Program - Packbridge Research Forum 2015, May 7 , Lund, Sweden

Program - Packbridge Research Forum 2015, May 7th,
Lund, Sweden - a conference dedicated to packaging
This is the fifth consecutive year we are arranging a conference around packaging
research. The conference is taking place in Lund, Sweden, where leading
universities and top research organisations will present their latest research.
Don't miss this conference where the academy and the industry meet.
We are looking forward to a full day of exciting research projects. These are projects
that will give us a hint of what we can expect from future packaging solutions. On
May the 7th we will her more about:
Completely new materials that are being developed
Biodegradable polymers with superior barrier qualities
Printing technology as well as about labels and migration
Nano technology and about the possibilities with graphene
Consumer’s present and future view of the shopping experience
Apart from this we will also cover value creation through packaging and what we can
expect from the soon completed ESS project or the European Spallation Source.
Please see the full program below and visit the dedicated web site for more information. For any questions
please contact Felix Helander at [email protected]
Program, Packbridge Research Forum, Medicon Village, May 7 2015
08.30 Registration
09.00 The conference is opened by Per-Stefan Gersbro
Nanotechnology adding value to packaging
Lars Samuelson, Professor, Nanometer Structure Consortium, Lund University
Can hemicellulose based foams be used for packaging materials?
Anna Bergstrand, PhD; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Chalmers
Three phases and three visual search patterns in an in-store decision process
Jesper Clement, Research Assistant, Copenhagen Business School
10.30 Networking Break
11.00 Can you print functionality only where it is needed on packages?
Peter Rättö, Associate Professor, Innventia
Worthless or something to create value from…?
Annika Olsson, Professor, Faculty of Engineering, LTH, Lund University
Graphene – the packaging industry’s material of the future?
Helena Theander, Programme Manager SIO Graphene, Chalmers &
Niklas Lorén, Associate Professor, SP Food and Bioscience
12.30 Networking Lunch
13.30 Protein based materials: designing new packaging options with desired functions
Ramune Kuktaite Assistant Professor & Bill Newson, PhD student candidate,
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
VTT barrier polymer for retort packs
Jouni Lattu, Key Account Manager, Packaging, VTT
Alternative consumption practices: On crafting confessions and the creative
Cecilia Fredriksson, Professor, Campus Helsingborg, Lund University
15.00 Networking Break
15.30 Packaging research at Danish Technological Institute in Copenhagen
Søren Østergaard, Section Director Packaging and Transport, DTI
“Paper labels based on water-based pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs)
– migration of components and effect of tack and shear resistance”
Marie Ernstsson, Area Manager/Project manager, SP Technical Research Institute
Packaging materials research at neutron and synchrotron sources: MAX IV and ESS
Axel Steuwer, Business Development Manager, Invest in Skåne
17.00 End of day