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Spring 2014 Newsletter
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Dental Implants
Thorpe Dental Group have, been providing
Dental Implants at their Woodthorpe site for
a number of years. Implant dentists, Kris
Leeson and Barbie Devall are dedicated to
providing the highest quality of service,
using the latest technology including an
onsite CT scanner to assist in case planning
What are dental implants?
Dental implants are a permanent way of
replacing missing teeth. Implants are small
titanium screws which are placed in the jaw
bone. They can then be used to attach
different restorations, such as crowns,
bridges or dentures. Implants can look, feel
and work just like natural teeth.
Can everyone have dental implants?
Anyone who has missing teeth can be
considered for dental implants. A
consultation with your implant dentist will be
required to assess your suitability for implant
How long does the treatment take?
The complexity of the treatment required
will determine the treatment time, however
simple cases can often be completed within
3-6 months.
How much do dental implants cost?
Each implant case is individual and as such
costs vary. Implants have often been proven
to be more cost effective in the long term
than other methods of tooth replacement
which often require costly adjustments or
replacement. Our initial consultation fee is
from £105 (including x-rays)
Crowns and veneers while you wait
We are pleased to announce that on the
6th December 2013 Dr Kris Leeson and
his team at Thorpe Dental Group were
officially crowned Best Team and Best
Practice North East at the prestigious
Dentistry Awards in Leicester.
What is CEREC?
CEREC is a dental restoration that allows
dental practitioners to produce ceramic
dental restorations using 3D photography.
CEREC allows the dental practitioner to
produce a new crown, veneer, onlay or inlay
within an hour- a procedure that would
normally take up to two weeks!
What Is Six Month Smiles Short
Term Orthodontic Treatment?
Six Month Smiles® short term
orthodontic treatment is a modern twist
on tried-and-true orthodontics.
Six Month Smiles has taken the best
aspects of braces and modified the
treatment and the materials to give
adults a cosmetic solution that fits
your lifestyle.
Average treatment times of only
six months
Six Month Smiles clear brackets
and tooth coloured wires are
barely visible
Use of braces has shown to
provide the most conservative and
predictable final result
Low forces and short overall
orthodontic treatment times
Six Month Smiles is typically less
expensive than traditional braces,
aligner therapy, or veneers.
How does it work?
Instead of the traditional method of using
dental putty to create an impression, CEREC
creates a 3D model of the tooth using a
highly sensitive camera. Once this has been
created, it is sent to an onsite milling
machine which fabricates the tooth from a
ceramic block- a process which takes
anywhere form 6-30 minutes.
Ceramic blocks come in a wide range of
shades and will be selected to match the
colour of the surrounding teeth
What are the benefits of CEREC?
Protects and preserves your own
tooth's structural integrity
Ceramics are bio-compatible
Only one appointment
Perfect looks, quality and comfort
Long lasting and durable
Inman Aligners Promo Price of £999 (normally £1800)
If you fancy a change to your smile, why not book a consultation with Dr Gwyneth Morris at our Bishopthorpe or Copmanthorpe practice to see if you are
Consultations are £34, and are redeemable against the Promo Price if you are suitable.
For further information on Inman Aligners, look at our Treatment page, or click on the following link to take you to the Inman Aligner website:
Membership Options @ Thorpe Dental Group
Full Membership Plan £13.00 per month*
Every six months, our members are entitled to:
Dental appointment, including a clinical examination, a check for signs of oral cancer and routine x-rays
Hygiene appointment, to provide a full clean of the teeth and gums and advice on how to keep your mouth healthy
20% discount on any laboratory-based treatments required, i.e. crowns, bridges and dentures
20% discount on any fillings
20% discount on many other treatments (extractions, etc)
20% discount on additional hygiene care
Worldwide Dental Trauma Insurance to protect against the cost of large unforeseen accidental damage
Emergency Callout Insurance should you need a dentist in an emergency, anywhere in the world
Redundancy protection for your monthly payments for up to 12 months
And there’s more...
Treatment planning to promote good oral health
Flexible appointments times
Exclusive offers from well-known brands via our Practiceplan Perks website.
Hygiene Plan £20.00 per month*
Those members who would like more regular and extended access to dental care, we have a Hygiene Plan. This includes all the membership benefits of the
Full Membership Plan but your loyalty benefits are extended so that you will be eligible for a hygiene appointment after three consecutive monthly payments,
therefore entitling you to up to four hygiene visits per year.
Community Plan Membership £6.50 per month*
Members of the Community Plan Membership will receive all benefits as for the Dental Care Plan, but will receive a dental appointment every six months.
(This does not cover hygiene appointments.)
Denture Care Plan £3.95 per month*
Members who have full dentures are entitled to an annual examination to check the soft tissue. Members will receive 20% discount on denture repairs and
new dentures, as well as receiving the same insurance benefits as patients on the Full Membership Plan.