Map Challenge Completed Notes

Islands in the Sky
Build a Cobblestone generator.
Expand the island as much as you want.
Build a 12 by 12 house (or bigger) made of cobble.
Find twelve Lapiz Lazuli
Find enough Diamonds to make a diamond pickaxe, sword,
helmet, and boots.
Try to find all three moss stone blocks and bring it back to the
starting chest.
Build a Farm!
Make a sugar cane farm, growing up to 20 sugar cane.
Make a cactus farm, growing up to 74 cacti.
Make a melon farm, growing up to 20 melons
Build a mob Spawner/ Grinder.
Collect 30 of each of the following items:
Go to Jungle island and either make a huge treehouse or a village.
Your choice.
Collect 15 saplings
Collect 20 obsidian (This challenge should obviously be done after
you make a diamond pickaxe)
Collect 64 snowballs
Craft a furnace
Smelt 20 sand blocks collecting 20 glass blocks
Craft 10 Glowstone
Craft 10 paintings
Make a Reactor core, carry it to Nether Island and activate it.
Collect 20 Nether rack from the Nether Core
Craft a bed
Craft a shear
Craft 20 paper, you must still complete the grow up to 20 sugar
cane challenges.
Craft 10 TNT
Smelt up to 20 stone
Craft a Stone Cutter
Craft 10 stone brick stairs
Make a cake (optional)
Craft a 3 buckets
Get a lava, water, and milk bucket to store (optional)
Craft a flint & steel
Make an iron chest plate and leggings
Have Fun!
Play on normal
Do not die intentionally for health regeneration.
No hacks, mods, or cheating on the whole.