to­day administration of the agency is the responsibility of the Commissioner of Education, who is appointed by the Board of Education. 2 of 3 Dept. of Energy This department is ​
concerned with policies regarding energy and safety in handling nuclear material. The department oversees the state’s nuclear power plants, wind energy initiatives, coal and oil production, energy conservation, energy­related research, and state­wide energy production. The Secretary of Energy administers this agency. Dept. of Health and Environment This department is dedicated to advancing the state’s environmental and public health goals. It works collaboratively with the state and local community partners to conduct education, community engagement, and enforcement to ensure healthy people, healthy pets, and a sustainable environment. The mission is to create a state with a world­class environment and healthy communities for all ages and incomes, and where the well­being of our pets also matters. This department also administers state parks and lakes. It also provides essential health services to the state. Dept. of Human Services This department ​
is responsible for providing public assistance programs to the population they serve. Various aspects include social security, social affairs, human resources and welfare. This department deals with social issues. Dept. of Justice The DOJ is an executive department of the Kansas government, responsible for the enforcement of the law and administration of justice in the state. It’s ​
mission is to protect the citizens of the State of Kansas from terrorism, crime and unlawful discrimination, to enforce federal laws and advance the interests of the United States government, to provide federal leadership and serve as a catalyst for improving law enforcement through training and public education, and to perform its duties with integrity, professionalism and respect for the citizens it serves. This includes overseeing the jail and penitentiary system within the state and capturing and prosecuting those citizens who break laws. Dept. of Labor KDOL serves Kansas workers and businesses by providing fair and efficient administration of state labor laws. It ​
is responsible for occupational safety, wage and hour standards, unemployment insurance benefits, reemployment services, and some economic statistics. 3 of 3 Dept. of Tourism and Culture This department is ​
responsible for the regulation of the Kansas tourism industry and the promotion of Kansas as a tourist destination. The department's marketing activities promote Kansas to vacationers in the United States as well as internationally. The department also operates Welcome Centers along the interstate highway system in Kansas. Each of the Welcome Centers is equipped with a toll­free telephone system, allowing travelers to make hotel, motel, and campground reservations anywhere in the state. The department also promotes, supports, develops and protects the arts, culture and heritage of Kansas. The heritage sites, museums and monuments of the state also reside under this agency. Dept. of Transportation KDOT is concerned with all things transportation. It is in ​
charge of maintaining public roadways in the state. ​
The department regulates the safety of various forms of transportation, as well as investigate serious transportation incidents. The department regulates natural gas and petroleum pipelines and the transportation of hazardous materials by rail, highway, air and water, and harmonizes those regulations with federal requirements. Dept. of Veteran Affairs The VA is an agency overseeing a military­benefits system for the state. ​
Its primary function is to support Veterans in their time after service by providing benefits and support. A current initiative in the Department is to prevent and end Veterans' homelessness. It also works with the Library of Congress to chronicle the stories of veterans before their stories are lost to the annals of history.