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Flanged Butterfly Valves
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Product features
Materials (basic equipment)
Design and type acc.
Body, disk and bearing covers of ductile cast iron
to EN 593 / API 609 / AWWA C-504
EN-GJS-400-15 (GGG-40) or EN-GJS-500-7 (GGG-50)
Flange connection acc.
Shafts of stainless steel X20Cr13 (1.4021)
to DIN EN 1092-2 / ANSI B16.5
Seat in the body of CrNi steel
Face to face dimension acc. to DIN EN 558-1,
Shaft bearings of bronze
series 14 (F4) / API 609 / ANSI B16.10
Profile seal on disk and shaft seals of EPDM or NBR
Leak tight in both directions
Bolts, nuts and washers of SS A4 (in contact with
Soft sealing
medium), all other external fasteners of SS A2
Double-eccentric disk
Corrosion protection of all cast parts by means
Chambered T-sectional profile seal on the disk,
of fusion bonded epoxy powder coating
adjustable and exchangeable without removing
(average thickness 250 microns)
the disk
Enclosed disk bearings
Other materials for shafts, shaft bearings, seals
Dry shaft design
and miscellaneous accessories as well as coating
Basic version equipped with self locking worm
thicknesses available on request.
gearbox with adjustable endstops and
mechanical position indicator on the gearbox cover
Gearbox with raised protection for buried
application available as an option
On the basis of the double-eccentric bearing of the valve disk
the profile seal lifts off from the seat when starting the rotary
movement. Thus no shear stresses between seat and profile
seal arise (ecc.1).
The bearing of the shaft stubs behind the seal section enables
the use of an endless seal on the disk which provides a perfect
sealing and functionality (ecc.2).
• Best possible closing of the sealing into the body seat
• Reduced operating force with perfect sealing function
• Long life due to low wear of the sealing ring
• Relief of the sealing ring in open position
Drive Options for Flanged Butterfly Valves
06 2021410 /-16 /-25
Flanged Butterfly Valve
with gearbox and handwheel
PN10/16 (DN80 – DN2400)
PN25 (DN80 – DN1000)
06 2041410 /-16 /-25
Flanged Butterfly Valve
with quarter-turn pneumatic-actuator
PN10/16 (DN80 – DN2400)
PN25 (DN80 – DN1000)
06 2031410 /-16 /-25
Flanged Butterfly Valve
with gearbox
and multi-turn electric-actuator
(On/Off or modulating duty)
PN10/16 (DN80 – DN2400)
PN25 (DN80 – DN1000)
06 2181410 /-16 /-25
Flanged Butterfly Valve
with gearbox (buried version)
and extension spindle
PN10/16 (DN80 – DN2400)
PN25 (DN80 – DN1000)
Drive shaft connected with the disk
accurately by means of double taper pin.
Due to generously dimensioned
bearings the shafts are not in contact
with the medium, all transitional areas
safely sealed by means of O-rings.
Dynamic sealing of the drive shaft
by means of O-rings in double safety
design, bearing bushings of selflubricating Bronze guarantees a safe
and long life time.
Endless closure sealing of loadable
elastomer in special T-profile attached
to the disk by means of a one-piece
retaining ring, exact pre-load and
securing by means of fixing bolts and
counter pins guarantee safe operational
Flanged Butterfly Valves
Fields of Application
Sewage, Water, Industrial
and Food & Beverage Systems
e.g. for:
Sewage Systems
Sewage treatment plants, distribution networks,
raw water, digested sewage, air applications
Water Systems
Water treatment plants, distribution networks,
potable water applications
Industrial Systems
Chemically contaminated waste water, gases,
industrial media, sea water applications
Food & Beverage Systems
Washing and rinsing applications, conveying
systems, potable water processing
N0 215125
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