Bulgarian Air Traffic Service Authority – Provision

Bulgarian Air Traffic Service Authority – Provision
of Capacity in 2014, Preparation measures for 2015
The Second Meeting of the Ad Hoc Afghanistan
Contingency Group Meeting
Istanbul, Turkey, 17-19 November 2014
Ukraine situation
 ICAO letter - EUR/NAT 140243.TEC(FOL/CUP) – 02 April 2014
 New traffic trajectories let to increased
load in Sofia ACC instantly.
Re-routing options
SAAM shortest Route Assignment as of 03.04.2014
Immediate actions
 An ad-hoc plan was created to cover a number of
actions, all based on priority in time:
 Tactical measures – 0 to 72 hours;
 Short-term measures – 72 hours to 1 month;
 Mid-term measures – 1 month to 1 year.
Tactical measures
 Provision of updated information in OPS room
 Tactical update of personnel roster
 Provision of updated information for rerouting
options to ATCOs/AO
 Preparation for initiation of training of ATCO for
additional sector family endorsements
Short-term measures
 Roster update to transfer ATCOs with double
endorsement to sector family Varna
 Review of available sector configurations
 Analysis of other available option for traffic load
 Training on Varna sector family
 Inclusion of all experts with valid en-route
endorsements in roster
Mid-term measures
 Design and implementation of new sector
configurations taking into consideration the new
dominant flow
 Review of five year ATCO training plan
 Redesign of Voice Communication System scenarios
to fit new sector configurations
On-going actions
 Monitoring of parameters in respect to new
methodology for load/capacity balancing based on
sector occupancy counts.
 Design of new sectors for family sectors Varna
Facts and Figures
Conclusions for 2014 summer period
 All available resources in BULATSA were put for the
provision of adequate service
 ATFM delay, attributed to Sofia ATCC is zero – for all
Preparations for summer 2015
 Implementation of new VCS system
 Major upgrade of ATM system:
 CDB6 implementation
 Extended set of OLDI messages with ROMATSA
 Mode S
 Finalization of new sectors for FS Varna possibly combined
with airspace reorganization
 Training of ATCOs
 Additional measures, based on the outcome of the present