2015 Middle School Technical Design Problem

 2015 Middle School Technical Design Problem
The Dream Backpack
Some of the most popular backpack companies have realized there is an
important flaw in their products. Throughout the years, their research teams have
discovered that their backpacks cannot support the amount of weight the
average student carries. This leads to muscle strain and joint pains.
A design team has decided to hire you as a part of their new project development
division to create a more functional, supportive and durable backpack.
In addition to being supportive, the design team requires the backpack to serve
another function, or have a “special” feature. This other function should be
something that a student would find useful.
Follow the steps of the design process to solve the problem. You do not have to
build a model, but the design and function(s) of the backpack must be thoroughly
explained in the notebook using text and hand-drawn sketches. All of the
materials that would be used to make the backpack should be specified.
Entries must be received in the NJ TSA Office, or postmarked, by 5pm on March
24, 2015.