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Generally speaking if you want to know the level of confidence a group of donors has in a notfor-profit to which they are aligned, you need look no farther than the level of their giving.
Most fundraising experts will tell you that when a donor-base believes (and sees evidence that)
an organization is mission-focused and accomplishing its ministry goals, one of the ways they
express their support is with their check book.
Among the many score cards I use as CEO of the Christian Benevolent Association to assess the
effectiveness of our ministry is the degree to which our friends get behind us with their giving,
and I’m pleased to share that 2014 was our third straight year of gains in donor giving.
CBA is alive and well and laser focused on mission. Our donors have been rejuvenated by what
they see and hear, and are engaging with us by way of financial support at levels greater than
at anytime in the preceeding ten years. It is inspiring for me personally and a vote of confidence from these CBA friends
closest to our ministry.
Larry Monroe
The Way Forward, our capital campaign in support of a new post-acute care rehab wing at Mt. Healthy Christian Village
has passed the one half million dollar mark. We are committed to completing this project without incurring debt! A
construction contract has been secured with a firm well experienced in our industry and final cost projections remain
near our projected budget of $1M. This new wing is targeted to open in January of 2016 and will provide spacious private
rooms on the first floor of the north tower. What a wonderful addition this will be for the CBA flagship community of
Mt. Healthy Christian Village.
Many of our churches have renewed and/or increased their financial support of the ministry of CBA. Nearly 100% of
church donations are directed to the Compassionate Care Subsidy Fund, a special part of our ministry providing a helping
hand to residents who find themselves in desperate need of financial assistance. Through the benevolent ministry of
CBA many of our churches provide the funds needed to help these residents in ways that honor them and honor our God.
The Compassionate Care Benevolence Fund is truly in step with what we read in James 1:27.
To our donors who continue to support the vital ministry of CBA, I send you a resounding, thank you! There are many
who have partnered with us in the past, and to whom we extend an invitation to return. Stand with us in support of
this ministry of Christian care to older adults and my pledge to you is God honoring management of your gifts and His
precious resources.
Serving With Excellence, Reflecting Jesus’ Compassion
Mamie’s Cradle: A Heartwarming Story of
Family, MCV Friendship and Generosity
By Larry D. Monroe, CEO
Laura Brothers arrived at Mason Christian Village in
December of 1994. She remembers the day well. “It was
so cold. I’ll never forget that moving day.” Laura, who
previously owned a home in Middletown, OH had lost
her husband Elliott earlier that same year, and credits her
daughter residing in West Chester, OH with encouraging
her to move to MCV. “My daughter Rebecca wanted me
closer to her, and so I moved to the Village into one of the
independent living Garden Homes.”
When asked how her life has been since moving to MCV
Laura grins, saying, “I have met so many wonderful friends
since moving to the Village. Honestly, a person can be as
active as they choose to be, and for those who choose to
remain more solitary, they can do that and still be accepted.
It’s a wonderful place.”
After living 20 years in a Garden Home, Laura decided in May
of 2014 to make a transition into one of the independent
living apartments in the Village Centre of MCV. During the
task of scaling down her home furnishings for her move
she identified one cherished item she had no doubt would
be going with her to the apartment. It was a cradle her
mother Mamie Phillips had slept in as a baby while living in
Carol County Indiana, an heirloom that dated back to 1886.
Laura had been the custodian of her mother’s cradle for
most of her adult life, and in the early 1940’s occasionally
laid her own children in the old family relic. As she grew
older, finding a suitable home for the heirloom was on her
mind, and so she became intrigued with the possibility of
donating it to the Heritage Village Museum. Unfortunately,
upon further investigation she learned that because the
cradle no longer had its rockers it was disqualified for
acceptance into the Museum.
One day Laura was sharing the story of the cradle and her
disappointment about the museum with Marge Isaacs,
friend and fellow apartment resident at MCV. Marge told
her about a MCV Garden Home resident who enjoyed
working in the Village woodshop, suggesting he might be
able to construct rockers for the cradle. Shortly thereafter
Laura met Al Shelton, who along with his wife Jan moved
to MCV from Blue Ash, OH in November of 2013. Al
was pleased to be asked to assist and like most retired
men, anxious for a new project. It wasn’t long before he
returned the old cradle to Laura beautifully restored to her
Laura is thrilled with the cradle and her dream of having
it become a cherished museum artifact for generations to
enjoy may soon become a reality. I asked her what she
thinks about the chain of events surrounding the cradle.
“This likely would not have happened had it not been for
the recommendation of one friend and the generosity of
another. I will always be grateful to Marge Isaacs and Al
Editor’s note:
Very often when
residents are
considering a
move to one of
our communities
they ponder how
such a change
will impact
their lives. They
delay making
a decision,
with what
they perceive
could be a
compromising of
a degree of their
independence. I think Laura Brothers’ advice would be to
not waste a single moment on indecision. Make the move
while you have your health, and you just might be amazed
at how living in a CBA community could be some of the
best years of your life.
MCV – Reflecting on 2014
By Mike Neavill, Village Manager
The coming of a new calendar year provides an opportunity
to look back over what was accomplished the prior year,
reflecting on where we have been and where we are
today. It’s a time to assess where goals were met and make
adjustments for the future.
Secondly, our residents are a terrific support to our sales
staff. Many new residents tell us they made the decision to
move to our community because of a personal relationship
with and recommendation from a friend who is a current
MCV resident.
2014 was an incredible year for Mason Christian Village.
Just 18-24 months ago the Village had a Garden Home (GH)
occupancy rate of 92%. While 92% is a good number, it still
translates into 17 unoccupied homes out of our total of
191. Well, the picture is very different today. We closed
new contracts on 21 homes in 2014, and over the last two
years the number of new GH residents stands at 50! We
ended 2014 with 100% of the Garden Homes occupied.
It’s amazing to realize that nearly a quarter of our existing
residents have moved to MCV in the last two years. As one
would guess, there is a lot that goes into accomplishing
these great results.
Thirdly, it takes a cohesive, highly motivated, marketing
team. Director of Sales/Marketing, Lizz Stephens and
staff work hard for every sale, and they deserve much
recognition for their accomplishments.
First and foremost, we acknowledge our Lord, by whom all
things are made and from whom all blessings flow. We
thank God for His bountiful blessings.
Fourthly, it takes a well-trained and proficient construction
crew to rehab and ready homes in a timely and quality
manner for each new resident. This crew is a part of the
MCV maintenance department and they do an amazing
Last, but certainly not least, it takes our new residents, who
make the big decision to begin a new journey by becoming
a part of our inspiring community.
2014 was indeed a wonderful year, and I’m looking forward
to what 2015 has in store as we continue to serve our
residents through hard work and dedication.
Many thanks to those who have responded so favorably to The Way Forward Campaign.
The Campaign recently hit the $550,000 mark as gifts in support of the significant project at
MHCV continue to come in. The funds raised through The Way Forward Campaign will allow the
construction of a new post-acute care rehab facility at MHCV.
The new rehab wing will be located on the first floor of the north tower. This area will be completely
retrofitted to accommodate new private rooms, a family lounge and private dining area for families
and patients. We will also be adding a new nursing station along with electronic medical records
Investing in MHCV for the purpose of constructing this new wing is a critical component for the
future of this community. The CBA Board and our administrative leaders are determined to
complete this project without the need to incur additional debt.
Thank You For
Your Support!
To join us in support of this inspiring project please contact Larry Monroe at
513-701-3435 or at [email protected].
Secured online gifts in support of The Way Forward Campaign can be made at
Chronicling the life of Glen Campbell
after being diagnosed with
Alzheimer’s disease
April 22, 2015
CBA Premiers Nationally Acclaimed Glen Campbell Movie in Mason, OH
On April 22, 2015 the Christian Benevolent Association will host members of the Mason and surrounding area
communities at the Regal Theater Deerfield Towne Centre for the premier of the Glen Campbell movie, “I’ll Be Me.”
The movie chronicles Glen’s life since being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and includes a video diary of his last
music tour billed as the “Good Bye Tour.” Through this film, Glen and his family invite us to join them on a rare and
personal journey as they deal with the onset and progression of this dreadful disease.
The film was commissioned by LeadingAge (LA), a national association and advocacy group for not-for-profit organizations
in the aging services industry, of which CBA’s communities are members. At it’s national conference in Nashville, TN in
November of 2014 LA presented the film’s national debut for attendees and made it available to members interested in
sponsoring it in their local communities to expand public awareness of Alzheimer’s.
Mason Christian Village and Mt. Healthy Christian Village have both dedicated a significant part of their communities to
the specialized care of residents suffering with varying levels of dementia and Alzheimer’s. The Memory Care wing at
MCV Healthcare Facility has been toured in the past by several visiting organizations who subsequently used the unit as
a model for the construction of their own Alzheimer’s facilities.
“I’ll Be Me” closes with Glen’s last musical composition, entitled “I’m Not Gonna Miss You” which was awarded an
Academy Award for a “Best Original Song” at the Grammy’s held February 8, 2015. The song, serving as a goodbye to his
loved ones, gets to the heart of what it’s like to suffer from this debilitating and heartbreaking disease and is becoming
an anthem of sorts in the Alzheimer’s community. The song was also performed by country music superstar Tim McGraw
live at the Oscars on February 22.
CBA is pleased to share this wonderful film with the public, and hopes that it will become a source of information,
comfort and encouragement to the throngs of people whose lives are impacted by Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s
strikes someone in America every 67 seconds, is the 6th leading cause of death in the USA, killing 1 in 3 senior citizens
each and every year.
The showing of “I’ll Be Me” for the public is in step with CBA’s commitment to being a resource for the many somewhat
complex issues associated with elder care. CBA has reached out to the Alzheimer’s Association which will also be on
hand the day of the film’s screening to provide literature and counsel to anyone in need of assistance.
Tickets are available at
MCV Announces an Exciting New Partnership for Guest Lodging
By Lizz Stephens, MCV Marketing Director
We are thrilled to announce that Mason Christian Village
has partnered with Homewood Suites by Hilton to provide
residents’ visiting family and friends a comfortable and
affordable alternative to the former MCV Guest House.
When MCV first began offering overnight accommodations
by way of renting the Guest House, there were a number of
vacant Garden Homes in our community. By using a vacant
home as a Guest House, we had the ability to offer another
amenity and generate revenue from it. At the end of 2014,
it was decided that due to high demand for Garden Homes,
the MCV Guest House would be put back into our sales
inventory. Not even a week after it was made available,
the Guest House was sold! With the Guest House soon to
be occupied by permanent residents, there was still a need
for accommodations for visitors to MCV.
The Homewood Suites partnership offers guests to our
community extended stay accommodations. Homewood
Suites is a new hotel less than 5 miles from MCV, ideally
located in Mason’s business and commercial area. The
facility is convenient to shopping, dining and leisure
Accompanying the quality accommodations provided by
Homewood Suites is an exclusive rate, just for MCV guests!
Guests not only enjoy spacious rooms with fully equipped
kitchens and WIFI internet, but also have access to a 24hour convenience store, complimentary grocery shopping
service, hot breakfast, and dinner Monday through
Thursday. Additional amenities of Homewood Suites
include an indoor pool, 24-hour fitness center, a business
center and outdoor putting green.
The partnership with Homewood Suites allows MCV to
continue to offer our guests a comfortable place to stay
while visiting our community and for the former Guest
House to be enjoyed by permanent residents.
For more information about Homewood Suites, you can
visit their website at homewoodsuites.com or call (513)
701-9300 to make a reservation. Make sure to tell them
you are with Mason Christian Village!
Gifts Given August 1 – December 31, 2014
Charles & Dorothy Abato
James & Jane Dean
Donald Bamberger
Bradford & Denise King
Harry & Bessie Bertram
Glenna Gilleland
Alex Betley
James & Sherry Betlej
Bertha Bierbaum
Linda Thompson
Jane Bockhorst
Darma Adiapen
Gretchen Donnelly
Fred & Theresa Hammerle
Robert & Joann Weckman
Denise Schramm
Bruce Brantley
Mira Loughrey
Martha Mobley
Ray & Fern Brestel
Bill & Mary Meredith
Forrest & Jesse Bridges
John & Dianne Hockstok
Mary Brinkman
Michael & Ronda Jones
Lee Ann Millisor
David Brinkman
Judy Brinkman
Joyce Drake
Don & Edna Ellis
Anna Hanna
Robert & Dorothy Huntington
Dale & Diane Kirby
Clyde & Jewell Koehne
Donald & Merial Miller
Paul & Marilyn Poe
David & Mary Read
Dave & Winifred Swormstedt
Marilyn Waisblum
Ernie & Renee Walker-Tong
Dorothea Wyenandt
Edna Carter
Richard & Martha Johnson
George & Dorothy Chain
Shirley Glorius
Marjorie Cunningham
Wendy Breeze
Fairfield Church of Christ
Richard & Dolores Frybarger
David & Connie Hargrave
Joanne Hopton
Dale & Judy McCann
Tom & Kay Moll
Eunice Murphy
Herman & Nancy
Lois Smith
Thomas & Claudia Wehmann
Mary Davidson
Clyde & Jewell Koehne
Florence Dempsey
Christ’s Church at Mason
(Ambassadors Class)
Frieda Denhart
Adele Yung
Patricia Denker
Harold & Fae Audre Rice
Milton & Mary Dills
Milton & Barbara Dills
Jane Engelhard
Marilyn Abbott
Robert Dell
Joyce Drake
Roy & Evelyn Harriger
Clyde & Jewell Koehne
Louis & Wilma Kressin
Janice Linden
William & Martha Mendez
Tom & Kay Moll
Harold & Fae Audre Rice
William Falk
Ruth Falk
Ellen Fitzharris
Richard & Colleen Dallmer
Audrey Koch
Eileen Wright
George & Margaret
William Frankenstein
Gregory Gardiner
Nancy Gardiner
Wayne Gardiner
Nancy Gardiner
Wilma Gibbs
Harold & Fae Audre Rice
Elfreda Gibson
Lowell & Paula Dye
Joan Helton
Esther Kluba
Donald & Rebecca Kluba
Bill & Betty Nickell
Harry Payne
Judy Stacey
Helen Gilchrist
Ken & Rosalie Ireland-Eick
Roy Girten
Ken & Rosalie Ireland-Eick
Robert & Marian Gleason
Cheryl Ashcroft
Bailey family
Marian Baird
Jim Beattie
Richard Beitler
Bob & Donna Bender
Derek Bier
Mary Birk
Douglas & Lisa Butt
Lois Butt
Gerald & Elizabeth Cashman
Christ’s Church at Mason
(Seekers Class)
Walter & Alma Clift
N. Jean Cottrill
Virginia Fein
Martha Ficke
Barbara Greenwood
Iris Hille
Michael & Carolyn Hoyt
Richard & Martha Johnson
Mike & Cindy Kelley
Howard & Martha Keneman
& family
James & Susan Konves
Billie Lake
Richard Lambert
Denyse Lee
Ronald Lelakes
Genoa Livingston
Stu Masters
Steven Mengyan
Midwest Container Corporation
Tom & Kay Moll
Richard & Kathleen Mulcahy
Northern Hills Christian Church
Andris & Sandra Olukalns
Tito & Sandra Pel
Tom & Kay Moll
Barbara Pettyjohn
Michael & Frances Pohl
Sam & Gwen Stone
David & Joann Walker
Marie Howell
Joyce Drake
Ruth Falk
Carol Freas
Robert & Karen Limoseth
Tom & Kay Moll
Dale & Joyce Underwood
Charles & Ethel Jones
Robert Jones
Leon Jones
Maryellen Jones
George & Henrietta Kehler
William & Barbara Kehler
Loraine Kline
Martha Anness
Elaine Benedict
Thomas & Jeanne Boyle
Laura Brothers
Campus Book & Supply
Joyce Drake
David & Karen Drees
Ken & Rosalie Ireland-Eick
Don & Edna Ellis
Kenneth Kline
Terrence & Susan Mairose
Paul Neumann
Leroy Pryse
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John & Mary Strong
Richard Walthour
Clifford & Jean Weiss
Darlene Wiggeringloh
William Knaebel
Robert Grundhoefer
Norma Kraus
Carroll & Carol Baker
David Leitz
Kurt & Mary Bofinger
Joan Buzek
Richard & Josephine Euler
Len & Mary Lou Hausman
Dorothy Heuer
J. A. & K. E. Klare
James & Carol Klare
Marketplace Holdings, Inc
Phyllis Sanders
Ann Stanley
Alan & Jean Weber
Swilfred & Maud Lemons
Edith Sandlin
Audrey Luttrell
Doris Odor
Marion Massmann
Laura Brothers
Christ’s Church at Mason
(Seekers Class)
Joyce Drake
Kenneth & Jinnie Helm
Jerry & Haruko Hood
Richard & Martha Johnson
Barbara Murray
Charlotte Sidler
Lois Smith
Sam & Gwen Stone
Marjorie Sutton
Eileen Wright
Mary Mays
Michael & Salli Barach
Ann Stanley
Wayne McConnell
Grace Catlin
Gary & Ruth Claypoole
David & Carol Freas
Harold & Fae Audre Rice
Herman & Nancy Samendinger
Dale & Joyce Underwood
Dorothy Monroe
Paul & Clara Bernhardt
Richard & Joanne Biedinger
Glen & Terri Burkhardt
Phil & Donna Clifford
Joseph & Rhonda Closson
Robert Dell
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Kitty Garner
David & Connie Hargrave
Roy & Evelyn Harriger
David & Patti Jefferson
Clyde & Jewell Koehne
Louis & Wilma Kressin
Ladies from Marketing
(Christie, Lizz, Lynn, Nicole)
David & Linda McCracken
William & Martha Mendez
David & Mildred Merkel
Harold & Nancy Mitchell
Tom & Kay Moll
Gene & Jimmie Phillips
Leroy Pryse
Harold & Fae Audre Rice
Rita Penny
Harold & Fae Audre Rice
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William & Georgia Adams
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Jane Dickey & Mark, Jennifer,
Pat Glatthaar
Fairfield Class of 1949
Lester & Nancy Kehr
Scott & Connie Lindsay
Palma Miller
PEO Sisterhood, Chapter FB
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Kimberly Poe
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Our family who bless us
every day
Charles & Bonnie Bauer
Harvey & Mary Ann Bream
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Grace Catlin
Gary & Ruth Claypoole
Bruce & Susan Kelley
Gary & Ruth Claypoole
Bruce & Susan Kelley
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Ralph Massmann
in honor of birthday
Barbara Murray
Mick McLaughlin
George & Elaine Breuer
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David & Mildred Merkel
MCV Residents
MCV Health Care
Mae Stephens
LaVerne & Lois Morse
William & Jerlene Bell
MHCV Staff
Eileen McGuiggan
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in honor of 104th birthday
John & Edith Large
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Cynthia Boatright
“You’ve Been Caught”
By Donna Clifford, CBA Human Resource Director
By Donna Clifford,
Human Resources Director
Our employees are being
“caught” doing things the
R.I.T.E. way, exhibiting our
Core Values of Respect,
Integrity, Teamwork and
Excellence as they go
about their workday.
Lisa Cecil, MCV Dir. of Nursing and Lila Howell, Nursing Assoc.
Each day in every
department we find examples of compassionate care and love for our
residents. Sometimes it’s something small; like the resident who likes her
coffee cup to always be full, and so the dining room server takes special
care to ensure that it is always full. Sometimes it is something larger;
witness the nurse aide who wraps her arms around an agitated resident
who suffers from dementia and calms her down with assurances that
she is loved. Sometimes it is heartbreaking and heart lifting; such as the
resident on hospice care who has lipstick lovingly applied by a nurse so
that she “looks her best when she meets Jesus”.
Throughout our communities we see everyday gestures that make all the
difference in the lives of our residents. There’s the receptionist who takes
the trouble to know the names of residents’ grandchildren and always
asks about them, or a maintenance worker who goes into an apartment
to fix a leaky faucet and then spends a few minutes in his busy day to pray
with that resident who has been under the weather. Sometimes we see
things that are a little on the entertaining side as well; a laundry worker
who comes in on her day off to demonstrate clogging to the delight of
a fitness class. And then there’s that extra trip a driver makes to Kroger
because a resident forgot to put something important on a grocery list.
Our employees are special people who believe in and live out our mission
on every shift throughout every day.
Last summer CBA started an employee recognition program called
“You’ve Been Caught” where managers present cards to employees who
they witness exemplifying our Core Values, going above and beyond the
scope of their normal job responsibilities. The employee takes the card
to the Human Resources office where they exchange it for a gift card,
redeemable at local restaurants and shops. The employee is then further
recognized along with others who have been “caught” on a poster in the
employee break room or at the time clock stations.
Mason Christian Village and Mt. Healthy Christian Village are special
places to live and to work. New hires frequently tell me how different it
is to come to a workplace where everyone smiles and genuinely cares for
the residents and for each other. How very blessed we all are!
Bible Studies Expand
to Skilled Nursing Floors
Bringing on a full-time chaplain at the
Mt. Healthy campus has had the tangible
benefit of increasing the number of Bible
studies that occur each week. Previously,
in addition to the Sunday chapel service, a
Wednesday Bible study was the only midweek offering. This study continues and is
held every Wednesday morning at 10:00
in the chapel. Attendance has improved
slightly over the past couple of months, but
it remains limited to those who are able to
get to the ground floor. Other residents
can watch and listen via the television
(and several do), but personal interaction
is limited to those who can actually get to
the chapel.
Last fall we changed that. We now have
Bible studies on Thursday mornings on
the skilled nursing floors (4 and 5 north).
Members of the Life Enrichment staff help
to gather the residents who want to be
involved, and we meet in the common
areas of those two floors. The fifth floor
is engaged in a chronological study of the
life of Christ. As many as 15 or more gather
each week for that study. Afterwards there
is a study of the book of Acts on the fourth
floor. This floor includes many who are
here for rehab, so they are often in therapy
and unable to attend, so the attendance is
lower here. Those who do attend enjoy the
study, however.
The studies are led by the chaplain, Jon
Underwood, and the atmosphere is casual.
The studies are just 30 minutes long, and
they always begin with the singing of a
hymn. After that we pray together and
then look at the Scripture together. Many
of the residents involved have spent years
in the Word, and these new Bible studies
have been a welcome and refreshing look
at the old, old story.
MHCV Receives Grant
for Dining Services
One of the dining service challenges we have always
faced at Mt. Heathy Christian Village is delivering hot food
to residents living on the upper floors of the five-story
community who are unable to eat in the dining room or
who just prefer to eat in their room. With the kitchen
located on the ground floor, it is difficult to plate the food
and get it up the elevators to residents quickly enough for
it to be delivered hot and appetizing.
After thoroughly examining the issues and exploring
options, a proposal developed that would include the
addition of food serving equipment located on each of the
upper floors of the building, allowing staff to plate-up hot
food just a few steps from the resident rooms.
that there could
possibly be funds
available for the
project in the form
of a grant from
Foundations focused
on services for the
elderly, or programs
and projects that
improve the quality
of life for the aging
population. A grant
Larry Monroe, CEO
submitted to The
Robert and Christine
Steinmann Family Foundation resulting in MHCV receiving
$20,000 in support of the project. Mr. Monroe expressed
his appreciation for the grant saying, “I am very grateful for
the grant in support of our efforts to enhance the dining
experience for many of our residents. This was a nonbudgeted capital project, and receiving this grant will allow
us to complete and install a prototype for what I hope
will become one of many food serving stations located
on the upper floors of our community. I truly believe the
equipment we will be able to purchase with the grant will
significantly improve the lives of many of our residents.”
“I am very grateful
CBA Adds New
Chief Financial Officer
We are pleased to announce that Vickie Brashear
has joined CBA as Chief Financial Officer. Vickie
brings a wealth of industry experience to CBA,
along with and a heart for working in a mission
for the grant in
driven organization. Prior to joining CBA she
support of our efforts
Community for eight years where she led the
to enhance the dining
and construction initiatives resulting in revenue
experience for many
experience in long term care exceeds 20 years.
of our residents. ...”
Vickie sees her finance prowess as a key element
was CFO for a Continuing Care Retirement
organization through several business growth
increasing from $16M to $25M. Vickie’s total
in the ministry of CBA. “In accounting, I do what
I do to support existing and create new programs
that allow our staff to take care of the residents
in the best way possible.”
Vickie is a CPA with a degree in accounting
from University of Cincinnati. She has a great
affection for our residents and has very quickly
become a valuable part of the CBA administrative
leadership team. She and her husband reside in
Montgomery, just a few miles from the Mason
Christian Village campus.
CBA Provides Estate Planning Services In
Partnership With Financial Planning Ministries
Nearly 60% of Americans die without a Will or an
estate plan of any kind! It’s a statistic that’s difficult
to imagine considering end of life planning can
include such critical areas as medical care options
and the dispensing of assets in ways that most
honor the intentions and priorities of the deceased.
Estate planning is important, and the process need
not be complicated or intimidating.
The Christian Benevolent Association has partnered
with one of the leaders in Christian estate planning
services, Financial Planning Ministries (FPM) to
provide no cost, no obligation 60 minute seminars for
members of our churches. FPM’s preferred vehicle
for estate planning is the Living Trust. Here are just a
few testimonies from the leaders of churches in the
Cincinnati area who through CBA have scheduled
FPM seminars for their congregations.
“We have every good thing to say about the Estate
Planning Seminar we hosted with FPM/CBA. The
level of expertise and resources offered by FPM
representative Dick Hess were outstanding. The
experience was low key and low pressure, while
being extremely informative. My wife and I now
have an estate plan that reflects our Christian
values and stewards our resources just as we wish.
We highly recommend the ministry and services of
FPM/CBA.” - Bart Steever, Sr. Minister Parkside CC
“Our church greatly enjoyed and benefited from a
seminar provided by Financial Planning Ministries
and CBA. It was a great kingdom partnership
that produced tremendous results for us.” - David
Vaughan, Sr. Minister Whitewater Crossing CC.
“Through Fairfield CC’s partnership with CBA, FPM
provided our church family with clear, concise,
no pressure, personal counsel that has been a
wonderful help to many of our members.”
- David Hargrave, Pastor Fairfield Church of Christ
The Living Trust:
• Keeps your estate from going through the high costs and delays of probate.
• Gives you and your loved ones complete control over your assets.
• Helps protect your privacy because it does not become a public document after death, unlike a
common Will subject to probate.
• Provides for immediate access to and distribution of assets according to deceased’s instructions.
• Living Trusts are completely revocable and may be amended at any time in your lifetime.
Attending an informative FPM seminar
could be one of the best decisions of your life.
For information about the Living Trust or
to schedule a seminar, call or email
Larry Monroe at 513-701-3435 or
[email protected].
CBA Among Sponsors of
Retired Minister’s Conference
On April 14-16 the Kairos organization will host its 2nd Annual Retired
Minister’s Conference in Cincinnati at the Double Tree Suites located at
6300 E Kemper Road Sharonville, OH. CBA is pleased to be among the
sponsors for this great event.
LeRoy Lawson and Bryce Jessup will be the Keynote speakers. Both
have spent a lifetime serving Christ’s Kingdom, and are highly respected
church leaders. Those who know Bryce and LeRoy can attest to their unique styles of humor, which when sharing the
platform together can lead to some hilariously entertaining interactions.
Both LeRoy and Bryce have experienced the joys and sorrows that come in vocational ministry, so they will be sharing
insightful reflections from their years on the front lines of Kingdom service and leading inspiring group discussions and
CBA CEO Larry Monroe attended the first Conference in 2014. “CBA helped sponsor the first Retired Minister’s Conference last year in Indianapolis, IN. For me it was an inspiring time of fellowship and education packed with gems from
featured speakers as they shared valuable and relevant insights for attendees and their wives. I would encourage retired
(or soon to be retired) ministers to attend.”
The Conference will begin with a banquet dinner Tuesday night, continue throughout the day on Wednesday, and ends
with lunch on Thursday.
Registration cost is $99 for an individual and $178 for a couple, and includes all program activities, catered meals, and
bonus “appreciation” items along the way. The hotel charges for 2-nights lodging are separate from the registration fee.
If you are a retired minister – or nearing retirement you won’t want to miss this Conference! Ministers are encouraged
to bring their wives who will also enjoy what is planned for the Conference. Space is limited to 100 participants, so you’ll
want to register right away!
For more information, registration and making hotel reservations visit www.RetiredMinisters.com.
Have You Remembered Us in
Your Estate Planning?
The Christian Benevolent Association Foundation relies on the gifts of donors to
provide the kind of care and support so vital to the residents and family members
we serve. The next time you review your Will or Living Trust, please consider
leaving a charitable bequest to CBA. Ask your attorney or advisor to include such
words as:
“I give, devise or bequeath to the Christian Benevolent Association of Greater
Cincinnati, Inc., for its general purposes, all (or state a fraction) of the residual
and remainder of my estate, whether real or personal.”
“I give to the Christian Benevolent Association of Greater Cincinnati, Inc. the
sum of $____________ dollars to be used to support its mission.”
If you have questions about including CBA in your estate planning, please call Larry Monroe at 513-701-3435 or email
Larry at [email protected]. If you have already included CBA in your estate planning, thank you!
Holiday Traditions at MHCV
By Julie Price, Admissions and Marketing Director
The holiday season is a very special time at Mt. Healthy Christian Village,
and for the past several years it has begun with our Thanksgiving
Celebration. On November thirteenth, 390 residents, family members,
and friends enjoyed a formal, traditional Thanksgiving feast prepared and
served by MHCV dining service, staff, and management team. In addition
to enjoying the meal, residents and their guests had the opportunity to
have a professional photo taken. Several of the family members said it
was the first time their family had had a photo taken together in many
years. Sheryl Baumann, CBA Dietician has organized the feast since its
inception and spends many extra hours facilitating the event. Despite
the extra effort and time that it took, Sheryl and her team members
were rewarded with the happy faces and sincere gratitude of those in
December brought a flurry of Christmas parties and programs including
“The Spirit of Christmas,” which took place on Saturday, December
thirteenth. Over 100 attendees enjoyed MHCV’s Auxiliary fundraiser
luncheon and resident choir program. Guests enjoyed a delicious meal,
which featured homemade lasagna prepared by our own MHCV Chef. This
was followed by a delightful resident choir performance. Life Enrichment
Director, Jackie Davis led the choir, which included our talented Chaplain,
Jon Underwood.
The Holiday season comes and goes so quickly each year, leaving behind
cherished memories of our community and its residents with anticipation
for the New Year ahead!
Living & Laughing
The Ludlow’s Story
By Julie Price, MHCV Admissions and Marketing Director
Charlie and Marilyn Ludlow’s story began in 1948 when Marilyn’s family moved
from Oakley to Cherry Grove, OH. Marilyn was in her senior year, and not wanting to change Schools, she embarked on
a daily hike to a bus stop where she caught a city bus to Withrow High. It was on one of these daily walks she caught
Charlie’s attention which one day led to an offer of a ride from the bus stop to home. The rest, as they say is history!
When asked what the secret to a happy marriage is Charlie cracks a smile and says, “Yes Dear”, at which Marilyn laughs
and shakes her head.
Sixty five years have passed since 22 year old Charlie pledged “in sickness and in health” to his 19 year old bride, a promise
that resounded again last year when they were faced with Marilyn requiring a greater level of health care. The Ludlow’s
made the difficult decision of leaving their Clermont County home and moving to Mt. Healthy Christian Village.
Marilyn requires nursing care and Charlie lives in an Independent Living apartment in the same building. Charlie and
Marilyn spend most of each day together playing bingo, participating in music programs, or doing many of the activities
offered by MHCV’s Life Enrichment Department.
It’s not easy being separated because of differing care needs. However, it is comforting to both Charlie and Marilyn
knowing they are under the same roof no matter what time of day or night. Charlie knows that when he needs to go out
of the building for his own appointments or to have dinner with his friends in the dining room, Marilyn is receiving the
quality care she needs and deserves.
The Ludlow’s have grown very fond of the caregivers at MHCV and consider themselves as “adopted” grandparents by
several! “They are really, really good, and they are hard workers” stated Charlie as he reflected on Marilyn’s aides and
Daughter Cathy, herself a nurse had mixed emotions when it came to a decision about where her parents should live. “You
hear horror stories about nursing facilities when you work in healthcare” she said. “I know I don’t have to worry about
them now…which allows me to focus on meeting the needs of my own family more. It’s the best place they can be and it’s
so obvious that the people working at Mt. Healthy Christian Village love what they do and they care about the residents
who live there.”
Whether it’s watching her parents perform in the resident choir, or hearing about the day to day events from her father,
Cathy rests assured that her parents made the right decision about moving to their new home at Mt. Healthy Christian
MCV Healthcare Facility
Performing Well
By Bob Slade, Licensed Administrator
2014 was an exceptional year at Mason Christian Village Healthcare. Factors
such as our stable census, strong reimbursement rates and payer mix have
produced operating results that have allowed us to continue reinvesting back
into our campus debt-free.
The kitchen in the Village Centre has been renovated to include a new server,
and there have been upgrades including new cooking equipment, cabinets
and appliances. These improvements will immediately improve the dining
experience for our residents, especially when the Matthews dining room
expansion is completed later this summer.
We have also purchased many new items for our residents and community,
including power lift recliners in Memory Care and Skilled Nursing, a projection
system for the Chapel, televisions throughout the facility, fleet vehicles and
wellness equipment.
In addition, we are in the process of upgrading our nurse call system, phone
systems and implementing Electronic Medical Records (EMR). EMR will include
a wireless network providing Wi-Fi in the entire Healthcare building. This will
be completed in the latter part of 2015.
The new rehabilitation wing is continuing to push forward and is scheduled
for completion this summer. The rehab wing will include 20 private rooms for
short-term, post-acute care, its own dining area and a 2,300 square foot therapy
gym. Additionally, nine existing resident rooms in Skilled Nursing will convert
to private rooms.
We are grateful for our entire team of employees who worked hard to deliver
our terrific results in 2014. We look forward to the New Year and to bringing
some exciting new enhancements to our community.
Now it is easy to donate any vehicle (running or not) to
CBA. We have recently become a registered non-profit with
Donate For Charity, Inc., one of the nation’s largest and
most respected vehicle donation organizations. Donate For
Charity’s network of service providers is extensive, making
it possible for them to arrange for the pick-up and sale of any vehicle, arrange a
sale and then send a check to CBA for the Compassionate Care Fund.
Call Donate For Charity Inc. toll free at 866-392-4483 to arrange the pick-up of
any vehicle, or access their website at www.donateforcharity.com. Remember,
good cars or junk cars can be donated to CBA through Donate For Charity Inc.
Contact them today!
Results in Gift
to CBA
In November of 2014 a family
attending ICOM (International
Conference on Missions) in
Columbus, OH had a mechanical
breakdown of their family
vehicle. The cost of prescribed
repairs far exceeded the value of
the vehicle, so the owner set his
focus on obtaining a replacement
automobile and planned to
surrender his old vehicle’s title to
the repair garage allowing them
to dispose of it as they saw fit.
A chance conversation between
the stranded motorist and CBA
CEO Larry Monroe resulted
in another plan. A quick toll
free call was made to “Donate
to Charity”, the organization
partnering with CBA to provide
gifts to the ministry through
donated vehicles. A few days
later “Donate to Charity” picked
up the old vehicle at the repair
garage in Columbus, sold it for
scrap metal and sent a check to
Please remember CBA as you
consider disposing of a vehicle
you no longer need. “Donate
to Charity” accepts all vehicles,
running or not. They also accept
old farm equipment, discarded
and rusty old trucks and cars.
Give “Donate to Charity” a call.
They will walk you through the
easy process of turning your
unwanted vehicle into a tax
deductible gift in support of the
ministry of CBA.
Non-Profit Organization
US Postage
Butler Mail Services
411 Western Row Rd
Mason, OH 45040
If you have an address change or would like to be
removed from our mailing list, please email rhondac@
The Christian Benevolent Association does not discriminate on basis of race,
sex, religion, age, qualified handicap, or veteran.
Christian Benevolent Association
Larry Monroe, CEO
Vickie Brashear, CFO
411 Western Row Rd
Mason, OH 45040
Mason Christian Village
MCV Health Care Facility
Bob Slade, Health Care Administrator
411 Western Row Rd
Mason, OH 45040
Mt. Healthy Christian Village
8097 Hamilton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45231
The mission of the Christian Benevolent Association of Greater Cincinnati,
Inc. and its affiliate organizations is Serving with Excellence, Reflecting
Jesus’ Compassion. CBA was established in 1960 by the Christian Churches/
Churches of Christ to provide not-for-profit, full-service retirement
communities providing a secure, Christian living environment amid beautiful
surroundings. Today our two campuses serve over 600 retirees and are
dedicated to the enhancement of the spiritual, physical, social, cultural,
emotional well-being and personal dignity of each resident.