Jan. 17, 2014 Dear School Families:

Jan. 17, 2014
Dear School Families:
“Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service!”
It’s that time again! Today in the Wednesday Envelope postings you will find all
the information you need to have a wonderful, fun- and faith-filled Catholic
Schools Week! Catholic Schools Week begins Sunday, Jan. 26 and goes
through Friday, Jan. 31.
We know we have provided a lot of information, but please take a moment to
look over the material and print those needed and/or refer to it later, as this is the
one week out of the year when every day is a celebration of our Catholic school
education. We have lots of activities and events planned and we hope your
children find each day special.
Parents, grandparents, other family members…we start the week cordially
inviting you to join us for 9 a.m. mass on Sunday, Jan. 26! Please know you are
invited to join us for all the week’s activities. Come celebrate with us!
Our hope is this week will celebrate our school, our students, their families and
our faith, knowing there are others across the United States doing the very same
thing this week (although we think they don’t have nearly as much fun as we do)!
Please review the itinerary posted today for each day’s plans. A checklist is
provided in the packet to help. Remember, if you have a child or children in
grades 5K-8 you MUST return permission slips in order for them to participate in
Friday’s bowling.
We wish all of you a wonderful Catholic Schools Week!
Your 2014 Catholic Schools Week Committee
Janet Masters (leader) ~ Brittany Coleman ~ Tara Darga ~
Meg Goss ~ Tisa Kirschner ~ Megan Mathison ~ Michelle Mechler ~
Michelle Probst ~ Janna Studts-Wirth ~ Ann McNally (teacher advisor)