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KCRW reaches LA’s Creative Class and
extends the station’s profile through
a multiplatform experience featuring
broadcast, digital, streaming, video, mobile
apps, social media and unique events.
Inspire the people
who inspire the world
Cover photo: Lord Huron on Morning Becomes Eclectic. Photo by Larry Hirshowitz
Matmos on Morning Becomes Eclectic. Photo by Larry Hirshowitz
Arguably the most
influential radio show in
Los Angeles is home of the world’s arts, entertainment,
business and design industries – visionaries including
writers, producers, directors, artists, authors, designers,
architects, bloggers and chefs whose work extends beyond
cultural and geographic divides.
The Guardian UK
About Morning Becomes Eclectic
KCRW reaches these thought and opinion leaders – the
Creative Class that forms the trends that become the
nation’s habits. Sought out by listeners in over 183
countries and 10,247 US cities, KCRW reaches over 500,000
Southern Californians each week and is supported by over
55,000 members from 37 countries around the world.
An influential
powerhouse of talent
Los Angeles Times
a hotbed of
cutting-edge creativity
The New York Times
A truly beloved
LA cultural institution
The Huffington Post
Nobody does the
future like KCRW
Business 2.0
LA’s KCRW sounds like
the future of radio
Monocle Magazine, London
UpClose: Author Jamaica Kincaid and Bookworm Host Michael Silverblatt. Photo by Caught in the Moment Photography
More than just
a radio station,
is expeditionary
Bringing the outside world to Southern California and
Southern California to the outside world, our nonprofit
status and broad base of listener support helps us sustain
a breed of journalism that feeds the soul of a democratic
society. An independent voice, KCRW supports artists and
thinkers, as well as public and private cultural institutions.
Feeding a multicultural community hungry for new music
and ideas, KCRW interacts through multiple media
platforms and events with a classic human touch.
KCRW is the jewel of Los Angeles
Tarina Tarantino, Jewelry Designer
I love this station more than
anything in the world
Tony Alva, Skateboarder
I listen exclusively to KCRW
Passion Personified
Neil LaBute, Writer, Director
I am glued to KCRW! In my car,
at home…I’m listening
Danny DeVito, Actor, Producer, Director
…I was really jetlagged and I
was craving familiarity, so I
listened to KCRW…on my laptop
Mick Jagger, Singer
I listen to KCRW for new music
David Lynch, Writer, Producer, Director
There are three things
I love about LA:
going down to Venice beach
and working on my Kung Fu,
stealing cars and
listening to KCRW
Will Ferrell, Actor
We’ve gotten film licenses
just from film directors
hearing my song on KCRW
during their drive home
Fink, Musician
one of the most interesting and
influential radio shows in the U.S.
The Wall Street Journal
About Morning Becomes Eclectic
KCRW has long had a certain
tastemaker status
The New York Times
International Tastemaker…KCRW
remains one of the country’s most
respected radio stations, serving as
the source of new music
The world’s most influential
tastemaker in music
Monocle Magazine, London
…a beacon of light to a lot of indie
musicians and for launching manY of
their professional careers…
known far and wide for the way
they use technology to get their
content out on a global scale
Morning Becomes Eclectic
has been instrumental
in kick-starting many
a musician’s career
The Irish Times
KCRW furthers your
marketing goals by
speaking to LA’s
Creative Class and
reaching listeners with
discretionary income
and the ability to
influence corporate
and social networks.
Reach a high
concentration of
The KCRW audience drives trends across corporate
and social networks with significant impact on:
Business 224%
more likely to be a business owner,
partner or corporate officer
The Arts 219%
more likely to contribute to
an arts/cultural organization
Community 142%
more likely to donate money/time
to an environmental cause
Economy 109%
more likely to earn an
individual income of $250k+
Education 212%
more likely to have
an advanced degree
Sources: (Business) The Media Audit, Los Angeles, A18+, Sep-Oct 2011 / Mar-Apr 2012.
(All other qualitative) Arbitron Inc., Scarborough, Los Angeles, A18+. Release 1 2012
Feb ’11-Jan ’12 / Mon-Sun, 6am-12m
Warren Olney, Host of To The Point and Which Way, L.A.?
Underwriting Generates
Marketing Results
By virtue of supporting
KCRW, the connection you
build with the audience
instills a ‘halo effect’ that
predisposes their desire
to do business with you.
Less Really Is More.
In KCRW’s clutter-free
environment of public
broadcasting, there is
virtually no tune-out.
Your message will stand
out and trigger action.
KCRW Masquerade - 2011. Photo by Gary Leonard
of listeners have taken direct action
as a result of hearing a sponsorship credit
have a more positive opinion about
a company that supports public radio
prefer to support companies
that support public radio
believe public radio sponsors are more
credible than commercial radio advertisers
Source: NPR Audience Insight and Research, Knowledge Networks, 2010.
Reach LA’s
Creative Class
THROUGH Multiple
Working with your marketing goals and budget, your KCRW representative
will work with you to create an effective campaign, utilizing various media
that engage your target. You can achieve broad reach in Los Angeles or
concentrate on various marketing cohorts like business decision makers,
entertainment industry leaders, busy moms and cultural enthusiasts. With
multiple touch points for your messaging, a multiplatform strategy leads to
deeper connections with your best potential customers.
reaches over half a million
listeners each week
2.3 million page views each month
From intimate settings to
audiences of 20,000+ listeners
at the Masquerade, KCRW
produced and supported events
serve as a launching pad for
music, movies, and messaging
Lucent Dossier’s Oracle at Masquerade. Photo by Gary Leonard
Sample Campaigns
LA Opera
Marketing Objective
As one of the world’s leading opera companies, LA Opera serves
the public by producing world-class opera that preserves,
promotes and advances the art form while embodying the
diversity, pioneering spirit and artistic sensibility unique to Los
Angeles. LA Opera’s promotional effort to share the beauty of
performance with a younger audience utilizes KCRW’s multiple
platforms including station talent as host of ”KCRW Opera Night”
and after-party at one of each of the season’s six operas.
Campaign Elements
KCRW Rotator Schedule
Digital Campaign including ROS Banners and Media Player On-air Talent Alicia Keys sits down at the KCRW “home
away from home studio” at Sundance
with Anne Litt and Jason Bentley to talk
about her work on “The Inevitable Defeat
of Mister and Pete.”
Photo by Mark Leibowitz
Mercedes-Benz Dealers
of Southern California
Marketing Objective
The Group, comprised of 21 Mercedes-Benz Dealers in Southern
California, has been committed to annual underwriting for many
years in support of the Brand.
The Mercedes-Benz Dealers of Southern California and KCRW
have recently engaged in a multi-year partnership in support of
KCRW’s Music Discovery Initiatives. In 2012, the Group expanded
its relationship with KCRW to reach its young, engaged,
tastemaker audience in ways that were important to the station
and its members. The Group supported KCRW’s music initiatives,
like the KCRW Music Mine iPad app, and extended their Brand’s
message to young, luxury car buyers. In 2013, the MercedesBenz Dealers of Southern California and KCRW co-created
KCRWmoves; a series of KCRW mobile community events using
the Mercedes-Benz GLK as its outreach vehicle.
Sundance Film Festival
Marketing Objective
Widely considered the premier platform for American and
international independent film, Sundance Film Festival is held
in and around Park City, Utah, each January and has introduced
audiences to some of the most original stories of the last three
decades. To highlight the intersection between independent film
and music and speak to a national audience of new-music lovers,
Sundance Film Festival identified KCRW as a leading voice in
independent music and partnered with the station to provide
talent and live music programming at their 2013 Festival.
Campaign Elements
KCRW Rotator Schedule
Live, on-location Broadcasts and Recorded Interviews
Live KCRW-procured Artist Performances
On-air Talent
Website Splash Page
Social Media
Campaign Elements
Exclusive launch partner of KCRW Music Mine iPad App
Sponsorship of Morning Becomes Eclectic
Wrapped Vehicle for KCRWmoves Community Events
KCRW Rotator Schedule
Digital Campaign including Banners and Splash Ads
E-blasts to KCRW members
Will Bates performs at Sundance KCRW Music Café presented by Acura. Photo by Mark Leibowitz
KCRW reaches LA’s Creative
Class and extends the
station’s profile through a
multiplatform experience
featuring broadcast,
digital, streaming, video,
mobile apps, social media
and unique events.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. on Morning Becomes Eclectic. Photo by Betsy Moyer
KCRW was among the first
public radio stations to:
Stream original
programming on the web
Podcast all of its
original programming
Have a smartphone app
and dedicated iPad app
Establish a presence on
Twitter and Facebook
The first public radio station outside of
Chicago to air This American Life
The first radio station to host a concert
series at the Hollywood Bowl
Kim Masters hosts The Business. Photo by Larry Hirshowitz
Notable Firsts and
Visionary Programming
The first public radio station to
do remote broadcasts from music
festivals like SXSW and CMJ
Aired U.S. debut performances
of Adele, Beck, Coldplay,
Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros,
Fela Kuti & King Sunny Adé,
Massive Attack
Adele. Photo by Larry Hirshowitz
Elvis Mitchell hosts The Treatment. Photo by Larry Hirshowitz
KCRW is a nonprofit, multiplatform, public media producer and presenter
that informs and enriches the lives of listeners in Southern California
and around the world.
As a community service of Santa Monica College, KCRW 89.9 FM
features an eclectic mix of music, news, information and cultural
programming. KCRW extends the station’s profile globally through
streaming, video, mobile apps, social media and photography.
Market Enginuity® manages sponsorship sales for KCRW with the mission of linking the
station and corporate supporters in a mutually beneficial partnership that enables each to
fulfill its mission.
1900 Pico Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405