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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
A Nail Salon that OUTPERFORMS and OUTLASTS the competition?
As Nail Technicians this is what we all want right? So how can we achieve it and can
anyone achieve this success and longevity?
I believe the answer to that is a resounding yes!
In this ebook, I intend to share with you many of the strategies I have used over my
30 year career in the Nail Industry. These strategies may not be the usual things that
Nail Technicians are taught but they do work! In fact, many Nail Technicians are not
taught about business at all when they are training which leads to complications and
financial disaster when they decide to open for business.
It doesn‟t have to be this way. With a little education and the willingness to learn and
try new things, your Nail Salon can flourish and stay on top for the many years to
Much of the content of this book will be about getting the foundations of your Nail
Salon right in the beginning. There are many areas within the business that need to
be set up well from the start. This is vital and even if you have been in business for a
while, these basics can be reviewed in your Nail Salon as well!
We are also going to explore what it is you need to do to stay on top of the
competition. To outperform and outlast, there obviously needs to be strategies in
place and actions taken in your Nail Salon that are different to the others!
To stand out from the competition takes more than just a beautiful looking salon with
talented staff. There has to be that EDGE, that QUALITY that makes your salon a
stand out that your clients will want to keep coming back to!
A certain STAR QUALITY that the other salons don‟t have and that you can use
wisely to set yourself apart. All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Another area I will be discussing is the power of YOU. You are the uniqueness of
your salon. Your talents may be fantastic but if your personality and magnetism are
not happening, you will lose many future long term clients!
Remember that most of your clients are there because of you; therefore this is an
area that needs to be worked on. Personal development is vital for your own growth
and the growth of the Nail Salon business.
To have a better business, that has growth and longevity, YOU have to grow too.
There may be things you will need to try for the first time and expand your comfort
zone but it will be well worth it because after getting over any fears you may have
about trying something new, you will be so pleased with the results that you will be
eagerly awaiting the chance to grow even more!
Remember that all successful people are doing things, taking actions, which others
are not. There is no secret formula to success other than doing what is needed to be
done, no matter how fearful it may seem at the time.
To move ahead- take the actions you haven‟t taken before.
To outperform and outlast the competition- keep on taking the actions that will set
you apart and keep you ahead.
I trust you will get many ideas and strategies you can action in your Nail Salon after
reading the information contained in this ebook.
Remember, if things don‟t change, things don‟t change!
There is no point having the knowledge if you don‟t put it into action! All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
A little background as to „who I am‟ and „why I
know I can help you‟
Here‟s a bit of history on what has happened in my life over the past 30 years in the
Nail Industry and why I feel I have the knowledge and expertise which can certainly
help you to set up your own Nail Salon for success!
I became involved in the Nail Industry in 1981 as a seventeen year old who had just
left Year 12. I knew I loved it as soon as I started. It was all very easy for me to do
but at the same time was also a terrific challenge on a daily basis!
I was fascinated actually. To be able to extend a short nail in a small amount of
time! Wow! What a fantastic invention! Needless to say I totally embraced the
whole process of learning and loved the creativeness of Acrylic Nails, and all that
went with it in the Nail Industry.
I built up a lot of great relationships with the clients and also with my employer. This
allowed me to gain employment easily in different salons as my „reputation‟ usually
preceded me! My clients would always find me and follow too!
In my early 20's the Nail Salon I was employed in was coming onto the market for
sale. I had been there for a little while and had a steady stream of clients, as did the
other 2 people who worked there. So I made the decision and I took the opportunity
to purchase my first Nail Salon!
The salon quickly grew and I had to move to a bigger and better location. This was
great fun! Starting with an empty, concrete building and turning it into a wonderful,
inviting Nail Salon! In pink of course! The clients and staff loved it too and helped a
lot in the process.
I became very interested in competing against others to achieve the BEST WORK
with acrylic, gel and artwork design. I encouraged my staff to enter the Nail
Competitions that had started in Australia and together, we won a lot of awards at
the Australian Nail Championships over a few years from 1989 to 1991.
I was the overall champion at the Sydney competition in 1991 and also organised the
1st competition for Canberra. I was also asked to judge at one of the competitions in
Sydney. All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
I don‟t think I would have been so eager or so interested if I had still been working for
someone else. Because it was my business I had the extra drive to be the best in
the area and the business as a whole.
I sold that salon after a few years as I moved interstate. Unfortunately it didn‟t last
long after that. The new owner, while being a successful business person, was not a
Nail Technician and did not know how to keep the staff and clients happy. The staff
began to leave, as did the clients. It was a real shame but proved to me that it takes
more than just good business sense to have a successful Nail Salon.
When I settled into the new town that I had moved to, I started renting a space at the
local Beauty Salon. After 12 months I opened my own salon. I had a large client list
and usually had a cancellation list on the go as I couldn‟t fit any new people in!
I had a few years break due to family matters and when I began again, this time I
started at a Hair Dressing Salon. The owner was happy for me to set up a table in
her salon. After 3 months I had a full client list so I then went to my own premises.
After a couple of years I moved the salon to my house.
Over the years I had a lot of people ask me how I managed to get such a large client
base so quickly! So I made the decision to come out from behind the desk to help
other Nail Technicians to have a full client list also!
This is what I do full time now. It is a real inspiration to me to know that I can help
other Nail Technicians to have success in their salons! It brings me a lot of pleasure
to see people having the life they deserve while doing the job they love!
Nail Technicians are always there to help everyone else and it is my absolute
pleasure to be bringing the support needed to them!
Enjoy what I have to share and teach you  All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
A little of my background in the Nail Industry
The Process of a Manicure
The Process of a Pedicure
The acrylic nail/tip Process
Keep Your Brush Clean
Business Plan
Sample Start-Up Budget
Why Should the Clients Come to YOUR SALON?
What Do You Value The Most?
Family is Important
How Can You Have a Full Client List Easily?
The Main Reason I believe Clients Come to Your Salon
Some Things to Remember Each Day
Finding the Balance
Get Clients to Stay
A Full Client List
Marketing Your Nail Salon for Best Success
45 All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Word of Mouth Advertising
Who is Your Competition?
Your Salon...Is It a Fun Place?
The Salon Atmosphere
Educating Yourself
Business Planning and Development
Your To Do List and How To Conquer It
Attend Trade Shows
Why Did You Open a Business for Yourself?
Charge What You Are Worth
Becoming Financially Wise
Systems in Your Nail Salon
Financial Systems
CONCLUSION All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
It is vital in any business to have the basics all laid down before you can expect
considerable growth. If the foundations are not in place, the business will collapse
later on down the track, as the foundations are there to support and the business as
it grows.
The foundations of a Nail Salon business are what make it different and stronger
than the competition. Have a strong foundation and your Nail Salon business will
grow easily and you will see yourself reaching your goals in the best possible
circumstances. Don‟t get the foundations right, and as your Nail Salon expands you
will start to see cracks and it will be difficult for you to maintain any growth for a long
period of time.
Following a system and getting the structure of your Nail Salon strong right from the
beginning will prove later on the be the best time and decision you ever made for
your business.
We will cover some of the basics here such as product use, your salon services and
the business plan you have in place for your Nail Salon. Even if you have been in
business for a while, some of these areas may need reviewing and restyling to suit
the needs of your business today. Remember times change and your goals become
expanded and new as you grow personally and in your business. It is good practice
to be aware of this and keep your Nail Salon evolving also. All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
It doesn‟t matter if your Nail Salon has everything available on the market today! If
you don‟t know the basics, and are good at them, your business will not survive.
I know what it‟s like when you are in the Nail Industry. Bright shiny objects
everywhere, or should I say „glittery objects‟! You feel you just have to have it all so
you can offer everything and be prepared for any client that walks in to the salon! My
salons were full of all the latest and greatest products!
The difference however is that I knew the basics of nails, application techniques and
business and could actually use these products to improve my salon, the client
experience and my profits.
If you are a Nail Technician that invests in all the newest products thinking you will
get more clients and increase your profits, please beware and be sensible about it.
The problem is- you may be spending a lot of money on products you will not use or
do not know how to use! These products will sit on your shelf, in your cupboards and
drawers collecting dust and draining the bank account.
I see a lot of Nail Techs who have only been in the Industry for a short time and want
to fast track straight to all the exciting glittery things! Now, there is absolutely nothing
wrong with the „glittery‟ stuff, actually you do need a certain amount of it to attract
certain clients but please, learn your basic nail skills first so you are actually able to
do a great job with all the other products!
The biggest advice I can give Nail Technicians who want to increase their clientele
and expand their services is to learn the basics first! Practice, Practice, Practice!
How can you reasonably expect to do great service with the latest products and nail
art accessories if you are not well skilled in doing the basic nail services?
 If you haven‟t learnt to shape a nail correctly, what makes you think
you will be able to make a stiletto nail look good?
 If you haven‟t learnt how to do a full set of basic nails in less than 1.5
hours, how will you be making enough money to cover your time and
products and how much longer will it take you to do glitter and artwork
etc? All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
It may sound a bit harsh but the reasons I feel this is so important is this:
 Your SELF WORTH will absolutely go out the door if you attempt too many
things and find you are not good at them! Once your self-worth plummets, you
may feel like giving up, that you are just not good enough and you will never
get your salon to be successful!
 Your profit margins will decrease with products that are sitting, rarely used or
unused on the shelf.
 Your time is valuable and if you are spending too much time per appointment
because you are not up to scratch on your technique, it will be money lost.
By getting the basics right in the beginning, when you start to experiment with new
products you will find that if it doesn‟t work for you, you will still feel confident in
your ability because you have built up a clientele on the basics.
As a Nail artist, I understand exactly the passion and drive that encompasses us and
our work. We want to be doing all the new things that are available.
I’m not saying don’t do them.
I am aware of how important it is in your salon to have extra services to increase
your profits.
What I am saying is make sure you have absolutely mastered your basic nail skills
first and practice practice practice! All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Believe me, having great technical skills will make you and your services absolutely
stand out from the competition. If you actually CARE about the quality that you give
to your clients, this will automatically put you in front.
Your services are an important process in the overall picture of a successful salon.
They need to be consistent, professional and of a very high quality. I have specific
processes when performing a service and it would be a great idea if you wrote your
system down also. If you have staff, this would be an operations manual that they
could refer, to make sure all Nail Technicians in the salon were performing the same
quality service.
Consistency in a salon is important. The clients feel more at home going to any of
the staff knowing they will receive the same outcome and satisfaction.
I have included my process for a Manicure, Pedicure and Acrylic Application for you
to get the idea of what you could create in your Operations manual. I have also
included the procedure for cleaning your brush.
The Manicuring Process
As a Nail Technician, it is important to have procedures and processes in place for
performing services. This ensures that all clients are treated equally and that the
service is the same or similar each time the client returns. It also helps with the
routine and ensures nothing is overlooked when the nail service, manicure, is being
The routine would be different in nail salons to beauty salons and would really have
a lot to do with the products the salon uses and the method of operation preferred by
the salon owner. The following is the basic routine that I follow for performing a
1. Have the table set up before the client arrives. The manicure table should be free
of clutter, have a comfortable towel/arm rest in place, and be clean and inviting.
2. Have all necessary equipment on hand ready to start the manicure. This includes
the hand bowl with warm to hot water, and hand softener or wash added, ready to be
3. Have the client sit down. (If the client has dirty hands, from work etc, have them
wash hands before sitting down)
4. Remove any polish and discuss the client‟s needs and expectations of the service.
5. File the nails on the left hand to the desired length and shape. Place left hand in
water bowl and repeat with right hand.
6. Remove left hand from water and place right hand in. All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
7. Take left hand and gently push back and tidy cuticles. At this point I would use the
3 way satin buffer to shine up the nail. Do not place back in water. Take right hand
out of water and repeat.
8. Apply cuticle cream/cuticle oil to the cuticles and massage well. Left hand and
then right.
9. Now time for a relaxing massage on alternate hands.
10. After the massage, take some sanitiser/nail polish remover and wipe the oils and
grease from the nail bed in preparation for polish to be applied.
If the client is not having polish applied, I would take the 3 way buffer once again and
shine the nail to a high shine.
11. Base coat, 2 coats of nail polish and then a top coat can now be applied to the
client‟s nails.
note: Some salons have a Deluxe type manicures also. This would involve doing a
hand scrub before the massage of the hands and may also include a hand mask
after the massage. It may also involve a longer massage which extends to the
elbows of the clients arms.
I feel it is important to have these types of procedures in a Nail Salon for all services.
For one, the Nail Technician knows exactly what needs to be done and when, which
gives a great standard across the board. And second, the client comes to know what
to expect and also feels more comfortable, especially as the treatments are standard
each time they come. All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
The Process of Performing a Pedicure
Pedicures are a very popular treatment at Beauty Salons and Nail Salons. They can
be therapeutic and can also simply just be a lovely treat to have!
Many people have a regular Pedicure to keep their feet in tip top condition and
looking their best. It prevents any problems that may occur with neglect such as very
dry heels, cracked and painful heels, toenail breakage and painful toenail tearing due
to the length not being kept in check.
There are also people who just love to pamper themselves on a regular basis, or
occasionally, and indulge in a pedicure. It is a relaxing way to spend an hour or so
and the massage usually feels absolutely divine! A client could walk away from a
pedicure feeling like they are walking on air!
As a Nail Technician, the correct procedure is a must. A standard method of
operation for pedicures could be as follows:
1. Have a foot bath/spa ready for the client with comfortably warm water added as
well as some sort of foot soak/foot wash/bath gel.
2. Have the client get comfortable on their chair and place their feet into the foot spa.
Leave for a couple of minutes while you are having a quick discussion of the clients
needs etc for the service.
3. Take the left foot out of the water. Dry. Remove any nail polish that may be on the
toes. Put back in water.
4. repeat with right foot
5. Take the left foot out again. Clip toenails to desired length. File, shape etc to
achieve the correct look. With a soft buffer, buff the top of the nail to soften any
ridges, remove any staining from nail polish, and to smooth. Rub cuticle oil/cream
into cuticles and gently push back and neaten up. Place back into water.
6. Repeat on right foot.
7. Take left foot again. Using a pumice type tool, remove any hard skin on heels and
under ball of foot. If client has very bad cracked heels, I would suggest to advise
them to see a podiatrist. I would not advise to be doing too much work on severely
sore or cracked heels. If you have a foot scrub, this would be the time to use that.
Place foot back in water again.
8. repeat with right foot
9. Take the left foot out of the water. This is time now for a foot massage. Once
complete, leave foot out of water.
10. Repeat with right foot. All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
11. Gently wipe over the clients nails with nail polish remover/dehydrator to remove
any grease from the massage. The client‟s toes will now be ready for polish if
12. Start with left foot, apply base coat. Repeat on right foot. Apply 1st coat of polish
to left foot. Repeat on right foot. Apply 2nd coat of polish to left foot. repeat on right
foot. Apply top coat to left foot and then right foot. Allow to dry.
This is a process that can have the same basic steps for each client. As all clients do
differ however, it should be at your discretion to adjust the pedicure procedure
according to the client‟s needs. Some clients do not like to stay in the water for too
long. Others may not want a massage or another may already have their toenails in
the shape they like. So, it really will depend on the initial discussion that you have
with your client before the service and what end result is desired. All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Acrylic Nail/Tip Application Process
When applying Acrylic Nails, there is a routine that is important to follow. This
routine ensures not only that the Acrylic Nails are applied in the best possible way,
but that all necessary hygiene and sanitization processes are followed. It is also
helpful as a nail Technician to have this routine to follow as then your work will be at
the same standard each time for each client.
The routine that I would recommend is as follows:
1. Sit client down and discuss their needs for the service
2. Have the client wash their hands if they have just come from work or from doing
something that is not clean. Then you BOTH must use a hand sanitiser.
3. Using appropriate cuticle treatment, gently push back cuticles and generally
neaten up the area, making sure to remove all unloving tissue from nail bed. Rub
over with a dehydrator to remove cuticle product.
4. Apply a tip to the end of the natural nail with nail glue. Allow to dry for a moment.
5. Do this for all 10 nails
6. Trim the tip to the desired length on all 10 nails
7. File and shape the trimmed tip to the desired shape (only a quick shape is
required as the nail will have to be shaped properly at the end)
8. Do this for all 10 nails.
9. Dust off all 10 nails with your duster brush.
10. Apply your nail dehydrator/sanitiser to all 10 nails
11. Apply bonding aid/primer to all 10 nails
12. At this point make sure the client doesnt touch anything with either hand as the
nails are all ready for the acrylic application.
13. Apply the acrylic to all 10 nails
14. Pack away all of the acrylic and clean the brush etc.
15. Go through and file/buff all 10 nails to the desired shape.
16. Buff the nail enhancements to a high shine.
17. Apply cuticle oil to the client‟s cuticle and rub in for a soothing finish to the
service. All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
18. The client at this stage could also go and wash their hands to free them of any
dust. The nails would be ready to be polished if required at this stage.
The Process of Acrylic Application is something that is usually devised by the Nail
Technician but the above outline will give an idea of how it could be structured by
you in your own individual style.
How to keep your Acrylic Brush clean
Acrylic brushes are used to apply acrylics to the nails. These brushes are often
used by Nail Technicians in Nail Salons, as well as those doing nails at home.
Whether the brushes are used for personal or professional use, these tools need to
be cleaned regularly to prevent residue from drying onto the brushes, which can
cause irreparable damage if not properly remedied.
The acrylic brush is probably the most important tool for a Nail Technician and it will
determine how the finished nail looks and feel.
Keeping your acrylic brush clean at all times is the best way to preserve the brush.
This is done by continually dipping brush into the monomer while applying the
product, and continually wiping the brush gently on the mat to remove any surplus
acrylic that may be stuck in the brush. It will only become a problem if left in the
brush and allowed to dry. So keeping it clean is the easiest way.
However if something does occur and there is dried acrylic stuck in your brushdepending on the amount that is stuck there, it could be removed with Brush
Cleaner or a Nail Solvent. All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Cleaning acrylic nail brushes :
1. While applying acrylic nails- continually dip the acrylic brush into monomer and
wipe clean.
2. At the end of the Nail Application, thoroughly wipe the brush and gently keep it in
the shape you like it. Sometimes keeping the brush wet with some monomer
between clients works well too.
3. If acrylic has dried into your brush- soak in some Brush Cleaner or Nail Solvent.
Check every few minutes to see if the acrylic has softened and try to gently remove.
If you poke or scrape at the bristles of the brush they will be destroyed and rendered
Acrylic Brushes have to be treated carefully. It is vital you understand brush. They are
expensive to purchase but if well looked after can serve you well in producing many
months of beautiful acrylic nails. All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Another basic for any Nail Salon is a Business Plan. Whether you are just staring or
have been in business for a while, if you don‟t have a business plan, you will not
grow as quickly as you would like.
To have some direction in your business will help you achieve your goals more
easily and quickly. It will show you where you may need improvement, where you will
need changes and it will give you more determination to follow through and grow and
expand your business.
The ultimate job of a business plan is for you to reach your goals- business and
personal. If you don‟t have a big enough WHY, you will not put the work into your
business growth. So I have included a business plan outline here for you to visit or
revisit, and get this foundation for your business correct.
Business Plan
A business plan is like a blueprint for your business and it defines your business
personality and goals. It‟s also a detailed analysis of everything that might impact on
it. Business plans can be very formal, lengthy documents or short and quite simple.
The approach you take will depend on what you intend to use it for. Every business
needs some form of business plan so that it can map its direction and performance
but if you intend to approach a lender for finance you will need to go into a lot of
detail. You need to show your clear understanding of the market, your clients, and
industry trends and convince the lender that you are a safe investment.
A business plan follows certain traditional steps. Although they might be named
differently they play essentially the same role: All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Business Overview
This is where you tell readers about your business. What is your business and how
long have you been established? What are your goals? Do you have a vision for
your business?
What exactly is it that you do? Why is your business good for your clients and the
Business Structure and Management
How big a business do you have? How many employees? What is your plan for
growth? What plans do you have for the future?
Market Analysis
You can use your market research data in here. This section shows your
understanding of the industry that you are in and the needs of your customers. It
should show why you believe that your services are needed and take into account
the general trends in your industry. Be specific to the local area if you can.
Who else is offering similar products or services? How will that impact on your
business? How can you distinguish your business from the competition?
Marketing Strategy
How are you going to communicate with your customers? Show how you intend to
generate sales through advertising, promotion and public relations. Explain your
pricing policy and why it suits your clients. Provide some idea of the costs involved
in your marketing plans.
What will it cost you to set up the business? (Staff, rent, décor, equipment etc)
What are your ongoing costs? What do you estimate your sales will be over the next
year? Work out a projected profit and loss plan for the short term and longer term.
You might need to work with your accountant on this.
SWOT Analysis
This is a really useful part of the whole process because it can show you clearly what
your action processes need to be. It provides really useful information that you can
them build into your action plan.
Strengths, Weaknesses – what areas in your business are outstanding and what
could do with some work?
Opportunities and Threats – what is happening in the world that might offer you a
business opportunity or perhaps threaten your business success? All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Action Plan
This is the part of your Business Plan that pulls it all together and sets out
exactly how you intend to work over the next 12 months. You know what your
goals are so this maps out how you intend to reach them. In many ways it is the
most practical part of the whole document. For example
When will you recruit staff?
How and when will you train them?
When and how will you start your planned advertising?
Writing a detailed business plan is not an easy process and it can take months
to complete. It is a document that you can‟t get by without. It shows investors
that you have a viable business proposition and it shows alliances and suppliers
the intention behind your business. Above all else, it lets YOU assess the
business to see if it is really the one you want to create. If you are serious
about being in business then you must take the time to do your business plan.
If you are just starting out in your own Nail Salon, a budget is important too. I have
included an outline for you to show you some of the expenses you may be faced
If you have been in business for a while, it may also be worth looking at as it may
give you some ideas of things you might not have thought of. All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Sample start up budget
Because it is hard to know how much you will need to budget for during your start up
phase these estimates might come in useful for you.
The figures will vary depending on how big your salon is, how much it space takes
up and how many staff you need to employ. They are also based on the costs to
lease a salon rather than rent a chair or room in an existing salon. Use these figures
as a guide only. Do your own research and speak to your banker and accountant.
Most figures are one-off costs but you will also need to make sure that you have
enough working capital to cover your costs for the first 6 months at least. Those
costs also need to be included in your start up budget.
The fit out and decoration of the salon space is very expensive, especially if you
need major structural alterations. The larger the premises or the more exclusive the
location, the higher the costs will be. Expect them to vary between $3000 and
$20000. If you are handy you may be able to save yourself some money by painting
or doing some basic decoration.
The cost of your lease will vary according to your location. Inner city prices are
higher than suburban ones. You can estimate a cost of at least $18000 per year.
Equipment costs will be fairly low unless you are planning to offer extended services
such as hairdressing. Chairs, tables and some simple equipment will cost you
around $2000. You can save money by purchasing basic items secondhand.
You will need to purchase stock and products to sell on to your clients. Allow at least
$1500. Most wholesalers will have a minimum order quantity that you must meet.
Insurance is expensive but necessary. Allow $2000.
Merchant fees can be hard to calculate. These are the fees you pay for the system
which allows you to accept credit cards. There will be a set up cost of around $250
plus a monthly fee and an interest charge. The monthly fee will be around $50.
Another way to do this is with an IPhone App which accepts money. This would be a
cheaper option and sometimes quicker!
Software – if you decide to use a salon management system you will pay a monthly
fee that varies from $15 to $60 depending on the size of your salon. Some also
require a setup fee which could be as much as $500. There are systems that you
can buy outright and these are around $1500.
Accounting and legal fees also add up and could total as much as $5000.
Other start-up expenses may include:
Utilities – connection costs and usage fees All rights reserved
Page 21
Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Signage costs – you will need your name on the salon window or a sign on
the roof identifying your business.
First marketing and advertising expenses
Float or petty cash
Depending on the size and style of your salon and the range of services you choose
to offer you can expect to pay anything from $15,000 to around $50,000 in startup
Here is a breakdown of the things you need to budget for. Why not enter your
figures as you do your research?
One-off Costs
Business fixtures and equipment
Installation of fixtures/equipment
Decoration and structural alteration
Starting inventory
Office supplies
Utility deposits
Legal and professional fees
Licenses and permits
Float/petty cash
Software charges
Merchant account setup fees
Total_______ All rights reserved
Page 22
Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Monthly Expenses
Your salary
Employee salaries
Cost of restocking products
Bank fees
Loan repayment and interest
TOTAL__________ All rights reserved
Page 23
Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
The most obvious reason for starting your own Nail Salon would seem to be for the
financial benefits. All of the profits will be yours and you have a great opportunity
invest in your own future.
It‟s not all about the money though, is it?
For many it’s about having the freedom to make choices about their work
environment and have control over the type of business they choose to work in.
From choosing the location of your salon to creating your own individual style and
vision, and targeting a niche market according to your personal preferences, the list
of choices that open up to you will become endless.
Imagine having a steady flow of your favourite type of clients? You can achieve this
by targeting all of your marketing efforts directly at your idea of the perfect client.
Remember this is your business, so you get to choose who you service.
You will find a greater work satisfaction when you work for yourself. All of the
rewards and recognition are truly yours. There‟s no boss higher up to reap the
benefits of your hard work, talents and skills.
The only limits to your success are those that you choose to allow or put into place
yourself. If you have any concerns about your own lack of training, knowledge or
expertise in any given area of the business, it‟s your responsibility to make sure that
you take the time to upgrade your skills.
As a small business owner there can be some great tax benefits for training and
acquiring new skills, ask your tax adviser what benefits you may qualify for.
Most of us have worked in situations where personalities and values have clashed
amongst team members. It can make for an uncomfortable work environment for
everyone concerned. The good news is that as the salon owner, you get to choose
your own work team.
By establishing a good team dynamic from the start and nurturing those working
relationships, you can develop a group of employees who will happily support you on
your road to success.
Being your own boss, you can also choose to give yourself greater flexibility within
your work hours and holidays. You can choose which parts of the business you
want to run yourself and those you would prefer to pay someone else to do for you. All rights reserved
Page 24
Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
You get to set the range, standard and quality of services offered to your clients and
maintain complete control over the way those services are delivered.
You can have the fun of coming up with new promotions and themes for your salon
and which particular products you want to use and sell to the public.
So, having said all that, it is also YOU who chooses whether your Nail Salon will
outperform and outlast the competition!
 You will be the one who decides the quality of your salon and services.
 You will be the one in charge of the financials
 You will be the one who sets the foundations in place for success
 You will be the one who offers clients that „edge‟ over the competition to turn
them into long term clients
 You will be in charge of the longevity of the salon
So let‟s get onto some more foundational ideas that will set you up for success for
many years to come!
Without a strong core, the business will suffer and the work to keep it a success will
be even more difficult. All rights reserved
Page 25
Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
There are some other important aspects however that need to be looked at too.
These are the elements that are often missing when a salon stops being so
successful and gets on the downward spiral and eventually folds. They are just as
important as the basic business skills and sometimes even more important, in my
opinion, and if they can really be harnessed and used to their highest potential, your
business will be the leader in its area.
GOALS-This is such an important area to be clear on. If you don‟t know what
your ultimate dream is for your business, you will never get there.
BELIEF -If you don‟t believe you deserve to be successful, you won‟t be
EXCITEMENT- Often the excitement of having a business wanes after a while
and this will directly relate to your success or failure
LOVE- If you really love your salon, your work and what you do every day,
everyone will feel it and they will want to be in your salon more.
Owning a business has its good days and its bad days, that‟s for sure, but by having
the right mindset about your talents and the passion you have for the Nail business,
will make it highly probable that you will succeed in achieving far more than you
Here are questions to ask yourself to really find out your passion for the business
you are in.
I am in the Nail Industry because:
I am passionate about:
I love to go to work each day because:
I give my clients the best possible service because:
In my GLOSS System Home Study Course I show you step by step how to attract
your IDEAL CLIENTS, and have them COMING BACK, time and time again. I also
show you how to create the atmosphere needed to entice clients to YOU and also
the systems and marketing that you can put in place for a better lifestyle and more
time for relationships with your loved ones.
To sum up these steps:
1. You must first KNOW what your passion is
2. Make it YOUR specialty service
3. Have your salon reflect who YOU ARE
4. Put marketing in place that reflects that All rights reserved
Page 26
Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
5. Put systems in place so that you are working less and earning more.
So, I encourage you to have a look at the core values and practices of your
business. Make the changes that are needed for your business to go to the next
level of income and most of all - LOVE WHAT YOU DO!
What do YOU VALUE the Most?
Working, bringing up your family and looking after your loved ones are important and
a part of most people‟s lives.
So why do SOME people achieve more SUCCESS than others? Especially when
they seem to be doing the same „stuff„ each day as you?
It can get really frustrating when you KNOW you want to be successful, you KNOW
all the right skills in your business, you LEARN on an ongoing basis through self
education…and yet still, it seems so illusive to you.
Frustrating isn‟t it!
Some people just GIVE UP but I know that‟s not you because you have taken the
time to be here and read this!
What I will suggest is that perhaps your values are not in alignment with your
What are your values? Wealth? Family? Relationships? Being Social? Inspiring
people? Education? All rights reserved
Page 27
Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
There are too many values to list here but you have to define what your top values
are before you will achieve the success you desire.
To explain this better, if your education value was the highest, you would be
spending a lot of time in this area and perhaps neglecting other areas such as your
business. If the education value was equal with your desire to succeed in your
business, there would be balance between the two.
Another example would be fitness. Have you ever been at the gym and thoughtwow, I would love to be as fit as the aerobics instructor! She/he looks so great! Well,
you can look like that however your values would have to change! The aerobics
instructor has the value of fitness as their number one! So that would be a choice
you have to make in life. But nothing is impossible, if you value it highly enough.
Here‟s a personal story that may explain it better. At one salon that I owned, when I
was married, it was more important to me to make all of my clients happy than it was
to spend time with my family. This was a great shame in many respects but
especially because I missed a lot of memories of my children growing up. It also was
a big reason for my consequent divorce.
If my value for family had been the same as it was for keeping the clients happy, and
they were in alignment with my goals in life, I would have enjoyed much more time
with the ones I loved.
Now this is not something I knew about then and couldn‟t even see what was
happening to be honest!
And I believe that if YOU are happy, then YOUR CLIENTS are going to be happy as
the work you do, the atmosphere of the salon and the attention you give to them will
be so much better.
This fact alone will set you apart from the other salons and will make your salon the
one that stays in business for years!
Getting yourself in a position of being unique to the marketplace and offering
different and better services really puts you in a great position to be doing and
perfecting the area of nails that you love doing the best!
If your salon is not doing well and you have to do anything just to get the bookings,
life is not as much fun and the days at the salon seem long and arduous.
When you can discover what it is that you love doing the most and the thing you are
the best at, not only will this give you an edge over the competition, bring you the
clients that you want to work with the most but it will make you WANT to go to work
each day with enthusiasm and excitement!
Perfecting what you love the most is actually quite simple. You will be getting lots of
practice if you are attracting the correct clients but if that hasn‟t happened as yet,
make sure you practice in some capacity each day. All rights reserved
Page 28
Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Either on your own nails, your staff or family or you could even encourage a new
client, or existing one, to allow you to try out something different on them-your
specialty! You may even gain an ideal client this way!
Family is important
In my experience, if you put all of your energy into your Nail Salon, and neglect your
personal life, your personal life will suffer! Sure, your salon may be a success and
you will be making the income you wanted but is any of that any fun when you have
no family to share it with?
Your personal relationships need to be nurtured just like your clients, in fact, even
more so because when all is said and done, you will have your family forever but
your client can disappear at any time!
This is where you need to establish what your NON NEGOTIABLE LIFESTYLE is.
After you explored what you values are, in your business and personal life, referring
back to these values, work out what you want your life to look like.
When we embark on a career we sometimes forget to add into our diaries, the time
we want to spend on ourselves. It‟s all clients, work, money etc but you are worthy of
a lifestyle as well and if you do not plan for a lifestyle, you won‟t get one.
So, sit quietly for a few moments and think about what it is that you would like to do
with your time if you didn‟t have to work a lot of hours every day. Would it be to have
a day with your children? Perhaps have one morning off each week to spend with
your husband? Work weekends but have 2 days during the week to be at home?
Whatever your lifestyle dreams-it can become reality. All you have to do is plan it!
Once you are done, write down the „non-negotiables‟ that you will be incorporating
into your life, NO MATTER WHAT! All rights reserved
Page 29
Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Clients are the biggest factor in your pursuit of Nail Salon success and longevity.
Without clients you will not have a business.
Do you have trouble in this area?
Can you keep long term clients coming on a regular basis to your salon?
This can be difficult for some salons and they choose to simply do massive
marketing to keep bringing in new clients. The trouble with this is firstly, the massive
amount of money they spend on advertising! And secondly, the salon will not have
longevity. Eventually clients will stop coming and will cease to even look at the
While many businesses operate like this, I don‟t believe Nail Salons can last when
operating in this manner. Long term regular clients are a necessity to sustain not
only your finances but your salons future.
How can you have a full client list, easily?
Why do some salons have a full client list and others don‟t? Some may say it‟s
because of the standard of work produced at the salon? Some may think it‟s the
prices? Others may feel it‟s the location?
I believe something else and I would like to tell you a bit of what I think get clients
into one salon over another.
I have always had very busy Nail Salons wherever I have started one up. Different
towns, different locations -hair salon, beauty salon, independent and at home- it
hasn‟t really made much difference to my success so I would like to take out of the
equation that the LOCATION of your business makes a difference to clients.
The prices at my Nail Salons have always compared with those in the area and
sometimes exceeded them. So I don‟t feel a low price is always a big drawcard to
discerning nail clients. (I‟m not talking about the one off clients or special occasion
clients here but the clients that are long term and devoted to your salon.)
I‟m sure you have seen Nail Salons where the work is not high quality and yet they
still seem to get a lot of clients? There are 2 types of salons here-
1. The first are the Nail Bars where the service/work is not a good standard as a
whole but the clients that go there want a fast, convenient job. (With more education
for our clients they would stop going to places that cause damage to their nails. Not
all nail bars are dangerous but there are many where sanitary practices are not
carried out) All rights reserved
Page 30
Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
2. The second type are the Nail Technicians who have finished their training and
who are set up independently, are not at a high standard of work yet and still get a
full client list!
It can be really frustrating sometimes if you are a Nail Technician with a very high
standard of work and struggle to get clients over these other salons! I urge you
though-don‟t give up just yet!
The main reason for achieving my full client lists with ease? I believe clients
come to see YOU!
The clients that followed me everywhere I went, the ones that would travel 3 hours
for a 1 hour appointment and the clients that wouldn’t even have considered going
somewhere else, all came to see me. Sure, my work was great too, and the superb
customer service, but honestly, they loved coming to chat with me for an hour!
So it is really important to relate to your clients. If it doesn‟t come easily to you (which
I find hard to believe if you have chosen nails as a career ) I would suggest you
keep up to date with current news items, neighbourhood happenings and stay alert
for useful titbits of information that may help someone else! It is also very important
to remember what is happening in the lives of your clients. This is easily done, either
by memory or by writing notes on client cards.
Give your clients the best time ever when they come to see you for an appointment
and I can assure you that not only will they keep coming back, they will bring all their
friends too!
These clients will become long term clients, unlike the clients that may visit the
above mentioned salons.
Perhaps you have a lot of clients but only REALLY enjoy some of them?
This can become a huge problem especially if the people you are attracting into your
Nail Salon are negative, energy sucking nail clients! I know! I‟ve been there!
So, what do you do about it and how can you attract the nail clients YOU want to
deal with on a daily basis?
The first step is to ask these questions:
What service do I enjoy performing the most?
What is the age group of the client I most relate to?
What career/interests does this person have?
The answers to these questions hold the key. They will describe who it is you want
coming to your nail salon to be your client. All rights reserved
Page 31
Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
In my opinion, CLIENTS are a huge part of the foundation of any business. In the
Nail Industry it is a MUST DO to not only attract your IDEAL CLIENTS but to ensure
they keep coming back. This will happen if you create the correct atmosphere,
strategies and have the best systems in place.
I have seen many salons in my long career in the Industry that still don‟t get it! They
think if they just provide the service, clients will come. This will be true to a certain
extent but there are a lot of Nail Salons to choose from now.
There are many factors that make up a good business, and these include:
A solid business plan that will show you and your financial institution where
you are headed over the next 5 years at least.
A great location, auspicious for the clients you wish to attract.
A great product/products/service that people will pay money for and continue
to use.
Excellent service
Correct and effective marketing
Effective systems within the business that will enable the business to not only
run smoothly, but will ensure the back end of the business in all in place as
Having all of the above elements in your business will definitely lead you in the right
direction of success for your Nail Salon. All rights reserved
Page 32
Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Another simple way to work out who your ideal client is is to go through your client
cards. Pick out the clients you love to see each week. These clients will hold the key
and tell you the answer to the above questions as they will all be similar.
Once you know who your ideal client is, then you have to find them and market to
them specifically.
Find out where they hang out, think about the best way to promote or market in
these areas and come up with a fantastic marketing campaign to promote the exact
service you love doing.
The only way to success is to begin to take some chances in your life and business.
Calculated risks are there for you to grow personally and also in your business. Here
is a list of some other things that I consider important for growth.
Some things to remember each day:
All successful people have mentors or Fem-tors!
Model yourself and your business on someone who is already doing what you
want to do and learn from them.
It‟s none of your business what other people think about you!
More long term clients mean less marketing!
Education is vital for success-in business and personal life
Personal Growth = Business Growth
What we focus on we bring about. All rights reserved
Page 33
Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Value yourself first and then others will value you too
Live with PASSION!
Remember to ask! Instead of struggling or giving up, ask the questions that
you need answered and ask the appropriate people-the ones who know the
Believing is Seeing
Personal growth is just as important as business education and technique
improvement and education. Personal growth will actually be one of the aspects of
YOU and the way you run your salon that will attract clients.
People gravitate towards others who have that sense of peace and happiness
coming from within. Personal growth will give you this so not only will you benefit
from a deep understanding of yourself, your salon will benefit too.
Part of growing the salon and growing yourself, is realising the limitations you are
experiencing daily. One of these is how you value yourself and your time. This will
impact your profit margins and in so doing will mean your salon will not sustain itself
for very long.
How do you know if you are valuing yourself and your time?
Do you feel like you are just about LIVING at the salon?
Do you feel sometimes that the clients are ruling your life?
Are you doing nails ON demand or being IN demand for your work?
After many years of letting my Nail Salon rule my life, I learned the hard way that you
have to take control and live life on your terms.
This is not so easy a task to begin with as many of your clients will feel disappointed
and disgruntled. After many months or years of the salon running according to the
clients, when you change things a little and suit the salon to YOU, there will be
challenges. All rights reserved
Page 34
Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
So what am I suggesting? Here are some examples and questions I get asked and
how to make the changes, or simply adjust the situation slightly to be more in your
1. Working extremely long hours
I have no problem with anyone working long hours. I know that when you really have
a passion for something it doesn‟t feel like work. There is however a point when you
have to ask your self- is my work affecting my relationships at home? No amount of
money or clients is worth it if the family unit, or the relationships you have with loved
ones, breaks down. A work/life balance is vital for overall success in life and career.
2. I work long hours and still cannot pay my bills!
This is the situation when you have to increase your prices! If you are in demand,
people will pay what you are worth! You will find by doing this that you will have a
steady stream of regular clients, prepared to pay exactly what you decide you and
your services are worth. Personally, I would rather work less hours, with better
quality Ideal Clients, for a greater profit than keep slogging it out for too many hours
at such a low price I cannot afford to keep going! That is not what we got into this
career for.
3. Saying YES to all clients
This is a lesson that if learned, will help you to become free of guilt and take charge
of your life. I understand exactly how it is. You have clients begging and pleading for
appointments, they tell you their heart wrenching story and it‟s very hard to say no to
them. I mean, would you want to go out somewhere special with a broken nail?
Okay, take a breath, and listen to what I have to say- it‟s only a nail people!
Once you can break free of the guilt that some clients will heap on you, you will be
free to choose when and at what time you can fit people in. If they choose not to fit in
to that, then it‟s their problem and not yours. I know this may sound harsh but it‟s
YOUR business and YOUR life. I‟m sure you have had experience with places you
have tried to book in to and they have given you a few choices and that are it. They
don‟t care what you say to convince them to let you in, they stick to the times
available and its then up to you to find a way to get there if you want the spot. Do All rights reserved
Page 35
Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
you never go back? Mostly the answer is no. You fit in with them and get your
appointment. Your clients will do the same and I can assure you that you will only
lose the clients that you don‟t want anyway.
4. So how do I work the hours that suit me and still have the income I want?
Firstly, work out when you want to work, what you have in your personal life that is
important to you and then mark out in your diary/appointment book the exact hours ,
days etc you are available for work. You will also need to work out how many clients
you need/want to do each week. You can do this by working out your hourly rate.
Then work out how many hours you would need to work for the desired income.
Then work out how many clients you need to fulfil these requirements. For example if
you wish to make $1000 per week, and your average hourly income per client is $50,
you will need 20 clients, therefore 20 hours of work. Of course you will have costs
etc to come out so your figures will be more exact than this example.
Finding the balance
I have a wonderful client who knows the work/life balance is vital not only for her and
her business, but also for her relationship with her daughter. She chooses to work 3
days a week (mostly weekends) and have the rest of the week with her daughter. I
love this attitude and many of you may be in the same situation.
Some of you may be saying – If I dont work all week I will not be able to support
myself! Yes you can! Simply do what you have to do to make it happen! The 3 days
that my client works- she works very long hours. This is great as she can earn the
income she needs, service her clients and sill have the home life. If you really want
to achieve something, it‟s all there for you. It‟s a choice. All rights reserved
Page 36
Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Everything in life is a choice. Are you making the right choices for you? Only you will
know that and you will know by the way you feel. If you are happy with the way your
salon is currently operating, that‟s great! I congratulate you! If you have feelings of
despair, discouragement and worry, I would suggest you make different choices and
change things.
The long term success of your salon will depend a lot on how you value yourself,
your time and your services. This in turn will show the clients that you value them
also and this will lead to a long term relationship with those clients.
Get clients to stay
Many salon owners ask me the question: Why am I not getting customers to stay
and become long term clients?
There may be several reasons and I would have to be in your particular salon and
take a look around to give you the exact answers but there is a common thread that
runs through many of salons that just can‟t seem to keep clients coming back.
What is it? It is this…the thoughts they have when a client walks through the
I encourage you to stop and really think about how you see your clients. I understand
totally how hard it is sometimes to think anything else BUT about how much money
you will earn today! I‟ve been there! The bills are piling up and the clients are just not
coming and staying! This thinking pattern will bring you more of the same so it is vital
that you really make an effort, force yourself at first if you have to, to have top of
mind – What can I do for you.
Do you think in terms of dollars? – How much and what can I get from this person?
Or do you think this way: What can I give to this person so they can have an
awesome experience here and I can enhance their day?
It is so important to have the mindset of – What can I do for this person – because
the client will FEEL your energy. Whether it is this energy or dollar sign energy, they
will feel it. If you want them to become long term clients, ask yourself what would be
This in itself is a reflection of the value you give yourself too.
Let me share with you what I have done in my salons to achieve full client lists. All rights reserved
Page 37
Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Full Client List
Does it seem impossible to achieve a full client list in only 3-6 months? Some will
believe it and some won‟t but I want to tell you honestly that it is possible. How do I
know? Because I have done it- more than once!
I see and hear of many Nail Technicians that are struggling each and every day to
get clients into their Nail Salons. This is not something new in the Industry. A lot will
blame it on the economy, the government, the area, etc, etc but this has been going
on since I can remember and I have been in the Nail Industry for a long time now!
So I ask you this – If one salon can be successful, why then, in the same area and
the same outside circumstances, isn‟t another salon doing as well?
I want to share with you how I have achieved full client lists in a short amount of time
with relative ease, time after time, and had my clients return month after month, year
after year. And I know that you can do it too!
Imagine you have just set up your salon and you are now ready and waiting for
clients. You will already have some from either working somewhere else or at home
while you were getting your skills in place. You will still have a lot of time in your new
salon where you are not booked and this is the perfect time for you to really get your
salon established fast. So with that extra time you can put all of your energy into
getting your salon foundations established so that your business will be thriving from
the get go.
I believe there are 3 overall things that need to occur for you and your salon to
have a full client list:
An irresistible offer
Your work/service and salon experience must be highest quality
Have the new customers become regular clients returning often
Let‟s now take a closer look at these 3 areas and I want to tell you exactly how I got
a full client list and teach you how you have success too.
1. An irresistible offer
It is vital in your Nail Salon business to have an irresistible offer in place.
Over the years I have always found that the thing that got the most new nail clients is
a half price offer on a new set of nails. There are of course many other ways to
promote and different services that you can use but as my ideal client was always
„an acrylic nail client that had artwork‟, this promotion worked the best for me.
Your promotion needs to be seen by a lot of people. This can be achieved by:
• using a board or A-frame outside your salon (if possible) with only the special
written on it (and nothing else) All rights reserved
Page 38
Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
• small free ads on notice boards around town
• fliers delivered to letterboxes or on cars (you can do this yourself or pay someone a
minimal amount)
• and the most effective, easiest and fun way of getting the message out there- self
promotion- make sure YOUR nails are very noticeable! Have a stack of
fliers/business cards with you and while you are out and about people will ask you
about your nails and strike up a conversation. These are the people who are
interested and will come!
I can reassure you that it doesn‟t take long for word to get around when you have a
great special running. Make sure you get the message to large groups of people
somehow. The ones that work in office blocks, banks, real estate etc as this is how
you will reach more people through word of mouth!
While you are establishing your salon, rather than sitting around doing nothing, take
the opportunity to get out and about, make your nails sparkle, ask workers in the
area if they would like a free service, take fliers to businesses and whatever you can
think of to do. If you are sitting looking bored in your empty salon, clients will avoid
coming in!
And remember, in a short few months you will be so busy behind the desk that you
won‟t have time to get out and about much! Enjoy it while you can and get to know
the people in your area. All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
2. Your work/service and salon experience must be highest quality
I cannot stress enough how important this is!
You have gone to all the effort of getting your message out there and now you have
the clients streaming in to your salon. If you don‟t give them the quality service that
they expect or perhaps have never had elsewhere, they will not come back and the
whole exercise would have been a waste for you and your business!
Every person who comes into your salon has the potential to be a lifelong client…if
you treat them well. What do clients come to your salon for? More than just nails I
can assure you however that would have to be top of the list when it comes to the
quality you offer!
1. Great quality nails
2. Excellent service
3. To feel special
4. To be listened to
5. To have a warm, happy experience
6. To feel important
7. To relax after work or from the kids
8. For your opinions and advice
Just a side note on the above- there are clients that simply just want their nails done.
Fullstop. Mostly these clients will go to the quick low cost nail bars. They are not the
clients you are looking for so if you feel you are still missing out on business because
you cannot get these people to come to you, stop worrying. Get better clients that
want the experience. They are the ones that will become your life long clients. All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
3. Have the new customers become regular clients returning often
How do you make sure that the people who have come in to the salon for the initial
special offer turn into a regular client that absolutely sings your praises and sends in
referrals like crazy?
Well, apart from the experience as above, you need, at least, a second offer to have
them return. In other words, if you are offering a half price set of nails, let them know
that they will also receive their first refill for half price too. Why? If you get the client
in to your salon once, the likelihood of them returning lessens but if you can get them
in there at least twice, the wonderful „experience‟ and the quality of the work they get
will reassure them that this is the place for them and they will become a regular
At the second appointment you can also make sure the service you did for them was
the correct one for them (did the nails last well with their job etc) and you can have
them feel as though you have taken special care and time to give them an individual
service that suits their needs. (There are very few place that do this )
Some of you may be thinking about the lack of money generated by so many
discounts. You have to remember the advantages of a regular client over a new
client. If you can use the first 2 appointments to get a new client into your booking
system on a regular basis, work out the value of that over the long term. It will mean
less marketing and advertising, regular income from a client who you know will be
coming each fortnight or so, and this client will give you easy referrals.
The first 3-6 months of your salon needs to be a concentrated effort to get people in
and have them come back. The money will come after you have established a client
list of devoted clients and if you can do it in 3-6 months, it of course will be way
better for you!
If you are having difficulty in this area and cannot figure out why, I strongly suggest
you look at your basic nail skills, your service and the salon atmosphere and your
marketing. The answer will be in one of these areas. All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Marketing in your business is an important aspect that has to be looked with
seriousness as it will be the lifeblood of your business, or the downfall.
The best way to enhance your marketing is to work out who your ideal client is first
and then target those areas, places and buildings etc where your ideal clients are.
If you just send out marketing here, there and everywhere, you will be not only
wasting time, effort and money, you will not be getting the clients that you want.
Remember the ideal clients are the ones you want in your salon as they are the ones
that will stay for the long term.
Marketing your Nail Salon for the Best Success
While you need to make your Nail Salon business stand out in front of potential new
clients, keeping your existing clients coming back is just as important and
unless you‟re retaining existing clients, you are wasting your money on advertising.
Always make your clients feel like VIPs, keeping good records about their service
history. Jotting down small details such as how they prefer their coffee and
partner/children/pet‟s names can make all the difference. You can refresh your
memory quickly and make them feel important enough for you to have remembered.
Making a client‟s next appointment before they leave is a good practice to get into
and offering a reminder call or sms service a couple of days before appointments fall
due can make people more inclined to book in advance. If they know that it is difficult
to actually get an appointment with you, they will have no hesitation in booking
ahead. In fact, my clients used to book all of their appointments in for a 6 month or
12 month period so they didn‟t miss out! All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Explaining to them that you will need to do their refills or maintenance of their chosen
style within a certain time frame can pave the way to them making their next
appointment and the addition of a loyalty card with a rewards system makes it all the
more attractive for them to return.
Now, you must also turn your attention to gaining new clients.
A great starting point is to ask existing clients for referrals. You could even develop
a promotion that rewards them for introducing new clients. By giving away something
to your existing clients, like a free service for 5 referrals, or some free artwork, you
will gain new clients easily and your existing clients will be happy too!
Creating a photographic portfolio of your work is a great way to show off your
creativity and versatility, and gives your clients ideas to choose from. You will also
have a folder full of your own photos to use for your advertising and promotions.
Use your window space to display some of them. Create a website and add details
of your services and use the photos to show off your skills.
Think about submitting articles or tips to your local paper to show your expertise.
Perhaps sponsor a neighbourhood group or offer a free class at your local
neighbourhood house on how to paint nails.
The more people see you and talk to you, the more they remember you when they
need their nails done – so network, network, network! Look for local business groups
such as a Chamber of Commerce. Visit the local council and ask what promotional
opportunities they can offer.
Get out amongst the locals, attend community events and use the internet as much
as possible. The net is a relatively low cost medium and you can do many things to
increase traffic to your website, including social media networking through websites
such as Twitter and Facebook.
Like a promotion you‟ve seen another business running? Why not tailor a similar one
to suit your own business? Or if you‟re ever stuck for a new idea for a promotion,
simply go through the calendar and think of a salon campaign that relates to the next
big holiday or special event.
Marketing your business doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. If you put some
thought into it you will find clever ways to stand out in the crowd and attract YOUR
IDEAL CLIENTS. All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Social Media is now a really big area that definitely needs to be a part of your
marketing pie. Most salons now have a website and personally I feel this is
important. I know it still scares some of you and technology is not on your list of
favourite things to do however it is part of this world we now live in.
People are looking for convenient ways to make bookings, find out about services
and the best salon for them in their area. If you don‟t have a website, even just a
very basic, simple one, this could leave you behind.
But that is not why you are reading this is it! You want to be in front!
So definitely look into that and check out the other websites of the salons in your
area. You could also have a look at larger, successful salons that have been around
for a time and see what they do. There are plenty of them!
There will be some things that won‟t appeal to you but you will work out what you like
and don‟t like and what you want on your site by doing some research on what‟s
Then there is Twitter. This is huge in the Social Media stakes at the
moment! It may not serve you and your business at the moment so while I would
definitely get the hang of it and begin using it, I don‟t believe it will get you a lot of
clients at the moment. If you can build up your clientele and they all have Twitter
accounts then Yes! Great! You will be able to broadcast specials etc easily to them!
I feel there are still many clients at salons that use this technology so it won‟t have
that much impact in your marketing but it will be fun just to be social and meet
people! All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
The best tool you can have, after your website is Facebook.
Many Nail Techs are using Facebook now as a part of their overall marketing
strategy and are doing it quite effectively. There are however still many that are just
not quite there yet in regards to using this social media platform correctly and for
their best results.
I want to give you some do‟s and don‟ts and help you to get the most out of this
fantastic tool.
Facebook can be a real asset for your Nail Salon business. You can connect
with your clients easily and for free, you can connect with new clients and you can
also use it to advertise available booking times, weekly specials or new services. If
you are new to Facebook as a marketing tool, here are some points to remember
when setting up your Nail Salon business page:
The name is important and ideally should be the name of your salon!
However, try not to make it too long (with added extras apart from the salon
name) as it gets hard to remember.
When you are filling in your information section, write as much as you can
about your salon, the services you provide, anything you specialize in and
maybe even some words from happy clients?
Make the access to your salon information easy, for instance your contact
details, appointment times, email and address are important elements
Include a tab for salon services/menu. Some people add this to the
information area which is ok also but I think a whole tab (page) for the
prices/services looks better
Include lots of photos of the work you do especially the unique services you
Have your salon logo on the page to match all of your other advertising
material for eg if you have a website too. If you cannot get the logo to fit in the
banner/side area you will have to change the size either by doing that yourself
or getting professional help with that (shouldn‟t cost a lot and there are many
services/companies that do Facebook branding now. Look around though as
some are still a little over the top price wise) All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
As soon as you have 25 likes on your page, get your Vanity URL. This allows
you to have an address for use on other marketing for instance your website
and advertising materials such as fliers and business cards. An address with salon- name looks a lot better than the long one with
numbers etc that you see before you get the url!
I would also like to give you some points here on what not to do/say and what
would be advantageous to do/say!
1. Interact with your clients and friends positively.
2. Advertise specials
3. Advertise vacant appointment times
4. Advertise new services/products to your nail salon
5. Show images of nail designs, nail art and results your clients have received at
your nail salon
6. Survey/ask questions of your clients as to what they would like to see introduced
to your nail salon or what they find the best thing is about the salon etc.
7. Show a human side and let your personality shine through to all who see. Your
clients already know you to be the wonderful person you are but new clients need to
see and feel that energy through the page.
8. Add some interest with advice on nailcare or tips on how to‟s with the other
services you provide. All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
1. Use your business page as a venting ground! If you want to complain about clients
being late/not showing up/nastiness/gossip/hassles at home etc etc, please do it
either on your personal page or private message another nail tech for support and
understanding! I totally know how it feels by the end of some days after 10 – 12
hours in the salon! If you want to let some emotion loose, do yourself a huge favour
and don‟t do it on your business page!
2. Discuss too much about personal life and people etc. Do discuss events that have
been special and have been great at the weekend etc because that will make you
more human and your clients will join in on the joy and positivity!
3. Set up the page and forget about it. You need to be on there for at least 30
minutes once or twice a week to comment and make posts. This is a way to connect
with more people who are your ideal clients and for many, this is the way they will
find out about you.
4. Get involved with any negativity or bad mouthing etc that other people may begin
in a comment thread. If it is bad, delete the post. If you add fuel to the fire sometimes
things gets worse. If someone is upsetting you through your business page, call
them or email them to sort it out.
Social Media may be wonderful to keep in contact with people and market your
business, but it can also ruin your business quickly if you don‟t treat it with some
respect! All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
After 30 years in the nail business, I have to say that while a bit of local advertising
does get „the word‟ out that you are in business, the best form of advertising that
gave me the best results and I got the most success from is referral business.
In the Nail Industry, I believe the best form of advertising is still WORD of
Putting a word of mouth strategy in place will mean that it is your clients doing your
marketing for you, not you! Good word of mouth strategies can double the size of
your business each year.
When a regular client refers a new client to you, you not only have a new client, but
another new referral source! If you started with one client who referred you two
people, and then those two new clients referred you 2 people each, you would have
6 new clients. If those 6 new clients each referred 2 people to your salon, that would
be 12 new clients and so forth!
The best part about Word Of Mouth advertising and referrals are that the new client
is already confident about you and the excellent service you provide as it was a
friend that referred them!
Want YOUR Nail Salon to have full appointment diaries next year?
I would suggest you could start to put some strategies in place to ensure that your
referral programs are exciting and definitely bring in the new clients!
For free without advertising! All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Create excitement and buzz in the salon!
This will not only keep the salon atmosphere great but will allow you to talk about
what you love to do, and do more of it! You can create this excitement by having new
posters about, entering competitions in your chosen section and having a great
marketing campaign around this service you provide.
Read and watch anything related to your talent and skill so you are always up to date
with new techniques etc. Be ahead of the rest! Implement new facets to your chosen
talent-the one you love the most- that will keep interest from regular clients and
attract many new ones through word of mouth.
You have to be seen as the expert in whatever it is that you love to do the most. To
be „seen‟ as the expert it is really important that you also „feel‟ like the expert.
All the marketing in the world won’t help if YOU don’t believe in yourself and your
ability to perform this unique service.
Being the best, and being seen as the best, can only be accomplished by offering
the highest standards. This means a high standard of work, customer service,
products, skills and attitude.
It is true that there are salons that are of a very high standard that do not meet all of
these expectations. Perhaps the work can get a little but shoddy at times but the
customer service makes up for it. Maybe the customer service isn‟t top notch but the
fantastic work makes up for that. All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Find out who your competition is, what they are offering and how you can
embrace your uniqueness to stand out from them.
Ask these questions of yourself and your salon:
1. What are the main salons in your area?
2. Which of these stand out as the „better‟ or „more successful‟ salons?
3. What do they offer or do that makes then stand out? Services/marketing material
such as business cards, fliers etc/salon atmosphere/specialties
4. Examine what you find and:
 Write down all the areas where YOUR material, services and salon
appearance could be improved.
 Try to see where they are getting the most business from and do a better
 Find out what they are missing or not offering and make it your salon
5. Having this list of what you can do to make improvements will really help with
marketing materials, new services you may include and specialties you want to stand
out from the crowd with. Sometimes it can be overwhelming when there are a lot of
things to work on so put them in order of how important you feel they are and then
you will be able to tackle each one when you can. If there are only a few specific
changes that need to be made, then usually that can be accomplished in a shorter
time period. All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
What I would recommend to you is to set your goals on achieving excellence in ALL
areas. Why?
Well, for a start is will be more satisfying for you! It will also mean that if you do have
a bad day or moment in one of the areas, your clients know it is temporary and know
you usually offer the highest standards.
So how do you know if your salon has the highest standards in the area? You would
have found out this information when you were researching the services of the other
salons in the area.
The first thing to do is write down the different areas where you want to excel. For
example what exact areas require a high standard?
Believing in yourself not only gives you the confidence, the clients can feel it too and
therefore it increases their confidence and assurance that you really will deliver to
them a better service than anyone else. All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Your Nail Salon………IS IT A FUN PLACE?
A Nail Salon is usually a really fun place for clients to go, not only to have their
regular nail appointment, but to catch up with their Nail Technician and the other
people at the salon. I remember the Nail Salon that I owned, in Canberra, back in the
early 90′s! Wow, did we have some great times there!
The salon employed 4 Nail Technicians including myself, and a beautician. When
clients came for their appointments, to have acrylic nails, gel nails, manicures,
pedicures etc, it was like a get together with friends! A lot of the regular clients knew
each other as well because they would book their appointments ahead for at least 6
months at the same time and day each time.
Now, sometimes as a Nail Technician, it can get very tiring and draining to be there
fully for the clients, all day, every day. Some of them are really exhausting! So, what
would happen at my salon, if one of the staff, or me, was feeling like that, we would
deliberately set up conversations between the clients! This meant that the clients
were chattering away and we could just get on with our work. It was brilliant! We had
a break and the clients loved meeting new and interesting people. And of course,
some of them became really good friends and met at my salon for a catch up each
fortnight at their appointments!
Your Nail Salon can be a very happy and welcoming place for people to come. If
you make a deliberate choice to have your salon this way, I can assure you it will be
a success and will always have happy clients and staff! All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
After discovering the ways to really set yourself apart, you will have clients that
wouldn‟t dream of going anywhere else to have their nails done!
This will put you in a fantastic position of expanding your salon very easily, thus
increasing your profits and ultimately the value of your Nail Salon.
Being the Nail Technician and the Nail Salon that is the most up to date, the most
advancing and the most enterprising will definitely put you high in the marketplace.
The atmosphere you set in your salon is also vital to creating an experience for the
clients that they just love to come and have! We will explore how easy it is to do and
why so many salons forget or disregard the importance of it.
When a client walks into your salon, what would be their first impression?
Sometimes it‟s best to have new eyes to answer that question (which we all do after
a while in the same salon!) So I would highly recommend you do yourself a favour
and ask a friend, an honest one, to describe how they feel when they enter your
salon. A friend who hasn‟t been there at all or for a while would be the best. This will
give you an idea of what others are feeling, seeing and hearing.
Excellent work standards in all areas are also a very determining factor in your salon
While you may not be the absolute best at everything, your standards can be high.
This involves determination and the willingness to learn. All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Educating yourself is so important. I know you agree because otherwise you would
not be reading this now 
Concentrate on what you need to improve and keep doing it until you know you can
perform it well without a thought. Some things are easy to learn and you will have it
mastered in no time but other skills may take longer. Once achieved, the high level
you get to will stay with you so it is worth the extra time to stick to it.
Not only do your skills in all areas need to be great, they need to be great all the
time. This is so difficult sometime I know. Long hours in the salon, hassles at home.
Work related issues. All of these things can distract you from your clients. It‟s a fact,
albeit a sad fact sometimes, that only your very best clients will really care what is
going on in your life, the rest just want a good job done!
The best way to deal with this is also the way you need to learn to deal with your life
at home too. Be present. When you are at work, be at work. When you are at home,
be at home. It can be difficult to switch off to the rest of what is going on in your
world but if you can learn to be present it will really help. In fact, it will actually make
things seem less stressful. Live in the moment and the rest will take care of itself.
The main thing here is to have a reputation as the salon that always produces
excellent work. This will set you apart from the other salons and word will spread
fast, especially when a client has been to another salon (perhaps a regular there for
a while) and has a bad service then sees one of your clients. You cant ask for better
advertising that that! A happy client will do more for your business than paid
advertising. All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Visual – Is what the client sees when they walk in setting up a good reaction and
feeling for your salon? Do they have great things to look at and start conversations
with? Is there really eye catching artwork or promotional posters in the salon that can
be seen?
Smell – Does your salon smell inviting? Do you make an effort to set a particular
mood for the salon with aroma oils or the like?
Taste – Do you offer your clients beverages? Do you offer them different types of
beverages and food during a promotion? Do you celebrate occasions such as
Valentine‟s Day and Christmas in your salon and does the food and beverages you
offer match that occasion?
Sounds – Do you have great music playing throughout the day in your salon? Is the
music reflective of the clients that are in to see you that day?
Touch – Is the experience of their appointment a good one? Do you ensure the
client does not have any dust or remnants of materials used when they leave the
salon? Do the products you use feel good for the client? All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Being the best, staying the best and setting your salon apart from the competition
takes more than just great nail skills. You need business skills – or an
„entrepreneurialism mindset‟.
As a Nail Salon owner, or a work at home Nail Technician-you too are an
entrepreneur! Many Nail Techs forget this fact and don‟t educate themselves in
The word entrepreneur means a bold undertaking. When applied to life it
means to live fully, create life experiences the way you want them to be.
So how do you determine if you have the ability to become, or if you already are an
Here is a list of qualities of an entrepreneurial mindset:
Entrepreneurs are careful, meticulous planners of success.
Entrepreneurs see obstacles and problems that arise in the pursuit of a goal,
as normal experiences in life. They are there to be solved.
Entrepreneurs dream up adventures and ideas which they proceed to live out.
This is the „what if…‟ mentality.
Entrepreneurs realise their natural abilities and use them to the full.
Entrepreneurs act rationally, not emotionally, and constantly develop their
thinking skills
 Entrepreneurs break conventions, go beyond the accepted and work through
their fears.
Entrepreneurs create their own businesses and see them as income
generating mechanisms, not extensions of their identity or an opportunity to
express their neuroses. All rights reserved
Page 56
Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Entrepreneurs use their imagining skills to delve into their creative powers and
come up with new insights and discoveries
Entrepreneurs pay enormous attention to detail and self discipline
Entrepreneurs develop their inner life (their conscious awareness through
meditation etc) because they realise that abundance and the richest
experiences come from within themselves
Entrepreneurs have an adventurous, creative, interesting, stimulating and
restful life outside of their business.
I feel it is really so important to know that not only are you are talented Nail
Technician that loves what you do, but that you are also a business person and
want more for your life than just going to work each day. This inner knowing is what
drives you each day to become more successful and serve more people.
When planning your education keep in mind that business education is just as
important as Nail shows, events and education. Actually, I feel it is more important!
Business planning and development is vital for continued growth and greater
success in your Nail Salon.
This will set you apart in some cases and make your salon more professional than
some others. This will attract more clients to you and as such, increase your profits!
Training is an important part of any business and the nail business is no different. I
have seen salons and salon owners over the years that just stay in their little world,
with the same clients and the same strategies for years! While this doesn‟t bother
them at the time, if they knew how much better the products and technology get over
time and how much more they could be earning I‟m sure they would scream in
frustration with themselves!
Being an organize business person also means having skills in getting your entire To
Do list done! We all have one right? Does it ever all get done? Rarely. All rights reserved
Page 57
Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
I have some great tips from a friend of mine, Chris Lucas, about how to
conquer your To-Do list!
4 Step KISS Method to Conquer Your To Do List
Do you have a To Do List a Mile Long?
Are you finding it hard to conquer everything on your to do list?
Is your to do list getting on top of you?
Here‟s a simple four step method to help you get more done and get more results.
It‟s simple, it‟s effective and it gets results.
1. Do it – Simply take action and get it done!
2. Delegate it – Ask yourself, Am I the right person to do this task? If not find the
right person who is and delegate it to them.
3. Defer it – When the first two rules can‟t be applied defer it and take action as
soon as you can and still keep it on your to do list.
4. Delete it – If you keep deferring a task perhaps it‟s not important enough or it
simply doesn‟t move you closer to your goal or there is no real benefit to you,
your business or your clients and it‟s simply a waste of your time, effort and
energy….if that‟s the case then simply delete it from your to do list.
That‟s what I like to call my K.I.S.S Method to conquering your to do list.
By Chris Lucas
You can check out more from Chris here at: All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
So now that we have established the fact that business education and training is
important to your Nail Salon longevity, we will discuss product and technical skill
You would no doubt be aware that there are many opportunities to update your skills
and learn what is new in the Nail Industry. If you receive any product from any
suppliers (which I know you do!) you will get information sent with orders letting you
know when training days are on (for that particular company or product) and if there
are any events coming up that you could attend and learn.
Not only are these days great for your networking, they serve as important training
for you and your business.
There are other ways to get updates and training too. These include Nail Industry
events that happen at least 2-3 times a year worldwide. Go to the website of your
Nail Association in your area and they will have them all listed. Alternatively, through
the internet there are plenty of places to find out what is happening as far as training
is concerned! You only have to Google the Nail Industry to get the latest information.
For more intense training I would definitely recommend at least once a year to you
book in to an advance training/education event. It could be with the product you use
or you may decide to change products and therefore you would definitely need to get
Remember, while I realise, and am certain, you would be able to use a new product
quite easily without training, you are looking to be the best in what you do. When
people know you have had special training in something not only will this give you
more credibility but it will give you a lot more confidence too!
When you attend a Trade Show there are certain tasks you must do, otherwise the
effort of getting there is a waste!
It takes time, effort and money to get to a show so make the most of it when you are
 Go around the entire floorspace when you get there and make notes of which
stalls in particular you want to visit, why you want to visit and who is there for
you to network with.
 Once you have had a quick look at it all (I understand it takes time! These
shows are massive!) Have a quick rest  and then decide who you want to
see regarding new products. Go to those stalls, introduce yourself and get a
rundown on what they offer. You might even get some samples to try. All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
 You will then be wise to do some networking with other salon owners. Find
out what they use in their salons, what they think of it etc. Find out what
systems they use and what they would recommend and why.
 Go and buy whatever it is you want to buy! Always plenty of glitter and
makeup around at these shows too 
 You should still have time left at the end of the day, an exhausting day, to stay
at one or two of the stalls that you are really interested in. They usually do a
lot of demonstrating and you can actually learn a lot! Free education, gotta
love that!
 I would actually recommend staying the two days if you can. This will give you
so much more time to chat and ask questions. I know exactly how exhausting
they can be, physically and mentally, so giving yourself the extra time is great!
 I would highly recommend watching the competitions section. You will not
only be absolutely blown away with what these competitors do, but you will
pick up some ideas for your own salon!
 Most of all- HAVE FUN! Get in there amongst it all and meet people, meet
suppliers and meet mentors in the Industry! Being well known is just a matter
of getting out there in a big way!
Being a part of trainings, attending shows, entering competitions- these are all
aspects of your business that will set you apart. Not only will you be outperforming
the competition, your clients, and future clients, will know you really do care about
the job you do, the Industry and most of all – them and their nails! All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Finance is an important aspect of any business and in your Nail Salon if you are not
looking at where money is coming in and where it is going out, your profit margins
will not be what they could be.
The biggest reason for salons closing is not enough money coming in! There are
many reasons for this including shoddy work, bad salon practice and unfriendly
personalities but not earning enough to sustain the business is a big one that results
from all of the above reasons but mostly just bad management and planning.
There are many Nail Salons that are IN business but are they operating AS a
This is the thought I would like to impress on you today. There are certain things that
you have to have in place in your Nail Salon, and do on a consistent basis, for it
to be operating well as a business. If not, you will simply be running a great salon
where people are getting great nails and service but YOU are not profiting from and
earning a decent living from!
Why did you open a Nail Salon and get into business? It wasn‟t just to be
servicing a lot of clients and ending up broke I‟m sure!
So, here is a checklist of some of the actions that you need to be taking on a regular
basis in your Nail Salon to ensure your business success, growth and most of allPROFIT!
 Are your prices up to date? – The cost of products rises all the time so at
least twice a year I would highly recommend you reassess your costs and
adjust your prices accordingly. It may only mean a price rise of a few dollars
but if you dont do it, it will be a few less dollars in your pocket! It all adds up
over the year!
 Are you getting the most out of your products? – Every year it is worth
doing a review on the products you use. Write down the cost of a product and
then work out how many clients that will service. Then work out the cost per
client. Do this with all your products. Each year there may be cost rises,
product changes and new products on the market. It is just worth checking to
see if it is cost effective for you. I believe in using top quality products and so
my prices were probably higher than my competition but because of the total
client care I offered and gave, they still came to me. You see, the cost of a
nail service isn‟t always the issue so don‟t be afraid to charge what you
need to charge! People will pay for great service and a quality job. All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
 Are you setting boundaries for appointments? Do you keep saying yes to
clients even though you know it means giving up some of your personal time?
Even though it means spending less and less time with your children? Even
though it means spending less time doing what YOU love to do? This is not
running a business- this is allowing the business to RUN YOU! Please do
yourself a huge service and believe that YOU are just as important as the
CLIENT therefore if you have to say no, then say no! They will book another
 Are you keeping all of your records and books up to date? This is an
important area to be vigilant about as it will serve many purposes:
Your accountant will love you!
You will know how the business stands at any given moment
It will be an asset when selling the salon
It will allow you really know where the business is heading, how your goals
are looking and what you may need to adjust to reach those goals.
These are just a small section of what you can do to be running a successful and
profitable business and I know that your Nail Salon is important to you so I hope you
take a look at the systems in your salon and get on track for the profitable business
you set out to have!
Cashflow is important for your salon also.
Here is a list of some things you can do to ensure your cashflow and your profit
margins are correct and flowing in!
 Write down how much you would like/need to earn in a month
 Work out how many hours you want to work
 Work out how much you would have to earn per hour worked, to get the
income you want
 Is this the amount you are charging for your services? If not, you will have to
make adjustments to either the price or the hours you work.
 Work out how much your product is costing you per client.
 Work out, with your product price list, how much you would save by buying in
bulk (this is an initial outlay but usually works out less per client)
I think the most important thing is to be aware of what comes in and what goes out. If
you can get it to a point where what comes in is the greater amount, then you will be
in profit. All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Buying products because they are the latest thing or because they are glittery and
sparkly can be a big problem for Nail Techs! Believe me I did it and had just about
every product you could buy! But you know what? The clients are happy to have
what you have already as mostly they don't even know about the new stuff that is
available! So try to refrain from any product purchases that are not needed while you
are building your business and cashflow.
I hear this a lot “I have to keep my prices the same as the competition”,” My clients
won‟t pay any more than this”, “My clients will go somewhere else if I raise my prices
and then I will be making nothing”
Sound familiar? What the statement is actually saying is this- “I am not worth
Let me ask you this, if you go to a business and pay a small charge for a service,
you would expect that the results/service will be average? If you went to a business
that charged more than the competition would you be expecting a great service?
Better than the others? You are happy to pay more for this, right?
So, other people are going to feel exactly the same when they come to see you! You
will get the clients that know you are worth every cent, and they will keep coming!
Many years ago I was in this situation of not valuing myself or my work. It was the
first year of business in a new town. I had gained enough clients to go out into my
own salon and the prices had remained the same for over 12 months.
I was worried about increasing the prices as it had taken me a while to get a full
client list and I didn‟t think some of them could afford to come if the prices were
increased. I worked long hours only to just get by. The clients were happy but I
wasn‟t really making enough money to make it worthwhile for me. So, I decided to
put up the prices.
I was charging $25 for a fill at that stage and I wanted to increase it to $30. I was
very nervous about it so I just increased it to $27.50. I though a $2.50 rise would be
okay for the clients and me.
What happened then was an absolute nightmare! I had to be giving change all day to
clients, whereas before it was an even dollar amount and was easy! The clients kept
saying to me-why didn‟t you just put it up to $30! You see, they could see my value
more than I could, and they were willing to pay the extra because they wanted to
come to me no matter what.
I learnt a great lesson from that experience and I hope it will help you as well. This is
YOUR business and YOU are the one developing your skills and talents, giving all
you have to the clients, being the best in whatever you do. This is also your All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
livelihood. Now, if you want to be just another Nail Bar, fine, keep your prices low,
compete with the sub standard salons and get the clients that don‟t really care about
If you really are passionate about your nail career, which I know you are, believe and
acknowledge that you are better than the cheap salons.
By the way, as soon as you value yourself, increase your prices and are proud of
what you offer, you will actually get really great clients, better quality clients and
clients that think you are the most wonderful thing that came into their lives! How
great is that! Isn‟t that the dream of every Nail Tech?
This will also mean longevity for your Nail Salon.
If you are going to educate yourself, create better skills and be the absolute best
standard salon, your prices need to reflect all of that work.
The best way to work out your prices is by figuring out what you would like to earn
per hour.
If you were earning, say, $25 /hour, for 8 hours/day, 5 days/week you would earn
$1000/week. Over a year, with breaks, that would be approx $50,000.
That‟s not a bad income really but the cost of living is rising and if you are educating
yourself and have something more to offer your clients than just the same service as
down the road, I would suggest that we could double that for a reasonable income?
What if you could raise your prices so that you were making at least $50/hour
(reasonable really for the work you put in) and then you could also have something
extra to offer each client to increase the profit per client? All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
This would mean for an 8 hour day, 5 days per week, you would be bringing in
$100,000 annually!
Such a big difference in the figure but at the price point, it will only mean a small
difference to your clients. And they are getting the best service, Nail Technicians and
atmosphere, right!
Artwork is a great way to add an extra $10 (or more) to the final price. There are
other products available such as Minx that will be quick and easy for you to do and
can really increase your profit margin. Product sales per client are also another way
to get that extra cash in per client.
Remember this too, if you are specialising in the service that you love doing the
most, you can charge more because it is unique. So even if you only slightly
increase the other services but make your main one more worthwhile for you per
hour, it will go a long way to increasing your overall yearly income.
Please don‟t do what I did for a time, and what a lot of great Nail Technicians do and
undervalue your work. Its hard work, skilled work and not everybody can do it! You
have a talent that can take you wherever you want to go.
Believe me when I say that not everyone can do this work as I trained a lot of people
to do nails and for some it was impossible!
I would love for you to get this message , whether you are just starting out so you
can begin your career the right way, or if you have been around for a while and are
losing the passion for your career. It is so important to treat yourself well. Sometimes
you have to think for a moment on what you would pay someone like yourself if you
were the employer. Most likely the answer will be greater than what you are earning
So, once again, make your salon worth the visit, educate yourself with new and
better skills and you will have more high paying clients that you would have never
thought possible!
Being wise with your finances is a vital key to success in life, and business.
One of the great ways you can make your money work for you is to save 10% of
everything you earn and put it into an account that is not to be touched. This is an
account for any investments that may come up in the future that will make your
money work for you. This is really the only way to get ahead and plan for your future.
Being wise and financially savvy will set you apart from the competition, will bring
your salon into success more easily and quickly, and will also ensure the longevity of
the Nail Salon business that you love. All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
A very small percentage of people save a portion of their income these days as
lifestyle is just too easy and convenient with credit cards and „instant‟ money. The
problem with that is that many times the „instant money‟ supply is not money you
actually have!
By constantly spending more than you have, you will end up in a financial spiral that
can be difficult to recover from in many cases.
By paying yourself first each payday, you will establish a financial asset for yourself
that grows. Having money work for you is the fastest way to get ahead! So the first
thing to do when you are paid is to set aside 10% and place it into an account for
wealth accumulation.
In fact, if you save just $100 a month throughout your working lifetime and you invest
money in an average mutual fund that grows at 10 % per annum, you will be worth
more than one million dollars by the time you retire. This means that anyone, even a
person earning a minimum wage, if he or she starts early enough and saves long
enough, can become a millionaire over the course of his or her working lifetime.
Make the decision today that you are going to save and invest at least 10 % of your
income. Take 10 % of your income off the top of your pay check each time you
receive one and put it into a special account for wealth accumulation. If 10% is too
difficult to start with, then make it 2%, or 5%, the important thing here is to get into
the habit of actually doing it and putting that money aside.
Practice frugality in all things. Be very careful with every penny. Question all
expenditures. Delay or defer important buying decisions for at least a week, if not a
month. The longer you put off making a buying decision, the better your decision will
be and the better price you will get at that time. Impulse buying will lead to the
spending of funds that sometimes you may not have, and a purchase that you may
regret later.
By getting into this habit of saving, within one year, you will be saving 10 % and
maybe even 15 or 20 % of your income and living comfortably off the balance. At the All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
same time, your savings and investment account will start to grow. You will become
more careful about your expenditures, and your debts will begin to be paid off.
„Open a special account for financial accumulation today. Make a deposit in this
account, no matter how small. Then, look for every opportunity to add to this
account. Begin to study money so that you understand how to make it grow. Read
books and magazines by experts on the subject. Never stop saving, learning, and
growing until you become financially independent.‟ Brian Tracy
If you can begin to really assess everything in your Nail Salon and think first before
you outlay money for something, you will find that not only are you going to be
making wiser choices and better purchases, but you will also be less likely to be
getting into debt, or more debt!
Start today. Respect and love yourself and your future by taking action to improve it.
Systems in your Salon
Good systems are the key to profit in your business and also the key to a better
They keep you organized and on track, they can be monitored for success and to
keep your standards high. If you want your salon to be a success it is worth
developing those systems and putting them into place from the beginning.
There are systems and software available for keeping track of customer details,
appointments, stock levels and even staff rosters. It will pay for itself in no time
however if you are a sole operator in your Nail Salon, you may not find this software
is required. All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
In my experience of running a Nail Salon, I didn‟t feel the need for a computer
system to organise my information. As the business was kept to between 1 and 5
staff, I found it just as easy and efficient to write records manually.
The thing with the new systems that are available is that clients can book their own
appointments through your website so in some cases that will be more convenient
for them.
These days it is vital to free up as much time as possible in your busy day at the
salon! One way you can enjoy more time doing what you love to do, is to implement
systems into your salon for automating your appointment scheduling, payments,
financials and more.
The future of client appointment management will take place online. More and more
clients want a simple way to see what appointments you have available and book
those appointments online.
This will mean the financial side of the business will be easier to manage not only for
you- but for clients that will pay online and book appointments online.
There are many different systems available on the market today so how do you
decide which one will suit you best?
Firstly you must write down what exactly YOU want the system for. Everyone will
have different reasons for adopting a salon management system into their salon so
YOUR reasons are important.
After discovering the reasons that you want to invest in a system, you need to
research the different ones available to you. The easiest way to do this is to go
online. You could also ask other Nail techs through networking what they are using,
how it has worked for them and if they think it would work for your salon.
I recently did some research on the salon management systems that were available
on the market and how they could help not only with the day to day processes and
tasks of a salon, but with organising and increasing your finances. I reviewed some
of the systems that are popular amongst Nail Technicians. Of course if you are a
hairdresser or beauty therapist, these will also work for you however in your Industry
there may be others that you may like to research. Again, ask around within your
circle of friends, while networking or through the social media sites.
You can do your own research on the internet, through friends or at networking
events but to get you started, here is the link to the report I did on salon
management systems:
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Financial Systems
These are vital for keeping you in touch with what is going on with the business and
how you are doing financially. It will help you to monitor your goals and allow you
change things where necessary to increase profits.
Think about how you will manage these things. How often will you do them, who is
responsible and how will you check them?
Salon Profit and Loss Statements
Daily, weekly and monthly budgets
Daily, weekly and monthly targets
Financial documents – cash payments, float, accounting systems, invoicing
and reminders, reconciliation forms
Banking processes
Managing cash
Loan repayments
Many of these items can be checked on a monthly basis but if you really want to free
up some time and get on with the more interesting things in life, like nails , I would
do a quick check each day and week. This will significantly cut down the paperwork
at the end of the month!
It isn‟t as complicated as it looks either. Really it is just a matter of checking each
day what money came in, your float, and getting it banked. Fortunately these days
with electronic banking you may not have a lot of cash to handle. This will mean a
trip to the bank will only occur once a week!
At the end of each week add all of your figures to a spreadsheet designed to track
monthly budgets and targets.
You could have your accountant do many of these tasks each month but it will cost
you. I would stick to a once a year visit to the accountant but you could discuss the
possibility of using the same software as their company as you could just enter
details yourself then and email it in to them. More time saving! All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Your outgoings should all come from one bank account dedicated to your business.
This makes it so easy then for your book keeper or accountant or yourself to sort out
your costs each month/year.
The bank account needs to have a savings facility, a credit/debit card attached for
online or over the phone purchases and in some cases a websaver account is great
too! It has higher interest and your money will grow.
Talk to your accountant regarding tax payments to yourself and your staff. If you
don‟t pay monthly, put the money into an account nominated for tax and then you will
have it there when it comes times to pay.
It is really easy to pay your wages through internet banking also. It is available
immediately for your staff-which they will appreciate- and once it is set up, is takes
no time at all to send each payday!
If you treat your financial systems and the money that comes into your salon with
respect, it will come in abundance for you  All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
Success? Longevity?
Outperforming and Outlasting the competition really starts with YOU.
How you set the foundation of your Nail Salon in the early stages and how you
review and reassess them on a regular basis as you stay in business over the years.
It really means being ahead of the crowd and staying there by taking the actions
that the other Nail Salons and Nail Technicians are not prepared to do or are
willing to take. Actions that may be uncomfortable to begin with but necessary for
growth in the salon, and personally. You have the passion and the drive to complete
these actions and the result will be a career you will absolutely love and have for
many, many years to come.
It means educating yourself and staff on a regular basis with nail technique skills and
business skills. Being the absolute best you can be, caring for your clients in the
most professional way each day.
Knowing you are a business owner as well as a Nail Technician and as such need
to be sharp with your finances and investing. Educating yourself in these areas also
on an ongoing basis to stay up to date with all systems, technology and business
I know that you want longevity and success in your Nail Salon!
Only the serious are taking the time to read this information I am sharing. So I
want to congratulate you for your efforts, your interest and your action taking!
You are already in front of the many that have not taken the opportunity to
I would love to learn more about you and perhaps work with you personally to create
the Nail Salon of your dreams! There are many ways you can educate yourself in
business and Nail Salon success and you can find a lot of information on my
If you would like the opportunity of working personally with me and would like to
know more, please visit my page at MENTORING FOR SUCCESS All rights reserved
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Trish Rock - The Nail Technicians Guide To: OUTPERFORMING and OUTLASTING the competition
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