Immigration Issues 2015 - Sisters of the Precious Blood

Immigration Issues 2015:
How Does Christ Call Us to
St. Vincent Ferrer Parish
Sunday, April 12, 12:15- 1:45 P.M.
Hamilton Hall
Sunday, April 12, following the 11:00 AM mass, St. Vincent Ferrer will
host Sr. Mary Wendeln, a Sister of the Precious Blood, and some
of the immigrant friends with whom she ministers. Sr. Wendeln
has spent a career serving the needs of immigrants, near the borders of
the United States, in the Washington D.C. area, and recently at Su
Casa Ministry in Cincinnati.
Sister and her friends will share some of the challenges faced in their
lives and explain some of the recent changes in federal policies
regarding immigrants. The presentation will include how the Gospel
calls us to treat foreigners and refugees, and how our collective identity
as Catholic affects our response to the crisis that some of these people
face. This program is intended to be Catholic, and not political. All
participants will be called upon to respect each other as Jesus might.
Light refreshments served before the presentation.