Completing an “Other Rater” Appraisal for an SSP Other Rater

Completing an
“Other Rater” Appraisal for an SSP
Other Rater
Business Objective
The purpose of your contribution as an “Other Rater” is to provide feedback to colleagues during the
year-end appraisal process and to inform an SSP’s evaluator of an additional perspective on the
employee’s performance.
As part of this process you will rate the SSP and enter comments for the Evaluator to take into account
as they do final ratings and enter final comments for the SSP.
For questions about the appraisal process, please contact your HR Partner or SSP Supervisor.
1. Enter GHR via your desktop icon (if
applicable) or go to
Click on the link labeled “Click here to access
Employee and Manager Space.” (If you
receive a pop-up box stating “Java Update
Needed,” please update Java before
Log in using your DPS log-in and password
If the above doesn’t work, click here for other PC
support instructions.
If you are accessing GHR on a Mac, Firefox is the
recommended browser. Click here for further
Macintosh support instructions.
If you are still unable to get into GHR following
the above instructions, please contact the DoTS
Hotline at 720-423-3888.
2. To begin your Other Rater appraisal, doubleclick on the “Employee” icon within GHR.
Other Rater
The Employee Space appears.
3. Click “My Reviews.”
4. On the “Other Rater” tab, you will find a list
of the individuals who have requested your
contribution to their year-end appraisal.
Double-click on the employee’s name to open
the appraisal and begin.
Note: If you click “Start Appraisal” versus doubleclicking on the appraisal, you go directly to the
appraisal and bypass the instructions and other
The employee’s Appraisal page appears.
5. Click on the “Start Appraisal” button to begin
entering information.
The first section of the Appraisal asks you to rate
the employee on each of the five Professional
Practice Expectations that are outlined in the
Framework for their role.
6. For each Expectation,
a. Please rate on a scale from Not
SSP Evaluator: Completing an Other Rater Appraisal
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Other Rater
Meeting, Approaching, Effective,
b. Begin your comments in each box
with a brief executive summary (250
characters) of your employee
appraisal against the entire
expectation. Then follow that with
additional comments and evidence
for the indicators within the
expectation that supports your
c. At the end of the page enter a brief
executive summary of overall
comments (250 characters), including
areas of strength, areas for growth,
and actionable next steps for
professional learning.
You will not be able to finalize the
appraisal until you have completed all the
required sections of the appraisal (it’ll
display 100%).
You can run the spell checker on any
comment boxes by right clicking in the
box and selecting “check spelling.”
7. If you want to exit the form and continue
later, you can click Save and Close at any
time. When you want to resume, click
Continue Appraisal.
Once you have selected a rating and entered the
required evidence in the comments box.
8. Click NEXT at the top of the form to continue.
9. Next is the Student Outcomes section. Please
summarize the employee’s ability to
effectively impact Student Outcomes. Use the
comments section (required) to summarize
evidence of impact as would be measured by
their SLOs. Try to limit your summary to 250
This is not a calculated part of the appraisal this
SSP Evaluator: Completing an Other Rater Appraisal
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Other Rater
10. Click NEXT at the top of the form to continue.
11. The final section is the Summary. Please
provide overall comments related to the
employee’s performance, including areas of
strengths, areas of growth, and next steps for
professional growth.
12. When done with your summary comments
click the Save and Close button to save the
13. You will now see that the appraisal is 100%
complete (if it does not say 100%, you have
not completed all the required fields. You
may select “Continue Appraisal” to go back
and complete the appraisal).
If you are satisfied with the feedback you
have provided, click the “Finalize” button.
Keep in mind, that once you finalize the
appraisal, your comments will be viewable to
the employee’s manager/evaluator and no
further changes can be made.
If you save your feedback without finalizing it,
it will be saved in the “Other Rater” tab in
“My Reviews.” Repeat steps 2 and 3 to return
to finalize the appraisal.
Congratulations! Your other rater appraisal
is now complete. Thank you for providing
valuable feedback!
SSP Evaluator: Completing an Other Rater Appraisal
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