e-Commerce, meets Fashion in the “Ticino Fashion Valley”

Valentina Bandini
NetComm Suisse
meets Fashion
in the “Ticino
Fashion Valley”
// April 23rd, 2015
via Cantonale 18
UBS Auditorium
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NetComm Suisse, in collaboration
with Accenture, ContactLab,
Hub & Logistics - Traconf,
Internet One, Elmec Suisse,
Otto Group, Value Lab, Iwishu,
PostFinance organizes the event:
e-Commerce meets Fashion in
the Ticino Fashion Valley
The main category of goods bought online
by Swiss shoppers in 2014 is “clothing and
fashion items”, with an estimated + 16.3%
increase on the previous year. 52% of
Swiss online shoppers made at least one
fashion e-commerce purchase, investing
on average 463 CHF per year, according
to the Observatory NetComm Suisse.
This trend is even more relevant in in many
European countries, where the penetration
of fashion purchases online (according to
a recent ContactLab research) is:
This trend is even more relevant in in many
European countries, where the penetration
of fashion purchases online (according to
a recent ContactLab research) is:
45% in Italy,
58% in Spain,
66% in France,
74% in Germany,
81% in UK .
Understanding how to market and sell
fashion products online is crucial in a
multichannel driven environment and
during this seminar we’ll outline the best
strategies on the market through: market
leaders’ panel discussions, specific case
studies and success stories.
1 What’s hot in the fashion industry?
Facts and figures to guide your
customer experience (ContactLab)
Omnichannel: how is it applied in
real world for fashion? (NetComm
Suisse, Accenture Interactive, LiuJo,
La Redoute, C&A)
Users, not devices: multi-screen
customer journeys (Value Lab, Twin
Set Simona Barbieri, Timberland - VF
International, Google, Bally)
4 Unconventional social and
digital marketing drives online
sales (Accenture Interactive,
Facebook, Burberry - Luxottica,
QVC, FashionFriends)
Russia: one of the fastest developing
online fashion markets (Fashion
Magazine, Yandex, eTraction - Otto
Group, Accenture Interactive)
6 Start-ups for fashion and
e-commerce (AGIRE Foundation,
Prodibi, Formabilio, Quickly)
Throughout the whole event all guests
will have the opportunity to chat with
speakers and other guests in order to
exchange experiences and extend their
knowledge and network.
Event Program
09:00 // 09:30
Check-in and welcome coffee.
09:30 // 09:45
Welcome speech.
09:45 // 10:15
What’s hot in the fashion industry?
10:15 // 11:15
Round Table. Omnichannel: how is
it applied in real world for fashion?
11:15 // 11:45
Coffee break.
11:45 // 12:45
Users, not devices: multi-screen
customer journeys.
12:45 // 14:30
Networking lunch (ground floor).
14:30 // 15:30
15:30 // 16:30
Unconventional social and digital
marketing drives online sales.
Russia: one of the fastest
developing online fashion markets.
16:30 // 17:00
Coffee break.
17:00 // 17:45
Start-ups for fashion and
E-commerce, meets Fashion in the “Ticino Fashion Valley”
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09:30 // 09:45 Welcome speech
> Alessandro Marrarosa
NetComm Suisse
> Stefano Rizzi
Director of the Economics
Division of the Department
of Finance and Economics
of Canton Ticino
> Michele Raballo
Managing Director
e-Commerce Lead
Accenture Interactive
09:45 // 10:15 What’s hot in the fashion industry?
Facts and figures to guide your
customer experience.
Observatory NetComm Suisse
and ContactLab.
> Arianna Galante
Director of Agency Dept.
10:15 // 11:15 Round Table. Omnichannel: how is it
applied in real world for fashion?
Omnichannel retailers let consumers experience the brand, not a channel within a brand.
Merchandise and promotions are not channel specific, but rather consistent across all
retail channels. The brick-and-mortar stores become an extension of the supply chain in
which purchases may be made in the store, but are researched through other “channels”
of communication. With omni-channel retailing, marketing is made more efficient with
offers that are relative to a specific consumer determined by purchase patterns, social
network affinities, website visits, loyalty programs, and other data mining techniques.
> Carlo Terreni
General Director
NetComm Suisse
> Federico Gasparotto
e-Commerce Strategy Lead
Accenture Interactive
> Andrea Cappi
e-Business and Digital
> Laurent Garet
CEO Switzerland
La Redoute
> Massimiliano Grigolini
e-Commerce Country
Manager Switzerland
Under the patronage of:
Dipartimento delle finanze e dell’economia
Divisione dell’economia
E-commerce, meets Fashion in the “Ticino Fashion Valley”
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11:45 // 12:45 Users, not devices: multi-screen
customer journeys
Leading companies that develop apps, services, and storefronts need to consider how
their product is used on multiple devices and screen sizes. This includes considering
how their product will adapt when a customer moves between devices to accomplish
a task. All digital managers, especially in the e-commerce field, should be aware of that.
> Marco Di Dio Roccazzella
Partner - Managing Director
Fashion & Luxury Practice
Value Lab (Moderator)
> Enrico Fantaguzzi
e-Commerce Manager
Twin-Set Simona Barbieri
> Lisa Calatroni
Experience Manager EMEA
Timberland (VF International)
>Simone Zucca
Industry Head, Retail
Google Italy
> Antoine Auvinet
General Manager, EMEA
Emerging Markets & Global
14:30 // 15:30 Unconventional social and digital
marketing drives online sales.
During this panel discussion the speakers will outline how unconventional digital ideas
for fashion boost online sales. Social networks, as well, can help creating and enhancing
brand engagement.
> Umberto Andreozzi
e-Commerce Italy Lead
Accenture Interactive
> Enno Jönsson
Sales Manager EMEA
> Claudia Puglisi
Global Brand Manager
> Filippo Caresana
e-Commerce Manager
> Jörg Hensen
Under the patronage of:
Dipartimento delle finanze e dell’economia
Divisione dell’economia
E-commerce, meets Fashion in the “Ticino Fashion Valley”
Platinum sponsor
15:30 // 16:30 Russia: one of the fastest
17:00 // 17:45 Start-ups for fashion and
Several changes in the Russian e-Commerce Fashion market have transpired over the
past year. User interest in online shopping with the intent to purchase has increased
by 16% in the last year in Russia. This major growth has offset falling interests in the
general fashion category. Brand leaders have also changed over the last 12 months.
Shifts in user interest in brands have impacted the dynamics of local online retailers
versus international online retailers. When it comes to regional dynamics, the Russian
Central region maintains a strong interest in online shopping but the regions are seeing
a serious rise in interest in e-Commerce.
e-Commerce gives to the Fashion sector a whole new set of business opportunities.
Innovation is crucial and start-up companies can adapt more easily and faster to the
changing environment: let’s see what’s new!
developing online fashion markets.
> Marc Sondermann
Editor-in-Chief / CEO
Fashion Magazine
> Bernard Lukey
Executive Director
Yandex Europe
> Evgeniy Schepelin
Director eTraction
Otto Group Russia
> Giambattista Ravano
AGIRE Foundation
> Olivier Hamel
> Dario Cardile
> Maurizio Crivellari
President & CEO
> Dimitry Razumovskiy
Emerging Markets
e-Commerce Manager
Accenture Interactive
Under the patronage of:
Dipartimento delle finanze e dell’economia
Divisione dell’economia
E-commerce, meets Fashion in the “Ticino Fashion Valley”
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NetComm Suisse’ objectives:
in Switzerland
Besides being an alternative selling
channel for goods and services,
electronic commerce in Switzerland is
now an economic reality, involving a
number of small and large companies
wishing to diversify their marketing
and sales strategies.
In this context, there emerged
the need for a Swiss e-commerce
association: NetComm Suisse, the
first and only entity of this kind
in Switzerland. The main goal of
NetComm Suisse is to support the
interests of all companies operating in
e-commerce, supplying services and
promoting networking activities for
operators and merchants.
To encourage collaboration among companies and to represent them
towards institutions.
To promote the understanding
of digital communication and
e-commerce services and
To support e-commerce operators in legal, tax, copyright, safeness
and development issues.
To communicate through different media about themes related to e-commerce.
To define methods to assure the quality of services offered by e-commerce operators and of safety standards.
To produce documents about electronic commerce and, more broadly, digital media for members and general public.
To disclose the results of public or private research.
To promote knowledge and
experience exchange among
To encourage the creation and
the development of companies operating in the e-commerce field.
To supply services to associates.
Under the patronage of:
Dipartimento delle finanze e dell’economia
Divisione dell’economia
E-commerce, meets Fashion in the “Ticino Fashion Valley”
Platinum sponsor
Board Members Team
> Alessandro Marrarosa
President NetComm Suisse
and market area manager Post Finance
[email protected]
Mob. +41 (0) 792205974
> Serse Bonvini
Board member NetComm Suisse and Consultant
Tinext SA
[email protected]
Mob. +41 (0) 792121550
> Carlo Terreni
restrictions and
The removal of barriers limiting
e-commerce development is one of the
main purposes of NetComm Suisse.
The association, in fact, works
constantly on projects focused on the
promotion of digital culture and on the
creation of national and international
lobbies to consolidate the network of
Board member and General Director
NetComm Suisse
[email protected]
Mob. +41 (0) 793766238
> Philipp Müller
Board Member NetComm Suisse and Senior
E-Business Developer, SBB
[email protected]
Mob. +41 (0) 792201262
Under the patronage of:
Dipartimento delle finanze e dell’economia
Divisione dell’economia
Operations Dream Team
> Carlo Terreni
Board member and General Director, NetComm Suisse
[email protected]
Mob. +41 (0) 793766238
> Alessandro Borsani
Project manager, NetComm Suisse
[email protected]
Mob. +41 (0) 796361387
> Valentina Bandini
Art Director, NetComm Suisse
[email protected]
Tel. +41 (0) 91 2104736
> Nicole Mureddu
Backoffice, NetComm Suisse
[email protected]
Tel. +41 (0) 91 2104736
> Natalie Yang
> Marisandra Lizzi
> Federica Volenterio
> Romina Reitano
Event manager
Standing Ovation
Account Manager
Lumen Suisse
Fidinam S.A.
E-commerce, meets Fashion in the “Ticino Fashion Valley”
Platinum sponsor
Andrea Cappi
Global e-Business & Digital Director
at Liujo S.p.a., Magif Group
After 5 years at Yoox dealing with brands in the full-service providing area, Andrea
has been Global e-Business and Digital Director at Liu Jo since 2012.
1) Fashion has been the key driver in the e-commerce growth over the last few
years, particularly thanks to private sales and native online models. What are
the main drivers that encouraged consumers to buy online according to your
Without any doubt, private sales played a major role in driving the first wave in
fashion e-commerce from 2008-2010 and they contributed to a large extent,
particularly in Europe, to educate consumers by increasing awareness and trust in
online purchases: as a result Vente Privèe and Privalia became brands themselves
and this was due mainly to the pricing leverage and to a “wow bargain effect”
their model is based on. After 2009-2010, pure players took the lead in the various
segments thanks to a higher appeal: Net-à-porter, Luisaviaroma and myTheresa are
now a major destination in luxury fashion, Yoox plays the same role in off-season
market while Zalando and Asos continue to grow in a “lower” segment.
2) Smartphones have made consumers’ purchase path more complex: besides
the traditional “research online, purchase offline”, showrooming has produced
the opposite behaviour. How fashion brands should cope with this?
I worked 5 years at Yoox and, since 2012, I have been managing the e-commerce
operations at Liu Jo: the latter experience has shown me how shoppers use, with
growing ease, online shopping to get informed before dropping into the store.
The same way, our store managers get often support from our website to show
consumers products when they are vis-à-vis. This is due to the fact that often there
are more product information online rather than offline. As a matter of fact we
suggest, on our website, total look outfits and other relevant recommendations.
3) A provocatory article on the Economist wondered whether retailers would
become pure shopping windows for Amazon and other large marketplaces.
How is e-commerce impacting on fashion retail players?
The “ceremonial” aspect in the luxury retail world will continue to play a necessary
role in the relationships with the brand and also with transactions.
We are opening more stores because the empathy between clients and store
managers is crucial in terms of engagement and “client telling”: obviously we
think physical stores will contribute significantly to increase results also as
communication and service environments.
4) Liu Jo has already defined a corporate omnichannel strategy and, within
a couple of months, you are going to roll-out the first drop of the relevant
project. Can you comment on this?
As a first step, we will create the “backbone” for the omnichannel strategy, ie.
we are going to merge into a unique “customer data hub” customer online data
and physical stores data: data routed from web analytics will be added up as
they will be useful along the conversion path. Being able to fully manage users’
information is one of the reasons why we think brands should go for a proprietary
solution rather than a full service provider. As a second step, we’ll implement the
complete omnichannel strategy introducing user clusters, activating marketing
automation tactics and, of course, omnichannel opportunities like “click and
collects”, “ship from store”, etc. Additionally, consumers will be able to see onand off-line purchases and store managers recommendations on their online
5) Fashion brands are main actors in social media and most of sales and
communication digital models have first been experienced by such companies
like digital PR relationships and drive-to-store initiatives. On the other side,
we’ve seen several shortcomings in managing reputation appropriately on
social media. Any suggestion on how to best deal with social platforms?
Starting from March 2014, we have set-up a dedicated social media team both
for customer care and for communication purposes. Such attention has turned
the Facebook page into a real service for clients routing questions like where
products can be bought, what they look like, etc. Our main objective is to be
effective and fast, to give a “tailored” answer to all questions as to increase our
customer base engagement. These are the KPIs we monitor to measure our
performance on those channels.
6) An important Fashion Event will be organised by NetComm Suisse on April,
23rd. Why have you decided to attend?
The event organised by Netcomm Suisse is a good chance to share our
experience with peers in Switzerland. Lugano is becoming a barycentric hub for
fashion: set along Italy, France and the UK. The country is becoming strategic
not only for the headquarters lots of brands have in Lugano and Genève but also
for the e-commerce fullfillment centres as well as for digital capabilities that are
being set up.
Under the patronage of:
Dipartimento delle finanze e dell’economia
Divisione dell’economia
ContactLab and Exane BNP Paribas introduce the
Digital Competitive Map - The Race is on!
A Report highlighting the role of digital for top 28 players
in high-end fashion:
The Digital Competitive Map is a tool by ContactLab which
uses 66 quantitative parameters to measure a brand’s
engagement capabilities, comparing them with competitors.
The survey, valid for any market sector, indicates:
The quality of your website navigation
Your level of e-commerce service
The number of countries covered
Do you want to discover
your digital brand’s engagement capabilities?
Do you want to improve them?
Email us: [email protected]
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Accenture is a global management consulting,
company, with more than 305,000 people
serving clients in more than 120 countries.
industries and business functions, and
extensive research on the world’s most
successful companies, Accenture collaborates
with clients to help them become highperformance businesses and governments.
The company generated net revenues of
US$30.0 billion for the fiscal year ended Aug.
31, 2014. Its home page is www.accenture.
com. Accenture Interactive helps the world’s
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Working with over 5,000 Accenture
professionals dedicated to serving the
marketing function, Accenture Interactive
industry-driven digital transformation and
marketing solutions.
Follow: @AccentureSocial or visit:
Michele Raballo
Managing Director e-Commerce Lead
[email protected]
Federico Gasparotto
e-Commerce Strategy Lead
[email protected]
Umberto Andreozzi
e-Commerce Italy Lead
[email protected]
Accenture SpA
Via M. Quadrio, 17
Milan (IT)
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E-commerce, meets Fashion in the “Ticino Fashion Valley”
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ContactLab is a leading European provider
of digital direct marketing services.Over the
years, ContactLab has expanded its offering
by including added value services to its leading
technology platform for outbound messaging
enabling the uptake of digital marketing as a
strategic tool for business growth. Today, the
company is set up as a strategic partner to
manage a customer engagement model for
top brands on a global scale.
Stefano Lena
Vice President Sales
[email protected]
via Natale Battaglia 12
Milano (IT)
Elmec is a service provider of IT services and
solutions and implements innovative projects
that improve companies’ processes. Elmec
is a reliable business partner and through
its Competence centers offers the highest
grouping of specializations. Thanks to the
collaboration with the best Vendors on the
market and the competence showed over the
years, Elmec is a leading actor in the IT area
for medium and large enterprises.
Tommaso Mercone
Sales Account Manager
[email protected]
HUB&LOGISTICS SA is a Swiss company
specialized in logistics applied to fashion and
lifestyle and transports and handles goods
even operating with quality, efficiency, security
and control..Thanks to the Network to which it
belongs, completely specialized in the world of
lifestyle, Hub & Logistics SA is able to handle
any type of operational need, anywhere in the
world, through a team of highly trained and
prepared people to … “dress your needs.”
Internet ONE was founded in 1996 as fullscale Internet Service Provider. Nowadays,
we are en route to become leaders in the
information and communication Technology
(ICT) industry. Internet ONE has been serving
Ticino and neighboring areas with its internet
solutions (fiber, wired & wireless lines) since
2007. Focused in providing high-quality
solutions and services to both corporate
and consumer markets, Internet ONE offers
a complete end-to-end solution of Network
Services, Internet Services, VoIP Services and
System Integration Services. Fulfilling the
vision of becoming the leader and the favourite
internet solution provider, Internet ONE keeps
growing and extending its innovations and
portfolios having customers satisfaction and
trust the most important mission.
Our Vision: Be and be recognized as the
preferred internet provider that delivers
quality, competitive and customized solutions
in the region Our Mission: The Easy Way,
The Best Way: simplifying to promote your
Stefano Pistilli
CEO Traconf Group
[email protected]
Hub & Logistics SA
Via Industria 9
Cadempino (CH)
Elmec Suisse SA
Viale Serfontana 7
Morbio Inferiore (CH)
Marco Bellini
[email protected]
Via Lugano, 13
Agno (CH)
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E-commerce, meets Fashion in the “Ticino Fashion Valley”
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E-commerce, meets Fashion in the “Ticino Fashion Valley”
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At eTraction our passion is building and
managing successful businesses online. Our
approach is unique in that we provide our
clients a 360-degrees solution around their
Ebusiness by offering modular services for
each step in the Ecommerce value chain.
As a member of the Otto Group, the leading
fashion e-Tailor in Russia, eTraction utilizes
expert know-how and proven infrastructure
to develop and maintain the optimal
solution for each brand’s Ecommerce
IWISHU is a Swiss Start-­
Up based in
Canton Ticino, and aims to satisfy
the demands of the international market.
IWISHU is a new sharing service that allows
matching videos directly to products using
NFC technology, with the purpose of brand
communication or to add value to gifts/gift
cards, through a system of personalized
video messages. With IWISHU the products
purchased on e-­commerce may be associated
with a video created by the user or offered by
the brand. The recipient of the product will
receive the gift embellished with a dedicated
video message loaded on the IWISHU
card. IWISHU is starting the first projects
operating in fashion and luxury, and following
most advanced trends in communication.
Evgeniy Schepelin
Director eTraction
Otto Group Russia
[email protected]
Otto Group Russia - eSolutions
Bldg. 22-23, 27 Vyatskaya St.
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Value Lab is a Management Consulting &
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Omnichannel Customer Experience.
Since 1990 Value Lab supports its clients to
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Digital Strategy, CRM & Loyalty Program,
Customer Intelligence, Pricing & Promotion,
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Service Model Definition, Trade Marketing
Retail & e-Commerce: Network Development
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Traffic & Local Marketing Sales Force:
Selective Distribution Strategy, Sales Force
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Management, Commissions & Incentives
Plan, Commercial Structure Organization.
The Fashion & Luxury practice represents
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Value Lab can exploit a vast landscape of
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Goods, Consumer Durables, Pharma &
Healthcare, Automotive, Petrol, Industrial
Goods, Telco & Utilities, Travel & Leisure,
Media & Publishing and Finance & Insurance.
Marco Di Dio Roccazzella
Partner - Managing Director
Fashion & Luxury Practice
[email protected]
Piazza Diaz 2
Milan (IT)
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E-commerce, meets Fashion in the “Ticino Fashion Valley”
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Under the patronage of:
AGIRE, a public-private partnership established
in 2011, fosters the innovation and
entrepreneurship in Ticino, leading to the an
increase in economic competitiveness and
the creation of high-skilled jobs. It focuses,
on one side, on the support of existing
companies, by encouraging the transfer of
technology and knowledge with academic
centers (USI, SUPSI and others) and, on the
other side, on the support of new companies
(startups) that develop innovative products
targeting international markets. To achieve
these goals, AGIRE manages an investment
fund (AGIRE INVEST) that provides risk
capital to emerging companies, and operates
the Tecnopolo Ticino, a network of technology
companies and provide the coaching and
mentoring necessary for their expansion.
For information: www.agire.ch
To achieve its aims, the Foundation can
support the creation or strengthening
of Institutions and initiatives in the Cantone
Ticino that can be able to:
Optimise knowledge and technology transfer and the networking of research centers and local industries
Foster entrepreneurship and innovative projects
Facilitate the establishment in
CantoneTicino of new innovative
businesses and services
Promote collaborative projects via
networking of knowledge and skills
that arecomplementary and synergistic
Coach startup companies in the
development of their business plan and
business strategy
Finance the innovative companies with the
highest potential
The University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) is one of the
new professional universities recognised by the Swiss Confederation. Founded under federal
law, SUPSI offers more than 30 Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree courses, characterised
by cutting edge education which unites classical theoretical-scientific instruction with
a professional orientation. Great care is given to research, carried out in key sectors on
competitively acquired projects with large European and national agencies or mandated by
organisations and institutions.
Fondation Genevoise pour l’Innovation
Technologique (FONGIT) is a private, nonprofit foundation, whose mission is to
empower entrepreneurs to successfully
transform innovation and technology into
a growing sustainable business in Geneva.
FONGIT is a start-up incubator currently
supporting more than 40 innovative and
high-tech ventures through offices, admin,
coaching and financing. FONGIT benefits
from financial support from the State
of Geneva and from the Swiss Federal
Commission for Technology and Innovation.
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Ecommerce Europe is the association
representing 4.000+ companies selling
products and/or services online to consumers
in Europe. Founded by leading national
e-commerce associations, its mission is
to advance the interests and influence of
e-commerce in Europe through advocacy,
communication and networking.
Under the patronage of:
Dipartimento delle finanze e dell’economia
Divisione dell’economia
Association main supporters
E-commerce, meets Fashion in the “Ticino Fashion Valley”
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Application demand / Registration form
A - member
B - member
C - member
Note: Please check below for the summarizing table about fees
Having read and accepted the Statute, the directives and the by-laws of the Association in all their parts,
the Company:
requires to be admitted as a member of NetComm Suisse, the Swiss association of electronic commerce
and digital communication.
As stated in the Statute, this application demand will be examined by the Association Managing Board
and the applicant will receive an acceptance confirmation within 15 days from the date of this document.
Please fill in the following form with the applicant company’s data in all its parts, since it is an integral
part of your application for membership.
Applicant data
Company / Institution:
Activity / Industry:
Telephone number:Fax:
Online shop website:
Company foundation year:
Registered in the Retail trade and commercial register on (date):
(Please enclose certificate)
Name of the contact person within the Company:
Telephone number:Mobile:
Name of the owner / managing director:
Please note that, in order to confirm your membership in the Association, we need to receive
your certificate of registration in the Retail trade
and commercial register and to acknowledge
receipt of the association fee within 30 days
from the signature of the contract.
Place and date
Applicant Company
Stamp and signature of the legal representative
Summarizing table about Association Fees (VAT not included)
Association Fee
Annual turnover below 5 Mio Annual turnover from 5 Mio to 10 Mio Annual turnover over 10 Mio
CHF. 1’500.- year
CHF. 2’500.- year
CHF. 3’500.- year
Fill in and send to the address on the back or send it by mail to: [email protected]
Wi-Fi boosts Innovation
in your Business
Get the most out of your Wi-Fi system
Delivery proximity marketing campaigns through social media
Learn about customers’ preferences and shopping behaviours
NetComm Suisse
Via Cantonale 18
6928 Manno CH