The significance of the other vitamins Food supplement with vitamins and iodine.

Food supplement with vitamins and
Folate/folic acid - a valuable vitamin from
the moment of wishing to conceive
Folate/folic acid belongs to the group of B
vitamins and is important for cell division
and blood formation. Foods rich in folate
are spinach, lettuce, asparagus, tomatoes,
Pregnant women have increased
nutritional requirements as they need
to supply also their unborn baby during
this period. Women wishing to become
pregnant should, in particular, make
sure that their folate supply is
Folate contributes to placental growth
during pregnancy.
The significance of the other vitamins
and iodine
Vitamin B1, vitamin B2, biotin and
pantothenic acid contribute to
maintaining normal energy
Vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and niacin
serve to reduce tiredness and fatigue.
Iodine participates in normal
production of thyroid hormones
Vitamin E helps protect your cells
from oxidative stress.
Vitamin C supports normal functioning
of the immune system.
Recommended intake
Take 1 tablet per day with some cold
liquid at mealtime. Do not exceed the
recommended daily intake. Keep out of
the reach and sight of small children.
Store in a dry place not above 25°C.
per tablet
• Folic acid
• L-Methylfolate**
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Niacin (NE)
Pantothenic acid
Vitamin E (TE)
Vitamin C
800 µg
400 μg
416 μg
1.2 mg
1.6 mg
1.9 mg
3.5 μg
60 μg
15 mg
6 mg
13 mg
110 mg
150 µg
Special notes
Lactose- and gluten-free
Femibion is available also without
Pack sizes
30 tablets as 1-month supply.
60 tablets as 2-month supply.
* acc. to the EEC directive on nutritional labeling
** equivalent to 400 µg folic acid
More information at and the
nutrition magazine
Femibion 1
Pre-conception Pregnancy
Femibion 1 Pre-conception + Pregnancy
contains 800 μg of folate (400 µg of folic
acid combined with the corresponding
quantity of Metafolin). In addition,
Femibion 1 Pre-conception + Pregnancy
contains another nine valuable vitamins
and iodine.
% of the
daily allowance*
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Metafolin is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.
As of gestational week 13 to the end of the
nursing period, move on to Femibion 2
Pregnancy Nursing Period.
Femibion 2 Pregnancy
Nursing Period is a
combination of 400 μg of folate (200 µg of
folic acid combined with the corresponding
quantity of Metafolin) and further vitamins
and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).
The particular significance of DHA
In the second half of pregnancy, DHA, a
polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid, is
particularly important. Maternal intake of
DHA contributes to the normal development
of the eyes and the brain of the foetus and
breastfed infant. The beneficial effect is
obtained with a daily intake of 200 mg of
DHA in addition to the recommended daily
intake for omega-3 fatty acids for adults, i.e.
250 mg DHA.
The German Society of Nutrition (DGE),
therefore, recommends the daily intake of at
least 200 mg DHA during pregnancy and the
nursing period. Femibion 2 Pregnancy
Nursing Period contains 200 mg DHA
extracted from highly purified fish-oil
concentrate. The strictly controlled
manufacturing procedure employed
guarantees excellent, nearly odourless
quality. Being a natural product, slight colour
fluctuations of the fish oil are possible.