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Dark Circles Causes
Puffiness of eyes remedy
1. Dark Circles around eyes are generally due to a lack of sleep, fatigue, stress,
deficiency or some disease. Dark circles may be hereditary.
2. Nasal congestion can also cause dark under eye circles.
3. Chronic atopic eczema on skin can cause dark circles.
4. They may also be due to aging which thins the skin around the eyes.
5. Eyelid swelling or eye puffiness can produce shadows producing light dark
Dark Circles Under Eyes Remedy
Try one home remedy at a time to get rid of the dark circles.
1. Drink at least ten glasses of water everyday.
2. Take all precautions to avoid strain on the eyes.
3. Eight hours of sleep is a must for all of us, specially for people having dark circles
under their eyes.
4. Do not leave cream on the skin around the eyes for long periods. Remove the
cream applied around the eye after 10 min. No cream should be left on the skin
around the eyes for long periods.
5. Close your eyes and cover eyelids with slices of raw potato or cucumber for 15-20
minutes. Wash with warm water and apply a cream.
6. Make a 1:1 mixture of fresh potato and cucumber juices. Soak some cotton and
put on your eyelids and keep for 20 minutes. Wash your eyes with cold water.
7. Apply a mixture of lemon and tomato juice (equal parts) on the dark circles 2
times a day.
8. Apply a paste of turmeric powder with pineapple juice for dark circles under the
9. Crush some mint and apply it around the eye.
10. Massage with almond oil under and around eyes at bed time daily for 2 weeks and
see the improvement. Almond is very good skin food and helps to remove dark
11. Rub the area with a powdered Vitamin E capsule and wipe off with a mixture of
honey and egg white. This will reduce darkness around the eye.
12. Put hot and cold clothes alternatively under eyes for 10 minutes. Then apply some
almond oil on the dark surface before going to bed.
13. The acupressure point for eyes is on the mount below the index finger of your
palms. Pressing this mount may help.
Puffiness of Eyes Remedy:
Causes of Eye Puffiness
Heredity, lack of sleep, excessive crying, stress, high sodium intake, allergic reaction,
excess consumption of alcohol, sinus problems, irritation from contact lenses.
1. Raise the head of your bed at night. This helps prevent fluids from accumulating
around your eyes as you sleep.
2. Place a bag of frozen vegetables in a thin cloth over closed eyes for 10-15 minutes
and keep your head upright.
3. Tie some potato grates in a cloth and place over eyes for about 15-20 minutes.
4. Place chilled cucumber slices over eyes for about 20 minutes.
5. Place damp tea bags over eyes for about 20 minutes. Chamomile tea is better
because it has anti-inflammatory properties that will help reduce the puff.
6. Apply vitamin E or olive oil.
7. Practice the exercise for eye puffiness daily.
8. Apply a 1:1 mixture of cucumber juice and lemon juice for 10-15 minutes.
9. Apply a cool tap water compress to the skin under your eyes for about 15 minutes.
For better Vision:
1. Eat vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin A.
2. Immerse carrot in hot water and leave for a few minutes. Drink the liquid 3 times
a day before meals.
3. Dip cotton balls in rose water or cold water and keep under the eyes for 10
4. Try placing cooled chamomile tea bags over and around the eyes.
The facial exercise yoga can improve your face, facial skin by simple exercises without
the need of any medicines.
A facial yoga is the exercises of face based on yogic rules. It is believed that facial
exercises can do a facelift that can tone and smooth the skin of the face. These face
exercises are designed to tone up all the 57 muscles of the face and neck that can increase
blood circulation and release tension (removing stress), restoring a radiant, youthful and
glowing look.
The most significant point about yoga facial is that it is very cheap and can restore your
youthful look without any plastic surgery or injections. If you regularly and patiently do
the facial yoga, then you can expect your face appearing brighter and younger, erasing
fine lines and wrinkles. All you need is approximately 15 minutes daily to do all the
facial exercises. The facial exercising will tighten your sagging skin.
The pictures are from
Exercise for Eye Puffiness
Place your three fingers under the eye, pull down, and try to close your eyes. Hold
for 10 seconds and release. Repeat for 5 times. This exercise is for removing the
puffiness below the eyes.
Yoga for Eyes (Palming Exercise) 1
Rub your hands together briskly and place the palms over your closed eyes. Take
deep breath and relax for 5 minutes. You can do this exercise in your bed or chair, at
home or in office.
This yoga exercise relaxes the eyes and surrounding areas and soothe the optic nerve.
This is very good for relieving tension headache.
Yoga for Eyes 2
Yoga for Eyes 3
This exercise works on the ring muscles
of the eyes to prevent sagging skin.
Yoga for Lips 1
Smile while pursing your lips. This
exercise works on the muscles around
Yoga for Whole Face, Part I
Take out your tongue as far as possible
with eyes wide opened and hold for 60
seconds. This exercise is to flush the
toxins from the eyes.
Yoga for Lips 2
Throw flying kisses. This exercise is for
stronger and firmer lips.
Yoga for Whole Face, Part II
Inhale through your nose, make fists and Now exhale through your mouth, stick out
squeeze all your facial muscles.
your tongue, roll your eyes up and open
your hands. Repeat three times.
Yoga for Wrinkles
Inhale through mouth and hold the air in your mouth to make a pose of a trumpet
player. Hold for 1 minute and slowly exhale from nostrils. Repeat for 5 times. This
exercise is good for removing laugh lines and overall toning up of cheeks. More tips
on wrinkle removal remedy.
ry the wrinkles home remedy and treatment for wrinkle removal given below. Wrinkles
can be prevented if you take proper care of your skin.
It is natural to see wrinkles on the face skin when you grow old. This is the effect of
ageing. Premature ageing and wrinkles can be checked if care is taken when you are
Beauty enhancing implants for wrinkles
Polyalkylimide implant injections, called as the cosmetic skin fillers (a mixture of gel and
water) are being used by the rich and the famous to fill out their lips and smoothen age
lines (wrinkles). However, they are capable of causing severe, immune-related sideeffects, even months after treatment, according to a study by Jaume Alijotas-Reig of Vall
d'Hebron University, Barcelona, and published in the May 2008 issue of the Journal
Archives of Dermatology.
1. Regular facial is very effective to control wrinkles.
2. Massage increases blood circulation, which results in tightening of the muscles
and tissues, thereby reducing the fleshiness of the skin and restoring a young look.
However, this process is very slow. use face yoga exercises daily to tone up skin.
3. Start the massage from the neck upwards and end at the forehead.
4. For fast removal of wrinkles, massage with your all the fingers of both the hands
rapidly with rapid circular motion.
5. For wrinkles on jaw, pinch the skin between your thumb and fingers. Pinching is
also good if you have double chin.
6. Apply a paste of turmeric powder with sugarcane juice to remove wrinkles and to
prevent skin ageing.
7. Cut a seedless grape in half and gently crush it on your face at wrinkles (lines).
Leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water and let it dry in natural air.
Wrinkles will disappear.
8. Rub the core of pineapple on the face for a few minutes and leave for 10-15
minutes. This is excellent for fine wrinkles.
9. Apply juice of green pineapples and apples the face daily and leave for 10-15
minutes.This is excellent for fine wrinkles and cracked skin.
10. To prevent wrinkles, apply pure castor oil.
11. Clean the face. Remove make-up to open the pores of skin. Remove oilyness by
lime juice or cleansing milk.
12. Applying a good quality cream with a firm pressure with the fleshy tips of fingers.
Do not apply pressure around eyes. Continue massage for 15 minutes.
13. Wipe off the face with a wet cotton.
14. Protect yourself from sun by using a pair of sunglasses. It will delay the onset of
wrinkles on the sides of the eyes, known as crow's feet.