Post Surgical Home Care of Salivary Mucocele

Mobile Veterinary Surgeon
Dr. Paul Newman
Post Surgical Home Care of
Salivary Mucocele
Home patient care after surgery is critical to the success of the procedure. Allowing
your pet too much activity may alter the anticipated outcome of the surgery. In most
cases, salivary gland removal will resolve the swelling in your pet’s neck or throat
but on rare occasions, glands other than these two can cause a mucocele and further
surgery may be needed. Rarely, a biopsy may reveal a malignant (cancer) growth of
the salivary gland but removal is usually curative. The following instructions will be
your general guide to home care.
General Exercise and Activity Restrictions:
The patient should be confined for a minimum of two / four/ six weeks following the
1. Keep your pet indoors confined to a small area or room with no running,
jumping, or playing.
2. The patient is left in a traveling kennel or spare bathroom or laundry
room while unattended.
3. Never let your pet outside off leash until your veterinarian says it is safe.
4. Do not allow your pet run, jump or play as this can cause injury to the
surgery site before it is fully healed.
Note: Most dogs do very well with the confinement restriction short term. However
if your pet is difficult to control or has an exceeding amount of energy, the use of
small amounts of a tranquilizer may be necessary to help during this confinement
period. If you cannot control your pet or you cannot take care of your pet post
operatively it may be better to board your pet with your veterinarian for the first few
days or weeks after surgery.
Resuming Activity
Resuming full activity and exercise will be determined in most cases by your
veterinarian after suture removal or recheck.
As with any surgical procedure, complications can occur. The most common
complication of a mucocele is a swelling called a seroma which is just clear fluid
filling up the space where the gland used to be. These usually resolve over time
with no treatment but sometimes a rubber drain needs to be placed. Infection is
uncommon but can occur. Very rarely, a gland other than the ones removed can be
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Mobile Veterinary Surgeon
Dr. Paul Newman
the cause of the mucocele and additional surgery is needed. Failure to follow these
instructions carefully can lead to sutures coming loose or other complications which
can lead to costly second surgeries. If your pet stops eating, has any vomiting or
diarrhea, acts like they are in pain, or has any other signs that concern you, please
call and talk to your veterinarian immediately or call me if they are unavailable.
Your pet had the following procedure(s) done:
Removed mandibular and sublingual salivary glands.
Removed parotid salivary gland. Biopsy recommended: yes / no / hold
Biopsy recommended: yes / no / hold
Penrose drain placed in cervical mucocele
Marsupialized sublingual ranula
Drained pharyngeal mucocele of saliva
Follow Up Instructions:
Please place some frozen peas or corn over the incision for five minutes three times
daily for three days then a moist hot pack (wet dish towel in microwave for 30
seconds or so until warm but not too hot to the touch) on incision for five to ten
minutes three times daily for another three days.
No collars around neck that can irritate incision. Use a harness or put leash around
front legs and chest until sutures are removed or incision is healed (10 days)
Any swelling or redness near the incision should be checked immediately.
Recheck in ten days: Sutures / Staple removal / Dissolving sutures
Recheck every 2 weeks after suture removal to evaluate progress
Recheck in 4-5 days to remove penrose drain
Call in one week for biopsy results
Tegaderm clear bandage can be left on until it falls off or at suture removal
Start Keflex Clindamycin Baytril Ciprofloxin tonight and give for _____ days
Start Rimadyl Metacam
and give for _____ days
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pain medication tonight
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Mobile Veterinary Surgeon
Dr. Paul Newman
Start Tramadol pain medication tonight and give for _____ days
Soft food for 2 weeks (soak dry food in hot water for 10 minutes or use canned food)
to allow incision under tongue to heal
Leave Elizabethan collar on until recheck
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