Bradford and Airedale NHS Equality Group Monday 14 January Notes of meeting

Bradford and Airedale NHS Equality Group
Monday 14th January Notes of meeting
Attendance, apologies and Introductions
Grace Alderson
Lorraine Cameron
Lynne Carter
Pamela Coulson
Sue Crowe
Steve Davison
Leeroy Golding
Margaret Hanson
Rebecca Hewitt
Wil Lilburn-Quick
Imtiaz Naqvi
Cait Phillips
Amandeep Singh
Kuldip Sohanpal
Violet Cannon
Gill Bowskill
Hannah Corby-Hewitt
Phil Cutler
Carolyn Eastwood
Liz Firth
Leeroy Golding
Krystal Hemingway
Asif Hussain
Amria Khatun
Trevor Ramsay
Helen Speight
Fiona Stephens
Natasha Thomas
Lisa Wright
Non-Exec Director BTHFT
Equality Lead, BTHFT
Equality Lead, NHS ABL
Mind in Bradford
Strategic Disability Partnership
Bradford LINk
BME Staff Network, BDCT
Equality lead, BDCT
Equity Partnership
Staff networks, BDCT
LGB&T staff network, BDCT
BME staff network, BTHFT
Equality Lead, ANHSFT
Gypsy and Traveller Outreach Worker, BDCT
Strategic Disability Partnership
LGB staff network, BTHFT
Bradford Older People’s Alliance
Carers’ Resource
Bradford District Women’s Forum
BME Staff Network, BDCT
Healthier Lives
Thornbury Centre
Deputy Director, Patient & Public Engagement, NHS ABL
VCS Health & Wellbeing Forum
Equality Lead, BDCT
List of abbreviations at end of minutes
Update from last meeting
A written update on the following items was discussed and is attached as
appendix one:
The following actions were agreed and comments made:
Action / Comment
Lynne Carter to follow up and report back to next meeting on
involvement in our group of our three local CCGs and possibly
the Local Area Team of the NHS Commissioning Board.
Additional information about Healthwatch: From 1st April 2013
locally BAMHAG will provide the NHS Complaints Independent
Advisory Service
As part of the discussion about our group’s work, the fear was
expressed that some talented NHS equality practitioners are
losing their jobs through the current reform process. Some of
these staff may have opportunities to work at the NHS
Commissioning Board.
During the discussion about the reports on engagement with
young people and LGB people, different views were expressed
about whether the sample size is big enough and a concern was
raised that we need to reach out to people who are not engaged
in events etc.
There was also a discussion about monitoring, particularly with
regard to people with learning disabilities and mental health
issues. Rebecca Hewitt informed the group that Equity
Partnership recently surveyed local LGBT people and 71%
reported that they would say they are LGB if asked by a health or
social care provider.
Group work on reviewing the work of our group
Participants worked in small groups to discuss how our group has worked –
both the large group meetings and the smaller EDS assessment panels that
were held last year.
These are the key suggestions arising from that discussion:
 Focus panels on each protected characteristic, probably grouped into
pairs as follows:
o Race and Religion and belief
o Disability and Age
o Gender and Maternity & pregnancy
o Sexual Orientation and Gender Reassignment
 VCS reps would involve a broader range of grassroots organisations /
individuals in these panels. Health Partnership Project and VCS
Assembly could help with this.
 We need to think about what the benefits for VCS reps are.
 The panels would consider evidence from all 4 trusts (need to maintain
this aspect so good practice can be shared)
 The evidence will focus on progress made against EDS framework and
any relevant equality objective(s). Focus discussion on where the
issues are and suggest possible solutions
 Suggestion to have the big group “do the work” – we lost people through
the smaller panels. This could be more inclusive.
Next steps
Steering group to consider these suggestions and arrange next meetings.
Steering group to amend the terms of reference accordingly.
Airedale NHS Foundation Trust
Bradford and Airedale Mental Health Advocacy Group
Bradford Association of Visually Impaired People
Bradford District Care Trust
Black and Minority Ethnic
Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Equality Delivery System
Local Involvement Network
Lesbian, gay and bisexual
NHS Airedale, Bradford and Leeds
Voluntary and Community Sector
Appendix One
Update for Bradford and Airedale NHS Equality Group
14th January 2013
Clinical Commissioning Groups and Public Sector Equality Duty
Update: In our locality three CCGs have been authorised. These are:
 Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven
 Bradford City
 Bradford Districts
They will become statutory bodies on 1st April 2013. Each has a draft equality & diversity strategy that includes a
commitment to this group and to using the Equality Delivery System.
The Public Sector Equality Duty to publish information by 31st January will therefore not include CCGs this year.
The Public Sector Equality Duty requirement to agree equality objectives is for at least every four years. Airedale,
Wharfedale and Craven and Bradford City CCGs have agreed to work towards our joint equality objectives until
2014 when they will agree at least one objective of their own. Bradford Districts CCG is looking at how our joint
equality objectives map against its strategic objectives.
Commissioning Support Service
Update: In April 2013 Primary Care Trusts and Strategic Health Authorities will cease to exist. A new West
Yorkshire Commissioning Support Unit (WYCSU) is being established to provide services to the 10 CCGs in West
Yorkshire. Lynne Carter will be a member of the small WYCSU equality & diversity team.
Update: Nationally from April 2013 Healthwatch will replace LINk as the new consumer champion for both health
and social care. Our local Healthwatch will be hosted by KIVCA (Keighley and Ilkley Voluntary and Community
Patient survey information
Update: We have worked with the Strategic Health Authority to fund Yorkshire and Humber Equality Observatory
to gather equalities information from hospital (acute) patient surveys - adult inpatients, adult outpatients, maternity
services and adults using Accident and Emergency and from the GP Patient Survey. This will be available in
March 2013.
Equalities events – Pride, BTHFT young people’s event
Bradford Pride 2012: All four Trusts attended the Pride event in June 2012. We carried out a survey to gather
information about local LGB and T people’s experiences of using health services. The report forms part of the
papers for this meeting.
Young People’s Event: Bradford Teaching Hospitals: 12 October 2012. We carried out a survey and the report
forms part of the papers for this meeting.