Unofficial Translation of Custom Waiver Notice for Relief Materials
Ministry of Finance, Government of Nepal
Approved ''Working Procedure for the Provision of Waivers on Customs Duties for
Search & Rescue and Relief Materials, 2072".
Approval made on 5 June 2015 by the Government of Nepal (Council of Ministers)
1. Name of the Working Procedure: The name of this working procedure will be ''Working
Procedure for the Provision of Waivers on Customs Duties for Search & Rescue and Relief
Materials, 2072". This procedure will be implemented following a decision by the
Government of Nepal (Council of Ministers).
2. Objectives: The purpose of this Working Procedure is to facilitate smooth and effective
customs clearance for Search & Rescue and Relief materials and to maintain transparency,
uniformity and streamlining during the provision of import waivers for materials brought
from abroad as per the provisions made by the amended Kyoto Protocol prepared by the
World Customs Organization and the May 31, 2007 Model Agreement made between the
United Nations and the Government of Nepal in order to support the survivors of the Nepal
Earthquake of 25th April 2015 and the subsequent landslides and floods.
3. Definition: According to the decision made by the Government of Nepal’s Central Natural
Disaster Relief Committee (CNDRC) on 1st May 2015, for the purpose of this working
procedure, Relief Materials refers to the materials mentioned in the government approved
list. This definition does not include any materials used for business purposes.
4. Customs Waivers: The management of Customs Waivers for Relief Materials brought in
from abroad is as follows:
1. On the basis of the agreement between the Government of Nepal and its agencies
with Donors for relief operations with pre-approval from the Ministry of Finance and
the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Finance will provide customs waivers for
Imported Relief Materials.
2. As per sub article 1, imported relief materials without an agreement with
government ministry agencies as well as relief materials that are not included in the
government approved list of relief items, must be recommended by the Committee
of Secretaries, which includes the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce and Supplies, the Ministry of Agricultural
Development, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Urban Development. This
committee is the main entity responsible for this purpose.
3. The Director of the Customs Department may provide a customs waiver as per the
categorization approval of materials made by the Committee of Secretaries
mentioned in Sub Article 2.
4. As per the recommendation from the Ministry of Home Affairs, machinery,
equipment, food items for personal use, clothes and other belongings brought by
Search & Rescue personnel or teams from other countries, and consumable items,
Unofficial Translation of Custom Waiver Notice for Relief Materials
must be recorded. The Director General of the Customs Department will provide the
waiver on customs duties for these items, which must then be returned back to the
country of origin from Nepal after completion of rescue activities.
5. The relief materials imported by the United Nations Organizations categorized as UN
Relief Organizations for distribution to the affected population can be given a
customs waiver by the Head of the Customs Office, following recommendation by
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as per the Model Agreement between the Nepal
Government and the United Nations.
6. If Relief materials that were included in the approved list disseminated by the
Government of Nepal on 17th May, 2015, have been dispatched abroad but were not
received by the Customs Office of Nepal by 3rd June 2015, such materials will receive
a customs waiver only if they arrive at the Customs Office of the Government of
Nepal prior to 22nd June 2015, as per the above mentioned process.
7. Customs waivers will be provided if the relief materials sent by a foreign government
or foreign organizations as per the approved list of the Government of Nepal issued
on 17th May 2015 arrive at the Central Warehouse of the Nepal Government prior to
22nd June 2015.
5. Record Management: The Custom Offices, Department of Customs and the Central Natural
Disaster Relief Committee (CNDRC) should update the description of the quantity, value,
waiver amount and recorded equipment of imported materials as per the management
made in sub section 1 to 7.
The Department of Customs should provide the recorded description of materials to
Ministry of Finance and the National Emergency Operation Center (NEOC) every fortnight.
The NEOC should verify and update the relief materials that are provided waivers on
customs duties and the distributed relief materials every fortnight.
6. Other Management:
 The Ministry of Finance will clarify if any doubt arises in the working procedure of
customs waivers and the record keeping of relief materials.
 The Ministry of Home Affairs will clarify if any doubt arises in machinery, equipment,
tools and relief materials for Search & Rescue and Relief Operations.
 This decision has been made to provide customs waivers to all the relief materials
imported to provide for the relief operation following the earthquake of 25th April
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