Staff nurseries: making your life easier Planning for

Issue: May 2013
Staff nurseries:
making your
life easier
Planning for
changes to
Welcome from the Chief Executive
As you will be aware, the Secretary of State
issued a directive to Barnet, Enfield and
Haringey PCTs (now Clinical Commissioning
Groups) to proceed with implementation of the
Barnet Enfield and Haringey Clinical Strategy
(BEH). We are making preparations in view of
the proposed timing of implementation of the
planned changes to clinical services set out in
the BEH Clinical Strategy (page 8-9).
In September, the three Clinical Commissioning Groups will meet
and consider whether it is safe to implement the service changes in
the currently proposed timeframe of November 2013.
Whilst the proposed changes will not happen until November
2013, we have been working in collaboration with North Middlesex
University Hospital (NMUH) to ensure that staffing arrangements
before, during and after the proposed changes are sufficient to
provide for the smooth running of our services throughout the
entire process.
The Trust will continue to work together with staff and union
representatives to ensure that affected staff are treated fairly and
reasonably and that the quality of care and safety of our patients
and services continue to be delivered to a high standard during this
period of change and transition.
As part of the major building works at Barnet Hospital we are
improving and extending the A&E department. Over the coming
weeks there will be a series of moves to accommodate the work
being undertaken in the department. We would like to apologise
in advance for the inconvenience this is going to cause both our
patients and staff over the coming months. These changes will
support the department to deliver a better service once all the
proposed changes are complete.
We are currently undertaking a major review of our administration
and clerical services with the aim to create a better patient
experience and improved clinical care. This includes introducing
new technology to help raise and standardise the service and
forming ‘clinical offices’, providing single points of access for groups
of specialties and giving the appropriate career structures and
progression for staff.
This has been a very difficult review for the staff concerned and I
would like to thank everyone for their hard work and support as the
changes are implemented. Janet Mustoe has now taken over overall
responsibility for this project and is reviewing the project in detail.
She has already met with many staff to understand their concerns
and will continue to work with staff to reach the best result.
As you will all know, exploratory talks have been going on since
last autumn between ourselves and the Royal Free London NHS
Foundation Trust about a potential acquisition in the future.
Informal meetings have already taken place between clinicians on
all sites to discuss how a closer working relationship might provide
benefits for both patients and the taxpayer. It is important to
emphasise that this process is about changing our management
arrangements and does not currently propose any changes to
hospital services. Any future changes to services would have to be
evaluated against the key criterion of positive benefits for patients.
If the work continues to progress, a new Foundation Trust would
be created in 2014.
Dr Tim Peachey
Interim Chief Executive
outpatient services
Dementia Awareness
Week 2013 in Barnet
The Trust has a busy
administrative department.
In Barnet, there are 4000
people living with dementia.
Joy of text
Our nurseries
The Clare Simpson Clinics
provide free, confidential advice.
Here to make your lives easier.
Our care continues
beyond our walls
Well done to our
Marathon runners!
Patient care doesn’t always end
in hospital
Congratulations to Vicky
Marshall and Isabel Kucuk.
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Improving outpatient services
he Trust is introducing a number of
changes to the way our administration
and clerical services work, with the aim
of creating a better patient experience
and improved clinical care. This will be
supported by state of the art technology the first of which is self check in.
Self check in
The Trust will be introducing a system
to enable patients to self check in for
outpatient appointments and diagnostic
investigations using touch screens at kiosks
in selected clinic areas – probably similar to
ones you have in your surgery.
The innovative kiosks will allow patients to
check in for their appointment themselves,
rather than wait to speak to a receptionist.
It takes about 30 seconds to check in using
the kiosks, with patients able to swipe
their fingers over the touch screen and
input their details into the machine. The
easy-to-use system is available in a number
of different languages and suitable for
partially sighted, deaf or hard of hearing
To help support patients with this new
system, volunteers and members of staff
will be available to answer questions and
talk patients through the process.
New NHS landscape
NHS England
Public Health England (PHE)
At a national level, the National
Commissioning Board (NHS England)
will ensure the NHS meets the needs of
patients and the public in four key areas:
PHE has been established to protect and
improve the nation’s health and wellbeing
and to reduce health inequalities.
Dr Yvonne Doyle is London Regional
Director for Public Health England.
• Giving patients greater power
• Improving care
Health Education England (HEE)
• Changing the culture of the NHS
HEE is the new national leadership
organisation responsible for ensuring
that education, training and workforce
development drives the highest quality
public health and patient outcomes. Local
Education Training Boards will be hosted
by HEE and there will be three LETBs in
London which will take on the workforce
planning and education and training
functions of NHS London.
• Creating an NHS fit for the future.
Full details of NHS England are available at
NHS England – London
Regional Team
NHS England – London Regional Team’s
remit will include:
• The support, development and
assurance of Clinical Commissioning
Groups (CCGs)
• Oversight of transformational
programmes across London
• Direct commissioning functions
including all Specialised Commissioning,
Primary Care, and Public Health
programmes (including screening and
Dr Anne Rainsberry is Regional Director for
National Trust Development
Authority (NHS TDA)
From April 2013 the role of the NHS TDA will
be to provide governance and accountability
for NHS Trusts in England and delivery of the
NHS Foundation Trust pipeline. Alwen
Williams, Director of Delivery and
Development has responsibility for London.
Self check in kiosks have
been delivered and are
awaiting instalment
Clinical Commissioning Groups
CCGs are responsible for designing and
commissioning a wide range of local health
services which will be focused on delivering
better outcomes and responding to the
needs and wishes of patients.
Commissioning Support Units
CSUs will provide a range of business
functions designed to help CCGs make the
best decisions for local people and improve
health services. There are two CSUs
covering London, each with a managing
• North Central and East London (which
covers this Trust)
• North West London
Talks continue
with the
Royal Free
he Royal Free board decided at the
end of February to proceed to the
outline business case stage of a potential
acquisition. The new arrangement
would involve the Trust being dissolved,
becoming part of the Royal Free London
Foundation Trust who would manage all
three hospital sites.
It is important to emphasise that this
process is only about changing our
management arrangements. Any changes
to current services that might come out
of these talks would involve separate
consultation. The Royal Free is already
committed to the changes defined in
the Barnet Enfield and Haringey Clinical
Strategy. If the work continues to progress,
a new foundation trust would be created
sometime in 2014.
Discussions are taking place with clinicians
at all three hospitals about how services
might be shaped to benefit patients. There
are many potential benefits to patients
arising from the formation of a larger
foundation trust. These include greater
choice for local people of specialists and
where to receive treatment, as well as
better consistency of specialist care for
services that are offered on multiple sites.
The views of staff are important to this
process. We invite comments and questions
about this process and responses will be
given back in future staff briefings. Please
email [email protected]
The joy
of text
The Clare Simpson Clinics provide free, confidential advice
and treatment of sexually transmitted infection (including
HIV). Although we welcome referrals from your GP, this is
an open access service; you do not need to be referred. Our
staff understand how embarrassing it can feel to come to
our clinic and are trained to give you care and attention of
the highest quality. We consider it important that you are
treated with dignity and respect and do our best to meet
your individual needs.
isit us for sexual health advice,
contraception including emergency
contraception, implants and pregnancy
tests, full sexual health screening and
treatment, counselling and HIV testing,
free condoms and lubricant. We also offer
specialised clinics for men, young people,
contraceptive services, commercial sex
workers and specialised Genito-Urinary
We have a text based booking system
within our morning clinics and
appointments are available at other times
throughout the week at Barnet Hospital.
How to reserve a time slot to
visit the Clare Simpson Clinic
Reserving a time slot to see us is a hasslefree way of seeing our sexual health
team within our morning clinics, men’s
clinic and young persons clinic at Barnet.
Unfortunately it is not an exact appointment
time, but we aim to see you as near to the
start of your time slot as possible. Time slots
are limited and fill up quickly, if there are
no spaces available you will be put onto a
‘Wait list’. If a space becomes available you
will receive a text and will have 10 minutes
to respond to it. If you are texting outside of
the reserving a time slot opening hours you
may be asked to repeat your request for a
slot the next day.
Please arrive at the clinic 15 minutes before
your allotted time slot to enable us to
register you.
Please note you’ll be charged at your
standard mobile network rate for sending
texts. It’s free to receive texts from us.
Reserving a time slot is open from 7pm the
night before a clinic.
For Edgware Clare Simpson
Clare Simpson Clinic Edgware is phasing
out the walk in clinics and introducing the
texting service in April. This means that you
will now be able to text to reserve a time
slot within the Nurse led clinics at Edgware
Community Hospital.
To reserve a time slot within our Monday
afternoon clinic (12-2pm), Thursday
morning clinic (8.45-11am) and Saturday
morning clinic (10am-12pm), text
EDG SLOT to 07537 410178. You will
receive a text message giving you the first
available slot. You also have the option
to book a time slot within a specific time
frame; please text EDG SLOT before (enter
your time) or EDG SLOT after (enter your
time) i.e. for a Monday afternoon clinic
text EDG SLOT before 1pm.
To reserve a slot within the Young Persons,
age 21 and under clinic on a Monday
evening, 4-6pm text EYPC SLOT to
07537410178. If you would like to choose
a time slot within a specific time frame,
please text EYPC SLOT before (enter your
time) or EYPC SLOT after (enter your time).
For Barnet Clare Simpson
To reserve a slot within our Morning clinics
on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday text BGH SLOT to 07537 410178.
You will receive a text message giving you
the first available slot. You also now have
the option to book a time slot within a
specific time frame, please text BGH SLOT
before (enter your time) or BGH SLOT after
(enter your time) i.e. BGH SLOT before
To reserve a slot within the Men only clinic
on a Monday evening text MEVE SLOT to
07537 410178. If you would like to chose
a time slot within a specific time frame,
please text MEVE SLOT before (enter
your time) or MEVE SLOT after (enter
your time).
To reserve a slot within the Young Persons,
age 25 and under clinic on a Wednesday
evening text BYPC SLOT to 07537
410178. If you would like to choose a time
slot within a specific time frame, please
text BYPC SLOT before (enter your time) or
BYPC SLOT after (enter your time).
Men – please do not pass urine for two
hours before your visit to clinic.
We will aim to see, treat and discharge you
within two hours of your time slot. However,
at very busy times, it may be longer.
Further information is available at
Friends and
Family Test
Across the NHS patients are being
asked if they would recommend
hospitals to friends or family if they
needed similar care or treatment.
Your feedback is important to us,
so if you are an adult and were
discharged from hospital in the last
48 hours, please take a moment to
tell us about your experience.
he Friends and Family Test (FFT) is an easy to
understand questionnaire that will be asked
of patients about the care they received. It is
being introduced to aid improvement in patient
experience and identify best performing hospitals.
It will enable NHS organisations to obtain regular
and timely feedback from patients about the care
provided, take ownership of the results and act
on the feedback.
The FFT involves asking patients a simple
standardised question:
“How likely are you to recommend our
ward/A&E department to friends and
family if they needed similar care or
The follow up question is:
“Please can you tell us the main reason
for the score you have given?”
The groups surveyed will be adult acute inpatients
(stayed at least one night in hospital) and adult
patients who have attended A&E and left without
being admitted. The questions must be asked
at the point of discharge or within 48 hours of
leaving hospital.
Visit our website at
to complete the questions.
NHS 111 is now live in
Barnet, Camden, Enfield,
Haringey and Islington
ocal residents in Barnet, Camden,
Enfield, Haringey and Islington
can now call 111 when they need
medical help and advice, but it’s not
a 999 emergency. NHS 111 is a fast
and easy way to get the right help,
whatever the time. Calls to 111 are
free, including mobiles, 24/7.
NHS 111 is staffed by a team of
fully trained advisers, supported
by experienced clinicians, who
ask callers questions to assess
symptoms, give healthcare advice
and direct to the right local service
as quickly as possible. This can
include a local GP, another doctor,
urgent care centre, community
nurses, emergency dentist or lateopening pharmacy.
For less urgent health needs, the
public should still contact their GP
or local pharmacist.
The new 111 service replaces NHS
Direct as the single number to call
for urgent care advice.
Further information is available at
New CIP/QIPP Programme
Director joins Trust
Janet Mustoe joined the Trust in February 2013 as the new QIPP (Quality,
innovation, productivity and prevention) Programme Director on a full time
secondment form the Royal Free Hospital. Janet’s role is to support and facilitate
the transformational change agenda across the trust. Janet will lead the
development of the trust’s internal QIPP capability, working closely with trust staff
and commissioners to improve services for patients.
Terrific tea trolley to tantalise
taste buds
he Trust’s ward staff were recently given
a preview of a new breakfast trolley that
will soon be offering patients a choice of
branded hot drinks, as well as keeping their
toast warm. Nescafe Gold Blend coffee,
Tetley Tea and Nestlé Hot Chocolate will be
amongst the beverages on offer, alongside
malted milk and other drinks. The trolley
is also flexible enough to work with both
crockery and disposable cups.
a Go!
he Training and Development Team and the Clinical Skills
Facilitator at the Trust have been working with Enfield Council
with the aim of gaining employer engagement in education. With
this in mind we joined with the Skills for Health project ‘Have
a Go’ to deliver interactive activity days to young people aged
14 -24. The aim of these events is to engage with and explore
attitudes of young people about careers in the health sector. A
selection of top NHS London employers, schools, colleges and
universities will work in partnership to inspire and promote 14-24
year olds into career opportunities. This is a key opportunity for
the NHS to maintain its status as a top employer of choice.
We were pleased to welcome 17 students from St Anne’s School
in Enfield who are studying Health and Social Care. The students
were given the opportunity to ‘Have a Go’ at some simple
clinical procedures, for example taking blood pressure readings
using prosthetic arms. There were lively discussions about
interview and communication skills, and the students were able
to observe a mock interview staged by actors from the Training
and Development Team.
The session was evaluated overall by the group participants as
“fabulous” and we look forward to welcoming more students in
the future.
The photo shows Karen Mannion and Lorraine Walker who
organised and taught on the session today with Nicole Coote,
from Enfield Work Experience.
HCA Diploma Level 2
he Trust is committed to developing
our Health Care Support Workers to a
minimum standard of Diploma Level 2 in
line with government recommendation.
We are pleased to announce that we
recently had twenty-nine Health Care
Support Workers successfully complete
this programme developing their clinical
and interpersonal skills which in turn
provides improved care for our patients.
The programme is provided by our local
college and learners are supported in the
workplace by their line managers and
work colleagues. The course is facilitated
by the Training and Development
department and Karen Mannion, Clinical
Skills Facilitator.
We have also recently enrolled a further
50 new learners onto the new Diploma in
Clinical Health at Level 2 and 3, which will
enable us to maintain high standards of
patient care.
he Deputy Director of Nursing
Terina Riches, Matrons and
Ward Managers joined others in
celebrating the achievements and
successes of the staff who completed the Aspiring Nurse leaders programme in April.
There was a diverse range of projects presented, including effective discharge planning,
improved care and efficiency within theatres, and improving patient experience and
effective communication.
Those who were present were amazed at the quality of projects completed by staff and
appraised the commitment to continuously improve services in order to improve patient
The Aspiring Leaders programme is available for bands 6 and 7 and run in partnership
with the University of Hertfordshire. The programme enables staff to enhance their
leadership skills and empowers them to be effective frontline leaders. For more
information contact Liz Maposa, Lead for Education and preceptorship.
Our caring continues
beyond our walls
atient care doesn’t always end in hospital
and it very rarely begins in hospital.
In many cases, the patient journey is one
that starts and finishes in the community,
whether at a GP surgery, community care
clinic or another similar location. To the
majority of patients, these locations are
much closer to their home than our hospital
sites and so it makes sense, where possible,
to bring their care to them.
That is why an increasing number of Trust
services are now working closer than ever
with their colleagues outside hospital
premises. Our Dermatology staff have
been running a popular community service
for some time across GP surgeries in both
Barnet and Enfield, whilst a musculo-skeletal
therapy service is also well established.
This trend has now spread to several other
specialties and services, with a number of
pilots either already in place or expected
to commence soon. These include the
Pain Community Service, the Respiratory
Community Service, the Enfield Community
Cardiology Service, the Paediatric Integrated
Clinics and a Fracture Liaison Service.
Enfield Community Pain
This new service began at two Enfieldbased GP surgeries in April. Developed in
partnership with NHS Enfield, the aim of
the service is to improve the experience
and care for Enfield patients with persistent
chronic pain.
The service is busy, responsive and dynamic.
It involves a highly skilled multi-professional
team (Consultant, specialist nurses and
psychologist in pain management) to
undertake assessments and deliver individual
care management plans with the patient.
Within the service there is also a
psychologist-led pain management
programme that will run in Southbury
Leisure Centre. It consists of eight
sessions and a telephone follow-up,
with a physiotherapist supporting the
sessions. The programme has already been
promoted to local GPs by the Trust’s own
Consultants. Any patients who wish to
participate will have to come through the
community pain clinic first.
There will also be a support group
provided for chronic pain patients which
will run at frequent intervals throughout
the year.
Respiratory Community
The Respiratory Community Service is
still in the planning stages and it will
not go live until June. The Trust will
deliver this service in partnership with
Barnet Enfield and Haringey Mental Health
Trust as well as North Middlesex University
Hospital. The result will be a comprehensive
community service encompassing:
• Early supported discharge
• Hospital at home
• Telephone advice line
• Pulmonary rehab programme
• Community clinics
• Home oxygen service
Aimed primarily at patients with chronic
obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the
service intends to equip patients to better
manage their condition and to improve their
experience of services away from hospital.
Enfield Community
Cardiology Service
The Enfield Community Cardiology Service
has been developed in partnership with
North Middlesex University Hospital, Enfield
Community Services (ECS) and local GPs to
improve the experience and care for Enfield
patients with cardiac conditions and ensure
that services are more streamlined and
accessible across the borough.
This service commenced in April and is
run by both trusts’ highly qualified and
experienced Cardiology Consultants as well
as nurse specialists. It is aimed at patients
with non-urgent cardiac conditions such as
palpitations and hypertension.
The service will be provided from Chase
Farm Hospital and North Middlesex Hospital
Trusts’ Cardiology departments with support
from Enfield Community Services (ECS) and
will be looking to expand to other locations
in primary care from the beginning of Year 2
of service operation.
Pain services are expanding beyond hospital grounds
Paediatric Integrated Clinics
The Paediatric Integrated Clinics enable
children aged below 16 to be seen
in a community setting without the
inconvenience of their travelling to
hospital. A weekly Enfield pilot began in
March, whilst a similar pilot for Barnet has
been running since last year, which is due
to finish soon.
Commissioners have already contacted the
Trust about making this a more permanent
service. We hope to work closer with our
GP colleagues to enhance paediatric skills
in the community so that only the children
who need hospital treatment go there.
Simon Roth, Clinical Director for Children’s
Services, said: “We’ve always had a good
working relationship with our colleagues in
the community and this closer integration
of our services is bringing benefits to our
patients that are already being felt.”
Fracture Liaison Service
Enfield already has a Fracture Liaison
Service, whereby a nurse (employed by
Enfield Community Services rather than the
Trust) comes into Chase Farm to identify
the appropriate patients and will then
follow them up within the community. A
Barnet service is now due to start, which
will allow a Trust nurse and Consultant
to assess patients over the age of 50
years who have sustained a fracture, with
the aim of identifying and managing
Osteoporosis risk and consequently prevent
future fractures.
The Trust is proud of the professionalism
and dedication our staff bring to all of
these community based services and
expects our working relationship with other
local health providers will be an effective
one, long into the future.
Barnet Enfield and Haringey
Clinical Strategy
Changes are already happening in Maternity
As part of the BEH Clinical Strategy the
intention is to improve quality and safety to
meet the standards recommended by Healthcare
for London for maternity services across Barnet,
Enfield and Haringey.
Women due to give birth in November are offered the option of
Barnet and North Middlesex from mid-April as women who have
an expected date of delivery after 21st November 2013 will have
the choice of having their baby at:
• Midwife Led Unit (co-located with obstetric unit)
he improvements to maternity services include increasing
consultant presence on labour wards from 60 hours to 98
hours. There will also be additional capacity of neonate cots at
Barnet Hospital and North Middlesex University Hospital.
Currently there are plans for an additional 39 beds at Barnet
Hospital and an additional 18 antenatal and postnatal beds. At
North Middlesex University Hospital there will be a Midwife Led
Unit (which is a new service at the North Middlesex University
Hospital), a bigger consultant led unit for women with more high
risk pregnancies, two operating theatres dedicated to obstetrics,
a larger special care baby unit and dedicated outpatient facilities.
Workforce planning will include having additional midwives and
consultants in place across the two sites.
A woman can still choose to have her baby at Chase Farm
Hospital until the proposed changes are confirmed, but she will
be offered a second choice.
The key change is that deliveries will not happen on the Chase
Farm Hospital site after the proposed changes in November,
although women will be able to have antenatal and postnatal
care at the hospital.
or hoping
to be?
Your guide to
maternity service
in Barnet, Enfield
and Haringey
From April 2013
Barnet Hospital
• obstetric unit
North Middlesex University Hospital
• Midwife Led Unit (co-located with obstetric unit)
• obstetric unit
These changes should not impact on choice, as women may
choose a home birth or the Edgware Birthing Centre and all
women will continue to be able to choose other providers which
could include West Hertfordshire NHS Trust, Whittington Health,
Royal Free Hospital or University College Hospital.
Leaflets will be provided for mums to be and an extensive
advertising campaign will run over a number of months in local
areas to ensure that we communicate the planned changes
Building work progressing well
The implementation of the BEH Clinical Strategy including the major service changes to A&E and
Maternity is keeping pace with the tight deadline for additional new build, remodelling and
refurbishing of wards at Barnet Hospital. The work is expected to be completed by November.
Works in progress:
• GUM Clinic refurbishment (complete May 2013)
• Resuscitation Bays (complete May 2013)
senior experience. She has been a Director of Nursing and CEO,
including CEO of Whipps Cross Hospital and overseeing the
hospital’s merger with Newham and Barts and the London.
• Clinic 2 refurbishment (complete June 2013)
With less than 30 weeks to implementation Cathy is keen to get
staff up to speed with the changes. If you would like Cathy to
attend your team or department meetings please email the dates
to the Communications Team at [email protected].
• AAU Courtyard infill (complete August 2013)
Transition Champions
• Women’s Outpatients refurbishment of existing reception
(complete May 2013)
• PAU Courtyard infill (complete August 2013)
• New Midwife Led Unit (complete November 2013)
Areas to start remodelling in the next
• A&E Minors and Paediatric A&E and some bays in A&E Majors
The Trust has identified Transition Champions within each
directorate to assist with a smooth implementation of the BEH
Clinical Strategy. The champions will work with the BEH team
and directorate teams, forming a link between their colleagues
and the programme.
• Remodelling of part of Unity ward
The champions will help to ensure minimal disruption to patients,
work with the Implementation Manager to plan staff and patient
moves, ensure checklists are completed prior to any movement
of activity and work with clinical teams to produce information
for Trust communications.
Department/Bed moves in April and May
The champions are:
Work has begun to close one bay on each of Olive, Larch and
Palm wards and create six en-suite barrier nurse rooms in the
space (complete July).
A&E Naseem Nanji
• Willow ward opens with 17 female surgical beds (May 2013)
Gynaecology Sue Hall
• Eight beds on Unity ward beds close and transfer to Willow ward
Outpatients Ronky Dedeky
• Obstetric HDU
• Closure of Aspen ward and change to HDU
• Six beds on Unity ward will close for remodelling work
• Aspen ward (12 beds on Fern unit) closes and beds are
transferred to Surgical wards and to Willow ward
• A&E changes remove two trolley spaces (between May and
• Delivery Suite closes low dependency area for HDU remodelling.
New Programme Director
Cathy Geddes is the new senior lead for the implementation of
the BEH Clinical Strategy. Cathy joins the Trust from Barking,
Havering and Redbridge NHS Trust and comes with a wealth of
Paediatrics Ray Bywater
Maternity Karen Aitken
Surgery and Critical Care
Lee Melton
Medicine and Medicine for
the Elderly Jean Aldous
Help shape the future of the hospitals
We are looking at how we can make the best use of our
hospitals in the future. We want you to be part of these
discussions and changes. Whether you are a member of staff,
patient, carer or a local resident, your views and knowledge
could help shape local health services.
To find out how to get involved please contact the Communications
Team on 020 8375 2180 or email [email protected].
Further information about the Barnet Enfield and Haringey Clinical
Strategy is available at
Dementia Awareness Week
2013 in Barnet
In Barnet, there are 4000 people
living with dementia and this
number is set to rise to just under
5000 within the next ten years.
Dementia Awareness Week,
Alzheimer’s Society’s flagship
awareness-raising campaign, is
taking place from 19-25 May.
This year Alzheimer’s Society is
encouraging everyone to join the
conversation about dementia.
Worrying changes nothing.
Talking changes everything.
With one in four hospital beds occupied
by someone with dementia over the age
of 65, good communication between
staff, patients and families is central to
the patient experience.
The theme of Dementia Awareness Week
2013 is ‘Worrying changes nothing.
Talking changes everything.’ We need
to bring dementia out of the shadows,
get people talking about it and help
everyone to feel better prepared to
face it.
Peter Todd, Alzheimer’s Society North
West London Locality Manager said:
‘‘Being in hospital can be a daunting
experience for someone with dementia,
who may have problems with
communication. For some, this may be
the first time they’ve discussed their
memory problems.”
One carer has spoken about her positive
experience, when her mother - who
has dementia - was admitted to Barnet
Hospital earlier this year:
“I was very fearful of her going into
hospital. However, this time I was very
pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere
at the hospital was totally different
and her care was excellent. The staff
were very caring, kind and attentive
and my mother came out of hospital in
better shape than she went in. Good
communication between myself and the
staff made a real difference.”
If you’re worried that you, or someone close to you, may have dementia it’s
important to talk about it. To mark Dementia Awareness Week, Alzheimer’s
Society has produced a booklet with tips on:
• talking to someone you’re worried about
• talking to your GP if you’re worried about your memory
• talking to Alzheimer’s Society
• talking to your friends and neighbours.
Download the booklet at
10 BCF NOW MAY 2013
What is happening this
Dementia Awareness Week?
Alzheimer’s Society and the Barnet Carers
Centre will be at Barnet Hospital on 20
and 24 May from 10am-12pm. Staff and
volunteers will be on hand to provide
information about dementia and local
If you’d like to support the week, please visit for ideas
on how to get involved.
Top tips for staff
Each person with dementia is an individual
with likes, dislikes, routines and needs
that are unique to them. Personalised care
is essential. This is Me is an Alzheimer’s
Society tool that can help.
Someone with dementia may feel anxious
and confused when placed in an unfamiliar
environment like a hospital ward. It can be
reassuring to:
• s urround them with familiar possessions
such as photos, a memory box or life
story book with items or pictures that
can be used to connect with the patient
• have regular routines
• involve carers and family members.
Further information, including the
This is Me tool, is available at
Our nurseries – here to make your
lives easier
The Trust has a 48 place Ofsted
registered nursery based at
Chase Farm Hospital and a 36
place Ofsted registered nursery
based at Barnet Hospital,
providing high quality childcare
for the children of staff who
work for the Trust and also
other NHS staff and allied
ualified, experienced staff offer a
friendly, caring welcome. We aim
to provide a stimulating, safe and secure
environment where children can thrive and
enjoy learning through play.
We work in line with the Government’s
Sure Start Curriculums: ‘Every Child
Matters’, cover the Early Year’s Foundation
Stage (EYFS) and follow the National
Curriculum, which covers the six areas of
• Personal, Social and Emotional
• Communication, Language and Literacy
• Problem solving, Reasoning and
We offer full and part-time places with
morning and afternoon sessions available.
• Knowledge and Understanding of the
We are open 52 weeks of the year
(except Bank Holidays), Monday to Friday,
7am to 6pm.
• Physical Development
• Creative Development.
They are equally important and depend on
each other to support a rounded approach
to child development.
We take children from 6 months to 5 years
(over 3’s receive Government funding). We
accept Childcare vouchers.
For further information or an application
form please contact Leah Britt, Nursery
Manager, Chase Farm Hospital on
020 8375 2487 or [email protected]
or Kerensa Weekes, Nursery Manager,
Barnet Hospital on 020 8216 4910
or [email protected]
Fire fighters share the
tricks of their trade
with Chase Farm
Hospital nursery
hildren at Chase Farm Hospital’s nursery paid
a visit to the fire fighters of Green Watch,
Edmonton Fire Station recently as part of a topic
about the emergency services. The trip was
arranged as they had shown a special interest in
fire engines and fire fighters. As well as sitting in
the engines and sounding the sirens, the children
were allowed to try on the face masks and
helmets as well as learning how to use a hose.
Laura Hanna, Deputy Nursery Manager said:
“the children had a brilliant time and we will
certainly be visiting them again.”
Over £4000
raised in
memory of
Ward patient
Mulberry Ward has received
combined donations of over
£4000 in memory of a lady
known to staff and her fellow
patients as the ‘Pink Princess
of Mulberry’.
nna Taylor was 26 when she was
first diagnosed with cancer on her
mother’s birthday in 2008. Her treatment
included a bone marrow transplant
(for which a matching donor was
found in Germany) and chemotherapy.
Unfortunately, she was rushed to A&E in
Barnet Hospital with breathing difficulties
on Valentine’s Day this year, where she
died, aged 31.
Anna was a popular figure during her
treatment on Mulberry Ward and even
Camille Papas (centre) presents cheque to Mulberry Ward staff and Chief Executive Dr. Tim Peachey
gave the Ward Manager a facial manicure.
To thank the staff for their work in
looking after her over the years, Anna’s
mother, Camille Papas, has been raising
funds to buy a piece of equipment for
the ward that can bear Anna’s name. She
raised £4138 by May, thanks to a bingo
night and an auction. Items up for grabs
included T-shirts signed by the first teams
of Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester
Utd as well as a number of gifts from
Waitrose in West Finchley.
Ward Manager Felix Agyemang, who was
involved with Anna’s treatment for years,
said: “We all have such fond memories
of Anna, her zest for life and particularly
fashion and also her move into her new
home in London Colney with her new
husband who was so supportive through
the difficult times. We hope the donation
from all her friends can be used to
purchase something that will benefit staff
and patients in our fight against cancer.”
Vaccination for healthcare
workers against measles
There were a total of 1,920 confirmed measles cases in England in 2012. In the first three months of
2013, there were a total of 587 measles cases reported across the country.
n the light of the ongoing measles activity in the country, if there are staff who may be inadequately protected against measles, they
are advised to contact the Occupational Health department on ext. 1821/2468 to get at least a first dose of MMR. This is especially
important for staff in contact with immunosuppressed patients.
Employees’ responsibilities
Managers’ responsibilities
• All employees have a duty to ensure they are familiar with the
Trust’s MMR policy
• All line managers are responsible for ensuring all their staff
have access to the Trust’s MMR policy and are familiar with its
contents, this can be accessed via the intranet
• All employees must report any possible exposure to mumps/
measles/rubella to their line manager, Infection Control and the
Occupational Health departments
• All employees should be aware of their immunity status
• If you are unsure of your MMR status, please contact the
Occupational Health department on ext. 1821/2468.
12 BCF NOW MAY 2013
• All possible exposures to mumps, measles and rubella on the
wards/department must be reported to Infection Control and
Occupational Health departments
• Line managers are expected to provide assistance to the
Occupational Health department (when contact tracing of
possible exposures is required) by supplying the names of those
staff who may have been exposed.
Help the Mayor of
Barnet support our
Dementia service
The Worshipful the Mayor of
the London Borough of Barnet,
Councillor Brian Schama has
used his year as Mayor to raise
money for Dementia services
at Barnet Hospital and for the
Barnet Carers Centre.
Twenty five per cent of patients now suffer
from some form of dementia, including
Alzheimer’s, when admitted to Barnet
Hospital. The funds we raise will provide
specialised ward equipment to help them,
including a fully equipped Tiptree Table.
It is our aim to have a Tiptree Table at
every ward station to help manage both
the mental and physical symptoms of a
dementia patient’s stay on our wards. As
a café-style activity table, the Tiptree Table
includes specialised equipment that helps
reduce anxiety, dehydration, malnutrition
and wandering-related falls. These
benefits can be felt without the patient
being confined to their bed or bedside.
Upcoming events
Mayor’s Gala dinner
To celebrate the end of his year as Mayor
Councillor Brian Schama is hosting a Gala
Dinner on Sunday 19 May at 6.45pm at
the new Saracens’ Allianz Park (formerly
Copthall Athletics Stadium), Greenlands
Lane, London NW4 1RL. The Gala Dinner
will be the first main function in this newly
opened 600 seater banqueting hall.
Please help the Mayor of Barnet support
our Dementia service by buying your
ticket now for the Gala Dinner which
promises to be a wonderful evening. The
ticket price of £65 per person includes a
cocktail and canape reception, a threecourse meal with wines followed by tea,
coffee and chocolates and Cabaret and
If you would like to make a donation
or buy a ticket for the above event
please contact the Communications
Team on 020 8375 2180 or
[email protected].
The Mayor’s fundraising efforts, such as this
bucket collection, have raised over £40,000 so far
Further information is available at
Middlesex University
Fun Run & Health Walk
Wednesday 22 May 2013, 6.30pm
Allianz Park, Barnet Copthall Centre, Greenlands Lane,
London NW4 1RL
The annual Middlesex University 5km Fun Run and 3km Health Walk will be held
on Wednesday 22 May 2013, at Allianz Park, Hendon NW4 1RL at 6.30pm. It is a
fun and friendly event, open to local community, University students and staff.
You can run, or jog your way around the course, we really don’t mind, as long
as you enjoy yourself, have fun and help raise money for charity. This year is in
association with the Mayor of Barnet, Cllr Brian Schama,
supporting Barnet Hospitals and the Barnet Carers Centre.
NHS Fun Run ad 2013.indd 1
16/04/2013 16:15
What’s on
1-31 May
Action on Stroke
11-18 May
Cleft Lip and Palate
Awareness Week
17 May
Enfield Night Hike
13-17 May
Walk to Work Week
13-17 May
Cancer Prevention
13-19 May
Action on Brain Injury
19 May
20-25 May
Dementia Awareness
20 May-20 June
10-16 June
National Men’s Health
Child Safety Week
1-31 July
Sickle Cell Awareness Month
20-27 May
15-23 June
National Smile Month
Mental Health
Awareness Week
22 May
Bike Week
17-23 June
Learning Disability
Mayors Charity Appeal Week
Fun Run
1-7 July
Twins, Triplets and
More Week
1-7 July
National Motivation Day
1-30 June
17-23 June
8-14 July
Everyman Male Cancer National Falls
Awareness week
1-30 June
23-29 June
(Stillbirth and
Neonatal Death
Awareness Week
9-15 June
24-28 June
Superhero to run
for Special Care
Baby Unit
he father of a baby cared for at Chase Farm Hospital is gearing
up to run faster than a speeding bullet at the Super Hero Run on
Sunday 19 May. Nicholas Kapas is planning to undertake the 10k
course through Regent’s Park in fancy dress and is hoping to raise
£500 for the Special Care Baby Unit in the process.
Mr Kapas praised the efforts of the department, saying: “The way
they worked as a team, every second was fantastic. It’s just beyond
To sponsor his run online, please visit
14 BCF NOW MAY 2013
24-30 June
Carers Week
Mayors Charity Appeal Diabetes Week
Gala Dinner
10-16 June
DeafBlind Awareness
National Transplant
24 July
24/7 Samaritans
Awareness Day
28 July
World Hepatitis Day
Helping Kenyan orphans
towards a brighter future
wo of the Trust’s registered paediatric nurses, Louise McTaggart
and Jackie Harlow, are set to spend some time volunteering
in an orphanage education centre for young boys in Mombasa,
Kenya. They will be assisting the staff with basic education, oneon-one support and sports activities. They will also be helping
at meal times and reading bed time stories. Louise said: “We
went to university together and have always been interested in
travelling and volunteering. We wanted to explore the differences
between life in the UK and how this differs in other countries.”
Enfield Night Hike 2013
Enfield Council, The Nightingale
Cancer Support Centre and Barnet
and Chase Farm Hospitals would
like to invite you to put on your
pyjamas and join us for a 15km
sponsored walk around Enfield.
Men and women are equally
welcome and this year we’ve even
extended the minimum age for
participation down to 14 years!
The event will start and finish at the
Enfield Civic Centre on the evening of
Friday 17 May. The welcome reception
starts from 7pm with a pre-walk warm up
scheduled for 7.45pm. The walkers will
set off at 8pm.
If you’d prefer to volunteer to work at the
event rather than taking part in it, please
contact Enfield Council’s Sports Booking
Team on 020 8378 3762 or email sport@
For more information or to download a
copy of the entry form visit www.bcf.nhs.
or .
Well done to our
Marathon runners!
Isabel Kucuk
ongratulations to Vicky Marshall (staff nurse in main theatres, Barnet
Hospital) and Isabel Kucuk (Deputy Supplies Manager) on their
successful completion of the London Marathon. They completed the 26.2
mile course in 4 hours 28 minutes and 5 hours 22 minutes respectively.
Both ran for good causes and you can still sponsor them for their efforts.
Vicky is raising money for the Play Barnet project, a charity that is raising
money to build a sterile play barn for children with cancer or recovering
from cancer treatment. To find out more, visit
vicky-marshall1 . Isabel ran for the Rugby Football Union’s Injured Player’s
foundation, who helped one of her son’s teammates following serious
spinal injuries and is collecting money at
Trust Board
The Trust Board meets in public
every other month and members
of the public and staff are very
welcome to attend. The Trust Board
will be meeting on the following
dates in 2013:
12 July 2013
13 September 2013
18 September 2013
(annual public meeting at 7pm)
8 November 2013
All meetings are in the Trust
Headquarters Boardroom at Chase
Farm Hospital, start at 10am and
finish at approximately 12.30pm.
Contact the Trust Headquarters on
020 8375 2270 for a copy of the
agenda or visit the Trust website
To take part in an upcoming sporting event, please see details on the
Enfield Night Hike (above) and Middlesex University 5k Fun Run and
Health Walk (p.13).
Enfield Night Hike 2013
- a 15km sponsored cancer charity walk
Friday 17th May 2013
For further info call 020 8379 3762 or download form from:
Reg Charity No. 1094435
16 BCF NOW MAY 2013
Reg charity no 1052057