love Plan your perfect photo letter.

a truly touching gift
Plan your perfect photo
A Photoloveletter is an incredibly touching gift to receive. This
guide will help you plan your words and photos to best effect.
Print it out, make notes on it and then have it handy when you return
to Remember, we are here to help, so feel free
to contact us for any queries or advice....
Happy creating...
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Key Facts about this Guide
Layout: Short Letter
a truly touching gift
Average Time: 1 hour
No of Images: 17
This guide shows each of the ten pages from an
No of words: 225
example Photo Love Letter, using our short letter
Guides are also available for our
medium (400 words) and long
(600 words) letters.
layout. The guide includes hints and tips on using the
site, spaces to write down your thoughts and some example text.
Lookout for these symbols throughout the guide;
Photo tips
Writing tips
Your ideas. For you to make notes of
things you might put on that page.
This guide uses our Simply Roses design, but you can use any
one of four designs with the short letter layout.. You can view these
designs on the website (see below) .
The design is applied to your love letter when you click Preview. Try
out the different ones, then choose one suited to the person receiving
the love letter. You can only apply the design before you start your
love letter so it is worth taking a little time to choose the right one.
Floral Chic
16 words
The approximate number of words you
have space for in that text box.
Page 1
The page number. The pages are not
numbered when printed but they help you
match pages in this guide with the ones on
the website.
Cute n
Simply Roses
Turn over to start planning your perfect gift.........
a truly touching gift
Page 1
You don’t have to be Shakespeare to write a great love letter, you just
need to know how you feel. Write simply, honestly and in your own
words. And don’t worry about how much or how little you have to say— you can
use our poems and quotes to fill any spaces.
7 words
Start with a simple heading and date of the occasion. Then use a greeting you
feel comfortable with — Dear, Dearest, Darling etc.
Say why you are writing for example
This photo is in
our wedding
category. You can
change any photo to
one of your own or
another one from our
’ I wanted to make this anniversary really I thought I’d write you a
love letter.’
You will find some opening lines in the ‘poem picker’ on the site. Find one you
like and insert it, edit it or write your own.
Alternatively start with a romantic quote, or line from a poem or song.
26 words
Note : The images and text shown here are reproduced in low resolution for
printing on desktop printers. Your actual PhotoLoveLetter is reproduced on high
quality paper in our commercial printing facility by skilled technicians. This gives
sharp, crisp images and text and excellent colour reproduction. See our customer reviews on the website for proof!
Recall how you
first met them,
what attracted you, say what
you like about them and
recall any memorable or
funny events which illustrate
your point.
a truly touching gift
This photo
comes from
our landscapes
Page 2
Page 3
ge 3
70 words
20 words
This popular quote
comes from our
‘Love Quotes’ category .
If you have
some lower
quality photos like
the ones taken on
your mobile, use
them in small
a truly touching gift
Page 4
Page 5
comes from the
’Love Quotes’
15 words
Use your best photos in the large boxes
or use our stunning library images. This
comes from our Flowers category.
You will find a wide range of poems and quotes on the site. If the
poem you want to use is too long you can insert extracts using copy
and paste (highlight text then CRTL+C, then CTRL+V to paste). Alternatively
put your wedding vows in here or lyrics from a favourite song.
Page 6
a truly touching gift
Page 7
Choose complimentary photos on
adjacent pages. Here the
use of a little colour
amongst mostly black and
white works well.
30 words
Look for quotes and poems to
complement your choice of photos.
Photos on this page come from the
‘colourful and kitsch’, ‘nature’ and ‘symbols
and messages’ categories (left to right).
a truly touching gift
Page 8
Page 9
40 words
End your letter
here. Either use
your own words, a quote
(try the inspirational category) which sums up your
thoughts. Or you can insert ‘I love you’ in up-to 12
different languages (in the
poem picker).
a truly touching gift
Page 10
Photo Uploading. The uploading feature on the website requires little instruction, but to get the most out of your photos follow these tips;
16 words
Try using a touching or
humorous p.s. here, for
example ’Did I say I love you?’ ’You’ve
got a great bum!’ or even
’Will you marry me?
For best quality we recommend photos are least 1240x1240 pixels. You can
check this by right click — properties —details.
If you have many very large photos and a slow internet connection you will find
uploading quicker if you resize them in a photo editing program (e.g. MS Picture
Manager) down to a size closer to 1240 pixels. We can advise how to do this if
you need help.
Photo files should either be jpg, tiff or png (right click—properties to check).
Photos should be the right way up before you upload. You can turn a photo
round in Windows using right click – rotate.
Put your photos in one folder before you start (your desktop is a handy place)
Now go to and start creating your gift...