What makes this run different? It`s all about the party! Grab a primo

What makes this run different? It’s all about the party! Grab a primo location for your company
to hang out, complete with catered food and beverage (including the adult variety), and enjoy the live
music and festivities.
Who can participate? Everyone! Not a runner? No problem. Walkers are welcome, too! Don’t
want to walk, come for the office party. All you need is four (4) people to start a team.
What’s the point? Corporate Run 3.1 is a great opportunity to get outside and compete in
something fun together as a company! It’s an opportunity to walk or run with your CEO, the neighbor
company, a client, your arch rival. It is also an excellent networking opportunity.
What’s the cost to sign up? Absolutely nothing! You can get your company signed up right away
without registration fees.
How do I get my company involved? Step one: Assign a Team Captain! And provide them with
the information on the following page…
1) Recruit your team: Let everyone in the office know that your office is participating in this event!
Whether it be through an email, during your next meeting, or putting one of our posters up in
your breakroom...Just get people involved! It’s a team event! Send them this link if they have
questions http://saccorprun.com/
2) Get your teammates to register: Tell everyone that is planning on participating what your team
name is. They will need to choose this team when they register themselves.
3) Payment options: If you pre-paid for your team’s entries then you will receive another email
with a code for them to enter in when they register. Make sure you give this code to everyone
that you have pre-paid for. If individuals are paying for themselves then direct them to follow
the registration instructions. Your teammates can register here
4) Motivate your team!
5) T-Shirt Contest: Have your team t-shirt designed and made for your team to wear the day of the
event. You can find more information here http://saccorprun.com/after-party/t-shirt-contest/
6) Company Tent: The Corporate Village Party is essentially a huge office party with many different
local companies, their employees & clients attending. This is where all the pre-race & post-race
festivities will take place. Companies can choose to rent a tent and have food & drinks delivered.
It’s a great place to meet your team, serve post-race refreshments and celebrate your race
achievements together. There are a limited number of tents spaces available. Orders are taken
on a first come, first serve basis. You can reserve your teams tent here
7) Catering: Your team will be hungry afterwards. If you want to help them replenish their energy
this might help http://saccorprun.com/after-party/catering-information/
8) Beer: Want beer brought to your tent for your team to enjoy while they are enjoying the live
music? Here you go http://saccorprun.com/after-party/catering-information/
9) Communicate throughout the process: You can do this through your team page. Also make sure
your team knows where to meet the day of the event. If you rent a tent this is a great meeting
10) Motivate your team!!!
11) Gather and distribute race materials: It will be your job to gather all the packets and distribute
them to your teammates. http://saccorprun.com/the-run/packet-pickup/
12) Motivate your team!!!
13) Chat it up! Get the party started on social media. Call out your colleagues with the following
hashtags: #SCR2015, #saccorprun, #SCRofficeparty.