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Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal works by
targeting the pigment in the hair
follicle and destroying the root. This
treatment is highly effective but can
only be used on hair with some level
of pigment. Lasers will work on hair
within the black and brown spectrum
of color. Unfortunately, white, blond,
and strawberry hair colors contain
too little melanin (color) to be
effectively treated. Electrolysis is the
only option for these hair colors.
Hummingbird Medi Spa uses IPL and
Diode Laser hair removal technology
because of the effectiveness, comfort
level, speed and accuracy. Groups of
hair follicles are treated in rapidly
successive pulses.
Our IPL machines penetrate the skin
at a more superficial wave length
therefore are only used for lighter
skin types. Where as the diode laser
penetrates much deeper 810 vs 650
with the IPL, therefore the diode is
able to do most skin types.
Diode machine is available at:
Bank Street and Barrhaven
IPL available at ALL locations
including the Spa Store in Placeʼd
Orleans Mall.
Our yag laser machine for tattoo
removal can also be used for those
clients with darker skin. This is
currently only available at The
Orleans Spa.
Check out the monthly specials to see
what great laser deal are currently available.
If the area you are interested in is not listed
do not worry whenever your purchase a
package of 6 or more laser sessions you will
always get a deal!
Packages must be pre-paid in a series of 6 or more to receive
discounted treatment price.
Book your FREE
consultation today at
any of our 7 ottawa
Make sure to drink tons of water
to help your body flush those
unwanted toxins. We also
suggest using Golden Moore
Mud baths in Chocolate or
lavender on a weekly basis to
detoxify the body!
To see our full size add as seen in our Metamorphosis Magazine please visit:
The Accent is a radio frequency device, uses both
breakdown of the fatty cells (in the case of fat
unipolar and bipolar radio frequency. It works by
burning) or the collagen cells (in the case of skin
heating deep skin and the fatty tissue (up to 6 mm
tightening) so that the body eliminates old
in the bipolar, and 4 cm in the unipolar modes)
sluggish cells and replaces them with new healthy
resulting in the breakdown of fatty pockets/cellulite
and also tightening of the skin. Most individuals
There is no down town with this treatment
require a series of treatments to achieve optimal
although you may feel the need to visit the
results... To find out how many you may need or
washroom more frequently as well you should be
to see if you are a good candidate call to Book
drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated and help
your FREE consult today.
the detoxing period. We also suggest using
Our target is to heat up the clients skin in
golden moor mud in the bath to deeper detox
order to maintain a temperature of 40-45degrees.
your body at home between treatments.
Therefore resulting in thermal damage and the
RF Facial Tightening
Accent Radio frequency skin
tightening is a non-surgical
approach to tightening skin as
well as some of the deeper skin
structures. Accent Radio
frequency uses energy to create a
field of deep dermal heating. The
heat is of a therapeutic nature,
which causes both immediate and
delayed collagen improvements.
The immediate improvements are
a result of existing collagen
contraction. The delayed
improvements are due to the
induction of new collagen
This process is considered a nondowntime procedure. There is
generally no injury to the skin's
surface. It is normal to see some
redness and mild swelling for a
day or two after this procedure.
This treatment is usually takes
one to two times normally 4
weeks apart.
Please call to schedule a FREE
consultation. Remember to be specific
about what your expectations are. Not
everyone is a good candidate for this
Check out this months specials for
deals on RF face and Body!
Although this procedure is
considered safe, any active
treatment has some potential
side effects. Besides the
normal after effects described
above, true side effects would
be longer lasting redness or
puffiness, and occasional sun
burn-like blistering. It is
extremely rare to have
dimpling of the skin, but when
this technology was first
developed, there were a few
reported cases. This dimpling,
although rare, was
permanent. The techniques
used and the machines used
have evolved over time, and
this dimpling is now a rare
Please contact us
immediately if you feel you
are experiencing any of the
described side affects.
Electrolysis hair removal is the only
ingredient called lye which in turns eats
method approved by the FDA for
away at the root of the hair.
permanent hair removal. It does
require multiple sessions to achieve best
Even though electrolysis is most effective
possible results, but permanent hair
it can only be used on small areas due to
removal isn't 100% guaranteed for
the fact that the technician treats one
everyone. Clients must come when the
hair at a time. This treatment is however
hair is in the growth stage for treatment
does not target pigment therefore can be
to be effective.
used on ALL skin and hair colors.
How Does it Work?
Multiple treatments are needed! Clients
An electric current is applied with a very
have to commit to electrolysis.
fine filament electrode smaller than that
Treatments can be anywhere from 15-30
of the hair shaft, into each hair follicle to
sessions, which is spread over a period of
destroy the root. There are two
time. Be patient and you will see results.
techniques used most often. The first is
Remember that because of other hair
thermolysis which uses heat
removal techniques the hairs may not all
decomposition to destroy the root. The
be on the same cycle, it may take coming
second is called The Blend which is used
more frequently at the start to get hairs
on more stubborn resistant hairs. This
in all cycles.
method uses heat as well as a chemical
decomposition which takes the salt and
Although it is permanent that doesn’t
water in the root to create an active
mean new hairs wont appear in different
follicles later in life.
Electrolysis is 1.09$ per minute
with a standard fee of 2.83$ for
the filament which comes presterilized and is discarded after
each client.
There is a minimum charge of
15.51$ for treatments under 10
Available at the following locations: Bank, Barrhaven, Orleans, Elgin
Pixel Resurfacing
“Pixel works by creating an
ablative and thermal effect
on the treated area ( a
micro injury ) without
disrupting the surrounding
skin. It is in these microinjured areas that the
healing process occurs
creating new collagen,
tightening skin and
improving texture.”
Pixel skin resurfacing is a safe
and effective procedure for all
skin types. The indication for
this treatment include sun
damage, acne scarring,
uneven skin pigmentation and
fine lines and wrinkles. In
short, Pixel creates tiny
perforations (micro injuries) to
the skin stimulating a perfect
healing process, providing you
with a renewed, youthful and
even complexion.
- Dr. Daniel Lazari
The client can expect to feel
“sun-burned” feeling on the
area treated and may use
maxilene to numb the area.
Although these symptoms are
normal and indicate an
effective treatment they should
subside quickly.
The appointment process
takes approximately 30
minutes. The number of
treatments will vary based on
the individual need.
Due to the fact that the laser
is taking off the first layers of
the epidermis there is down
time of a few days to a week
after the treatment. The
clients skin will appear to
have a grid pattern on the
service as well as stay a
reddish brown color.
The use of Intensive moisture
as well as gentle cleansing
gel by PrFx is highly
recommended to see optimal
results. Schedule your FREE
consult today to begin your
road to re-texturing your skin.
Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive
"mechanical" exfoliation treatment that
removes the outermost layer of dead skin
cells on the face, chest, or neck. This is
done using a diamond tip or corundum
crystals along with vacuum suction to
sweep away the dead skin and helps with
When the skinʼs surface is disrupted, cell
division occurs which stimulates fibroblast
activity leading to collagen production. This
in turn leads to thicker, firmer younger
looking skin. The suctioning and
vacuuming stimulates blood flow bringing
up oxygen and nutrients to the skin's
surface, helping to nourish the dermis. Our
skin sloughs off at a slower rate with age,
so the exfoliation of several layers of the
stratum corneum leaves skin fresh and
Treatments are recommended every 3-4
weeks in a series of 6 for correction and
every 6-8 weeks for maintenance or
Chemical Peel
A mild chemical peel is a non-invasive
treatment for restoring wrinkled, blemished,
unevenly pigmented, or sun-damaged facial
skin. Chemical peels can be used on any area
of the body, with the most common areas being
the face, back and chest. A chemical solution is
used to gently loosen the skin's damaged outer
layers so that they may exfoliate naturally.
Fresh, new skin is revealed underneath and
collagen is stimulated during the healing
process to produce a smoother, tighter,
younger-looking skin surface. A peel does not
eliminate sagging or excess skin.
Chemical peels are most commonly performed
for cosmetic reasons -- to enhance your
appearance and your self confidence. The
procedure takes approximately 40 minutes, mild
redness and tingling will develop, lasting up to a
few hours. Light peeling will begin within two to
five days, and it is very important not to pick at
any loose skin but to allow it to gently come off
on its own. It is very important to protect this new
skin with daily sunscreen application. Peels are
generally administered every two to three weeks,
in a series of six treatments.
Photo rejuvenation with the Harmony AFT is a treatment utilizing intense pulsed fluoresced light to
effectively treat rosacea, facial flushing, red chests and necks, sun damage and irregular skin
pigmentation in all skin types.
Photo damaged skin with hyper pigmentation (brown spots), skin laxity,
enlarged pores, wrinkling, and telangectasia (veins) can be improved.
The short wave length light is used to rejuvenate skin of the face, neck,
chest, arms or hands. These treatments receive a high degree of patient
satisfaction because there is generally no downtime, discomfort is
minimal, and treatments are easy.
The average client needs 6 to 8 treatments depending on the severity of
the case. Treatments are done on average every 4 weeks.
“Photofacials take care
of any pigmentation
problems and have the
added advantage of
collagen induction,
which helps remove
unwanted fine lines. It is
a low risk, high return
procedure that has our
cliens coming back for
-Dr. Adriaan Viljoen
Blue Light Treatment
Blue light treatment is a superficial laser used to help reduce mild to moderate acne, a
condition affecting millions of teens as well as adults. On average blue light can clear
70-90% of moderate inflammatory acne in as little as 6 months when used in
combination with an appropriate at home regime.
Unfortunately there are many causes of acne. Some such as hormonal imbalances
which are beyond our control and although the laser will help to eliminate bacteria
causing the acne it is not a permanent solution. Regular maintenance appointments
are recommended as well as the use of specially designed natural medical grade skin
care products by PrFx.
Check !t Follow !r clients TRANSFORMATIONS to see blue light
Facial expression lines are created by contractions
of the underlying muscles, pulling the skin together
when you smile, laugh or frown. An injectible
protein, called Botox, gently relaxes these muscles
that cause the overlying skin to fold and crease –
wrinkles. A minute quantity of the Botox protein is
injected into the wrinkle with a tiny micro-needle.
The treatment itself generally requires less than 10
minutes. Within three to five days following the
treatment, your worry, frown or laugh lines are
reduced. The ongoing progression of the wrinkle will
be prevented during the course of the treatment.
Dermal Filler
Wrinkles of the lower face are common and
bothersome to many people. We frequently address
problems such as these wrinkles and loss of
fullness in areas such as the lips and cheeks by
using an injectable filler. These fillers are made of a
substance called Hylauronic acid. It is a lab-made
substance, which is similar to human collagen. It
does not come from any animal, unlike ʻCollagenʼ
brand and no skin testing is required. It lasts four to
seven months for most individuals.
Check !t current Specials to see Me#cal Days $% mon$!
Express Facial
PRFX Facial
This facial is ideally used as a
quick deep cleaning or
moisturizing treatment. This facial
should be added onto any of
Hummingbird MediSPAs
advanced technical laser
treatments for added
performance. 30 minutes.
Ideal for anyone who would like to
“test out” the line. This 45 minute
facial will address major skin care
concerns leaving the skin visibly
smooth and hydrated.
It includes:
An advanced skin analysis
to pinpoint what the skin
needs most
2 levels of deep cleansing
A light exfoliating
A specialized mask
tailored for your skin
The appropriate PRFX
serums are massaged into
the skin
Finished with a PRFX
Vitamin series face and
eye cream
It includes:
An advanced skin analysis
to pinpoint what the skin
needs most
A deep cleansing
Skin rebalancing mask
The facial is finished with
PRFX hylauronic acid
cream leaving the skin
feeling silky smooth.
Intro Infusion
The PRFX series of
facials were developed
to give the skin an
intense boost of
vitamins, antioxidants
and hydration. Using
only the highest
ingredients. PRFX skin
care is a natural medical
grade product with no
added preservatives,
parabens or fragrances.
This facial is best for someone who wants to see results fast! It uses ionization
to shake the cells allowing for deeper penetration of key active ingredients.
An advanced skin analysis to pinpoint what the skin needs most
2 levels of deep cleansing
A light peel to exfoliate skin impurities
A deep penetrating mask tailored specifically for your skin
High potency vitamin cocktail is infused into the skin
A neck, shoulder and face massage
Finished with the PRFX a vitamin series face and eye cream
Advanced Infusion
Is the longest and most luxurious of all the PRFX facials.
An advanced skin analysis to pinpoint what the skin needs
2 levels of deep cleansing
An exfoliating and hydrating lip treatment
Advanced peptide eye treatment for fine lines and wrinkles
and dark circles
A light peel to exfoliate skin impurities
A deep penetrating mask tailored specifically for your skin
High potency vitamin and protein peptide cocktail is infused
Massage is included on the upper body and face
The facial is finished with the Vitamin series facial and eye
Express Manicure#
Express Pedicure
This quick manicure is great for those
clients who get regular manicures. The
esthetician will fix your nail shape and
form, clean the cuticles and finish it off
by polishing your nails.#
Just had a pedicure not to long ago and
looking to freshen it up? In this
pedicure the esthetician will soak your
feet, cut and file your nail and finished it
off with the PrFx polish of your choice.
Hummingbird Manicure
Hummingbird Pedicure
Our classic manicure using all the top
hand and nail products. This includes
nail shape and form, cuticle work,
buffing of any ridges, hand and arm
massage finished by a polish
Start by soaking feet in a warm antibacterial soak. Remove excess callus
and cuticle, cut and file nails, massage
on the lower leg and foot finished by a
polish application.
Upgrade to a hot paraffin wax treatment to help relieve tired feet while helping to infuse
PrFx deluxe moisturizer deeper into the skin. $10
Mention the Hummingbird Medi
Spa Blog when you book your
manicure or pedicure and get a
complimentary Paraffin Wax with
your visit.
French Polish is an additional $10 charge
Shellac and gel nails available at select locations
Gel Nails"
Gel nails are a hypo-allergenic, odor free,
strong yet flexible. Applied onto a prepared nail
or over a tip for added length our product cures
under a UVA light. Gel is breathable and leaves
the nail with a natural glossy finish with no need
to excessively file down the nail with an
electrical sanding tool.
Full set of gel with French
14 Day wear! High gloss finish with zero dry
time! Shellac is a new leading technology that
goes on like a polish, wears like and gel and
removes in minutes. It is hypo-allergenic and
free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP!
This Monthʼs Special
Hummingbird manicure with Shellac $40.00
Hummingbird Pedicure with Shellac $65.99
Tips are an addition cost
Clear overlay
Gel nail fill (on french) "
Gel available at: Bank, Barrhaven, Orleans
Shellac Available at all Ottawa locations besides Elgin Street
Relaxation Massage
Hot Stone massage. The heat of
the stones causes tender muscles to
relax. They also allow the esthetician
to apply greater pressure on areas
where it may be needed.
1 hour full body relaxation
massage is a head to toe massage
that will leave you feeling like jelly.
45 minute relaxation massage
allows you to tailer the experience to
target the areas you like.
30 minute relaxation massage is
normally done on the upper body but
requests can also be taken so that
you get the most out of your time.
Registered Massage Therapy
30 minutes massage
45 minute massage
The above massages are done
by an Esthetician and therefore are
not covered under insurance.
60 minute massage
90 minutes massage
Hot Stone massage
The above massages are all tailored to your areas of
need. This is a licensed massage therapist and therefor is
covered under your insurance plan. Please notify the
booking staff upon making your appointment if you are
pregnant or have mobility issues that may require
adjustments being made to the massage table.
Please call for pricing.
Brow Shaping"
Brow Maintenance
Upper Lip" "
Chin " "
Sides of face""
Half arm"
Full arm"
Abdomen" "
Chest" "
Back" "
Back & Shoulders"
Bikini" "
Extended Bikini"
Brazilian maintainace "
Buttox "
Half leg "
Full leg"
Full leg & bikini"
Full leg & Brazilian"
Waxing prices are subject to change at the
Estheticians discretion. Not sure what exactly
is included in the service? Make sure to ask
upon booking or specify your exact needs so
that proper booking time can be made.
Vegetable based dye is used to tint hair to
desired color and darkness.
Lash Tinting ""
Brow Tinting" "