Module Guide

Module Guide Research & Design 1. At what point during the design process does the prototype, or working model, of a product get built?
A. before rough sketches
C. before testing
B. after production
D. instead of thumbnails
2. What does friction cause moving objects to do?
A. slow down
B. accelerate
C. turn right
D. turn left
3. What occurs during the final stage of your CO2 car production?
A. You are finished.
C. You are sanding.
B. You are declared the race winner.
D. You are changing the painting
4. Trees are what kind of resource?
A. polymer
B. nonrenewable
C. renewable
D. ferrous
5. Appearance will have no effect on what factor of your CO2 car?
A. weight
C. speed
B. friction
D. mass
6. Which technology field deals with ergonomics?
A. civil engineering
B. physical needs of human beings
C. aerodynamics
D. aesthetics or styling
7. What is made during mass production?
A. small quantities of a product
B. massive products
C. large quantities of a product
D. products for the masses
8. To complete a smooth paint job, what should be applied to the bare wood of your CO2 car?
A. primer
C. varnish
B. gloss enamel
D. latex paint
9. What term is defined as the shaft that supports the weight of your car?
A. wheel shaft
C. drive shaft
B. carrier shaft
D. axle
10. What force propels your car?
A. thrust
B. horsepower
C. push
D. lift
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