Who We Are

Who We Are
Veolia Environnement is the only company in the world that offers the full range of services essential to the environment. Our employees are
dedicated to providing responsible waste management, quality water and wastewater services, efficient energy and facilities management, and
comprehensive public transportation systems. Veolia Environnement offers solutions to the concerns and needs of citizens, governments, local
communities and industries.
• $33.6 billion in revenues worldwide
• 26,567 employees in North America
Composed of four complementary business units,Veolia Environnement delivers fully integrated environmental solutions to virtually all industrial,
commercial, municipal and residential sectors in North America.These four units provide services such as hazardous and solid waste management
and disposal, recycling, industrial maintenance and cleaning services and waste-to-energy.
The leading water company in North America and the world, Veolia Water designs, builds, equips and operates water and wastewater facilities
and systems for municipalities and industry.
Our focus areas include:
• Water treatment facilities and distribution systems.
• Wastewater treatment facilities and collection systems.
• Biosolids and composting facilities and programs.
• Customer service and call centers.
Veolia Environmental Services’ North American market positions include:
• 1st in Total Waste Management.
• 1st in Industrial Cleaning.
• 2nd in Hazardous Waste.
Connex and ATC have come together as Veolia Transportation, North America’s largest private operator of passenger transportation services. We
work with public authorities to provide fixed-route bus services, paratransit services, rail, taxi and more across North America.
Dalkia is a global leader in energy and facilities services, serving customers from all sectors across 38 countries. Dalkia frees customers from tasks
that are not directly related to their core business but are vital for their efficient performance, such as:
• Utility management — operating and maintaining utility plants and systems, including boilers and chillers, refrigeration and cogeneration
plants, compressors and control systems.
• Building services — delivering optimized heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting to maintain a comfortable environment.
• Facilities management — providing technical and services to support the day-to-day running of customer facilities.
Dalkia guarantees the technical and financial results of the services it provides through tailor-made solutions that enhance the competitive
position of customers.
Veolia Water North America
14950 Heathrow Forest Parkway
Suite 200
Houston, Texas 77032
City Leominster, Mass.
Water Treatment Facilities
Veolia Water — a Proud and
Trusted Water Partner
The companies that are now part of Veolia Water North America have proudly served the
city of Leominster since 1983 when the city entered into a public-private partnership with
us to provide startup and operation, maintenance and management (O&M) services for
your newly constructed wastewater treatment plant.
In 1996, the city selected Veolia Water to provide additional services, including O&M of
the city's water treatment plants, including more than $5 million in engineering and
construction services to the city's Notown Water Treatment Plant and the Distributing
Reservoir Disinfection Facility.
Water Supply Assets We Manage
for You
Scope of Services
> Operate, Maintain and Manage (O&M)
> 4.0-MGD surface water treatment
> 1.2-MGDsurface water treatment
> 1.0-MGD disinfection facility
> Southeast well field disinfection
Since Veolia Water assumed full responsibility for the environmental compliance of your
facilities, our goal has been 100 percent continuous compliance to ensure safe and
reliable water to the citizens of Leominster.
Our successful partnership over the years has allowed the city to provide superior water at
affordable rates. To accomplish this, we assisted in implementing capital and process control
The safety of our employees is paramount. As a result of our commitment to creating a
health and safety conscious culture, we have not had a lost-time accident in over 23
years of operations.
We feel it is good corporate policy to contribute to the communities we serve, after all,
these are the communities where we work and live. Our staff takes time and pride in
supporting and contributing to events and agencies each year.
make modifications to improve on performance and operating costs.
For company-wide resources, we can tap into our company’s extensive and expert
departments all across the country. This includes Operations & Maintenance; Technical
Services; Environmental, Health, Safety & Security; Laboratory Quality Control; Human
Resources and others. Experts in these disciplines help challenge skill sets and solve issues.
In addition, our QA/QC program has been developed and maintained with the
participation of the highest levels of our corporate structure. As a result, our firm has
received numerous awards for operating excellence and safety from federal, state and local
governments. As part of each project, we issue a Quality Assurance Manual. This manual
reviews the overall company goals, objectives and procedures for maintaining
environmental compliance and company quality standards.
Our QA/QC programs are used for sampling, analytical procedures, record keeping and
reporting. Our QA/QC program is designed to control quality, as well as validate the
accuracy of the operational, maintenance and laboratory procedures and data, while
encouraging an environment for continuous improvement. This QA/QC program is
reviewed annually by our management team to ensure its conformance with the
established regulatory compliance and performance standards.
Our overall QA/QC program is an integration of 12 unit operations function consisting of
unique in-house programs/initiatives and three industry-standard tracking software
packages. The key elements of the program include the following:
• Caribou Compliance (tracking software)
• Peer Audit Program (formal comprehensive O&M audit)
• OPS 32 (process control software)
• Process Control Management Plan (process oversight system)
• Job Plus (computerized maintenance management software)
• Laboratory QA/AC (laboratory management program)
• Outside Laboratory QA/QC Program
• Safety Program
• Triple I Program (incident, injury, and injury-free reporting/tracking program)
• Environmental Compliance Action Plan (site-specific plan)
• Customer Satisfaction (site-specific plan)
• Environmental Compliance and Reporting
Veolia Water North America is the nation’s leading water services company, serving
approximately 600 communities, ranging from large cities (such as Atlanta, Indianapolis
and the Tampa Bay area) to smaller communities (such as Ashburnham, Mass., and
Burlingame, Calif.) The company is also expert at managing water and wastewater
systems for America’s leading manufacturing companies.
With more than 3,000 employees across the country, the city of Leominster has access
to Veolia Water's experts for every water issue.
How to Reach Us
Philippe Laval
Sr. Vice President/COO
Philip Ashcroft
President, Veolia Water North
America - Northeast, LLC
Jim Galipeau
Area Manager
City of Leominster
Mr. Dean Mazzarella
Mayor, City of Leominster
Mr. Patrick LaPointe
Director, Department of Public Works
Bob Chalifoux
Mr. Roger Brooks
Business Manager, Water and Sewer
Project Manager
Leominster, MA
Mr. Christopher Knuth
Director, Department of Health
Mr. Thomas Hazzard
Chairman, Water and Sewer
Water rate comparisons with other area communities, from Leominster to Templeton,
demonstrate the city’s adept management and practices. We know that our partnership
greatly contributes to this community.
In January 2007, the Veolia Water-Leominster staff celebrated 23 years without a lost-time
accident. We have accomplished this by staying committed to the health and safety of
our employees. We hold monthly safety meetings, optimize operations and maintenance
practices and conduct peer audits by our own Environmental, Health, Safety & Security
teams to make sure our employees work in a safe environment.
Our training programs for our employees ensure that safety and security in the work
environment are unsurpassed and time-tested. As a result, employees know how their
individual job actions affect utility operations and impact the environment.
Veolia Water has a vested interest in Leominster because it is home to members of the
Veolia Water team. Over the past 23 years, we have worked to strengthen our community
through the sponsorship of meaningful events, programs and associations, including
support for the Johny Appleseed Parade and Festival, Leominster Babe Ruth and the
Nashua Rivershed Association. We provide facility tours for any interested local residents
or groups.
Throughout New England and the Northeast, Veolia Water has more than 40 active O&M
contracts supported by more than 450 people to provide water and wastewater
treatment and related services to communities and industries large and small.More
specifically, the Northeast’s technical services group provides operational, engineering
and technical support services for our projects. Our technical group has more than thirty
years of experience in troubleshooting plant process control problems, managing
maintenance programs, industrial pretreatment programs, sludge management
programs,water supply systems and wastewater collection systems.
Also, the Northeast’s Capital Program Management (CPM) group provides engineering
upgrades, improvements and other capital project work at Veolia Water-operated and
managed facilities. The CPM group is composed of senior-level engineering design and
construction professionals who are able to effectively manage and implement design and
construction projects,drawing on a combination of in-house resources and expertise and
local firms (pre-qualified subcontractors) that provide design, construction and related
expertise. Our project teams draw on the internal engineering and construction
management expertise of our CPM group and then manage the work of the
subcontractors to deliver on the design and construction of capital improvements
projects as well as new construction. Using creative process design, our engineers and
engineering partners can design new facilities complete with the latest technologies or
We are proud to have served as your water services partner over the
past decade, delivering high quality drinking water to the Leominster
community. Your environmental risks are managed and mitigated by
our guarantees of service.
We accomplish this through the development and implementation
of our Process Control Management Plan (PCMP). The operation of your
water plant involves a tremendous amount of information. Our OPS
32™ computer software is used to organize this data, which is then
disseminated.PCMPs help operators and management track
compliance. The intent of the PCMP is to provide a tool the
management and operations staff can use to monitor the performance
of the plants by efficiently reviewing key control parameters that are
specifically chosen to indicate trends that will mitigate the risk of noncompliance and/or inefficient operations.
These PCMPs ensure that the water treatment plant is operated in
the intended “as designed” mode and in accordance with system
specifications and treatment performance criteria. The PCMP also
serves as an early alert mechanism for a potential pending operating
condition or process problem,so that proactive steps can be taken to
avoid noncompliance or inadequate treatment.
The safety and security of the water treatment facilities has been
demonstrated by our compliance with thousands of annual laboratory
tests of the drinking water produced. Since 1996, we have treated over
12.8 billion gallons of drinking water for the city.
In 2005 and 2006, the water filtration plants produced almost 2.2
billion gallons of water and averaged 0.10 nephelometric turbidity
units (NTU) for turbidity. The Notown and Fallbrook treatment plants
and Distributing Reservoir maintained zero positive samples for total
coliform counts. Turbidity is a measure of the cloudiness of water and
is a good indicator of the effectiveness of the filtration system. Total
coliform is the primary method of judging a water treatment plant’s
performance regarding microbiological contamination. The presence of
coliform bacteria indicates the possible presence of fecal and diseasecausing bacteria. The Leominster facilities boast the outstanding
record of having no positive samples since we assumed operations.
Since the events of September 11th, we have implemented and
assisted the city with new security policies and equipment to ensure city water is safe. We
conducted a Security Vulnerability Assessment. Based on the results of that effort, we
developed security measures that include a review of secured fencing and gates, door
alarms, and accountability, protocol and monitoring of all visitors and contractors. Our
emergency response plans include protection of staff, notification to local emergency
response agencies, accountability of all persons, employee responsibilities and the
coordination of all emergency activities.
The charge we keep is to manage assets at the most cost-effective level, as if they
were our assets. To accomplish this, we have assisted the city in implementing
capital and process control improvements.
The Notown Water Treatment Plant was originally built by the Works Progress
Administration in 1936-38 and was completely rehabilitated by Veolia Water at a
cost of $5 million in 1999. This DBO project saved the city $3.5 million — nearly 45
percent — compared with original engineering estimates.
Additional improvements in operations have included chemical addition to
retard corrosion in the water lines, which resulted in a reduction of sampling
requirements for lead and copper.
Of special note is the city’s commitment to the preservation of its assets. Over
the last eight years, the city has spent $4.5 million on the reconstruction of the
Good Fellows and Simmons Pond dams (2006) and $590,000 cleaning and
painting the water system’s three steel storage tanks (1998-2000). This is clear
indication of the importance the city’s places on water matters.
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The Water Treatment Plant in
Today’s World
This is quick “walk-through” of Leominster’s water treatment plants outlines some of the technological
processes involved and the expertise required to operate and manage such facilities. As a result,
operators and technicians are required to be certified in their disciplines.
Water Supply. Reservoir water must undergo a
treatment process at the Leominster facilities before it
is ready for consumption. Water from the Notown,
Fallbrook and Distributing reservoirs is pumped or fed
by gravity to the treatment plants for filtration and
Storage & Disinfection. Finished water is sent to the
city’s water storage tanks, like the Sunrise Ave. tank.
Final Treatment. After passing through the
filters, water is disinfected with sodium
hypochlorite and flows to clearwells for
disinfection contact time and storage. After
proper time for disinfection, sodium carbonate
is added to raise the pH and help prevent
corrosion to the piping system.
Distributing Reservoir pilot studies are
scheduled for summer and winter 2007.
This testing will ensure that the best
technology is engineered and built at the
site to provide safe drinking water for
decades to come.
Mixing. Before filtration, sodium carbonate
(soda ash) is added for pH adjustment.
Aluminum sulfate and cationic polymer are
then added and mixed into the flow as it
proceeds through to the filters.
Filtering. Following flocculation and clarification, the
conditioned water runs over a trough into the second
stage of the plant — the mixed-media filter — which
consists of anthracite coal, granular activated carbon,
silica sand and garnet.
Leominster’s water is continually monitored for compliance
and federal drinking water standards. Water quality testing
is conducted daily at the plants and weekly at 15 sites
throughout the city’s distribution system. Testing is done
internally and by an independent, state-certified laboratory.