April 2015 Newsletter - Halton Catholic District School Board

Mother Teresa
Catholic Elementary School
1190 Westview Terrace Oakville ON L6M 3N4
(905) 825-6382 Fax (905) 825-6385
Principal: Mrs. M. Braida
Vice Principal: Mrs. Y. Esposito
Superintendent: Mr. C. Cipriano
Secretary: Ms. J. Myers
Office Assistant: Mrs. J. Caruso
St. Matthew Parish: (905) 825-0219
Pastor: Fr. Mark Gatto
Principal’s Address
April 2015
It is hard to believe that we are entering our final term of the school year.
We remind our students to keep working hard and to be the best that
they can be everyday. With the first term reports sent home, it is time for
students to identify their goals and areas they would like to improve for
the final term. With your support and assistance, you may be able to
offer your child some ideas and strategies to use in achieving these goals.
School Hours:
We had a very prayerful Lent and now we look forward to celebrating
new life all around us in the spring season now amongst us. We wish you
and your families a very Happy Easter Triduum (i.e. the celebration of the
Lord’s Last Supper on Holy Thursday, His Passion and Death on Good Friday, and his Resurrection on Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. This is the
most sacred Liturgy of the Church year. This liturgy poignantly teaches as
well as celebrates, the love our Savior has to offer to us. All of us nourish
the life of God when we share in the Easter celebrations.
Loving God, we have gathered signs
Of springtime beauty, joy and rebirth.
We ask you to bless these Easter signs
That will remind us that Jesus is risen
And is with us as He promised,
Sharing His life with us
And filling our hearts with joy.
May Christ shine in all our lives as we celebrate Easter!
Your partner in Catholic education,
M. Braida
Morning Bell
Lunch Hour
8:15 a.m.
9:45 - 10am
11:20am -12:20 pm
1:40 - 1:55pm
2:50 p.m.
Oakville Public
Speaking Finals
The Halton Catholic English
Public Speaking Finals were held
on March 25th, 2015 at
St. Bernadette’s. We congratulate
Frieda Piepp, our student who
represented Mother Teresa School,
and made a remarkable,
powerful speech that advanced her
to the final competition. We are
very proud of Frieda.
We also congratulate our Grade 3
public finalist, Makayla Castiglione.
Both candidates delivered an
outstanding speech.
Student Award
of Excellence
The “Student Award of
Excellence” will be presented on
April 27th at 7:00pm
at Corpus Christi Catholic
Secondary School.
The students who are selected to
receive this award each
demonstrate outstanding
qualities in the following areas:
Catholic Leadership
Family Commitment
Involvement in School Affairs
Community Activities
A gold medallion and certificate of
recognition will be presented to
each recipient.
Congratulations to
Maeve Serniuk our Grade 8
student who is the school
recipient this year!
Best Buddies
We will be hosting a
Best Buddies Fundraiser Event
here at Mother Teresa called
“Hooping it Up"
on Thursday, April 9, 2015.
Students from Grade 1-8 will
participate and pay $2 for 1 minute to
sink as many baskets as possible in
this free throw competition. There
will be a prize for the Top Male/ Top
female and Top Best Buddy.
The Kindergarten students will be participating on Friday, April 10, 2015.
“Hooping it Up” promotes school spirit. Best Buddies is a peer mentorship
program that meets monthly at school providing inclusion in the spirit of
friendship. Presently we have over 25 members in our group.
For more information check out past “Hooping It Up” events
visit: http://bestbuddies.ca/Events/hooping-it-up/
Thank you for your support with this event and fundraiser!
Immunizations for Grade 7 Students
and HPV Part 3
Our last Immunization for the Grade 7 students, Hepatitis B and
Meningitis C, and students requiring HPV are scheduled for
Tuesday, April 7th, 2015.
Students are encouraged to eat a good breakfast on this day.
If your child misses the final dose, you will have to re-schedule an
appointment yourself by contacting the Regional Public Health
Department at 905-825-6000.
Are You Moving??
If you know your family is moving
out of our Mother Teresa School
boundary, we would like to know.
Each year a number of families
move away and it helps for our
planning purposes to know
whether students will be attending
our school or not.
Grade 8 Graduation Photos
Grade 8 graduates will have their Graduation photos taken on
Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015. Pegasus School Image Photography will
start photographing first thing in the morning.
New this year - portraits can be viewed online along with orders.
Packages and information will be sent home separately.
YMCA of Oakville
Before and After School Programs
Are you looking for quality licensed
before and after school child care?
During the week of May 4th –8th
2015, Ontario’s Catholic school
boards will be celebrating Catholic Education Week. This annual
promotion celebrates the distinctive contribution that Catholic
schools make to students, the
community and society.
The theme for Catholic Education
Week for this year is
“Exploring Paths of Joy”
OPEN HOUSE will take place on
Thursday, May 7, 2015.
More information will follow.
Volunteer Week
National Volunteer Week is
April 11-18, 2015
Volunteers cast a beautiful
shadow in our community
In appreciation of all the hard
work and dedication shown by
our parent volunteers,
Mother Teresa School
will be honouring them with a
Volunteer Breakfast
on Thursday, April 16th, 2015
Volunteers are asked to join us
for breakfast between 8:30am
and 10:45am in the forum.
More Information to follow.
Our school is a better place
for all you do for us.
Thank you Volunteers for
building a better world and
sharing your spirit!
The YMCA of Oakville offers quality licensed before and after school programs for children 4-12 years of age throughout Oakville. All of our programs are operated by qualified, professional, well-trained staff and we
offer a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, and healthy snacks.
Don’t miss your opportunity to register for this exciting program!
Registration begins May 2015. Parents of children currently enrolled can
pre-register from May 1st 2015.
Registrations will be accepted by YMCA staff in the program location at
the school.
Monthly and daily rates are available. For more information visit
www.ymcaofoakville.com, and look in the “child care” section.
If you require child care immediately, or have any questions about our
programs, please contact 905-845-5597 x385 or 905-510-2935.
YMCA Summer Camps
Don’t delay! Summer camp spaces are filling quickly! Register today for
YMCA of Oakville summer day camps and give your child a summer of
fun, friendships and adventure.
We have a wide variety of programs for children 4-17 years of age.
Visit www.ymcaofoakvillecamp.com or call us at 905-845-3417 for
more details.
School Objectives 2014-2015
As a school community, we strive to meet our school objectives for this school year 2014-2015.
Our Objectives are:
Promoting and Enhancing Our Catholicity, Increasing Student Achievement,
Establishing Effective Home/School Communication and Community Building
The following has been accomplished this month:
a. Catholicity:
We begin each day with Gospel readings, a reflection on the Gospel and our School Prayer
We complete each day with our End of the Day
Our Ash Wednesday prayer service
Focus On Faith initiatives continues
We say Grace Before Meals as a school each day
d. Community Building:
b. Improving Student Achievement:
Teachers continue to review our DRA results and
our EQAO results as well as reviewing our school
improvement plan
Students have discussed continued goal-setting for
the upcoming term in order to focus on academic
areas in need of improvement; our Page 4 Report
Card response sheet assists families with this task
Students continue to use agendas on a daily basis to
assist them in staying organized and better prepare
for tests and assignment deadlines
We continue to make purchases supporting our literacy and numeracy initiatives.
We continue to provide extra-curricular activitiesthis term the focus has been basketball and primary
Focused, precision teaching continues to be implemented in each classroom
Classroom teachers have continued communication
with parents through letters home and phone calls
Our Catholic School Council held its monthly
meeting. All interested parents are welcome to
attend future meetings – we value your input
Outdoor School Community Sign is updated weekly
Our liturgical committee and our Grade 7 families
hosted a confirmation luncheon for Confirmation
candidates. Each student received a picture from
our School Council. Special thanks to our School
Council for their contribution
Pizza days continue every week—thank you again to
our volunteers
WWJD draws every Friday
Staff Appreciation day was celebrated
Early registration took place for September
Food for Thought Program continues
Grade 6 students graduated from BRAVO Program
e. Curriculum:
Meetings were held focusing on professional development in the area of effective teaching strategies
and 21st century teaching and learning
Loyola High School visits Grade 8 classes to review
registration for September
Reading Intervention continues
Reading buddies continue
c. Home/School Communication:
f. Safety
Our monthly newsletters continues to be distributed
Updates of many of our school activities have been
posted on our awesome new school website…
please be sure to check it out.
All doors are locked
Card access system in full effect
APRIL 2015
Lunch Lady
Grade 6 Trip to
Crawford Lake
World Autism Day
Wear Blue
Pizza Day
Pita Day
Stations of
Pita Day
Hooping It Up
Grades 1-8
Dr. Karyn
at St.
St. Matthew’s
of Excellence
Pizza Day
Earth Day
Pizza Day
First Communion
Reception 9:00am
Grades 4-8 May
Crowning 1:30pm
Grade 1
Liturgy 10:15am
Rosary Visits
JK-3 May
Pita Day
Grade 7 Day
at Loyola
Grade 8
Graduation Photos
Pita Day
Senior Battle
of the Books
Lunch Lady
Grade 2 Retreat
St. Matthew’s
Hooping It Up
Catholic School
Council Mtg
May Court Puppet
Show on Bullying
Grades 4&5
Feeder School
Basketball Trnmt
Volunteer Week
Good Friday
Pizza Day
Lunch Lady
Holy Thursday
Junior Battle
of the Books
The Cross
Lunch Lady
Pizza Day
P.A. Day