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MAY 2 015
Movie Review:
At the end of March, a group of residents, Robert and Holly
went to Rainbow Cinemas for their Specialty Recreation to
watch Cinderella..
After watching the movie, the residents who attended gave
their review.
Marilynn S~ Well wr itten, colour ful, good special effects.
The happy ending was the best part.
Paul D~ Well wor th seeing!
Donna N~ Liked it all!
Salving~ Stor y was nice.
Maryanne B~ I liked Cinderella and the happy ending!
Kathy G~ I liked ever ything about the whole movie.
Bill P~ I liked the beautiful colour s in the movie!
Stay tuned for our next review in the June gazette!
Chaplain notes
Dietary dish
Pal news
As I travel back from our Leadership Retreat in Brampton, I reflect on
our team’s strengths and how we use these strengths to advocate for our
team members and to advocate for our residents. It constantly amazes
me how our teams work together and can lean on each other to give the
best service to residents and their family members. Once again this year
we are asking for feedback from our team members on the leadership services provided to
them. We will be opening the Team Member survey on MarketPlace, and this can be accessed
for a full 6 weeks. There will be lots of opportunities to complete the survey and get a sweet
treat for your efforts. Your name will also be entered into a draw for $200 if we get to 70%
participation, and if we get 80% participation, the draw will be worth $300! Please encourage
your teammates to provide feedback so that we come out ahead of the other Schlegel Villages’
participation rates.
We are often raising funds in the Village for various charities, and for the upcoming month, we
are having events for the Alzheimer’s Society and for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Please
join in with the BBQ’s, bake sales and car washes for the fun and for a good cause. Please
join us for the Walk for Memories in Springbank Park on May 9th. We’ll be meeting at the
park at around 9:30 am, as the walk starts at 10:15 am. This is a family-friendly event and the
Fleet family are special guests at the walk for this year. You can sponsor a team member by
checking in with the Recreation team members.
A few weeks ago, I had the chance to watch an exciting game of bubble soccer with my friend
Linda D. We had so much fun watching people bump into each other. What a great way to let
off steam, and to have fun as a team. See the picture of Linda and Shannon below. It was great
to spend time with Linda over coffee afterwards, and I learned that she has had many
adventures in her life. Her advice to me, however, was what you do and do
what you love. Wise words indeed Linda.
The month of May is often dedicated to Mothers, and I
just want to say thank you to all the Mothers in our
lives, including those who “mother” us. Happy
Mother’s Day.
May Events:
Monday, May 4th ~ Walk for Memories BBQ 11-2:00 p.m.
Wednesday, May 6th~ Trip to Heritage green house1:30-4:00 p.m.
Friday, May 8th ~ Walk for Memories BBQ 11-2:00 p.m.
Saturday, May 9th~ Walk for Memories at Springbank and at Glendale Crossing 9:30 a.m
Sunday, May 10th~ Mother’s Day Open House 1:30 p.m.
Thursday, May 14th~ Birthday Party 1:30-3:30 p.m.
Monday, May 18th ~ Glendale Campout 1:30-3:30 p.m.
Saturday, May 23rd ~ Car Wash Fundraiser for the Heart and Stroke Foundation 10-2 p.m.
Friday, May 29th ~ Casino Rama 1:30-3:30 p.m.
Liliana Couceiro
Liliana has been a volunteer at Glendale
for 6 months now. She has been committed to
her volunteer role by helping with our Church
Service every Sunday. She assists the team by
bringing residents to and from the Chapel. She is
always warm and friendly towards the residents
and she always makes an effort to get to know
them better. We are so thankful to have Liliana
as our volunteer! Thank you Liliana for always
doing your best and for enriching the lives of
those around you!
Volunteer News
Our Volunteer Appreciation Event was a success! I enjoyed playing the BINGO icebreaker game with everyone. It’s a
fun and fast way to get to know people. We had tasty food prepared by the dietary staff and lots of prizes to give out at the end
of the night. I hope that everyone who attended had as much fun
as I did! We are truly blessed to have such amazing volunteers.
For those of you that were not able to attend, please stop by the
Village Office to pick up your volunteer gift (a small token of
our appreciation). A special thank you to the recreation staff
Volunteer Coordinator including Amanda, Erin, Dayna, Rob, and Jessica; Chaplain
Maureen and Carly, the dietary team of Cindy, Jim, and Elsa,
and Michelle for her support in making the event a success.
This years Easter bonnet paraded winners were Byron for the
bonnet and Brighton for their float
A fun game of volleyball on
the Byron neighbourhood!
On April 23rd, Residents visited Thamesford
Public school for an intergenerational program. .
Caught in the act of kindness…
Caught in the act of making a day special….
Caught in the act of going the extra mile…..
Let these acts be known by acknowledging and appreciating the great
things you saw by using a caught in the act form! Forms can be found
on every bulletin board in neighborhoods, Main Street and in the staff
room. Forms can be returned to the “Caught in the Act” box outside of
the Community Center. Read below for real examples of being “
Caught in the Act” in January!
Cass and Jodi were caught in the act by Chaplain Maureen for taking time out of their busy morning to brighten up some ladies days by painting their nails. Well done!
Jody Lumley was nominated by Dayna Schinkel for meeting them at the Sugar bush on her day
off to help out and spend time with the residents. (This is not the first time!) Thank you Jody!
Lacey from dietary was caught in the act by Jess Stanic for: When rec did not have any volunteers and the south tower elevator was not working, Lacey came up and offered her help to help
get residents down after her shift. Thank you! You made my night and also helped the residents
you brought down for movie night!
Ever Galvin was nominated by the night staff for: He is always positive! Willing to help and is a
super hard worker! Thanks Ever!
Sheri Rack was caught in the act from Sandra Campbell for helping her out and designing a poster for mask fitting. Thanks again!
Robert Fagan was caught in the act for laminating mask fitting signs for Sandra. Thanks again!
Debbie Wilson wen out of her way to make us feel happy at Easter! A pleasant surprise and so
thoughtful. Thanks for brightening up our day! Sheri Rack, Liz Legg and Sandra Campbell
Debbie, |Linsey, Cherity, Patsy, Leanna and Sandra were caught in the act for using “huddle time”
to support house keeping and clean all delegated areas and touch points. Good teamwork!
The Brighon neighbourhood is doing a good deed for their Resident in making sure he gets to watch his favourite
shows on cable on the cable. Thanks for your generosity.
House Call Services Offered
Dentures – New Set, Reclines, Repairs
House call fee $80. All house call fees waived upon start of treatment. Appointments are
available upon request.
Dental Hygiene – Cleanings and Exams
Fees vary. Full list can be found at the nurses stations. Appointments are available upon
Eye Exams with Optometrist
House call fee $65 for regular clinic date. Emergency house call fee $140.
Hearing Tests – New Hearing Aids, Repairs, and Training
Hearing test fee $80
Appointments are available upon request.
Friday May 15th 10:00-2:00
Main Street
Friday May 22nd 12:00-3:00
Main Street
All proceeds going to London Humane Society (Voted at Residents Council)
We will remember them...
It is with great sadness we remember those who have passed away;
Lila Millson, Betty Geddes, Lloyd Mellor,
Jane “Jean” Thompson, Helen Furtney, Murray Sarson, Teresa Chadjer, Patricia Pope, Eunice McKishne,
Join us for a “Celebration of Life” in memory of their
Friday May 22nd at 2:00pm in the Glendale Chapel.
All Residents, Staff, Families & Volunteers welcome.
Residents’ Council
Residents’ Council will be Tuesday May 19th 2015 at 2:00pm in the
Chapel. Use this venue as a way to make change in your village or
keep the good things good by letting us know what’s working well!
The council is open to every resident from every neighbourhood at
all times
Residents’ Food Committee
Join Cindy, Director of Food Services and residents of all neighborhoods as they discuss and make changes to the menu at the Village
of Glendale Crossing. Next meeting will be
Wednesday May 6th 2015 at 2:00pm in the Chapel.
All residents are welcome to contribute or just listen.
“My blood pressure is the best it’s ever been and I think it’s thanks to
you all here. You’re all so welcoming and supportive”
Said by Caroline Murray during a Lambeth Java music club
The Dream Team is a group of Village members who have a
common goal of making the Village a great place to live, work &
visit. Our organization, Schlegel Villages, is helping to support all
of the homes in the company to have a “ dream team” as well, which
will be called “ Village Advisory Teams” .
The purpose of the Village Advisory Team is to promote and advance Schlegel Villages’ aspirations.
Our 3 operational goals are working towards:
1. Building authentic relationships,
2. Empowering residents, &
3. Providing flexible living
Eventually, each Village will have worked on
all eight aspirations.
Offer flexible living
Offer flexible dining
Promote cross-functional teams
Create opportunities for shared and meaningful activities
Foster authentic relationships
Connect research and innovation to Village life
Honour diversity
Promote resident empowerment
Would you like to know more? Come to our next meeting Wednesday May 20st at 2:00 p.m. in the Chapel.
May 4th ~Walk for memories BBQ 10:00-2:00 $5.00 for lunch Front Patio
May 6th~ Bake Sale for Walk for memories 10:00-3:00 Main Street
May 8th~ Walk for memories BBQ 10:00-2:00 $5.00 for lunch Front Patio
May 9th~ Walk for memories at Springbank
(please sign up if you wish to go)
May 10th~ Mothers Day open house 2:00 Main Street
May 14th~ Birthday Party with John Moorehouse 2:00 p.m. Main Street
May 15th~Plant and book sale 10:00-2:00 Main Street
(proceeds go to charity of residents choice)
May 18th~ Annual Glendale campout 2:00 p.m. Chapel/ Library
May 22nd~ Plant sale 12:00-3:00 Main Street
(proceeds go to charity of residents choice)
May 23rd~ Big Bike Car wash for Heart & Stroke 10:00-2:00
Front parking lot
*Please see your monthly recreational calendar for a complete list of
Marion was born in Riverside, Ontario which is part of Windsor. Her
family left Windsor when she was 3 years old and moved to Sarnia. Her
father had his own business called Georgian Shop which was a Variety
Store. Her sister Katherine was born two years later in Sarnia where the
two of them grew up. Marion and her family loved to travel growing up,
for example, travelling to Minneapolis, Minnesota to visit family. Her
favourite trip when younger was when she travelled to the East Coast
with her mom and sister. She really enjoyed visiting the habitation.
Marion moved to London in 1973, where she wore many hats in her career. She started out
working at K-Mart as a greeter, as well as a companion for patients in the hospital to bring them
comfort. Later, she worked for Canadian Fax as a telemarketer which is no longer running. Marion has two children, Ardith and James which she pretty much raised on her own throughout the
years. Growing up, they enjoyed going out for meals as well as to the movies for fun. Marion is
a grandmother of three wonderful grandchildren; Jackson, Jacob, and Sarah who she looks forward to visiting with. Her true passion is animals, and she likes both dogs and cats. When Marion was living on her own she adopted her cat Jillian from the Humane Society. She enjoys her
time at Glendale where she has made many friends. Her favourite past times here are reading,
watching movies, and going on outings. Her favourite outing to this day, was going to the Covent Garden Market where she tried Oh Canada Ice Cream (maple bacon) and visiting with her
friend who she hadn’t seen in quite some time. You can often find Marion sitting in the parlour
reading her book or on Main Street waiting to visit with the doggies. Welcome Marion, we are
lucky to have you here at Glendale Crossing.
Family Council Meeting
Tuesday, May 19th at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Centre
"Families working together to provide support, share experiences, and seek solutions to common problems. This is a Family Council.”
Ontario Family Councils Program.
Family Council gives you the opportunity to stay connected with
what’s going on at Glendale Crossing as well as find support from other family
members. All families welcome.
Wishing you a
Happy Birthday in May
Mike Walsh
Shawn Alexander
Fred Hooper
Oprey Hughson
Florence Weese
Kathleen MAdter
Christine Vanheerwaarden
Kathy Tunks
Case Vanheerwaarden
Heather Kauko
Marion Hird
Frances Maruncic
Isabella Moyer
Laura Humphrey
May 23
May 25
May 26
Join us for our monthly birthday
party on Thursday May 14th
with music from John Moorehouse.
2:00 p.m. in the Chapel/ library
Everyone welcome!
Wisdom of the Elder: Short Hand
Now a lost art, short hand used to be one of the most useful skills someone doing secretarial work could have. Indecipherable to the untrained eye, Pitman short hand allowed Eileen Smith to take dictation from her employers at over 80
words a minute, with just a pen and paper.
A series of lines curved and straight, dark and light are a majority of what makes up Pitman short hand. It’s incredibly
precise. According to Eileen, while it make takes some time to learn it’s something you never forget.
Eileen became very skilled at Pitman short hand over her career taking advanced courses in short hand and typing Eileen leaned incredibly useful skills that are no common due to advances of modern technology.
Eileen loved the challenge of learning short hand and put her skills to use every day. She very much enjoyed her career
and continuing to develop her skills in short hand. As the years went by other forms of short hand would become popular such as Gregg short hand. However Eileen always felt Pitman was the most accurate and
easy to decipher.
But Eileen was not an all work and no play kind of gal! She still enjoys a nice tall cold carling light, and a good joke to go along with it!
Examples of Pitman short hand
May is here already. A time for planting of seeds, “Walking for Memoires”, celebrating
the consistent warmth of spring, Mothers and our first long weekend. A reminder to
make the most of each day. I found the following article on a website that sends me daily inspirations ( and thought I would share it with you.
Do Not Miss Your Life
Our Chaplain
Many people miss their life because they're waiting for some imagined time before they
will give themselves permission to feel joy. It's like the dog with a bone in its mouth
that sees its reflection, dropping the bone in its mouth, to go after the imagined one seen
in the reflection. Be happy today – do not put God's joy off for some other day.
God created you to experience the joy of a God. Created life. God loves you and wants nothing less
for you. Real strength can be gained by the daily practice of joy. As we are preparing for any activity, we
may find ourselves becoming bogged down by the details. We may even feel an absence of the usual joy because we think we do not have enough time or energy to accomplish all that must be done.
If we remember to meet every day, every event with joy this day can be a joyous one. We can add joy
to our lives and to the lives of our family and friends as we give expression to God's joy within us. As we
express the joy of God in everything we do, in every activity, we realize that there is nothing to accomplish
that can't be accomplished joyfully, that there is nothing that needs to be done that cannot be done with joy.
The joy in this day is established within as we prepare for a meeting
with God in our minds and hearts. With God, when we meet each day
joyfully, we will live joy filled lives.
Caregivers/Family Support Group
The decision to have a loved one move into Long Term Care is a
most difficult one. The challenges and struggles do not end when
placement occurs. To that end, I facilitate a Caregivers/Family Support Group for the loved ones of our residents. We meet the 2nd Tuesday of the month (May12) from 4-5 in Council Chambers. Please
consider joining us as we share our journey together. If you would
like more information please feel free to stop me in the hallway or
leave me a message at ext. 8043.
The past fall/winter I did a Spec Rec program called Alternative
Forms of Prayer. We explore prayer using the Labyrinth, Drumming,
The Arts, Mediation and concluded with creating our own Prayer
Flags. (see picture). Thank you to all who joined me in the program.
*Store hours subject to change*
General Store
9:00 – 11:00
1:00 – 3:00
9:30 – 11:30
1:00 – 3:00
9:00 – 12:00
1:00 – 3:00
Our General store will only be open during the
posted hours. Please make sure you visit the
store during these specific times.
Thank you for your cooperation!
Please allow these two some time to get use to the Village and
learn all of your names. Please feel free to come down to the gym
or if you see them on your neighbourhood and introduce yourself.
We are also excited to start using the big Blue Bike for outside excursions on a regular basis. If you would like to join us in this program please talk to one of us and we will add you to our list!
PAL (Programs for Active Living)
Hello everyone,
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome a few new faces to
the Program for Active Living team.
First is Nicole. She is a kinesiology co-op student from the University of Waterloo and will be with us for the next 4 months. She
is in her 4th year and is excited to work with all of you.
Second is Bob. Bob is a physiotherapy assistant co-op student
from Trios College. He will be with us until June 26th.
Athlete of the Month
This month there have been many residents that have been working very hard towards a healthy
lifestyle. We would like to highlight the efforts of one
specific resident that has had some recent ups and downs
but is always forthcoming with a smile. Please join us in
congratulating Ed C. from the Brighton neighbourhood as
April’s Athlete of the month!
#1 Every Resident has the right to be treated with courtesy
and respect and in a way that fully recognizes the Resident’s
individuality and respects the Residents dignity.
#2 Every Resident has the right to be protected from abuse.
#3 Every Resident has the right not to be neglected by the licensee or staff
Weeknights at Glendale: 6:30pm on Main Street
Monday: Live music on Main Street
Tuesday: Bible Lessons in the Chapel
Wednesday: Fold & Sor t Social and Cr afts
Thursday: Games night Community centre
Friday: Evening Spa and Movie night
Sunday night: Documentar y Hour ( alter nating
Check out the recreation calendars for each neighborhood to find out what is happening daily in the
It takes a village to care!
Finally the warmer weather has arrived! I had a
week off in the middle of April which was beautiful weather. I was able to put in three gardens
in my back yard. I also had 6 trees removed
which has opened my yard up. I have always enjoyed gardening. Being able to watch something
grow from a seed and seeing end results is very
therapeutic to me. I know there are lots of residents here at the Village that too enjoy gardenHolly Ross
ing. We have some good news! We have hired a
Director of Recreation
new Horticulture therapist. Please help me welcome Lisa Connolly! She started at the end of
April so you may have already met her but if not, please introduce
yourself! Lisa is excited to meet all of you and to start doing some fun
Now that the warmer weather has arrived please make sure you are taking care of yourself if going outside for a long period of time. Always
keep hydrated, and protect yourself from sun burn. I have purchased
sun screen for each neighbourhood. This is located at your nurses station. If you are going out, please stop by the desk to put some on. Also, in the Community centre we have a bunch of hats that you can borrow if going out.
Listed below are all of the upcoming events!
Wishing everyone a happy and healthy May.
Upcoming Events:
May 4th ~Walk for memories BBQ 10-2 $5.00 for lunch Front Patio
May 6th~ Bake Sale for Walk for memories 10:00-3:00 Main Street
May 8th~ Walk for memories BBQ 10-2 $5.00 for lunch Front Patio
May 9th~ Walk for memories at Springbank (please sign up if you wish to go)
May 14th~ Birthday Party with John Moorehouse 2:00 p.m. Main Street
May 15th~Plant and book sale 10:00-2:00 Main Street
May 18th~ Annual Glendale campout 2:00 p.m. Chapel/ Library
May 22nd~ Plant sale 12:00-3:00 Main Street
May 23rd~ Big Bike Car wash for Heart & Stroke 10:00-2:00 Front parking lot
*Please see your monthly recreational calendar for a complete list of events*
Contact us…
Our mission..
is to provide holistic health care in a home environment, located
within an internal neighborhood design that promotes a caring community, with
emphasis on optimal health and life purpose for each resident.
Michelle Vermeeren
General Manager
X 8003
[email protected]
Jennifer Lantz
Director of Nursing Care
X 8005
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Joe Pastrano
Asst. Director of Nursing Care
X 8037
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Holly Ross
Director of Recreation
X 8007
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Cindy Awde
Director of Food Services
X 8004
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Yvonne Bialek
Director of Environmental Services
[email protected]
Yolande Turner
Administrative Coordinator and
X 8002
[email protected]
Volunteer Coordinator
[email protected]
Angela Bamford
Assistant Admin Coordinator
[email protected]
Maureen Dwyer
X 8043
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Tim French
Social Service Worker
X 8045
[email protected]
Kim Skinner
Neighbourhood Coordinator
X 8020
[email protected]
Heather Janzen
Neighbourhood Coordinator
[email protected]
Matthew Crombeen
Neighbourhood Coordinator
[email protected]
Amy Harbin
[email protected]
Phone: 519-668- 5600 X8001
3030 Singleton Ave
Fax: 519-668-5604
London, Ontario
E-mail: [email protected]
N6L 0B6
Residents: If you would like to receive a copy of this newsletter on a monthly basis
please return this portion of the newsletter, only once, to the Village office.
Room Number & Neighborhood: