How To Lose 20 Pounds Your Ultimate 7 Week Guide

How To Lose 20 Pounds
Your Ultimate 7 Week Guide
By Bryan Peterson
Copyright 2013 Bryan Peterson
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First off I would just like to say a huge thank you for purchasing this book. I want each and
every one of you to know that I care for my customers very much. It is my goal to help you
reach your goal and I will provide you with some great information to help you lose weight.
I will not be filling this book up with a bunch of “fluff” and “about me” stuff. I know right now
the only thing you want to do is lose weight and I will jump right into helping you do exactly
I will be saying some things in this book that you might view as weird, but just put your trust in
this method ok? It has been proven to work for thousands of people and I know it will work for
you as well.
There might also be some things that are obvious. If you read anything and think “duh”, just
know that I included it for a reason. Many of the things that are obvious to us, we still don’t do.
So once again, if you place your trust in this method you will not only lose weight but you will
keep it off forever, how does that sound?!
Imagine being able to walk around for the rest of your life having incredible confidence and a
great self-esteem. If you stick to this program that is exactly what will happen!
I look forward to hearing about your results!
We have all heard about people starving worldwide right? It seems like every day I turn on the
TV there is a new charity forming that will provide food for those that are underfed. Now,
although I am not saying this isn’t serious (because it is and I respect those who take part in
helping the underfed get food), recent studies show that obesity is actually killing more people
than those who are underfed About 800 million people are underfed, and 1.4 billion people are
obese, and yet no one has stopped to think that those who are obese need just as much help as
those who are underfed.
I am sure it is no surprise to any of you when I say that the western “first world” countries are
the ones that make this number go up greatly. The reason for this is because we have basically an
unlimited amount of food, and the way our lives are set up, we can sit in an office or in front of
the TV all day and still continue on with our lives. Very few people actually choose to be active.
This makes the quality of life extremely low.
There are many reasons why the world is becoming fat, but two of them in particular are the
biggest reasons. And although these two reasons aren’t hard to guess what they are, it is
important to take a closer look at them, and in this book that is exactly what we will do.
The first reason is because too many people are consuming an excessive amount of bad foods.
The first major reason why more and more people are becoming obese these days is simply
because of their diets. Too many empty calories and too much sugar are being consumed on a
daily basis, and the sad part is this even comes from foods we were told are “healthy”. Many
people don’t really put any thought into their diet, they just eat whatever they want when they are
hungry. If you have not seen the movie “Supersize Me” I highly recommend you watch it to see
what I mean.
The second major reason people are obese is because very few people are active.
Even if you have a poor diet, you can maintain somewhat of a healthy weight if you exercise.
And I am talking about real exercise, not just taking a few minutes out of your day to take the
stair instead of the elevator or doing a few crunches every week. People live a sedentary lifestyle
because they are allowed to. We don’t need to hunt for meat, we don’t need to gather fruits and
veggies, we can live a perfectly safe life in the comfort of our homes in front of the TV, which
will eventually make us fat.
Ok, I know a lot of that was bad news, but this book isn’t just about bad news! The good news is
that no matter where you are in life right now, you can overcome your weight issues and reach
your desired weight.
All you have to do is make the decision to be healthy, and guess what? If you stick to a plan,
dedicate yourself, and don’t give up, you WILL become fit, healthy, and slim.
It won’t be easy, and it will require some hard work, all I am asking for is 7 weeks. If you can
give me 7 short weeks, I can get you feeling better than you ever have in your life. So commit
now to following the information you learn in this book for 7 full weeks.
All the information you will ever need to be healthy is right here in your hands. This is the exact
method that has worked for young and old, men and women. It will simply require focus and
commitment, so are you ready for it? Are you ready to finally take control of your life?
The fact that you picked up a copy of this book shows me that you want to make a change.
However, reading this book won’t do it, you actually need to take action! I have faith in you, I
know you can do it, but the important part is that you believe in yourself.
Keep your mind set on 7 weeks from now. Forget about what you look like or how you feel
today. Know that if you stay dedicated, in 7 weeks you will have more confidence in yourself
than you have ever had in your life because you will be happy with your body and know that
YOU are in control of your weight.
Ready? Let’s get started!
Starting The 7 Week Program
I know a lot of you are eager to get started on the 7 week fitness program, but before we get into
that there are two things we need to go over that can help you not only get your dream body, but
get a body better than your dream body! The sad truth is these two things are extremely
important, but I rarely read books or fitness magazines that include these two things. Please don’t
make the mistake is skipping this section.
The first thing you need to do is set goals. The second thing is choosing a training partner that
will help get you to your goals!
Setting SMART Goals
Before you do anything, I want you to set goals. Believe it or not, the human brain is wired to
work with goals, and without goals you will have a hard time getting to where you want to go.
Trying to get the body of your dreams without setting any goals is like trying to drive across the
country without a map or GPS. You will waste a lot of time and energy and probably won’t even
arrive at your desired location.
So what’s the best way to set goals? Well, you need to be SMART.
What do I mean by SMART? It’s an acronym, take a look below.
S=Specific. You want to lose weight within 7 weeks, but the term “losing weight” isn’t very
specific is it? Try to choose a goal weight you want to lose, like 15 pounds instead of just saying
“lose weight”. Having a clear and specific target will give you a much greater chance of hitting
your goal.
M=Measurable. If you can’t measure your goals, it is going to be tough to reach them. For
example, if you want to run more, instead of saying “my goal is to run more” say “I will add 5
minutes to my run every week until I reach a 60 minute run”. By doing this, you can measure
your progress which will keep you on track to achieving your end goal.
A=Action. This is basically saying that you need to make sure you have full control over whether
or not you can reach your goals. Are you in charge of it? Can specific actions help you reach it?
In the case of weight loss, the answer is yes…diet and exercise.
R=Realistic. This is tough, I want you to set big goals, but I don’t want them to be unrealistic. If
the goal is unrealistic you are going to know in the back of your mind that it won’t happen, and
when it doesn’t happen you will get discouraged. An example would be losing 70 pounds in the
next 7 weeks…not going to happen.
T=Time. You need to set a deadline on reaching your goal. In other words, give yourself a
specific amount of time to reach it. In this case, we are going to set our time for 7 weeks from
when you start.
Selecting The Right Fitness Buddy
I understand this won’t be possible for every single person out there, but if it is possible for you
then I highly recommend you do it. Finding a fitness buddy for the next seven weeks is an
incredible way to stay motivated! Not only will this keep you motivated and make help you stay
on track with your diet and workout, it will be a lot more fun doing this with someone else!
Also, when you commit to doing something with someone else, such as this, it decreases your
chances of backing out. A good workout partner will keep you motivated and help you go until
you reach your goals. In fact, this is so important even the top athletes and fitness models in the
world are constantly talking about how they wouldn’t have been able to do it if it wasn’t for their
fitness partner or coach. Just because we aren’t professional athletes doesn’t mean we are any
different in this aspect, we all need someone to hold us accountable, so choose your fitness
buddy wisely!
Ok, now that we have got all that out of the way, let’s begin!
Week 1
One of the reasons this 7 week program has worked so well for so many people is because it
really focuses on the pace and it doesn’t force you to take things too fast. If you attempt to do too
much too soon it will cause your results to suffer. For the first week I just recommend you ease
into your diet, nutrition, and exercise program rather than jumping into it full speed.
If you follow the tips below not only will you be able to stay motivated, but you will be able to
easily carry the momentum into week two, which is very important!
Determine Your Fitness Level
Before you even begin, you need to figure out where you are currently at. In other words, you
need to figure out what type of shape you are in. Here are some tests you should perform. Be
sure to write down your results and save them so you can do these tests again in 8 weeks, right
after the 7 weeks is over
How many push ups can you do in a row?
What’s your resting heart rate?
What’s your heart rate after a 1 mile walk?
How much do you weight?
What is your body fat percentage (this is optional because not everyone has the ability to
measure body fat)
It is important to do these tests so you can track your progress later, and also so you can know
where to start for the first week.
Get Moving!
For the first week, all I want you to do is a brisk walk on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I
don’t care how you get it done, just do it. You can do it in the neighborhood, at the park, or even
on a treadmill. The distance of your walk will depend on your heart rate in the 1 mile walk you
did. If your heart rate increased by more than 8 beats during the one mile walk, start off by doing
just a 20 minute walks this week. If it increased by 7 or less, do 45 minute walks. The goal of
week one is to just get you moving, we don’t want to exhaust you too much!
Do Light Bodyweight Exercises
These are exercises that you do without any weight or equipment at all. I will talk more about
these later on but for now, all I want you to do is some light body weight exercises on the days
you are not doing your walk.
Do three sets of pushups (get on your knees if you can’t do normal pushups) at half of what you
did during your testing, plus three sets of as many full sit ups as you can do is good enough for
the first week. You might feel like this is too easy, but don’t worry, it’s designed like this for a
Reduce Sugars And Drinks That Contain Calories
For this week, don’t worry about counting calories, don’t worry about how many carbs, proteins,
and fats you eat, don’t worry about your meal portions, don’t worry about anything except for
cutting back on sugar and drinks that contain calories. Yes, this includes adding creamer that is
filled with calories to your coffee. If you must sweeten your coffee, use stevia or some other low/
zero calories creamer. I love coffee and I only use stevia, seems to work just fine for me!
I also want you to get rid of those junk foods that contain a lot of sugar. Studies have shown that
the number one reasons we are overweight is because we consume too much sugar. So get into
the habit of passing up sugary snacks for snacks that don’t contain nearly as much sugar.
So try to use your own common sense when choosing foods, if it contains too much sugar, don’t
eat it!
That’s it for week 1! Not too bad right? This is a great way to ease yourself into a healthy
lifestyle instead of just jumping right in and failing. By starting slow, even though you will have
a few bad habits still, you are setting the foundation to live a long, healthy, and happy life.
Once you finish week 1, go ahead and move onto week 2!
Week 2
You would be absolutely amazed at how many people try to eat healthy, yet when they go
grocery shopping they don’t put in any time into reading the food labels. If you don’t know
exactly what’s in the food you are eating, that is going to make losing weight almost impossible.
Once you understand how to properly read food labels, you will know what to foods to have at
home that will help you lose weight and you will be able to slim down very quickly.
Below I am going to tell you the major things that the food labels reveal so can make better
decisions when purchasing food.
Serving Size
This is extremely important and something that very few people actually pay attention to.
Everything that you read during the food label will apply to just this one serving. You would be
amazed at how small these servings are sometimes. Food companies do this on purpose to make
it look like you are getting the most out of your dollars, and also so it looks like it is a low calorie
food even when it isn’t. This is a terrible trick food companies do and you need to be on the
lookout for it.
Daily Value Percentage
This percentage is for a person that is moderately active and eats a 2,000 calorie per day diet. It
is nothing more than a rough guideline. We are all different and will require different
I don’t think I need to go into detail about this one, we all know what calories are. This number
shows you how many calories there are in each serving.
This number gives you your total fats and then breaks it down even further into the different
types of fats such as saturated and unsaturated. When you are reading the food labels, if there is a
lot of saturated and trans-fats, avoid it! The other types of fats are ok because they do carry some
health benefits.
In order to avoid the risk of heart disease, the majority of doctors will recommend you eat no
more than 300mg of cholesterol per day. I set my target to eat less than 150mg of cholesterol per
day and I suggest you do the same.
The thing with sodium is the more of it you consume the more water you will store which means
the scale will go up. It is best if you stay below 1500mg per day. You really need to watch out
for sodium if you are going to be purchasing frozen foods, those are usually loaded with sodium.
People don’t realize that carbs are not a bad thing, and they should be consumed. Carbs have
received such a bad reputation lately, but the truth is not all carbs are bad. You want to avoid
simple carbs (sugar) and eat complex carbs (such as rice, wheat bread, and sweet potatos).
You better learn to love protein because for the next 7 weeks you are going to be consuming a lot
of it! You should eat about ½ a gram of protein for every pound you weight. So if you weigh 160
pounds I want you eating 80 grams of protein per day. If your workout are tough, you can even
increase the amount of protein you eat. Over half of your calories should be coming strictly from
Vitamins and Minerals
There are vitamins and minerals naturally contained in the fruit and vitamins and minerals that
were artificially added. This number includes both. Later on I will go more into detail on the
vitamins and minerals you should be consuming during the next 7 weeks. For now, just try to get
in your daily recommended dose. While following this program, and easy way to do that is to
simply take a multivitamin every morning.
If you take a look at the ingredients, it doesn’t always tell you how much of what it was that they
used, but they list them in order of most to least. Legally they don’t have to tell you how much of
what ingredient they used so most companies don’t.
Well there you go, I know a lot of that was very basic but reading the food labels is very
important and someone you will need to do a lot of from here on out.
This week, make sure you do the same exact exercise routine as you did last week, but when you
go to the grocery store, take your time to read the labels and try to make healthier choices.
Week 3
For a lot of us, having a gym membership is a great thing. I personally love going to the gym!
But with that being said, I know a lot of you can’t make it to the gym because you live very busy
lives or you simply don’t want to pay the membership fee for the gym. Because of that I will be
showing you how to work out WITHOUT a gym membership. So if training at home is your
only option (or the option you want to take) then this chapter is going to be for you.
For those of you that feel like you need a gym membership to get the best results, don’t worry,
you don’t. I have had some of the best workouts of my life outside of the gym. Below are the
tips I would give anyone who is looking to put together a home workout.
Go For A Walk Or Jog
It doesn’t really matter what your fitness level is, if you have the ability to go outside for a brisk
walk, then I would highly recommend it. Once you get your fitness level up, then you can start
to jog. This is one of the best ways to burn fat, and best of all it’s free! Heck, even days when I
know I am going to go to the gym later, I still like to wake up, drink a cup of black coffee, and
go on a 30 minute walk. It makes my day so much better. When you do it first thing in the
morning on an empty stomach, you will be burning off your fat cells instead of the carbs you just
ate. Doing it like this will take some getting used to, but after a week or two you will learn to
love and it will enjoy getting out of bed and going for your walk or jog on an empty stomach. If
you simply do this for the next couple weeks, you will realize it will bring you better results than
any weight loss supplement has ever been able to deliver! So I want you do decide between
walking six days per week or jogging 3-4 days per week.
Pushups Are Great!
You would be absolutely amazed at how much of a body transformation people have had by
doing nothing but a few hundred pushups every single day. I know a few hundred pushups
sounds like a lot but if you just did as many as you can a couple times, three times per week, you
will increase the amount of pushups you can do by a lot. Many people think pushups only hit the
chest and triceps. That’s not true. The truth is pushups will hit your full upper body including
your abs. Pushups are the perfect way to get that “athletic” toned look that so many people are
looking for.
Hit Your Core Consistently
Getting in a good core workout at home is extremely easy to do. All you need to do is various
types of crunches mixed with leg lifts. On the same day you do your pushups (three days per
week) do 4 sets of however many crunches and leg lifts you can do. Don’t expect to get a six
pack right away, you first need to burn away some of that extra fat around your belly, but once
you burn that off you can expect to see some defined abs!
Using Light Weights Or Bands
If you ever want to invest in your health, a great thing you can do is invest in some adjustable
dumbbells and some resistance bands. These are not expensive at all and you can use them to
add some weight to your exercise routine. These are not required but if you want to get
maximum results you should be doing some resistance training. When doing resistance training,
stick to 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps for the next couple weeks before you begin lifting heavier.
Pull Ups Are Magical!
Go out and buy a 20 dollar pull up bar that you can just attach to your door. Very few of you
will be able to do a pull up, but “try” to do 30 pull ups per day. You can spread them out
however you want. Even if you can’t do one pull up yet, just attempting to do one 30 times per
day will still work your muscles really hard and I am willing to bet within one week you will be
able to do a couple pull ups in a row. By the end of this program you will be amazed at how
many pull ups you can do in a row! Do these pull ups on the days you are doing your other
Now that you have all this information, not making it to the gym is no excuse!
This week I want you to either go on a walk first thing in the morning on an empty stomach 6
days per week or go on a jog on an empty stomach first thing in the morning 3-4 days per week.
It is ok to have coffee before you go on your walk or jog.
3 days per week (on Monday, Wednesday and Friday) I want you to do four sets of as many
pushups you can do, four sets of as many crunches you can do, four sets of as many leg lifts you
can do, if you purchased weights do 3 sets of 12-15 shoulder presses, and then finish it off with
attempting 30 pull ups throughout the day.
We are upping your exercise this week, make sure you follow the same diet you did last week. If
you follow the same diet, you will burn more calories this week because of the increased
exercise routine.
Week 4
In this week (week 4) we are going to take a closer look at your diet. As far as weight loss is
concerned, there are two different categories that you will want to focus on. The first is
micronutrients which are things that don’t include calories such as vitamins and minerals.
Although micronutrients can affect your weight, macronutrients are the main thing that
determines how much you weigh. Macronutrients consist of carbs, fats, and proteins. The
amount of each you eat determines your totally calorie intake which will determine your total
Let’s look a little closer at each of the three macronutrients:
Protein is extremely important because protein will allow your body to properly recover from
tough workouts. It will also deliver a lot of other health benefits, such as keeping your immune
system strong to prevent sicknesses.
You should consume ½ gram of protein for every pound you weigh every single day.
If you don’t eat enough proteins, you won’t be able to build stronger muscles which will help
you burn off fat. Protein is also incredible because it can keep you feeling more full for a longer
period of time than carbs for fats.
Carbohydrates are the immediate source of energy for your body. Carbs are important to
consume, however it is true that consuming too many of them actually cause you to gain weight.
A great place to start is to make sure 30% of your total daily calories come from carbs. After a
few weeks of doing 30% you can look at your progress and figure out if you should increase or
decrease that amount. If you haven’t been able to lose weight, lower it slightly, but not too much!
Try to stay away from sugar (which is a carb) and white pasta, white bread, and white potato.
Fats don’t make you fat! One of the biggest diet myths that has ever existed is that fats will
make you fat. This is not true! In fact, there are more healthy fats out there than there are
unhealthy fats! So don’t be afraid of eating fats, your body truly does need them, especially if
you have achy joints.
It is a great idea to take in about 3 grams of omega three fish oil pills per day. Not only will you
feel better but you will increase your metabolism.
You will also improve the look of your skin, increase your sex drive, and feel younger! No other
supplement or macronutrient can help you do that!
Hopefully by now you have a better understanding of the three macronutrients? Remember to eat
a lot of protein, stay away from sugary carbs, and eat your fats as long as it isn’t trans-fat or
saturated fat. You honestly don’t need to make dieting complicated. One of the main reasons
people fail is because they complicate things too much.
This weeks lesson was to simply help you understand the three macronutrients and the benefits
of each one. Continue to do the same exercise program you did last week. As for your diet, I
want you to slightly decrease the amount of carbs you are eating and slightly increase the amount
of protein. Don’t worry about the amount of fat you are eating right now. I want to get your
carbs down to about 30% before we focus on anything else.
Week 5
This week, I am going to give you one of the most important lessons you will have when it
comes to burning off body fat. What would you say if I told you there is a type of cardio that
takes half the time but will burn up to four times more calories? Hopefully you would be excited!
And the good news is there is! It is called High Intensity Interval Training (we will call it HIIT)
and even though it can be intense, it turns your body into a fat burning machine.
So what is HIIT?
HIIT is simply when you alternate between low intensity cardio to short bursts of high intensity
cardio. Basically it is alternating between a jog and a sprint.
Here is an example HIIT workout:
2 minutes of sprinting followed by 3 minutes of light jogging.
Repeat this 4 times.
Total time=20 minutes.
This will burn 4 times the amount of calories than if you just jogged around for an hour, and the
best part is it will continue to burn calories for hours after you workout!
HIIT Benefits
For those of you that aren’t convinced that you should be doing HIIT training, here is a list of
benefits that will show you why HIIT training is so much better than traditional cardio.
HIIT Destroys Body Fat!
We are all looking to lose weight so this is the biggest benefit of doing HIIT. Not only will HIIT
burn off a lot more fat in less time, but it increases your metabolic rate for hours after you do the
workout. This means once you finish your workout, your body isn’t finished burning calories,
cool huh?
Helps Maintain Muscle Mass While Burning Fat
One of the main things people seem to struggle with the most is losing fat while at the same time
not losing any muscle. If you want a good example of what I mean, take a look at a distance
runner and then take a look at a sprinter. Notice how distance runners are extremely thin but
have no muscle, sprinters have a ton of muscle! That’s because sprinters train with HIIT and
distance runners train with traditional cardio.
HIIT Can Actually Build More Endurance
If you want to build endurance quicker, recent studies have actually shown that HIIT training
will build endurance faster than your standard type of cardio. It might not make sense to a lot of
people but if you think about it, it makes sense. You are pushing your muscles to their limit and
when you do that you will actually increase your heart rate a lot more.
It Will Improve Your Insulin Sensitivity
Being sensitive to insulin is one of the best ways to lose body fat (especially in the belly) and
maintain muscle. HIIT is one of the best ways to increase your sensitivity to insulin. Again, this
won’t just happen during exercise, it will actually last for days after you do HIIT!
It Works Every Single Energy System In Your Body
It not only develops your aerobic ability but it also develops your anaerobic ability. This means
you will be able to do better during short bursts of work and during longer times of work. This
will actually help you with your other exercises you do because you will be able to get more
repetitions during each set. There is no other form of cardio that will give you all these benefits.
Ok, so for week five, on the days you would normally do your standard cardio, I want you to
switch it over to 20 minutes if HIIT. On your days you aren’t doing HIIT I want you to continue
doing the same amount of body weight/weight exercises you have been doing. Making this
simple change will almost guarantee you lose a lot more weight this week.
Week 6
You made it to week six! Congrats, most people who decide to do programs don’t make it past
the first two weeks. I am sure by now you are starting to see some great results! But trust me
when I say then best has yet to come.
In this week, I want to get rid of another fitness myth I am sure you have heard before. The myth
is that weight training is only for bodybuilders or only for the people who are trying to bulk up.
However, there is no better way to tone your muscles and lose weight than weight training!
If you follow the tips I have given you so far and add weight training to your daily schedule, you
will start to burn fat off at an extremely fast rate! And if you are a female who is worried about
“bulking up” trust me when I say it won’t happen, I promise.
Here are some huge benefits of lifting weights:
You Will Burn Calories 24/7
Here’s the thing, even if you do extremely light weight training, your body will still respond to it
by increasing your metabolism for at least the next 48 hours! When you start to combine weight
training with HIIT and a solid diet, there is no possible way you won’t get the body of your
dreams. Doing these three things together is your key to getting the body you desire.
You WILL Gain More Confidence
It’s funny, the stronger you get the more confident you seem to get. There are very few things
that increase a persons metabolism more so than getting stronger day in and day out. This
confidence isn’t just in the weight room either. You will notice you are confident in every other
area of life.
Weight Training Slows Down Aging!
You heard that right, recent studies show us that lifting weights dramatically slows down the
aging process. This means you will not only lose weight, get toned, and have more confidence
but you will also look and feel younger! It’s not just your skin either, your bones and joints will
be a lot healthier.
Use This Weight Training Schedule
There are many theories on weight training and literally hundreds of thousands of programs out
there. The truth is most of these programs will work as long as you are consistent, but when it
comes to losing body fat I recommend just keeping it simple. In a few more weeks when you feel
comfortable performing the basic exercises you can venture off and do some more advanced
Below is a great exercise program that you should start this week. If you don’t have access to a
certain exercise feel free to replace it with another similar one. Do all the exercises for four sets
of ten reps.
Bench Press
Dumbbell Flies
Bicep Curls
Leg Presses
Leg Extensions
Hamstring Curls
Dumbbell Shoulder Presses
Lat Pull downs
Tricep Extensions
Saturday and Sunday:
Using Protein When Weight Lifting
When you start training with weights you really need to keep an eye on how much protein you
are eating. Once you start your weight training, eating more protein becomes extremely
important because it helps your muscles recover. If you are having trouble eating at least .5
grams of protein per pound of body weight, purchase whey protein powder. You can get the
powder for cheap and it comes with a lot of servings. I highly recommend taking protein powder
once you begin weight training.
I know you might not like weight training at first, but trust me when I say the more you do it the
more you will learn to love it. I hate my off days now because I want to get in the gym! You will
get stronger and slim down each time you go to the gym. If that doesn’t motivate you I don’t
know what will!
Week 7
I have no doubt in my mind that if you have committed yourself to following this program for
just 7 weeks you will have seen some incredible results by now. In fact, some of my clients have
lost 40 pounds in just 7 weeks and it only gets better! The key ingredient that makes this
program work so well is dedication.
With that being said, just I have something very important to talk to you about this week (week
7) and that is continuing on to make this a lifestyle, not just a program you follow for a few
You will not get permanent results from following a program. You get permanent results from
changing your lifestyle.
The methods I have given you for the past six weeks are all you need to change your lifestyle.
Once you gain confidence in the fact that you can do it changing your lifestyle should be no
If you DO change your lifestyle, there is one thing I can promise you and that is the fact that the
quality of your life will improve greatly.
This week, I want to give you a few tips that will really help you turn this into a lifestyle change.
Always Do The Big Three
HIIT, weight training, and diet. If you do those three things consistently it will be impossible for
your body to store fat. If you don’t want to split up cardio and strength training, you can do them
on the same day. Just make sure you get it done! Don’t make it complicated. Those three things
alone will give you the body you are looking for.
Keep Your Diet Healthy
Now that you have eaten eat least somewhat healthy for the past 6 weeks, you should begin to
enjoy healthy eating. I am not telling you that you can never eat anything unhealthy ever again,
that would be insane. Going out with your friends and eating something unhealthy every so
often is fine, just make sure it isn’t something you do all day. For the most part keep your diet
clean and losing weight will be a lot easier.
Get Your Friends Into Fitness
We have all heard peer pressure is a bad thing, but POSITIVE peer pressure is a good thing. I
have friends who challenge me every day to make sure I did my workouts and ate healthy. You
will feel a big nudge to stay fit when your friends are also fit. Trust me, this might sound really
basic but making friends that are also fit can make weight loss easy!
Keep Changing Your Exercise Routine
If you get bored of doing a certain type of exercise, feel free to try something different like
Pilates or kettlebell training. This can really help you become more motivated and even make
you more athletic which is never a bad thing. If you aren’t sure what else you can do, just ask
any of your other friends that are into fitness and they will have a big list of things you can do.
Teach Others
I am sure you have friends that are fit, but you also probably have friends that aren’t fit. Use
your new knowledge to teach them how to become fit. Not only will this help keep you
motivated, but you will have pressure on yourself because you are teaching someone else how to
become fit, so you need to stay fit yourself.
Hopefully you won’t just view this as a 7 week program but will view it as a way to change your
lifestyle within 7 weeks. If you don’t change your lifestyle the past 7 weeks were useless. You
don’t have to be perfect, but you do need to try your best. If you mess up, don’t give up just
continue where you left off.
Before I end this book, I would like to end it with a question
The question is, if you don’t do this now, when are you going to do it?
If you are sick and tired of not feeling comfortable when you look at yourself in the mirror and
not being able to fit in the clothes you used to fit in, and not having any confidence at all, when
are you going to make the lifestyle change you know you need to make?
The worst thing you can do right now is make excuses, procrastinate, and put things off.
So you need to clearly answer the question “if not now, then when?”
I can tell you right now that NOW IS THE TIME!
I would like to leave you with a few more short but simple tips on this topic.
You have a goal in mind right now. Putting off that goal is the best way to make sure you never
reach it. This is true for any goal you set, regardless of whether or not it is a fitness goal. If you
put it off, you will fail. If you take action today, you will succeed. It is as simple as that. You
know what you need to do, so stop putting it off!
You need to accept responsibility for where you are at right now and how you got there. If you
truly want to make changes in your life, now is the time to break free. Once you accept FULL
responsibility for where you are at, you will realize that you can make a difference and you can
do this. Don’t blame the world for you being overweight. I understand the world didn’t help
with all these fast food joints and whatnot, but you are the one who made the decision to eat it.
You are the only one who controls your decision. You make your own destiny, now what kind of
destiny will you CHOOSE to create?
You need to be willing to accept changes. The fact that you have made it this far into this book
shows me that you truly do want to change. This is a great start, it shows me that you have what
it takes and you have the drive and motivation to change. But will this motivation last in a week
from now? A month from now? How about a year from now? It will last if you keep going and
don’t give up. If you can stay motivated and trust that the scale will move in your favor week
after week, it will all work out!
Forget about your own limitations, they don’t exist! For the most part, we make up limitations in
our own mind. If you think you can’t do this because of your genetics, or because you simply
“can’t motivate yourself” you are wrong. I don’t care what your excuse is, if you follow this 7
week guide and then use it to change your lifestyle, you will lose weight. It’s as simple as that.
People that ignore their limitations are the ones who are successful. Those who focus on their
limitations are the ones who fail. Keep a positive attitude, stay motivated, and ignore your
limitations. There is no way you can fail!
Thanks for taking the time to read all the way through this. Hopefully by now you can see
weight loss really isn’t that hard and that you have what it takes! Now is your time, this is the
moment, what are you going to do?
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