Mounting the folding seat (left side)

Version 1.0
Renault Kangoo
Mounting the folding seat (left side)
Mark the hole that you need to drill, by using the drilling mould
(next page) as indicated in the picture. First you drill the hole
with a 8 mm drill and after that you drill the hole up to 22 mm,
make sure you do not damage the thread off the original bolt
Version 1.0
Renault Kangoo
Important: When you copy or print the
drilling mould, make sure you check the
dimensions before using the mould.
Version 1.0
Fasten the seat with the bolt that is indicated in the picture.
Make sure the seat stands right in the vehicle.
Renault Kangoo
Mark the four holes that you need to drill as indicated in the
These three holes you need to drill with a 6,5 mm drill. After
you drilled the holes you need to apply thread for a M8 bolt in
all three holes.
This hole you need to drill with a 8 mm hole through the
lowered floor and the body of the vehicle, make sure you treat
the hole against corrosion.
Version 1.0
Fasten the seat with three M8*30mm bolts on the places indicated in the pictures. Tighten the bolts with 31 Nm.
Fasten the seat with a M8*40 bolt and a nut with washer underneath the car. Tighten the bolt with 31 Nm.
Renault Kangoo
Version 1.0
Renault Kangoo
Now you can place the seatbelt stalk. If your seat is
installed on the left side you have to convert the seatbelt
stalk so you can use him for the left side.
We now have mounted the seat on the left side
in the vehicle. When you have to mount the seat
on the right side you can do this in the same way,
with a few adaptions.