EPMP Employee Checklist

EPMP Employee Checklist
Prepare for your year-end appraisal (click here for a quick e-learning)
Request “Other Raters” in GHR
Review your notes from your mid-year conversation, last appraisal, the feedback you were given
and any development plans established
Prepare a list of your accomplishments, document the achievement of your goals, review any notes
you’ve kept on your performance over the course of the year.
Make note of any training or development activities you completed
Review the LIFT framework and clarify your alignment level of leadership with your manager
Review the rating scale and refresh your understanding on the overall rating scale
Consider your career aspirations and investigate what knowledge and skills are needed to achieve
this goal.
Take Action (click here for the link to GHR)
Complete any “Other Rater” requests for your feedback in GHR
Complete your self-appraisal in GHR
Draft development plans to address any identified opportunities
For the performance appraisal meeting
Bring a copy of your self-appraisal and any important notes you want to share
Review and discuss your alignment to and your reflection on LIFT
Review and discuss your achievement of goals
Review and discuss overall performance
Bring an open mind and be prepared for receiving feedback to improve your performance
Throughout the year
Keep notes on goals, accomplishments, successes, and opportunities
Solicit ongoing feedback and coaching from your managers and others to improve your overall
Give feedback to others