Does Penis Size Even Matter By Frank Ferrazi

Does Penis
Size Even
By Frank Ferrazi
Does Penis Size Even Matter
Dear friend
Are you suffering from one of the following male sexual health disorders?
• A small undersized penis…
• Weak erections or impotence…
• Premature ejaculation or lack of stamina during sex…
• Low libido…
• The inability to please your lover or bring her to orgasm…
• Being dumped by your girlfriend or not being able to get a girlfriend
because of your penis size…
If you answered yes to any of the above problems then keep reading because
this short report will probably be one of the most important things you will ever
If you’re sick and tired of the pain and humiliation caused by your tiny penis
and terrible sex life…
…quit worrying, because I can show you how to easily overcome these
problems in only a few minutes a day…
…and at the same time turn yourself into a sexual messiah that women adore.
Several years ago I was in your exact same position.
After falling out with my high school girlfriend, she started a nasty rumour that
I wasn’t that well-endowed.
I can tell you there is nothing worse than walking down the hall…and having
groups of girl laugh and giggle as you walk past them.
In desperation I turned to the internet.
I tried everything that was commercially available.
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Does Penis Size Even Matter
But it was only until I started using “Underground” methods that I started to see
(I’ll tell you about these underground methods a little later)
First you need to know about the 100’s of penis enlargement scams that are out
In the next section I will go over the various rips offs that exist, and how I got
scammed out of thousands of dollars.
Lies Lies Lies
Here is the honest truth…
99% of the penis enlargement stuff that you see online is a scam.
Trust me I know, I spent thousands of dollars on worthless pills and devices and
none of it worked.
Here are some of the things I tried.
1. Penis Enlargement Pills
Can you believe that I spent over $800 on penis enlargement pills that turned
out to be as useful as tits on a bull?
Maybe you’ve heard of these brands…
Male extra
Size Up XL
Maximum XE
…I tried them all.
And what I eventually discovered about penis enlargement pills is pretty
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Does Penis Size Even Matter
I found that not one of these pills are approved by the FDA.
Do you know what that means?
It means that there is zero chance that these pills work.
To get FDA approval they would have to undergo rigorous testing to determine
their effectiveness and safety…
…many of these pills contain dangerous ingredients that can seriously damage
your health.
And don’t even dream of getting a refund from these guys if you’ve been ripped
The people who sell this stuff are shady as hell, and most of them have been in
trouble with the law over their garbage products.
2. Penis enlargement devices
Even worse is that I spent another $983 on bogus penis enlargement devices.
I’m talking about things like penis enlargement pumps and traction harnesses.
Luckily I didn’t use any of these devices for very long…because it was only
later that I found out just how dangerous they can be.
Did you know that suction pumps can cause burst capillaries and even
permanent impotence.
And that traction harnesses can tear the ligaments of your penis.
(Probably the most painful thing you can ever experience)
Dangerous, dangerous stuff.
3. Penis enlargement surgery
I also briefly considered penis enlargement surgery.
(Luckily I couldn’t afford it)
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Does Penis Size Even Matter
And to be blunt with you, my penis is not a piece of meat and I really don’t
want some doctor butchering it with a scalpel.
I also found out that I would have to spend weeks in painful recovery.
And I’d read horror stories about surgeries that went horribly wrong.
Some of the men who had undergone these surgeries were left with scarred and
deformed penis afterwards.
This was something I definitely wanted to avoid.
So what happened next…
Well, soon afterwards, I discovered what I now refer to as the game changer…
The Game Changer
I was In college now, and was getting desperate.
Collage is supposed to be a time of sexual experimentation, but I was spending
every night alone…
…too terrified to let any women see my useless penis.
Then I discovered what I now refer to as the “Game Changer”
What I mean is this…
I discovered that you can increase the size of your penis using simple natural
After checking a few anatomy books out of the library, doing a bit of research
and – most importantly – actually trying out these exercises…
I discovered that they did in actual fact work!
I then went into a frenzy and for the next few years became completely
obsessed with penis enlargement I became my own secret little hobby.
Like a scientist on a top secret research project I started experimenting.
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Does Penis Size Even Matter
I kept detailed logs of everything thing I did and tried out.
Finally I distilled everything I had every learnt into a simple system that any
man can use to increase his penis size
To cut a long story short…
I have now been using my system for over 10 years and have increased the size
of my penis by over two inches.
So if you have a problem with your penis size.
Then I have some very exciting news for you.
Also, I have a few words of warning.
But before I do that, I want to give you a deeper explanation of the science
behind natural penis enlargement.
The Science of Natural Penis Enlargement
The science behind natural penis enlargement is quite simple.
1. Your penis is made up of two different “Parts” – they are a spongy blood
holding tissue, and three tubular chambers that run the length of your
2. The tubular chambers on the underside of your penis are known as the
corpus spongiosum – these transport your urine and semen.
3. The two larger tubes above it are called the corpus cavernosum.
4. These three tubes are made of a sponge-like expandable erectile tissue.
They contain a rich network of blood vessels that supply blood to your
5. When your penis is aroused or stimulated the corpus cavernosum fill up
with blood and become engorged.
6. It is this increased blood supply causes the penis to harden and expand in
size and length.
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Does Penis Size Even Matter
7. At the same time muscles at the base of the penis contract to prevent the
blood from draining out through the veins…thus maintaining the erection.
8. The size and capacity of the corpus cavernosum determines the size and
length of the erection.
9. Like other tissues in the body, the size and capacity of the corpus
cavernosum can be increased and developed.
By simply using these natural penis enlargement exercises, you can (gradually
overtime) increase the size and blood holding capacity of the corpus
…which will directly increase the length, girth and hardness of your penis.
These exercises do this in two ways.
A) They increase the blood holding capacity of the corpus cavernosum…
These exercises engorge your penis with blood.
To hold this blood the chambers of your penis must stretch and expand.
This expansion allows them to hold more blood and thus increases the size of
your penis.
B) They lengthen your penis through stretching…
Have you ever seen those pictures of women in Africa and China who stretch
their necks with copper rings.
These women wear copper rings around their necks.
Over time they add more rings which gradually stretch their neck.
Some of these women have lengthened their necks by over a foot, just by using
these rings.
Here’s another example.
Have you ever seen those guys who stretch out their ear lobes with plugs?
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Does Penis Size Even Matter
These guys increase the length of their earlobes by gradually increasing the size
of the plugs (which stretches the earlobe)
Your penis is made of exactly the same stuff…cartilage and skin…that your
ears are made of.
Two different parts of your body – that can be lengthened and increased – just
by stretching.
So why shouldn’t you be able to increase the length of your penis with
stretching and engorgement?
Unrealistic Expectations
Before we go any further there is something that you must understand.
This is the ultimate truth about natural penis enlargement, and it is that…
There is no such thing as fast penis enlargement.
Here is what I mean.
You may have seen other penis enlargement program on the net. All of these
programs make outrageous claims like, “Grow your penis by 2-3 inches in 6
Well, I can tell you from personal experience those claims are complete and
utter garbage.
Penis enlargement exercises are exactly the same as any other form of exercises.
You have to put time and effort in before you see results.
I mean you wouldn’t expect to from obese to skinny after only one week on a
And you wouldn’t expect to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger after spending a
week in the gym.
These exercises are exactly the same – they WILL enlarge your penis size – but
it will take time and effort.
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Does Penis Size Even Matter
I am telling you all this because I don’t want you to have unrealistic
My penis method of penis enlargement is unlike 99% of all the other penis
enlargement garbage out there.
And the best thing is that these exercises do a lot more than just increase your
penis size.
Early on in my penis enlargement journey, I discovered that these exercises had
many surprising “Side effects”.
When you use these exercises…
• They give you a penis so firm and hard that it stands at an almost 90
degree angle.
• They give you superman stamina that lets you last as long as you want in
• They give you the most powerful and intense orgasms you have ever
• They destroy premature ejaculation and impotence.
• They tone your penis and give it a veiny muscular look.
• They give you huge “Porn Star” ejaculations.
• They give you the ability to have male multiple orgasms.
• They destroy premature ejaculation and impotence…
• They tone your penis and give it a veiny muscular look…
• They give you huge “Porn Star” ejaculations…
• They give you the ability to have male multiple orgasms…
And the best part is that these exercises take less than 3 hours a week to
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Does Penis Size Even Matter
They require no special equipment (except for your hands and a bottle of lube)
and are very simple to learn and do.
Does Penis Size Even Matter?
Does penis size even matter?
The answer to that is…hell yes!
When a man feels good about his sexuality he feels good about himself.
Sexual confidence creates greater confidence in many other areas of your life.
This is very powerful stuff.
And even if you’re happy with your penis size, I’m sure you could use a little
Remember these exercises are not only for increasing the size of your penis.
As I’ve previously pointed out – there are many other benefits to doing them.
A man is his penis whether he likes it or not…
…your penis is the very seat of your masculinity, and if you’ve got problems
with it…
…these problems are going to spill over into the rest of your life.
Penis size does matter because it is an essential part of your well-being and
mental health.
Physical intimacy is the basis of all romantic relationships and if you can’t
perform then there’s no relationship.
How many times have you avoided sex because you were embarrassed by your
penis size.
I mean how often has the excitement and spontaneity gone out of your love
making…all because you had to reach for that little blue pill in order to “Get it
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Does Penis Size Even Matter
How many times have you realized that it’s just not going to happen
tonight…turned off the light…and gone to bed with your backs faced to each
And how long is your lover going to put up with this before she leaves.
If you’re a young man (like I was when I started with this stuff) then it’s even
more important that you take action right now…
…because you’re only getting older, and the women you want are staying the
same age.
Now here’s the deal.
We’ve come to the end of this report on natural penis enlargement.
And if you’ve decided that you’re interested in enlarging your penis, and would
like to get started right away…
…then why don’t you check out my beginners penis enlargement course “Half
an Inch in 90 days” a try…
You can find out more about it by going here…
In the mean time keep an eye on your inbox.
I have a lot more to tell you about natural penis enlargement.
In the meantime take a look at the link above. And I’ll be in touch.
Frank Ferrazi.
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