TheCharacterWay v #TheEasyWay by William

by @CoachBillMoore
Long term, consistent, enduring, get better, difficult, painful, directed,
inconvenient, growth, eventual success, achieve to potential
Maintains character under pressure; steel
Momentary, fleeting, inconsistent, get by, painless, pointless, convenient,
stagnant, eventual failure, shortchange potential
Character fails under pressure; wax
Humble, selfless, compassionate, empathetic, seeks mutual gain,
recognizes weakness, takes responsibility, gives credit, looks to help,
genuine, Us, Ours, We
1. Humility
Narcissistic, selfish, callous, seeks personal gain, deflects responsibility, takes
credit, looks to exploit, bogus, manipulative, Mine, Me, I
Passionate, concerned, goal centered, on task, fixated, decisive,
motivated, intense, energetic, competitive
2. Caring
Apathetic, complacent, goalless, adrift, lackadaisical, indifferent, directionless,
bored, flat, unambitious
Expend, more than enough, reliant on unceasing development, diligent
3. Effort
Withhold, almost enough, reliant on natural talent, lazy
Cohesive, common agenda, elevation of group, sublimation of self,
communicative, help, master role, concurrent direction, congruent
pace, shared
4. Teamwork
Disjointed, hidden agenda, elevation of self, sublimation of group, quiet, hinder,
ignore role, divergent direction, incongruent pace, divided
Brave, daring, backbone, gutsy, determined, assertive, fight
5. Courage
Cowardly, tentative, spineless, fearful, yielding, resigned, docile, freeze, flee
Has intrinsic regulation, self-control, focused, regimented, methodical,
steady, dependable, trustworthy
6. Discipline
Requires external regulation, chaotic, scattered, vacillating, unruly, wayward,
disorderly, erratic, untrustworthy
Win what is left to win, make the best of it, handle it, start, finish,
adapt, past propels future, resist, endure, persist, press on
7. Perseverance
Loses a little loses all, makes it worse, cant handle it, talk about starting, quit,
limit, past prohibits future, surrender, give up, give in
Accept sacrifice and accountability, burns the boats, all in
8. Commitment
Except sacrifice and accountability, maintains exit strategy, in when self
Self directed, Self starter, active, driven, autonomous
9. Initiative
Dependent, passive, lethargic, enslaved
Clear, involved, redirects, definitive, sought, acknowledged,
appreciative, attentive, technical & tactical master, collaborative,
flexile, relevant mission
10. Leadership
Cloudy, aloof, complains, irresolute, avoided, ignored, ungrateful, neglectful,
technical & tactical weakness, dictatorial, rigid, irrelevant mission
Self-Actualized, grasps multiple variables, schematic understanding,
determines common denominators, complex made simple, inclusive
11. Awareness
Oblivious, fails to understand interplay of variables, struggles to make
connections, simple made complex, exclusive