Judy Hinrichs - Port Angeles High School Class of 63 News

Judy Hinrichs
A. Judy Hinrichs
B. Mukilteo, WA
C. I have one son, David, adopted from Korea in
1984. He is now 28 years old and is completing
Paramedic School at Central in Ellensburg.
D. I attended Peninsula College and Western
Washington University where I graduated with a
teaching degree in 1967. I then received my
Master’s Degree from the University of
Washington and my Doctorate from Berne
E. I worked in the Edmonds School District for 30+
years as a teacher, principal, staff development
specialist, union President and central office
department manager. In 2002 I retired (for the
second time) and went to work for City University
of Seattle. While there I was a faculty member in
their Principal Preparation Program, then became
Associate Dean and was appointed Dean of the
School of Education in 2008.
F. I retired from City U in 2012 and am now happily and fully retired.
G. Since graduation I have lived in the north end of Seattle but have enjoyed traveling
to Europe, China, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Korea, and other locations for
fun and getting to know the world. Just before our reunion I will be doing a 7 week
trip to Turkey, Greece, Switzerland and France.
H. I much enjoyed downhill and cross country skiing in the past and still love to hike,
trek and backpack in our mountains and abroad with a little snowshoeing in the
winter. In the 1970’s my former husband and I were Presidents of Cascade Bicycle
Club (before they started running the STP) and I still enjoy some bicycling.
I. My son is my #1 special friend and I am so glad that I did not miss the life
experience of being a parent. I have also met some wonderful people around the
world and it is always sad leaving a place when one is not sure that you will ever
see them again. And I am so glad to have become reacquainted with some of our
high school classmates through their monthly luncheons on the Peninsula. What
an amazing group!
I remember our high school graduation night, when a group of us ended up at
one of our classmate’s vacation home on Lake Crescent. I cannot remember for the life
of me who it was, but I thought our group was alone in the house until I walked into a
bedroom, looking for the bathroom, and came upon his parents sleeping in bed. In
retrospect I expect that was a pretty good way for a set of parents to keep an eye on
The only thing I wish had been
different is that I was not able to
participate in school activities as much
as I would have liked. I was one of the
youngest in our class so did not get my
driver’s license until late, and, as our
family lived outside of town and I was
the oldest of five kids, the family didn’t
run me around very much. I missed
decorating floats for homecoming,
school sports and many of the things
people did to just “hang out.”