Maternity services Other services include Bookings

Other services include
Breastfeeding clinic
Pastoral Services
Room service, in addition to normal meals
Maternity services
Once the decision has been made to have a baby at
St John of God Hospital Subiaco, your obstetrician
will make the booking. More detailed information
about the Maternity Unit services will be sent when
your booking is confirmed.
Our highly experienced and specialised team in the
Raphael Centre provide a family centred service
which offers support and information for parents
affected by anxiety or depression during pregnancy,
or, in the two years following the birth of their baby.
St John of God Hospital, Subiaco is
located on Salvado Road, just west of the
Mitchell Freeway Vincent and Powis Street exits.
For parents, the following services include:
Telephone support and information –
1300 306 828
Individual therapy and assessment
Postnatal anxiety and depression therapeutic
Parent-infant therapeutic programs
Referral to the Raphael Centre from a Medical
Practitioner is not always required. Some services
attract a fee, which may be rebatable through
Medicare. Please telephone the Centre on 1300 306
828 for further information.
12 Salvado Road Subiaco WA 6008
Tel: 61 8 9382 6111 Fax: 61 8 9381 7180 Email: [email protected]
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Published July 2008
Our facilities
St John of God Health Care is a leading provider
of Catholic hospitals, diagnostic and outreach
services, basing its care on the values of Hospitality,
Compassion, Respect, Justice and Excellence.
Maternity services
St John of God Health
Care, a leading
provider of Catholic
Health Care, bases its
care on the Christian
Values of Hospitality,
Respect, Justice and
Excellence. The birth
of a baby is a joyous
occasion. As one of
Australia’s leading
private hospitals, we have a long-standing reputation
for holistic care, complemented by the most advanced
medical technology.
Our Maternity Unit, which has been operating for
over 62 years, has an outstanding reputation. The
Unit is supported by Western Australia’s leading
obstetricians and caters for the full range of birthing
needs. As approaches to pregnancy and birth
have changed in the community, the hospital has
responded accordingly to ensure that our patients
receive first class care in relaxed and friendly
We deliver more than 3,000 babies each year, and
our team is committed to ensuring that the birth of
each baby is a truly wonderful experience.
Healthy Pregnancy Seminar
This free educational seminar should be attended
as early in pregnancy as possible. The seminars
are run in the evening and provide a wide variety
of information on pregnancy and beyond. The
seminar is presented by Parent Education
Midwives, Clinical Psychologists and a Women’s
Health Physiotherapist. Bookings are necessary.
Delivery Suite
Our Delivery Suite provides a safe and supportive
birthing environment where the individual preferences
of parents are acknowledged, including a family
birthing suite which provides a home-like atmosphere.
The Delivery Suite also includes a dedicated
obstetric theatre to ensure there is no delay should
an emergency arise. We recognise that the birth of a
baby is an important event for the family and strongly
encourage partners and/or support persons to stay
during labour.
Parent Education Program
Our Parent Education Department offers the
most comprehensive Parent Education service in
Australia, assisting you through the journey from
early pregnancy to supporting you as first time
parents in the 12 months following your baby’s
birth. Our evening and day parenting courses cover
all aspects of labour, breastfeeding and parenting
skills and include classes for grandparents.
Antenatal/Postnatal Wards
Our antenatal and postnatal wards are staffed with
experienced midwives and nurses who are able
to assist with mothercrafting skills. We also have
specialist lactation consultants available to offer
advice should there be difficulties with breastfeeding.
After the birth, we continue to provide support with
a choice of mothers groups depending on specific
needs, eg for new mothers, multiple births and solo
mums. The Parent Education department is located
adjacent to the main hospital, in St John of God
The antenatal/postnatal wards consist of all private
rooms, many with double beds. Each room has
television, telephone, en-suite ,tea/coffee making
facilities, fridge and baby care facilities to make the
stay in hospital as comfortable as possible. Partners
are able to stay overnight if desired.
Maternity Unit Tour
Neonatal Unit
The Neonatal Unit is a high dependency, level 2
nursery, which provides specialised care for babies
from 32 weeks gestation. Premature babies, born
before 37 weeks gestation, and unwell babies are
clinically assessed and cared for in the Unit until
they are able to be transferred to the postnatal ward.
Home Services
For those electing for early postnatal discharge
from hospital, our Home Services department have
midwives available to provide postnatal care for
mother and baby in the home environment.
A tour of the Maternity Unit takes place on
Sundays at 2pm. The tour, commencing in the
hospital foyer, is conducted by a midwife and visits
all departments in the Maternity Unit. Partners and
support people are welcome. Bookings are not
necessary for this tour.