Oprah Winfrey

The Indra Report for
Oprah Winfrey
January 29, 1954
7:50 PM Standard time
Jackson, Mississippi
Latitude 32 N 17 55 Longitude 90 W 11 05
GMT: 01:50:00 Time Zone: 6 hours West. Tropical Zodiac
This Report called INDRA (Version 1.7) creates a psychological mirror of your life, by interpreting the
astronomical symbols present at your moment of birth using a large amount of prewritten text. INDRA describes
your basic motivations, perceptions, inclinations, and character from a number of different perspectives giving a
highly accurate composite view of your life. Your contradictory urges and drives as well as your chief focuses
are described in INDRA. You will understand yourself better by studying this material. Your INDRA report
provides guidelines for personal improvement and self discovery. Your life can improve quickly and dramatically
if you apply the suggestions given here. By raising your aims and expectations you can obtain a deeper selfunderstanding and thereby resolve your inner conflicts and contradictions. INDRA is not meant as a substitute
for astrological consultations, therapy, or the study of astrology; it is an interactive tool to enhance these things.
Truly, INDRA provides a foundation for self-understanding.
The INDRA Report is divided into Twelve sections or chapters, reflecting the Twelve basic areas of your life.
The Structure and Intent of Your Life
A. Hemisphere and Quadrant Emphasis
B. Elements and Modes Balanced
C. Ascendant and Midheaven.
D. The Conjunctions
II. THE SUN - Your ego structure.
III. THE MOON - Your personal life.
MERCURY - Your mental life.
VENUS - Your love nature.
MARS - Your energy.
VII. JUPITER - Your values.
VIII. SATURN - Your obligations.
URANUS - Your search for freedom.
NEPTUNE - Your spiritual aspirations and ideals.
PLUTO - Your need for fundamental change.
XII. Summation
A. Your Uniqueness.
B. Your Easiest Areas.
C. Your Most Persistent Difficulties.
D. The Growth Aspects.
E. The Declinations.
F. Your Karmic Direction.
Compliments of Debra Anne Clement, Astrologer
SECTION I. The Structure and Intent of Your Life.
There are four items of general interest that we want to take up here in Section I: A) Hemisphere and Quadrant
Emphasis, B) Elements and Modes, C) The Ascendant and Midheaven, and D) The Conjunctions. These four
categories give us an intelligent overview of how you structure personal experience and what you aim for in life.
This general patterning gives us a context to understand the specific personal meaning of the material in Sections
2 through 11.
A. Hemisphere and Quadrant Emphasis
The different areas of life are laid out in the horoscope by spatial territories called houses. These areas of life
show interests and general involvements for each person. These areas can be grouped together for a vast
overview of most basic inclinations of the person. The most useful general groupings of houses is into
hemispheres and quadrants. Emphasis in a hemisphere or quadrant shows a particularly strong focus toward life
from that perspective.
1. Hemisphere
The horoscope can be split into 2 equal parts, either horizontally (giving us the upper and lower hemispheres) or
vertically (giving us the right and left hemispheres). The Upper Hemisphere shows the outer, more extroverted
side of the personality, the Lower Hemisphere shows the more introverted and hidden side of the personality. In
the Left Hemisphere planets are rising and this shows action. In the Right Hemisphere planets are setting and this
shows reaction.
Most planets Below the Horizon
You have the majority of your planets below the horizon showing that you need time each day in isolation in
order to recharge your batteries. You have a personal approach to life, preferring to work with people more
than things and needing contact with the familiar in order to feel secure.
Most Planets Rising
You have the majority of your planets on the eastern half (or left-hand side) of your chart showing that you take
great pains to be sure that you are free to act as you wish in life. Freedom of movement and expression are
important to you. You have a strong feeling that you make your own destiny.
2. Quadrant
The two ways of splitting the horoscope into hemispheres can be applied simultaneously giving us four quadrants.
The FIRST is called the quadrant of personality. The SECOND is called the quadrant of the environment. The
THIRD is called the quadrant of relationship. The FOURTH is called the quadrant of service.
Most Planets in the Second Quadrant
You have the majority of your planets in the second quadrant showing that you will seek out the life experience
that increases your sense of belonging, your sense of connectedness, your sense of personal expression. You
aim to develop a more secure and meaningful social life that offers a wide spectrum of emotional expression and
unfoldment. You desire to create.
B. Elements and Modes
The Elements and Modes show what we aim for in life. They show our broadest focus and in the most general
sense, how we go about achieving our goals.
1. Elements
The four elements (fire, earth, air and water) are the most comprehensive inventory of the personality that we
have. Everything in the universe including the human personality can be examined in terms of the four elements.
FIRE is your basic enthusiastic urge, EARTH shows your concern for the material world, AIR is the element of
abstract thought, WATER is your empathy impulse. Fire and earth are primitive and focus on the self. Air and
water are derivative and focused on others. Fire and air are naturally extrovert, optimistic, active, and freedom
oriented. Earth and water are basically introvert, pessimistic, passive, and security oriented.
You have 20% of your chart in the fire element showing that you have an awareness of how much energy you
lack that others seem to have. Still, you have plenty of enthusiasm and stamina prevalent. You go toward each
project with a certain amount of pre-selectivity. You are always prompted to do more, primarily because you
don't trust that you are doing enough. In the long run, this single characteristic guaranties you accomplish much in
You have no earth in your chart. This means that the material world and its difficulties are not much of a focus
for you. The resources in your life come and go without giving you a great deal of concern. You can always
locate money or its equivalent when you are truly interested.
You have a large volume of air in your chart. You are a true people person. You like connecting people with
people, people with ideas, and ideas with ideas. You are interested in everything and may find yourself studying
many subjects at once and taking great interest and pleasure in things other people find irrelevant. You may end
up being very trivial in your perspective on life even though your scope of vision is vast. Still, others find you
gregarious and pleasant. Avoid procrastinating on projects and chores. Gathering more data is no substitute for
action. When your house, existing in this material plane, is on fire, don't collect more data, GET OUT.
You have 30% of your chart in the water element. The emotional content of your chart is so strong that it is
never a neutral ingredient in your life. How you are able to integrate this quality of empathy into the rest of your
personality traits will determine how well you will mingle with others. Learning good relationship skills early in
life is very important to your proper adjustment and socialization to life and your culture.
2. Modes
The three modes are CARDINAL, FIXED, and MUTABLE. The modes of expression show how you act out
your urges in the world. They represent your most basic responding mechanism toward all of life experience.
The cardinal planets show direct expression in physical action, leadership ability and strength. The fixed mode
planets in your chart show reaction, consistency, persistency, endurance and stubbornness. The mutable planets
in your chart show synthesis, blending, malleableness, thought, forethought, debate and wisdom. The following
statements show the way the three modes manifest in your life.
You have 20% of your chart in the cardinal mode showing that you are capable of both leading and following.
You know how to assert your point of view or execute someone else's. Your preference is to follow someone
else's lead and embark on your own path only when you feel it is necessary.
A tremendous amount of your chart is in the fixed mode. You have endurance. Whether a course of action is
good or bad you are more likely to stay with it than change. The principle of inertia is with you. When you rest,
you have real difficulty getting going. When you are in motion, you have real difficulty stopping or even changing
directions (even slightly). People find you a loyal friend and a tenacious enemy.
You have 20% of your chart in the mutable mode. Your natural preference is to act or stay put when a
circumstance of significance arises in your life. When important ingredients in your life are beyond your control
you are capable of making deep and meaningful adjustments even though this is not your first choice.
C. The Ascendant and Midheaven (Signs and Aspects)
1. The Ascendant
The ascendant is symbolic of our relationship to our immediate environment. This is the point rising in the east
when we are born. One manifestation of our immediate environment is our physical body. The physical
environment includes our body, our surroundings and our emotional and mental states. Thus, the ascendant tells
us how our inner core expresses itself, and how we take in information from others and the universe generally.
The sign rising in your horoscope tells us the type of energy you are processing, the type of physical body that
you have for doing the processing and the natural inclinations you have in the personal arena in life. The planets
in aspect to your ascendant tell us the kind of energy and stamina you have as natural allies in life. The ascendant
is opposite the seventh house cusp (the place where we meet others and the world). This axis (ascendantdescendant) is how we clarify ourselves through relationships. Planets in aspect to this axis indicate the types of
people and the types of relationships we seek as well as how and why we seek them.
You are focused on service to others and have a tendency to idealize anyone you are involved with. You are a
good worker and very productive when your eye for detail and criticism don't slow you down to the point of
making advancement difficult. Before taking on the particulars of a situation you should clarify your desires and
ideals, as well as decide on a path of action and method of implementation; then, your life is productive, happy,
and organized. When your feelings about yourself are too insecure you have the bad habit of looking out into life
and trying to see what is possible, rather than looking into your self and seeing what you really want. Under
these circumstances the details explode in front of your sight in a way that can easily lead you to the belief or
feeling that you're beaten before you start. Your picture of yourself and of life are inherently attached to
achievement and usefulness. Generally, you do best in life by starting projects small where you can control all the
key variables and expand outwardly from there.
Sun Quincunx the Ascendant
Others do not see you as clearly as you would like. This can lead to misunderstanding and frustrations. Don't be
shy about asserting yourself, but, know that it takes much effort to get your true message across to others.
Moon Square the Ascendant
You express your feelings in a way that can lead to misunderstandings and arguments. Some of the
misunderstanding comes from communication difficulties and some of it comes from being at odds with others
emotionally. Your personal life can improve when you make allowances for emotional differences between
people in your community of family, friends, and lovers. You make your mark on the public consciousness, but
your conflict between what you are doing and what you think you are doing stops this from being consistently
positive. You have conflicting needs. In order to move forward, you must be free to act, unencumbered by
other people's judgments. You need to be connected to the thinking of those around you in order to see
accurately where you are going. This conflict is real but resolvable through emotional balance and practice.
Worry less about whether or not others understand your intentions. Don't let difficulties in your daily routines
stop you from completing your obligations.
Venus Quincunx the Ascendant
You reach for an unattainable beauty. Your quest for a higher ideal becomes more fulfilling as you get older and
learn patience which is the key to moving from escapist confusion to powerful and enriching expression of your
love nature.
Jupiter Square the Ascendant
Misplaced idealism and inflated expectations of life and of others can lead you in circles and away from your
goals. You are lucky but need a consistent and realistic direction to have this count for something.
Overindulgence can get you into trouble. Too much of anything, even the "good life", can get in the way of selfknowledge. Learn to be satisfied with what you have and you are successful. Learn to moderate your social life
and you will find relationships more meaningful.
Saturn Sextile the Ascendant
Reliability, integrity, and self-discipline are three of your positive virtues. Patience and determination help you
make progress toward any chosen goal. Since you take responsibility for what you do, you find it necessary to
work by yourself at times. You can only relate fully to others when you feel good about yourself, which in turn
revolves around feeling productive. People can rely on you and they come to know this.
Neptune Semi-Square the Ascendant
Your sensitivity and ideals give you an innocence and beauty that others like, although you tend to be naive. You
believe in the strangest things and may end up being taken advantage of by others because you are gullible. You
are kind, but your judgment is often poor. Learn more and more to see the world and people as they are, not as
they could be.
2. The Midheaven
The Midheaven is the high point in your chart. It indicates what you aspire for, what you see as your duty, and
what authority and limits are about. Because of this basic meaning the Midheaven indicates how you live out
your social station and what you do for your career. The point opposite the Midheaven is the fourth house cusp,
referred to as the nadir, which is the indication of our roots, our heritage. This axis (Midheaven-Nadir) indicates
the way we grow in life. The sign on the Midheaven shows our basic energy and approach toward dealing with
the world. Planets in aspect to the Midheaven show qualities of our inner being that we wish to contribute to the
world and that we wish to be fulfilled through our interaction with the outer world.
You enjoy work that supplies you with lots of opportunity to express yourself and have love of variety. The truth
may be an illusive ingredient and you may struggle to see things "as they are" rather than as you wish them to be.
Sun Trine Midheaven
Your bright and confident demeanor brings success in life. You have a powerful need to have a job that
expresses your true personality. There is a dramatic quality that goes into all that you do. You are given a
position of leadership several times in life without having to really earn it. You convey to people that you are
capable of handling responsibility and authority. This happens because of who you are more than by what you
Moon Applying Opposition to Midheaven and unafflicted.
You grow through changes that are instinctive and out of your immediate control. Your family of origin affected
your emotional development profoundly. You will have a period of life where you go through many changes of
residence. You are known by the general public at some point.
Venus Trine Midheaven
Your timing and sense of social grace really facilitate your getting along with others. You like working with
people and have a gentle side of your personality that emerges in career. You will long for some artistic
Jupiter Applying Conjunction to Midheaven and unafflicted.
You have a lighthearted bouncy quality that gives levity to your administrative skills. You are helped by people in
positions of authority who recognize your potential. Others have confidence in you. Your self-confidence is
contagious and helps others feel better about themselves.
Saturn Quincunx the Midheaven
The pressures of life can weigh on you, especially in youth. Learning to handle your obligations in a timely and
limiting manner is very important part of coming to understand what your life is really about. You have a well
developed social conscience that is not always attuned to your desires. Frustrating compromises are necessary
until you start fashioning your desires into a mold of social responsibility and awareness. From this point on there
is no conflict between your culture, social vision and your personal destiny. You take pleasure in fulfilling your
own goals as they are in step with your social picture.
Uranus Semi-Square Midheaven
You prefer to make your own rules and then to consider yourself an exception to them. You go through several
changes of direction which makes your life interesting and exciting but does stop you from making consistent
progress toward your goals. You trade security and acquisition for personal freedom.
Neptune Sesquiquadrate Midheaven
You have big ideas but it is quite difficult for you to see them through to some satisfactory conclusion. You may
be chasing a level of perfection or ideal in life that never gets any closer to manifesting, no matter how hard you
work toward it. This is because your ideal can only exist in a non-tangible realm.
D. The Conjunctions.
A Conjunction occurs when two planets are in the same immediate area of the Zodiac. The conjunctions in your
chart show central linkings of basic energies in your life. When one area (represented by a planet) expresses
itself, it brings along the other area (represented by the other planet). When you are studying the rest of this
printout of your life, keep in mind that linking of these energies is a central theme in your life and these areas
should be studied together.
Sun Conjunct Venus
Think of Sections II. THE SUN - Your ego structure, and V. VENUS - Your love nature, as a single unit.
These two very primary ingredients of your being express themselves together. Whatever affects one of them
affects both of them. This Conjunction represents a central theme in your life.
SECTION II. The SUN - Your Ego Structure
The Sun is the center of the solar system. All life revolves around it within this sphere. In the same way, the ego
is the center of personal identity and gives integration and continuity to individual experience. In this sense, it
might be said that the Sun shows character. This is the fixed pillar at the center of the person around which all
else circulates or revolves.
The sign placement of the Sun shows the center of the individual's basic character. The sign of the Sun is the
most primary indicator of the forms of experience you are attracted to. Further, this most important placement
shows how and why you are attracted to these experiences.
The house placement of the Sun sign shows the primary area of expression for the individual in life. There is a
psychological, emotional, and physical significance to the house placement of the Sun. Aspects to the Sun show
ways that the core of the personality are linked to other component elements in the individual's life. Aspects to
the Sun have a deep and overriding significance in the life of the individual and are generally more important,
more prominent than other aspects in the chart.
You are a humanitarian and an individualist. Your methodology in life tends to be unconventional and detached
but you have good organizing skills. You know how to integrate several points of view and perspectives. You
are a good coordinator, able to handle people and complex scheduling tasks. You have an overview, an
intellectual synthesis of circumstances which doesn't lose track of priorities and first principles. You seek the
truth in any situation, but it sometimes eludes you; the truth is often found in more emotional channels than the
ones on which you automatically focus. If your life is to have depth, You will need to develop both your practical
skills an well as your emotional skills.
Sun in 5th house
You seek out situations which bring you self-expression. You eke out self-definition through some ability to
present yourself to others. An aura of the dramatic moves with you and colors all that you do. You have a
strong presence and others tend to gravitate towards you.
Sun in 5th house Unafflicted
The urge to create may bring you the opportunity to perform for others. One success builds on another as your
confidence grows. You have an instinctive feel for what pleases others.
You are like the proverbial cat that always lands on its feet. You harvest experience and store it away. It
becomes an asset. You have a natural instinct for seeing your own limits and the limits of a situation. You gauge
your commitment, your involvement, and your energy well. Generally, you have enough of whatever you need to
get the job done in life. This is perhaps the nicest and most productive influence to find in a horoscope.
You have a skill for finding solutions to difficult problems. Your natural method for finding remedies to issues at
hand usually requires some compromise from all concerned. You inner poise is a good starting point for any
project. You have a way of making sure both your ego drives and emotional needs are addressed.
You have a magnetic charm to which people are naturally attracted. People like you. Your inner knowledge of
people aids greatly in getting along with others. Because you have a second sense for what to say to people, you
need to guard against mere people-pleasing, which can reduce your diplomatic skills to some form of selfseeking manipulation. You are aesthetic and have a certain inclination toward all that is beautiful. You were
thought of as a cute child; if your interests in self refinement are cultivated in your adult years, you become a truly
beautiful person.
You are lucky and optimistic. You are frank and direct with people without being hurtful. You are responsible
and benevolent and can see how to get things done. You go through several changes in life which leave you in
improved circumstances.
OK, you are genuinely lucky. Others want to hop on your "bandwagon" when you move toward a goal. You
have the ability to turn one win into another, creating incredible momentum. You know how to create enthusiasm
and excitement for any project while at the same time having fun.
Your restrictions are largely self-created. You find your fears and your ego drives getting in each other's way.
The result can be that you are overly cautious. Self-control can be so overdone that you become difficult to live
with or work with. A defeatist attitude can grow out of being too conservative. Strive to be responsible and still
see the world in a positive light. As you become more trusting you overcome your propensity to back illconceived plans that stem from pessimism and desperation.
You are a loner by nature. You can be disciplined but your seriousness and reserve can easily turn into
depression. You are most successful when you put the past, with its hurts and disappointments, behind you.
Your skills, drives, and instincts work toward your advantage when you overcome negative expectations.
SECTION III. The MOON - Your Personal Life.
The Moon inscribes a circle around the earth. It moves more swiftly than other astronomical bodies and thus
represents day to day and moment to moment movements, adjustments and preoccupations. The Moon is the
symbol of the personal life which is molded and shaped by our environment, by events, and by social and familial
expectations. Further, the Moon shows our responses to life which are based on our past habits, experiences,
our heritage and our individual and collective cravings.
The sign placement of the Moon shows how you project yourself to the general public, how the instinctive and
imaginative component of your mind operates, how you express your feelings and your most general experiences
of your family and mother.
The house placement of the Moon shows how and where you make day to day adjustments. Further, it shows
the things you are most interested in dealing with in order to gain emotional equilibrium.
The aspects of the Moon show the general characteristics of the personality that are emphasized. Planets in
aspect to the Moon are symbolic of qualities in the personality that are used instinctively, habitually and with a
high degree of versatility.
You see yourself as a person of real consequence. Your imagination is thrust into action with very little
prompting. You are warm and have fun-loving relationships for the most part, but you are very independent.
You like to explore, travel, learn and disseminate knowledge. You are an honorable person who is having a life
of developing a higher intuition through the gathering of experience.
Moon in 4th house
When you are at home you have the desire to shut out the rest of the world. You strive to create a sense of
security in the home and family early in life. You will return to this instinctive orientation to life any time your
situation becomes too splintered or too abstract.
Moon in 4th house Unafflicted
Several times in life you find yourself moving based on some instinctive impression. You have the uncanny ability
to be at the right place at the right time. Safety for you is a strong motivator. You envision this coming about by
returning to how things used to be as you have a strong, instinctive attachment to your childhood. This can be a
great asset as you go through the many changes that are required of you in life.
Your Moon in aspect to your Sun is a central feature of you life. This aspect is the primary indicator of your basic
energy. We talked about this aspect in the Section II. The Sun - Your Ego Structure.
You have a naturally pleasing manner. You seem to know what people expect and how to present yourself.
Women often play a key role in your life because you really understand them instinctively. You are a gentle
person preferring diplomacy to confrontation. Your grace and elegance puts others at ease.
You have a special understanding and appreciation for the gentle, receptive and harmony seeking aspect of life.
Because of this quality every relationship contains some happiness and satisfaction for you. Marriage is a special
mechanism for growth. You have a good imagination, good artistic skills, and empathy; all of which keeps you
attuned to the public at large, who in turn generally supports you. Your ease in social relationships, natural charm,
and graciousness gives a pleasantness to the way you present yourself.
You may suffer from pretending to be something that you are not. Avoid overstatement and exaggeration.
Arrogance can stop you from correcting yourself when you are in an untenable position. Don't take yourself or
life too seriously and you will find a lighthearted sense of humor that will ease your difficulties. See self-indulgence
as an enemy to be avoided and luck will find you.
Public support fluctuates a great amount in your life. First you can't get enough, then you get too much.
Harnessing other people's enthusiasm to your projects is always problematic. If you have a good compromise
between public and private life you may accomplish a lot of your dreams without having to "walk the plank" when
the public withdraws support.
You are emotionally sensitive to others and very idealistic. Your values and beliefs may be at odds with the status
quo. As a matter of fact, they may be just odd. Don't promote an ideal or value that occurs to you without
doing a thorough probe of your own deeper emotional motivations. You may find that you are wasting your time
building bridges between two nonexistent points. The way out of this dilemma is to demand grounding of your
ideas in the day to day workings of your own life. You may suffer from time to time from a desire to do certain
things which you are also afraid of. You need to work hard at getting continuity between your values and your
day to day life. Avoid escapist actions that act as compensation for feeling incapable or unworthy.
Your ideals get in the way of integrating your practical experience. On an everyday pattern, flights of fancy can
destroy a project if you aren't careful and attentive as to how your moods influence your judgment.
SECTION IV. MERCURY - Your Mental Life.
Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. From the viewpoint of the earth it seems to dart back and forth across
the face of the Sun, having three retrograde cycles a year. Mercury is the planet of your mental life. It shows
how you receive, process and disseminate information. The sign placement of Mercury shows your basic attitude
and mental habits. The aspects of Mercury show your scope of vision and your methods for accomplishing
You are an original thinker. You move into an abstract realm with the ease of a pioneer walking over well-worn
trails. Although your outlook is comprehensive, you need to be sure that you don't lose sight of the verifiable and
the empirical. You have a clever manner of expression that can captivate others but you are attached to
accuracy and this need can give your expression a certain weighty, stilted characteristic. You adjust to
circumstances in an asynchronous way. Even you don't know how you will respond to change; you realize this,
but don't see it as a problem. Although your thinking is spontaneous and creative it is more fixed and stubborn
than you or others recognize. Having an open mind is an important value for you. You feel that to keep your
options open for change only makes sense and to do differently would be to miss something important.
Mercury in 6th house
You generally want to keep checking your facts. You recognize the value of understanding how things operate.
Thus, you may strive to increase your technical and practical knowledge. You may have some special interest in
Mercury in 6th house Unafflicted
You have good manual dexterity and instinctual sense for what will work and what will not. Good work habits
and a positive belief in your ability give you a competitive edge on the job.
You can be a tireless worker and powerful promoter of a cause. You like working with instruments and
machinery and have some mechanical aptitude. Your temper can be problematic, getting you into squabbles and
disagreements where there doesn't have to be any. You have difficulty being either a diplomat or a leader so you
are best to define your own work and territory and stick to it. Learn to take a break when things don't go your
way, rather than becoming angry and frustrated.
You "jump to conclusions". Your mind doesn't draw logical conclusions but instead reacts from your desire to
accomplish a specific goal. This clouds your judgment, presents you with mental conflict, and makes you angry.
To improve your mind you need to spend time thoroughly understanding your desires and motives. You argue
with those who hold ideas different than your own.
You are propelled in life by a deep desire to experience and then convey the truth. You have common sense and
the ability to get an extra mile out of yourself and others. Your faith in the inherent goodness or rightness in life
sustains you through difficulties. You are an attentive and curious student and an inspiring teacher.
You have a way of exaggerating and embellishing descriptions of circumstances in your life in a way that creates
a new pathway for others. Your aim is for a better world for others and a better life for yourself. You have the
ability to communicate the positive ingredients in a situation in a helpful, meaningful and uplifting way.
You see the future in everything that you do. You aspire to some long range goal or value. This may surface in a
spiritual longing or in an artistic pursuit. You have talent for creating beauty and a natural eye for what looks
nice. You do well in any career that engages your ability for aesthetic design. You have powerful and often quite
accurate premonitions. Learn to work with and integrate your psychic perceptions.
You have dramatic presentations and can create great fantasy for yourself and others. Your compassion and
instinctive feel for others comes forward in your mental life. You are in tune with other people's picture of life so
you can be good at communicating an idea in a way that builds consensus.
You are bright and insightful but the very strength and depth of your vision can mislead you. In consequence,
you get in your own way a lot. The magnitude of a project can intimidate you so that you don't even embark on
it. You are a perfectionist and compulsive. You fear being judged by others as inadequate and this quality has
you afraid to act. Of course, you do overcome this many times in your day to day life, but it goes smoother for
you when you stop attributing negative motives to those around you. You are able to do this when you feel
better about yourself. Periods of meditation and contemplation are necessary to get to know yourself.
You experience a large amount of mental and emotional anxiety. You desire to know the truth and consequently
can be quite invasive to others. You lose your chance to get close to people (which you desire very much) when
you retreat into a "know it all" attitude. Truthfully, you are afraid of others and this can make you paranoid and
appear arrogant to everyone. Your mind works smoother as you become more emotionally balanced.
SECTION V. VENUS - Your Love Nature.
The planet Venus shows the way you express your love nature and what you aspire for in life as good or
beautiful. Venus has much to do with how you form your values. The sign placement of Venus shows the type of
love energy you have. The house placement of Venus shows the natural area of expression of the love energy.
The aspects of Venus indicate how and under what circumstances you express the gentle and loving side of your
You love intellectual stimulation and companionship. You are idealistic, social and really unselfish. You are
humanitarian and unconventional and unafraid of the path in front of you, regardless of whether others have been
this way before or not. You value music, poetry and art from the future or the ancient past, often both. You find
inner balance through your search for reality and through large humanitarian projects.
Venus in 5th house
You know how to enjoy life; you have a strong sense of the dramatic and love creative work. You have an
interest in love and romance at an early age.
Venus in 5th house Unafflicted
The creative side of your personality shines with a certain brilliance. You can't help but attract attention from
others. You like a good time more than most and have a strong presence in any group. Your love of the arts has
given you a natural knowing of how to display your attributes to your best advantage.
You have an aspect of Venus to the Sun showing that you identify at a very fundamental level with your ability to
express the loving, genteel side of your nature. This aspect of your nature was commented on in some detail in
Section II. The Sun - Your Ego Structure.
You have an aspect between Venus and the Moon. This shows that you have a powerful emotional nature and
are affected at a deep level by other people's thoughts and opinions of you. This was taken up in some detail for
you in Section III. The Moon - Your Personal Life.
You believe in yourself and in people. Your life tends to improve as you go along. You have a habit of knowing
how to get one positive side of life pulling together with another positive quality. You acquire money and position
as if it was natural to you. You are good at blending people and attributes of people together to get the most for
the effort. Luck in life is a direct result of your optimism. Your life betters materially through marriage.
You are genuinely lucky and have a way with women who are lucky for you. You have long range vision and
planning which carries you far. You understand the principle of momentum and know how to get positive linkage
working in all of your projects. You are the master of rolling over accumulated wealth, talent, and energy. The
beautiful things of life come to you and you are big on personal enjoyment. Occasionally, overindulgence will
wear you down. However, even when you make a bad mistake, you are cushioned against great harm. Others
respond to your charm.
You have some real difficulties in love relationships and with the material world. On the surface, you are a gentle
soul just trying to keep what is yours and trying to stop the world from taking advantage of you. Underneath this
veneer you are driven by fear and greed and your life is poorer for it. Your instincts are conservative and you
are frugal with money but this isn't sufficient to offset poor judgment with people and things. Reappraise your way
of being in the world. If your hand is closed no one can take something from you, neither can you receive what
others wish to give you.
Fear of rejection confuses and limits your life. You know only too well that you want things, people, and
relationships that you can't have until you relax and take some risks. The down side of any gamble can scare you
so much that you are miserly with your money and your affections. When you finally do reach out (and you
always do) you tend to do it poorly. Overcome fear. Practice self acceptance without a lot of negative
comparisons and judgments.
SECTION VI. MARS - Your Energy.
Mars is the planet of desires. It shows how you aim at your goals and how you power yourself toward your
goals. Mars represents your most fundamental wants. The sign placement of Mars shows the fundamental
nature of your assertions. The house placement of Mars shows the area of your life you are most likely to focus
on. The aspects to Mars show how and to what extent your desires and assertions are involved with other
aspects of living.
Your desire nature is strong, maybe even insatiable. You are passionate and your energy is unrelenting and
disciplined into channels toward perceived goals. You go after what you desire in life with your whole being.
You are thorough and when angry can be ruthless. You can be quite self-contained and you have an austere
quality that means you can keep going even against great odds for a long period of time. You need to learn how
to relax. Life is not always a battlefield.
Mars in 3rd house
You are a quick learner in youth. The dynamic energy for life and learning carries you through your teen years.
As a young adult you may build unrealistic self-assessments into your way of learning. This comes because you
expect life to follow along the same groove that it did when you were young. It doesn't! You will need patience
to learn as an older person. You favor a direct manner of expression and others see you as being mentally
Mars in 3rd house Unafflicted
You convey the picture of yourself to the world as a brilliant communicator. You are a quick study, learning at
the surface level of perception much more easily than others. You learn "how" without needing to learn "why"
and then go on to something else. Remember the race between the hare and the tortoise? The hare can always
win if it has the drive to keep going. Select projects that finish quickly. You can focus your attention easily on
short term goals; long drawn out endeavors require different skills. This talent will get you quickly out of the
"starting gate".
Your Mars in aspect to Mercury shows that you have a strong desire nature attached to your thought processes.
The impact of this aspect on you reasoning process is discussed in Section IV. Mercury - Your Mental Life.
You have good mechanical skill and interest in finding new and unique ways of accomplishing your goals. You
are impatient with the way things are and strive for instantaneous change. Your inventiveness makes you a good
troubleshooter as well as skills at streamlining a process. You love finding the quick path through a project and
are willing to take the initiative in life. Remember, less hearty souls don't travel as fast as you nor do they have
your love of speed.
Dynamic activity and your spontaneous expression of energy is quite useful in getting your point across to others.
There is a definite mental quality to the way your energy expresses itself. You are detached and analytical when
finding your way to a goal.
You have lots of energy that erupts into violence every so often leaving you confused and exhausted. In industry,
you have a taste for secrecy and covert operations. As a warrior you are more at home leading a guerrilla band
in the jungle than as a general leading the parade down Fifth Avenue. You are at war with yourself. Your
conscience is at odds with your desires and only long-range study and integration of your personal values can lay
the foundation for smooth, comfortable, and regular energy. Until this happens, you suffer from having abundant
energy that bursts forth violently, then little energy for a spell. The violence, anger, and disagreements with others
stop as well as abnormal needs for secrecy (which just becomes more normal needs for periodic privacy) when
you arrive at some degree of self-understanding.
You have great capacity to be violent, angry, pernicious, and willful. Your energy is greatly amplified and spills
over into everything that you do. Your desire nature tends to run on its own if not directed by your reasoning.
Discipline, reason, and correct judgment are difficult ingredients for you to use on this aspect of your nature, but,
it is the path out of a deeply ingrained habit of reacting to circumstance. Work to change the focus of your
energy any time your motive for acting is defensive.
Jupiter is the king of the planets. He is in charge of the order of creation. Jupiter shows your values, where you
feel confident and in control, and where you feel you have something to teach others. The sign placement of
Jupiter shows your values in life. The house placement of Jupiter shows the area of life you feel luckiest in and the
area you receive the most help from other people and from the cosmos. The aspect patterns to Jupiter show the
direct network of good and administrative power in your life.
Your primary value is information. You are perpetually bubbling over with new ideas and always anxious for
more input. This is because you have an innate belief that knowledge can solve all problems that emerge in life.
You try to relate all factors that come to you to everything else that you know about. As a consequence, you
develop great mental versatility and acquire skill at verbal expression. Your love of novelty may lead your energy
in too many directions at once. The big difficulty in life for you is to be spread so thin that you have no closure on
any subject. Make sure your knowledge of a subject is not so general as to be superficial.
Jupiter in 10th house
You are often helped in your climb in life, by people higher up in the company or system you are involved with.
You naturally tend to excel in any career. You believe in your ability and administrative skills and this faith in
yourself alone is responsible for securing some position of authority.
Jupiter in 10th house Unafflicted
You like the challenges of life and find the climbing exhilarating. Others respond to your good ideas and your
enthusiasm. You are always looking for ways to expand your sphere of influence. Your search is often
You have an aspect from Jupiter to the Sun showing a deep connection between your values and your ego. As a
consequence of this you have a stronger faith in your beliefs than most people and you are more likely to act on
them. You have the potential for being quite an inspiration for others. In Section I. (The Sun - Your Ego
Structure) there is more commentary on this trait of yours.
You have an aspect from Jupiter to the Moon showing an interest in expressing values through your daily life.
What you believe has more impact on what you do than it does for most other people. The information on this
topic in Section III. (The Moon - Your Personal Life) may be helpful in grasping how you do this.
You have Jupiter in aspect to Mercury indicating a deep commitment to communicate something of value. You
will have a commitment to knowing the truth and conveying it to others. You will find some further information
on this topic in Section IV. Mercury - You Mental Life.
You have an aspect of Jupiter to Venus. This indicates that you expect the positive to happen. Your life values
easily adjust to your taste, love nature and your sense for the beautiful. This creates some feeling of abundance
for you. Your values are in tune with your affection. You may find the information in Section V. (Venus - Your
Love Nature) useful in understanding this process.
SECTION VIII. SATURN - Your Obligations.
The planet Saturn shows where you feel restricted. You feel obligations and fears through Saturn. Because of
your feeling connected with Saturn you are either responsible or neglectful. The sign placement of Saturn shows
the basic type of energy connected with your obligations. The house placement of Saturn shows an area of life
that you feel restricted in and work hard to obtain the things that come to you. The aspects of Saturn show the
most direct involvement of other areas of your life with your feelings of responsibility.
You are afraid of not having emotional security. At the same time, you don't want to depend on anyone else for
emotional fulfillment. What a dilemma. You have tremendous amounts of emotional containment. This can lead
to a certain narrowness of outlook. You can be disciplined and exacting. You really need to develop your
higher values and virtues in order to handle your emotions in a positive way. Try to be more direct with your
feelings. Trust others more, but only be with them if you like them and get rid of your own ulterior motives.
Saturn in 3rd house
You seem to work harder than most people at learning basic communication skills. You may feel that you didn't
get as much formal education as you wanted or needed. Or, you may have gotten an early education which
wasn't to your liking.
Saturn in 3rd house Afflicted
You may have difficulty getting your thoughts out to others. Don't bottle up everything inside of you that you
should be expressed. Your imagination can trap you but the real facts of a situation are always liberating.
You have Saturn in aspect to the Sun showing that you identify deeply with your obligations in life. This aspect of
your nature is explored more deeply in Section II. The Sun - Your Ego Structure.
You have Saturn in aspect to Venus which shows that you take your love nature seriously and that you have a
strong sense of duty. This is taken up in Section V. Venus - Your Love Nature.
SECTION IX. URANUS - Your Search For Freedom.
The planet Uranus is beyond the orbit of Saturn and can't be seen without the aid of a telescope. It represents
the sky in us, that which transcends the limits of finite life. Uranus raises the vibration of everything it contacts.
The sign placement of Uranus shows your broadest striving for freedom. The house placement of Uranus
indicates your area of direct unique expression. The aspects to Uranus indicate the way you express your need
for higher consciousness.
You are sensitive and emotional. You blend instinct and intuitive understanding together. You may move on
such a fast track mentally, that the reasoning, analytic function gets lost in the shuffle. A consequence of this is
that you will find yourself doing things that you don't understand and have not clearly thought through. This
unconscious action pattern can lead you to altering certain fundamental assumptions about your own emotional
foundations in life. This reevaluation of your feelings can lead you to having a very unusual and creative personal
life and family living situation.
Uranus in 11th house
You are a true patriot of social causes. You are optimistic, humanitarian and a true believer in the goodness of
people deciding their own destiny. You have several different types of friends, some quite unusual. Your ideas
are ahead of their time.
Uranus in 11th house Unafflicted
You are more than just an inspiration to others. You are not a "grandstander" but intentionally pull originality out
of others; consequently, you are supported and utilized rather than just admired from afar.
You have Mars in aspect to Uranus which means you are attempting to raise the vibration of your desire nature
during the course of this life. Exactly how that works out in the day to day world is shown by Section VI. Mars
- Your Energy.
Your idealism is lopsided and tends to be at odds with the society you live in and the direction of your culture.
This doesn't make your ideals wrong, just impractical. You are prone to nervous fits and disturbed periods
where it is difficult to accomplish much and difficult to relax. Somehow you seem to express your society's
dissatisfaction with itself. Your life betters through the study of meditation, biofeedback, yoga, and/or grounding
or centering activities.
You seem to get caught between personal freedom and your higher social ideals. This conflict is pronounced at
times and other times scarcely noticeable but, it is always present, subtly coloring all your decisions.
SECTION X. NEPTUNE - Your Spiritual Aspirations and Ideals.
The planet Neptune has an almost perfectly circular orbit. It represents the part of our nature that strives for
perfection, that looks to some higher ideal. The planet Neptune rules the ocean and the part of us that is beyond
the limits of the shores of personal existence. The culture moves with the cycles of Neptune and it is the primary
indicator of your connection to the culture that you live in. The sign of Neptune shows an ideal that you desire to
manifest. The house placement of Neptune shows the area of your life that you want to express this ideal in. The
aspect patterns of Neptune indicate the most direct connections yet most subtle networking of your personality
into the world at large.
You have a powerful desire to create harmony because you believe that by doing so you reduce the pressure on
people and create the circumstances of justice, peace, and understanding. You see humanitarian ideals not just
as correct, but aesthetically pleasing.
Neptune in 2nd house
When you believe that you have plenty of worldly resources, money comes to you steadily. As soon as you
worry about money, a problem develops. Have faith and the situation always stays healthy. Things are always
confusing in the financial realm for you. Your situation seems to defy logic and understanding.
Neptune in 2nd house Unafflicted
You profit from complex financial arrangements which involve many people and perhaps government institutions.
You have an aspect of Neptune to the Moon. This indicates a deep interest in the arts and in cultural pursuits.
How your aesthetic taste influences your daily life is discussed further in Section III. The Moon - Your Personal
You have an aspect of Neptune to your Mercury showing a deep vision of the truth and some psychic
awareness. This perception of yours is discussed in some detail in Section IV. Mercury -Your Mental Life.
You have Neptune in aspect to Uranus showing that one part of your nature will have a propensity to act out the
unexpected. How this manifests is indicated in Section IX. Uranus - Your Search for Freedom.
You are fundamentally an idealist. You would like to see change come about in a way that doesn't destroy the
existing social order. You believe in transition and transformation as saner and kinder principles of social change
than revolutionary upheaval.
Your higher ideals are the continuous recipient of forceful energy for change. Your long range perspective (even
though this may at times be unconscious) is always toward your ideals winning out through deep self
SECTION XI. PLUTO - Your Need For Fundamental Change.
The planet Pluto represents the dark underground part of you. It shows your ability to transform the most
fundamental properties in your own inner nature. The sign of Pluto is the way the obsessive, compulsive and
committed part of your nature expresses itself. The house placement of Pluto shows the area of life where you
make your most fundamental and most potent changes. The aspects to Pluto show the deepest most unconscious
links in your personality structure.
At best, you believe in yourself and are willing to stand on your own. You have a need for self expression. At
worst, you are completely stuck on yourself, and have a strong desire to bend everyone else to your will.
Pluto in 12th house
You are driven to really understand life. You have such powerful drives, though, that you will periodically burn
out. You are always on the borderline between dark and light. You feel capable of anything good or bad. This
infinite expanse at the unconscious level gives you an experience of having a vacuum inside of you. This creates a
focused and powerful attraction point for people, experiences, ideas and emotions. This is why so many peculiar
things happen to you and why you periodically seem to go numb.
Pluto in 12th house Unafflicted
You have deep inner strength as your emotions are profoundly linked to the river of life. Your imagination is
focused through the creative instinct of the mind. This means that when you think about something long enough, it
happens. Make sure you know what you want.
You have an aspect of Pluto to Mercury. This indicates that you have a profound mental life. This is detailed out
in Section IV. Mercury - Your Mental Life.
You have an aspect of Pluto to Mars. This indicates that you have a very powerful desire nature that is being
refocused. This aspect of your life is discussed in Section VI. Mars - Your Energy.
You have an aspect of Pluto to Neptune which shows your involvement in a large cultural process. This
involvement is described in Section X. Neptune - Your Spiritual Aspirations and Ideals.
Part of your style of being a person is tied to your personal method of adapting to and interacting with other
people. This aspect of your personality shows itself through every aspect of how you deal with the environment.
This method of your being encourages as well as reveals your uniqueness.
You have lots of energy and you need it. Your life changes through the resolving of conflicts. You are a fighter
and you get clarity by drawing lines between the perceived good and bad of the moment. Your inclination is to
be action oriented first, and reason things out after the battle. Your hunches are based on the odds. You take an
empirical approach to problem solving. Your keyword is Energy.
The following material is an index of things that you have developed as inner resources. You may take them for
granted, but in times of reevaluation and rest this part of your personality can provide you comfort and strength.
Sun in the Fifth House.
Your talent for self-expression is a great asset. You put your best foot forward when you are creating
something. Whenever life stagnates ask yourself if you are having any fun with what you are doing. Often you
are able to improve circumstances by simply demanding more enjoyment out of life.
Moon in the Fourth House.
You have a good family life. Your ability to focus your attention on your personal life gives you continuity in your
daily habits. Family, your past, and heritage means more to you as you get older.
Mercury in the Sixth House.
You like learning and are instinctively drawn toward the critical details of any project. This attribute gives you the
right inclination towards your environment. You apply yourself to the most necessary items and take care of
them. Your day-to-day focus keeps you in motion so that you have a sense of achievement and progress.
Mercury in Aquarius.
Your mental life is a great compensation for relieving stress in your life. The higher and more comprehensive
view of life gives you unique skills for problem-solving.
Mars in Scorpio.
You have great stamina and a powerful presence. You win in life by being able to keep creating more energy
from somewhere deep inside. When you are committed you have the energy. The way that you get things to
happen in your life is by being persistent. Application of your energy over a long period of time always brings you
some of what you want.
Uranus in the Eleventh House.
You have the ability to see and utilize the good in everyone you meet. Your inclination to focus on the uniqueness
of each person and each situation in life gives you a powerful asset in everything you do.
Pluto in the Twelfth House.
You have deep intuitions that point the way to fundamental change. Something deep within keeps prompting you
to transform some aspect of your nature. At this level of self analysis, faith, patience and drive blend together in a
way that insures steady progress. Because of this, you are able to go through intricate transitions with ease.
This material describes the "cutting edge" of your work on yourself. The thoughts rendered here are meant as
further guidelines for growth. You should take difficulties and challenges in the right spirit. They are always
positive indicators as to how you can experience the joy of becoming a better person and more like your REAL
Afflicted Saturn
Fear and self-restriction have stopped you many times from enjoying life as much as you could. Work on
breaking the habit of worrying by learning to see it and feel it as starts to manifest and using your sense of
detachment to stop it. When you act unkindly to others or you are reacting to their unkindness to you, get to the
roots of your fears. Force yourself out of your fears and refuse to let them be your motivation. You will see a
new picture of the universe and your place in it start to develop along very pleasing lines.
Sun in Aquarius
You are indirect in your expression of the ego. For this reason, you are harder for others to get to know.
Remember this when you feel slighted or misunderstood. Concentrate on being more open to others.
Jupiter in Gemini
Your values are shortsighted and your "devil-may-care" approach to life may get you in trouble if you don't
restrain your inclination to get involved with new projects. You must develop the habit of taking stock of the long
view before jumping into something that will give you new responsibilities while leaving prior commitments
unfinished. You do well when you complete your current project before taking on a new one.
Jupiter in the Tenth House
You have difficulty separating the essence of your values from how they appears to others. What you really
stand for is more important than whether or not it is accepted by others. When you learn to be completely
honest with yourself and others, you have a great skill for facilitating the completion of any project or group work
you become involved with.
The Growth aspects operate differently than other aspects in your chart. While it is possible to use them
descriptively, as showing finer shades of meaning within the chart, we wish to use them in a different manner for
our purposes. The growth aspects are tools of self development. If you apply attention to the various qualities
in your nature linked through the growth aspects, you will see positive change over time. These qualities
generally do not show quick effortless solutions, but instead show a path of change requiring exertion and
emotional honesty. Under these circumstances, the way these aspects of your nature change through time are
truly amazing. The qualities mentioned here can be the very mechanisms to release the highest, finest side of your
Mercury in Growth Aspect to Uranus
You come up with ideas that sound great but are not possible to materialize. Remember, genius may be partly
inspiration but not every idea is worth the effort to make manifest. Your inner life can generate thousands of
good ideas that you can't do anything with. Be discriminating and your efforts are less likely to be wasted.
Mercury Quincunx Uranus
The new and unusual things that occur to you may carry you far from the basic needs of your everyday life.
Good ideas do not necessarily require you to act immediately to bring them about. Positive innovation will
require you to alter yourself and your basic habits before you will see much change in the world or your
Mars in Growth Aspect to Neptune
Just when you seem to have your aims and goals determined it's as if they evaporate or expand to some much
larger context. Your ideals always seem to be out of reach of your energy. To compensate you may live in an
alternate reality, escaping into fantasy where you control or create the rules or you become slightly cynical, feeling
victimized by circumstances. The way out is through slow, careful integration of your values and higher ideals bit
by bit. This requires patience and much trial and error reality testing.
Mars Semi-Sextile Neptune
Certain things that you aim for in life seem to be unavailable for you at the last minute. You may work long and
hard on a project only to stumble coming down the finish line. Real growth starts occurring for you when you are
able to see that something inside you gets in your way. Further, some aspect of your higher idealism intervenes in
an attempt to raise the level of manifestation of your energy; and, when you see and acknowledge this aspect of
your nature you are able to nurture the positive, idealistic, and dramatic qualities in your artistic expression. There
is a subtle magnetic quality in your being that can be quite persuasive and helpful to others under careful
There is another dimension to your astrology chart. This has to do with planets being the same distance from the
celestial equator. When both planets are on the same side of this plane there are called parallel. When the
planets are the same distance but on opposite sides of the celestial equator they are referred to as being contraparallel. Both of these aspect activate your ability to organize and reorganize some aspect of your life.
Sun Parallel Mars
You have a good inner drive and great recuperative powers. Your immune system works very well. You are
driven by an undertone of anger much of the time. This can create rash and aggressive behavior. Getting to the
root and understanding your drives helps free and strengthen your energy.
Jupiter Parallel Uranus
You have an undercurrent of energy in everything that you do. You have the ability to see opportunity as it
appears and an artistic skill in acting on your insights. Your musical perception and sense of the world can give
you help in obtaining a career as well as helping you keep one step ahead of others in the art of communicating.
Jupiter Parallel Pluto
You have the ability and opportunity to produce great wealth and abundance in life. You have luck,
determination, and the focus to create something of value. Overdoing things and pride are your weaknesses and
when overcome your relentless drive produces much of value.
Jupiter Parallel Midheaven
You have luck when it comes to getting a job and you can use this skill to make many beneficial changes in your
life. You believe in yourself at some fundamental level and this positive attitude supports you in achieving your
goals in life.
Uranus Parallel Pluto
Your basic conflicting urges from deep within your being will rush forward every so often, causing you to make
dramatic changes in your life. As you get used to letting the need for uniqueness come forward and express
itself, this aspect of your nature stops being so explosive and just becomes part of the inventiveness that makes
you so fascinating.
Uranus Parallel Midheaven
Sudden changes emerge in your life and if you are good at going along with the changes your life is easy. If you
resist them you become quite nervous and your path turns from spontaneous joy to periodic upset. Be willing to
take abrupt changes, then life is fun.
Neptune Contra-Parallel Ascendant
You can be quite delusional in your thinking about other people and the role that others play in your life. If you
are expressing an artistic and creative side of your personality then this tendency can come to a bright and happy
manifestation. Just a glimpse into the higher realms of consciousness or into other people's thinking process can
be unbalancing if you use this as your inner source of information. Practice going slow with new people in your
North Node of the Moon Contra-Parallel Ascendant
Your relationships to other people feed your soul. The exact manner and style of your personal interactions need
to be regular and regulated in order for you to feel energized. You have some patterns from the past that you will
need to relinquish when you wish to change your way of dealing with people. Your frozen persona serves you
well under most circumstances; when it does, this is an important invitation to change.
The Moon's North Node is an all encompassing and instructive point of synthesis in the chart; we could easily
start or end our analysis with this one single factor. Because this indicator is so all inclusive it most shows your
karmic direction in life. The sign placement of your North node points to your destiny. When your actions,
interests, and values are structured by this position, your general sense of personal well being improves. The
house placement of the North Node of the Moon indicates or points to an area of life, an arena of experience.
By confronting, even augmenting this arena you can inadvertently improve every aspect of your life. By dealing
with issues connected to the North Node placement in your chart your general character strengthens and refines.
North Node of the Moon in Capricorn
Be responsible, practical, and thorough and your life improves. The key to success is to avoid falling into
emotional responses. Avoid situations where others take care of you or where dysfunctional behavior can
emerge through old feelings and habits. Negative enmeshments in others' lives leaves you either burdened or
weakened. Avoid emotional dependency.
North Node of the Moon in Capricorn and in the Fifth House
Be powerful, act directly. You can easily spend time just observing life and sulking. Be willing to act in a forceful
and mature manner. The more you retreat from life the more confused you become. The more you act on your
perceptions of what must be done, the better your life seems. Satisfaction comes from creating your own future
in a specific, disciplined, and definitive manner.
These are some basic astrological definitions. Reading through this material can enhance your understanding of
your INDRA report. You may want to take up a more serious study of these symbols as a preliminary step to a
study of all of life through astrology.
The Sun and the Moon - Basic central core of the personality. These two bodies represent how we make
decisions, how we act, and what we value.
Mercury, Venus, and Mars - The personal planets. These planets indicate our everyday concerns, our
interaction with others, and our immediate environment.
Jupiter and Saturn - The planets of the culture. These planets represent our ability to interact with our society
and its laws and values.
Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - The planets of our higher evolution. These planets show our ability to focus on
issues that transcend our immediate life and culture.
Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius
Earth Signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Air Signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Water Signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Cardinal Signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn
Fixed Signs - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius
Mutable Signs - Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces
1st - Your personal appearance and your immediate environment.
2nd - Your self worth and your orientation toward the material world.
3rd - Your integration of basic experience and ability to learn.
4th - Your home and family.
5th - Children, romance and creative expression.
6th - Work, health and your facility with detail.
7th - One on one relationships. Marriage and partnerships.
8th - Community resources, sex, ultimate issues, financial institutions.
9th - Foreign travel, higher education, ethics and legal principles.
10th - Career and social standing.
11th - Friends and higher aims in life.
12th - The unconscious and social institutions.
The Ascendant - The beginning of the first house.
The Midheaven - The beginning of the tenth house.
***Basic classification of aspects***
Hard or difficult aspects. - Semi-square, Square, Sesquiquadrate, and Opposition. These are the aspects that
help us recognize the ingredients in our personality that need changing.
Easy or soft aspects. - Trines and Sextiles. These are the aspects that express our talents and skills.
Growth aspects. - Semi-sextiles and quincunx. These are aspects that give us opportunity to grow. They
indicate long term development of some key aspect of your personality and behavior for this life time.
Power aspects. - Conjunctions, Parallels, and Contra-parallels. These are the aspects that show energy, force,
reorganization and transformational ability.
***Circumstances of the planets by aspect***
Afflicted - A planet is called afflicted when it has only hard (difficult) aspects. These planets represent our
greatest challenges and our more promising areas of growth.
Unafflicted - A planet is unafflicted when it is not limited to only hard aspects. This can mean that the planet has
no aspects, has only easy aspects, or has both hard and soft aspects.
Well Aspected - A planet is called well aspected when it has no hard aspects. This shows ease of expression
and a certain ability to bring the ingredients symbolized forward into life with little or no conflict.
***Special points in your chart***
Ascendant - This is the same as the cusp of the first house. The Ascendant refers to your physical body and how
you meet the world, how you present yourself.
Midheaven - This is the same as the cusp of your tenth house. The Midheaven refers to how we rise and fall in
life, our social position and our orientation to our family, culture and history.
Moon's North Node. - Our direction in life. How we form relationship bonds with the environment as well as
position is
9 deg. 39 min. of Aquarius
position is 12 deg. 32 min. of Sagittarius
position is 20 deg. 16 min. of Aquarius
position is
position is 23 deg. 57 min. of Scorpio
position is 16 deg. 38 min. of Gemini
position is
position is 20 deg. 17 min. of Cancer
position is 26 deg. 04 min. of Libra
position is 24 deg. 08 min. of Leo
position is 23 deg. 57 min. of Capricorn
position is
9 deg. 36 min. of Virgo
position is
7 deg. 52 min. of Gemini
9 deg. 39 min. of Aquarius
9 deg. 04 min. of Scorpio
1ST HOUSE CUSP position is 9 deg. 36 min. of Virgo
2ND HOUSE CUSP position is 5 deg. 36 min. of Libra
3RD HOUSE CUSP position is 5 deg. 30 min. of Scorpio
4TH HOUSE CUSP position is 7 deg. 52 min. of Sagittarius
5TH HOUSE CUSP position is 10 deg. 22 min. of Capricorn
6TH HOUSE CUSP position is 11 deg. 15 min. of Aquarius
7TH HOUSE CUSP position is 9 deg. 36 min. of Pisces
8TH HOUSE CUSP position is 5 deg. 36 min. of Aries
9TH HOUSE CUSP position is 5 deg. 30 min. of Taurus
10TH HOUSE CUSP position is 7 deg. 52 min. of Gemini
11TH HOUSE CUSP position is 10 deg. 22 min. of Cancer
12TH HOUSE CUSP position is 11 deg. 15 min. of Leo